Workshop for Women: Milking Him


Workshop for Women: Milking HimI just wanted to describe the benefits of taking your class and how they’ve helped me. I got married young, right out of college to a man a few years my senior. My family was well off and were against it but I ignored them in favor of what my heart felt. Derek is an amazing man and one I am proud to be the wife of. We make love nightly, sometimes more than that and he can be loving, gentle, powerful and domineering, all depending on his mood. Let’s just say I’ve never been without satisfaction. Most times I’m wiped out before he’s finished and collapse beside him, my muscles weak and my pussy sore. When we have sex I’m his completely. He dominates me and gives me several numbing orgasms that linger throughout my body. I’ve never had a multiple orgasm before I met him and now I’m guaranteed one each night we’re together. Its more than any woman can ask. He’s sweet, kind, affectionate, understanding and loving. I’m a very happy woman.I originally enrolled in your workshop to try to match his fervor. I’m always surprised by the ways he can touch me and the techniques he uses to bring me to climax. I never knew any man could make a woman feel this way. Sometimes I come so deeply I can’t help but sob from all the feelings passing through me. I know part of my duty as his wife is to keep him satisfied and pleasured as well and though I’ve never gotten any complaints from him I know that to stay on his level I’ve really got to learn a thing or twelve.That’s why I jumped at the chance to attend. I didn’t think it would be what it was though- I figured it to be a bunch of housewives in a high school classroom at night trying to find ways to spice up their suburban sex lives. Thankfully, as you and I are both aware of, I was wrong. What you taught every woman should know. Derek has no idea what came over me or what I do to him but he’s a changed man!It was last weekend and we were in bed together. We were both already naked and I was gently stroking his cock as he pulled me in to kiss him. He was laying back against the pillows while I leaned over him, and we were just getting started. Before that night I’d held off for a few days just to prepare him. I wanted it to be something to remember. I wanted him to be full of hot come and sensitive to the slightest touch. His cock was beautiful and after four days of no touching, no playing, no affection from me whatsoever, it jumped when I slowly wrapped my fingers around it. He was playing with me; my breasts, stroking my neck, caressing my mound. I was already wet and imagined just climbing on top and riding him. I know he was needy and was desperate to come but I held back.When he sat up to pull me on top of him, I pressed my hand against his chest and pushed him back against the bed. My other hand clutched the base of his shaft while my fingers slowly teased his balls.I have a fascination with Derek’s balls. I love feeling them in my hands and love how they slap against my body as he’s fucking me. Their shape, their texture, everything about them. He knows of my tastes and he’s used to me teasing him (but nothing like what I had in mind) so he just sighed happily as my fingers gently caressed the soft skin of his male sack. He sighed and his hands groped me but I whispered to him to lay back and let me milk him.His eyes grew wide. “Milk me?” I only smiled sexily at him. “That’s right baby, tonight we’re going to see how much milk you’ve got saved up in that beautiful sack for me.” I patted him softly on the bottom of his balls as he groaned. Men love this type of attention. I got some lotion and pooled it into my cupped hands. I let him watch as I squished it between my palms until my hands were covered in the smooth slickness. After going days without any sex my nipples grew hard at the slightest thought of sex and I saw him peeking at my breasts as I took my time with him.”What…what are you…””Shhhh…,” I said. “Close your mouth, close your eyes. Let me do my job.”Already he was stunned and I knew the task would be easier then I had planned. I saw his body give up to me easily. His cock was swollen and eager. The head throbbed and widened as I slid my squishy hand around the shaft. I used a lot of lotion, so much that it squeezed between my fingers when I closed my fingers around him. He sighed and I knew he was turned on but I could see his anxiety. His cock pulsed in my hand and his lip trembled slightly. He was no longer in control anymore.It started out slowly. I don’t usually have time to examine him like I did now so I took my time. Holding him by the base, I pulled down the smooth skin so I could see the entire head and the light pink skin just beneath it. Seeing him this way, completely uncovered, made him look so vulnerable, more cute than sexy. It was sensitive so, with his foreskin still pulled down, I traced one finger over the pink, soft skin, circling his head. He made little movements and I knew it felt wonderful. I was going slowly and he was acting just like I’d hoped.I wanted