Breaking Susan Part 2


Breaking Susan Part 2We both awoke early on that Wednesday. We had arranged for Susan to arrive at 4:30pm, giving us plenty of time to get there. Susan wore a red strap cami with a black skirt below it. We decided it would be more fun to not bother with the underwear. Especially with a 3 to 4 hour car journey ahead of us. Susan looked amazing. Every time I looked over at her on the drive I wanted to pull over right there and fuck her in the back seat. We arrived in Albany over an hour before the arranged time, so we went for a coffee. While in the coffee shop Susan was teasing me by pulling her skirt up revealing her freshly shaven cunt. She even risked giving me a flash of her tits. I could tell she was looking forward to what was about to follow. We pulled up outside the house at about 4:25. It had to be one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. The house had a chain link fence at the front, unkempt lawns and even bars on the windows. I double checked to make sure we had the right address. I gave Susan the cash from my wallet and took the signed contract from my pocket. “Are you scared?” I asked her. She took my hand and rubbed my fingers against her soaked pussy. “Do I feel scared to you?” she asked. I gave her the contract, kissed her goodbye and watched her walk to the door. *AUTHORS NOTE* – The following section is written based on the video I received afterwards. I can only describe what happened in the basement ‘dungeon’ as that is the only room that is shown in the video. Where the dialogue is inaudible I have done my best to fill in the gaps as illegal bahis realistically as possible. I did not view the video until after Susan had left and so, much like yourself, I have many unanswered questions. He led her into the basement room. It had been converted into a home dungeon. In the center of the room was a padded table, with various loops and anchor points around the edges. A St. Andrews cross stood in one corner. A bench with various tools sat next to the table. Susan was led into the room by a chain linked to a collar around her neck. She climbed onto the table and the chain was tied to one of the anchor points. He was a big guy, about 6’2″ and very muscular. He wore jeans and a black tshirt, showing off his impressive arms. His face was covered by what looked to be a hockey goalie mask, cut off below the nose and painted black. His face looked unshaven. He went behind Susan, spread her ass and licked from her pussy all the way up to her asshole. Then he walked to the bench, picked up a crop and began spanking her ass. After about 20 or so hits her ass was bright red. He moved around to her face and kissed her. Then he slapped her face. He went to the bench and came back with a device he strapped around her legs, hiked up her skirt, and placed it onto her pussy. This attached to a wire and to a controller he held in his hand. He sat down on the couch directly in front of her face. Now the camera switched to the one next to the couch, pointing directly at Susans face. “I’m going to ask you some questions” the voice spoke. “If you fail illegal bahis siteleri to answer, or if I think you are lying, this will happen”. He pressed the button and a shock went through Susans pussy. She screamed loudly. “Do you understand bitch?”. Susan nodded. “What is your name?””Susan”Susan screamed as another shock went though her pussy”Your full name””Susan *XXXX* Palmer””How old are you””49″”What’s your address?”Susan hesistated. Another shock and another scream*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*”Do you have any c***dren bitch?””Two” “What are their names?”*XXXXXX and XXXXXXXX*”Are you having fun whore?””Yes”The man stood up, took his hard cock out of his jeans and began to fuck Susans mouth. Every so often he would take his cock from her mouth, pull her hair so she was looking up as much as she could and then spit in her face. He sat back down on the couch and picked up the remote. “Have you ever cheated on your husband whore?””No””Have you ever wanted to?”She hesistated again and another shock ran through her pussy”NO” she screamed. The camera angle switched back to a view from the corner of the room. He stood up, walked to the bench, picked up some scissors and cut her skirt and her cami down the backs and they both fell onto the bench. Susan was completely naked on the table, the shocking device still strapped to her legs and pussy. He then picked up a ball gag and put it in her mouth, strapping it behind her head. He picked up some clamps, clamping weights to each of her nipples. The pulled down hard. “If I see either of these touch the canlı bahis siteleri table, you get shocked, understand?”Susan nodded. He waked behind her and once more picked up the crop. He spanked her another 20-30 times, her body shaking with every hit, her tits bouncing, the weights surely hurting more and more with every bounce. Then he plunged his fingers into her pussy. You could see just how wet her pussy was, his fingers gliding in easily. Before long his entire fist was fucking her soaking wet hole. Her moans muffled by the gag in her mouth, her eyes told the feelings going through her better than any moaning could. He stopped. Unhooked the gag and placed his hand in front of her. “Clean them”. She licked and sucked his fingers, cleaning them of all her pussy juices. My wife becoming dehumanized and turning from the strong and successful woman she was into nothing more than an a****l. He pulled up her hair and spat in her face once more. “Good dog”. He walked around her, knocking the weights hanging from her nipples with his hands as he moved. She moaned. He walked off camera and returned holding a dog bowl. He placed it on the ground in front of the table and proceeded to piss in it. He then put in on the table in front of Susans face. “Time for a drink doggy?”. “No sir” Susan replied quietly. He slapped her face hard. “Such pretty hair on you slut. It would be a shame for you to lose it all”. He walked off camera once more and returned with an electric razor. “Drink now whore”. Susan began lapping up the piss from the bowl just like a dog. She was shaking in fear at the thought of this total stranger shaving off her hair. She lapped up the piss as fast as she could, swallowing it as best she could, piss running down her chin and back into the bowl. “Good doggie”. TO BE CONCLUDED IN PART 3

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