to keep him warm so every few moments one hand would squeeze up his shaft and travel back down again. I went carefully and squeezed fairly tightly as I pressed up and down just to get his juices flowing. I wanted a healthy serving of his cream and I needed time to let it form in his balls. His head was still bare so I tried the trick you showed us. With one hand baring the tip and holding him tightly at the base, I held my fingers and thumb of my other hand together so they touched the swollen rim of his cockhead. Then I quickly pulled my hand up until my fingers touched and met at the tip. As you know, this is very sensitive for a man and he was soon squirming and moaning softly. It doesn’t speed up his orgasm, it just makes him hotter and hotter, which what I love to see. I knew he was already producing come and I didn’t want him to orgasm just yet. His shaft was slick with lotion so I brought my index finger and thumb just beneath the rim of his cockhead so they touched. He was slick, both from the lotion and the heavy amount of precome he was already producing. I moved my wrist back and forth so my fingers slid around this sensitive area. As I did I playfully hummed to myself as if I was unaware of what I was doing to him. He was lying naked çankaya escort and his muscles were rigid before me. His eyes were shut though I knew he was feeling everything I was doing to him. One of his hands reached to me and held my bottom. His fingers stroked my naked ass, as if pleading for mercy. I pretended to ignore him though my pussy was growing wetter and wetter. He was flowing heavily now, his precome dripped from the tiny hole of his penis nonstop, keeping him wet and well lubed. I switched tactics now, my loose fists traveling down his shaft and releasing. I would begin at the very tip of his cockhead, my fist closed and allow his shaft to penetrate my hand, opening my fingers as they traveled downward. I did this for several minutes, neither of us saying a word. I remained quiet and just listened to his heavy breathing. This was a lot for a man to take and Derek wasn’t used to holding out for so long. I’ve always wanted him to come as soon as possible. I love to see him happy and did my duty as a woman to please him in every way I can. I still am, I’m only playing with him for his pleasure but he’s going to work for his orgasms this time. They will be delayed but when they come they will be stronger, longer and deeper. When the time comes he’ll be glad I did this but now he just wants me to make him come. Looking down at him, a part of me wants to just jack him off, give him a nice, healthy come than jump on him and use his cock to get me off but I know I must control what I feel. There’s a pained look on his face and I knew his poor cockhead was aching with need but I had to be strong. My natural instinct to soothe him and satisfy his needs had to be put on hold for the good of both of us. If this works the way you said it did, it will benefit both of us. I want to make him really appreciate his cock and know what it is capable of. I want him to cherish each orgasm that passes through him and revel in the feeling as we make love. I want to make him a man whose desire for sex- for me- comes before anything else in his life. I’m going to wear him out tonight because from now on he’s going to wear me out. I want to make him remember this evening for a long time; remember my hands and what they did to him, remember feeling the warm relief of an orgasm as it finally shot through his body, remember the heavy ache of his balls as the last of his fluids were pulled from his sack until he was too drained to move. I continued playing on his cockhead until it was a deep red. The shaft was leaping in my hands and the slick lubrication of his precome coated the entire head and dripped down the length of his shaft. With one final, slow stroke, I ran my closed fist from the sensitive tip of his prick down the shaft taking my time. When I reached the base, I increased the pressure until my hand was tight around him. He whined loudly, something I’d never heard from him before and his legs spread widely. I held him that way for a moment, loosening my grip and clenching, the pressure getting too intense for the sensitive shaft and the thick, bloated urethra. Suddenly, without warning, I opened my fingers and pulled my hand away. He gasped and his body relaxed, as if being relieved of some great tension. His eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell with heavy breaths.I wanted to speak to him, offer comfort but I knew better than to break the silence. It kept him where I wanted him, compliant and ready to burst. I couldn’t resist so and I leaned over him and laid a kiss on his lips. It wasn’t too deep, just a slow brush of our lips but his entire body reacted. He jerked and his head rolled back. His entire body stayed locked to the bed as if he was tied there. Though it surprised me, I could tell I was really getting through to him. I drizzled some more lotion into my palm. It was Thick and slippery like honey, it coated my small hands completely. I loved the warm feeling as it made my skin tingle. His cockhead was weeping desperately now and I held it between my thumb and fingers. For a moment I examined it and thought of all the times that part of him had been deep inside me, teasing my insides, coaxing orgasm after orgasm from my body until I was drenched. Tonight I would return the favor.The lotion came down in a thin string that fell slowly onto the tiny slit of his penis. It collected in a tiny blob that grew and made its way down the wet helmet of his cock. With fluid motions, I swabbed the length of his shaft until it was drenched. Lotion squished between my fingers and coated my palms in a slippery layer of goo. He was close to the edge now and, with a few practiced, slow strokes he peaked.Jism leaped from the tip of his cock and splattered in puddles on his chest. He moaned greedily, thankful for the release he so desperately needed. I never slowed and continued stroking as he babbled his thanks. His head pitched from side to side, lost in the euphoria of a long delayed come.”Ohhhhh…thank you Lynn…god…thank you…” He repeated it over and over, his eyes fluttering wildly beneath their lids. His climax slowed and his come dropped to a trickle. Lines of come lay on his body, evidence of his need for release. It was much more than usual but he hasn’t been without for that long in years. Thick blobs of come rested on his heaving chest. Usually he’d rush to clean it off, like it was some vile thing, but his body, still dealing with the aftereffects of such a rush, could barely move. My hands continued to rotate around his shaft, keeping him hard and ready. I wanted him to stay hard though I kept clear of his head. Even the slightest touch there would be too much for him to deal with. I collected his balls in my palm and rolled them together. The warm wetness of the lube covered his smooth sack and he sighed happily as I played with his most delicate area. I whispered to him quietly so he could barely hear me. “There now, love, didn’t that feel good. Did you have a nice spurt?” He moaned in the affirmative as I allowed the tips of my fingers to trace up the underside of his shaft. They found his glans, still swollen but so sensitive to my touch. I rested my fingers on the spot and I felt him tense. “It’s ok boy, you’re going to shoot again. Just leave yenimahalle escort yourself in my hands.” He whined a little, not yet ready to be touched after such a heavy come but I shushed him. His shaft was still thick with lotion and I kept one hand clamped around his fat cockhead, not moving it, just squeezing. Before he was ready, I pressed my fist down his shaft, eliciting an almost painful moan from him. One hand continued to manipulate his balls and I could feel them recover. They were still tender from the force of their last come and, through my fingers, I felt them slowly come to life as his sack filled again. With barely a moments rest, I slathered on a new coat of lotion and began again. He whined and I felt his penis bristle at my touch but I knew him well and knew his response time was ending. As I learned, it’s best to get him before he’s complacent before your start again. It keeps him on his toes and makes him that much easier to handle. Whenever he complained, “Please Lynn, not yet…” I just smiled and hummed gently to him. Me, the sweet girlfriend, was causing such exquisite agony. I don’t think he could understand it. Now I knew he wasn’t thinking straight and could barely place a thought. His mind was on his dick and the merciless teasing of my soaked hands on his shaft. I don’t think he’s ever been through such torment before. Poor boy, he was too used to getting his own way.The second time around he was really being dramatic. He twisted, shook and one time even made me stop and hold him down. I scolded him and, with his prick clenched threateningly in my hand, told him to lie back down and stop moving. Not surprisingly, he did as told. Men always obey sooner when you have their dick in your hand. I jacked him more slowly now. One hand held his sack, gently pulling the balls away from his body, as if plucking g****s. Each time my fingers grazed the sensitive thin skin of his balls he’d moan and shudder. I loved how helpless he looked. I felt a surge at the root of his cock and I knew his next orgasm was beginning. Having barely finished with the last one, his poor shaft must have been going through overload. I pushed it forward until his come was brimming and, at the moment of climax, gave him a nice, slow squeeze that stopped just beneath his head and allowed his juices to flow out of his hole. The first spurt shot from the tip and collected with the splatter on his chest and the rest quickly flowed down the swollen helmet. He moaned again, and pitched his head from side to side but he sounded happier, more contented. His first spurt was out of necessity and this one was just for enjoyment. Again I slowed, my fingers interlaced around his slick shaft. His skin was flushed and his breathing had not yet slowed. At once he opened his eyes and I saw a flash of weakness. He wanted to plead with me, beg me to take him in my arms, lay beside and comfort him. I could only tease and smile back at him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he tried to speak, describing how he feels and thanking me for relieving him.”You’re not done yet, love. I’ve got to get it all out of you.”He raised his head with a look of concern in his eyes. “That’s it,” he said nervously. “I can’t anymore. I’m done.”I shook my head slowly. “Not yet baby. You’ve got more for me, and I want it.”As I spoke my hands continue to work him. Still coated in lube, I squeezed, pulled and gently stretched him all at once. He was beginning to feel pain now, interspersed with the pleasing sensations a man feels when a woman plays with his prick. He wasn’t sure how to react. I pulled down his foreskin, and ran my closed fingers over the rim of his cock, barely touching the sensitive cap. It drove him further. His hips bucked beneath me and his balls, now beginning to ache, slapped against my wrist. I captured them in one hand and gently massaged the tender spot where they connected to his body. I was bent over him, looking directly down at his member while ignoring the writhing, moaning man attached. “Again,” I spoke to it. “I want more.” My hands were experienced now, well acquainted with every nerve of his body and prickteased him beyond what he’d ever felt before. Derek did not disappoint. Already he was beginning to surge.”That’s my boy,” I teased. “Let it out. Let it all out.”I was now out of his reach and his hands, once gently caressing my breasts and the bare cheeks of my ass, flailed as another orgasm hit. This one was as deep as the ones before but, with his balls not having time to produce more seed, was followed by only a small dribble. It slowly formed on the head of his cock and dripped down as if hoping the small amount of would go unnoticed. I allowed him some time to recover then and played with his balls for a while, pulling and squeezing them playfully. I was amazed how perfectly they fit in my palms and I gently caressed them with each thumb. He sighed helplessly, his balls now swollen and tender from exertion. The slightest touch was uncomfortable for him. His erection had faltered slightly and it now rested on his lower belly. The red mushroom cap pointed up at him and the sensitive underside, with its engorged urethra, displayed itself to me. It reminded me of a whipped dog conceding and showing its belly to its better. It had surrendered to me, no longer able to stay hard or produce milk. I placed an open hand against it gently. Bending down, I kissed his lower abdomen. He was covered in his seed, a heavy cream color against the red flush of his skin. His hands reached to me and played in my hair, urging me to lay with him and leave his penis to recover. With a kiss on the back of his hand I sat up and held his eyes. “More,” is all I said. His eyes flashed, realizing what I wanted. He was caught between the throes of insatiable pleasure and need and the aching pain every man feels when pushed too far. In my hand I could feel his testicles begin to draw up against his body. I went slower and gently. He seemed to appreciate that, and cooed softly when I used only my palms to press and stroke the bottom of his shaft. My fingers didn’t touch; I only used the slippery lotion to ease my hands over him. We played that way for a while. I adored his cock and allowed it some much needed recovery time. So many times it had teased me, driven me until I begged and moaned, that now I wanted to do the same for it. He drifted off, his head rolling side to side. I’m sure if I spoke to him he would be unable to form a coherent sentence or even tell me where he was. He was in that peaceful limbo right after a man comes and his balls are resting from the relief of an orgasm well deserved.I seemed to lose track of time too. All there was was his naked body before me and me, naked, resting on my knees between his legs. I could hear the squish of his come mixed with the lotion trapped under my hands. Slowly, I began to massage his cock once more. When he figured out that his break was over he moaned sadly and vainly tried to twist from my hand. I pressed down on his hip firmly, warning him to stay put.”I know you’ve got more for me, sweetie. I want you to give me all your milk.”Hearing that he shook slightly, as if finally understanding his position. He must have felt like nothing more than an a****l being forcibly milked of his product. His very essence was being drained from him slowly, in such an embarrassing way. Spots of thick come spotted and pooled on his chest as his body flexed, doing all it could to produce more for his woman.There was no more to be made. His balls worked themselves painfully, churning when there was no more to be found. I toyed and teased him, my tiny fingers teasing his swollen ballsack as it worked. Though his cock was tired, it erected easily in my knowing hands. I was gentler now, and merely slid my palms up the length while applying very little pressure. This helped calm him and he gave in to the softness of my touch. Soon I held one hand on the lower half of his shaft and jacked him off that way. The other hand covered his sensitive cockhead and spun over the tip like I was juicing an orange. He was steadily moaning now, almost a whine, as the sensation was too much for him. I spoke quietly to him, encouraging him when he most needed it.”I know baby, I know…I need all you have left, just give me a little more. Be a good boy. Make me happy.”He wanted to but he couldn’t. His poor balls were empty but I wouldn’t let up. In fact, I made it worse for him but spinning my hand off his head the moment he began to approach climax. As soon as he started to feel really good, I’d pull away and hold him in my fist, his shaft pulsing desperately in the air. This gave his balls time to recuperate and make any more they could for me. I watched his legs open wider so I got a good view of his tiny anus as it flexed with pleasure. Below his balls I saw the cords and muscles throb as they worked overtime to produce more liquid. I traced them with my fingers to show my appreciation for the effort. This well was dry. There would be no more from him. Now I was more concerned with teasing and soothed the tender crown of his cock. He would have one more orgasm, not because I could get anymore from him but because he needed it, physically and emotionally. He needed to know what his body is capable of. He needed to know the power I could have over him when I wanted it. He needed the peace a man can only feel when he has given up all his juices and placed himself firmly in the hands of a woman that cares for him.”No more, k?” I spoke to him quietly in a c***dish voice, hoping to assuage his anxiety. He didn’t respond, just continued writhing slowly beneath me. My hands still held him and I stroked slowly. My left hand rested just beneath his crown and teased the sensitive rim. The other I held just above the head, fingers brushing, plucking and gently pinching the very tip of his sex. I saw him try to relax, his body reclined but couldn’t stay still. Twitches passed through him as I played with his member. I took satisfaction in this though I realized the affect it was having on him. I made no move to get him off, just wanted him to grow comfortable with my hands stroking him and appreciating his manhood. I hummed to him, allowing him some calm as my fingers eased his tension.His cock was swollen and sore. I knew the last two orgasms were probably difficult for him and I felt honored that he put himself in such a position for me. My fingers continued to pull and squeeze his balls tenderly as I held his shaft so the back of my hand faced him. My thumb pressed against the soft underside of his shaft. Slowly I’d draw him up, the pad of my thumb kneading tender flesh until it reached his glans. I’d press more firmly there before I began my descent, my thumb sliding against his slickened skin. I felt it in his balls first, a slight stirring. There was a movement within him as if there was a slight flow. When I looked up he was wincing and gritting his teeth. “One more?”He nodded hurriedly, no longer in control of his own body.”Easy baby,” I guided him. “Just let it come. Don’t fight it.”His face reddened and tears formed in the corners of his eyes. He opened his mouth in a silent moan and gulped air. His lips were frozen into the shape of exquisite pleasure. I was right with him. “That’s it, so beautiful. I love watching you come.”He cried and twisted, his body turned away and back to me. His cock swelled until I almost lost my grip. Both of my hands clenched him. I no longer teased, just held him, squeezing my encouragement. This was unexpected. I didn’t think his body could take anymore. It seemed to be pushing itself. With a guttural groan he cried out and sat up. His penis, with no more to give, ejaculated thin spurts of clear fluid. He was dry and the ache he felt must have been considerable. As he came I hugged him to me, offering my body for comfort. He clutched me to him and the undeniable scent of maleness, of sex filled my nostrils. He was coated in a layer of sweat and his body was overheated. My fingers ran through his damp hair as I cooed to him and covered his forehead with kisses. His penis, now exhausted, rested limply against me. I kept my hands away, not wanting to upset him further. He was like a wounded a****l, looking for a shaded place to hide himself and recover. I wanted to take his length in my mouth and give it the pleasure he always enjoyed but I knew that would only antagonize him.He looked to me, his woman, the one who put him in such a state, for comfort. He is my man and has proven himself to me. After that I swore never again to make him feel hurt or in need again. He will always be able to look to me for love, comfort and relief. I think a bridge has been crossed between us and we’re both very happy

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