The Bazaar

Daddys Girly

The BazaarIt was always difficult being one of the few high figure salary females in the consulting firm. Making a 6 figure income and traveling all around the country helping other companies out of whatever crisis they were undergoing. Being just into her 40’s and being single also made things more than simple. Let’s face it, having a body to die for and working hard to keep it that way always brought the attention of the men in the room, and some women, which made her corporate position that much more enviable.She had her choice of cocks and pussy at any of the companies she consulted for. That was true power. Money, prestige, all the perks were terrific. But the power to simply smile a little or give a raised eyebrow to any of the married men in the room was the ultimate. She had used that power before, but only sparingly. Fucking men in her work zone was definitely not the thing to do. And frankly, dildoing herself every night wasn’t working either. She heard from a friend that if she were ever in the city she was assigned to now that she should look up The Bazaar. Well it was early for her after her work day. Normally she would work until 10 or 11 each night in the office and then head to the hotel for a few hours of sleep. Tonight she found herself with a few extra hours. And she was terribly horned up. So she called a Uber driver and went over to the Bazaar. She didn’t know what to expect or what to wear. Her friend was very vague about what this place was. The only thing her friend said was that if she left still horny, it was her own fault. Now let’s be serious for a minute. She could walk into any bar, restaurant, or coffee house and find any man or woman she wanted. And unlike men, she had the total control of sexual encounters. If she wanted to fuck, all she had to do was say yes to the unlimited supply of people who would come on to her. Stranger sex was fun, but not very satisfying. And she usually just got laid, then went back to her hotel and got off much better with her vibrators. Really, how could a strange man know her body well enough to get her to cum, anyway.She entered the establishment and was greeted by the woman at the counter. There was soft music playing in the background and the woman was young and pretty. There was a fee and she paid it. The woman led her to the locker rooms and gave her a map of the place. Well this wasn’t a bar, that’s for sure. She decided to explore a little before jumping into the pool, so to speak. As she walked around the women’s locker room, she noticed a shower room, with multiple shower heads. Some were even hand held. And she noticed the back wall of the shower room had an opaque glass wall. That was interesting. She then entered the hallway and found the shower wall, which allowed the person in the hallway to see the outline of the person taking the shower. On one side of the hallway was the bursa escort women’s shower, and the other side was the men’s. No one was in the women’s, but there was a guy in the men’s and his outline was terrific. As she progressed down the hallway there was a door that opened into a room with what appeared to be massage tables in it. There were footrests on each table and a small stool by each table. There was a woman lying on her back, naked, with her feet in the rests and her legs spread wide open. And there was a guy sitting on the stool and eating and licking her pussy. Well, this looked promising. And there was a door at the end of the room. So there were more surprises ahead.She went back to the locker room and decided that this place may have something to offer yet. She stripped out of her clothes, and wrapped herself in the long towel that was provided. She went back into the room with the tables and decided that she would lie down and see what happened. She got comfortable and placed her legs into the rests. The room was warm, dark, and had some dance type music in the background. There were curtains between each table with about 6 tables per side. There was a small curtain at the head of the table to provide some form of privacy, if one liked that. She put the small curtain over her face so she couldn’t see what was happening down below. Very soon after lying down, a soft hand began caressing her inner thighs and pussy area. She had to admit, this whole thing was a definite turn on. One hand was playing with her cunt lips and the other began playing with her firm tits. She had great tits, or so everyone told her. She liked them and worked hard at making sure they stayed where they were like when she was 25. The hand on her pussy was replaced with a tongue and mouth. It was definitely a woman, because there was no telltale facial hair rubbing against her inner thighs. The feelings of being licked by a woman were excellent and within just a few moments she had the first of her many orgasms that night. The anonymous feeling that was had here was a huge turn on. She didn’t know who licked her to cumming, but it was awesome. A few seconds after cumming on the woman’s mouth another mouth appeared and began to lick her again. This time it was a man’s face and his tongue was working her clit hard. She was already at the tipping point so when he started licking with his tongue and using his finger playing with her anal opening, she came again, and again. The man left her be and she laid there trying to regroup after three out of this world cum sessions. She got up and wandered down to the next door. Before she arrived at the door she noticed another woman lying on her back with her legs spread. Well you can’t leave a girlfriend in need. She grabbed a stool and sat down, placing her hands on the woman’s inner thighs. mersin escort She dove right into the woman’s wet pussy and licked her off to a quick but intense orgasm. All the time fingering her own still wet and pulsing pussy. She was so turned on she had to get off again. As she turned to leave the other woman, she noticed a guy lying on the next table with semi-hard on. Nice dick, not too large and not too small. She felt like Goldilocks, almost. She slid over and grabbed the cock and began sucking it and playing with the balls hanging below it. She knew she was a good cock sucker as she could usually get any guy off with just of few minutes of her talents. This guy was no exception and within just a few moments he was shooting his cum into her mouth. She did love the taste of cum. She swallowed some of it, but also let some of it play out of her mouth and run down the guys cock shaft. Rock star style. When she entered the next room, she noticed that this room was set up with padded benches. She loved getting fucked from behind so she assumed the position on the bench. There was a small curtain that d****d over her back about midway up her spine. The person behind her would not be able to see her, again protecting the privacy of the person being fucked. Soon after assuming the position with her ass and pussy fully exposed, she felt hands grab her hips and felt the tip of a hard penis pushing against her pussy opening. With one hard thrust the guy was in her balls deep. She was soaked from the orgasms she had and the fingering she gave herself while licking some pussy and cock. This guy was not large, but filled her nicely. It felt terrific to have a cock pounding her pussy like that. She always loved getting fucked from behind. The feeling of total exposure and that of giving up total control to someone else was a huge turn on. She starting building up to her next climax when the guy increased his rhythm and she knew he was going to cum. Just at the last moment he pulled out and shot his load of sperm onto her back. He pushed his cock back inside her and began to soften. She was hot and now turned on. She needed fucking. The guy slipped out of her dripping pussy only to be replaced by a much larger cock. This man grabbed her tits with both hands and jammed his cock into her. She almost felt like it was going to shoot out of her mouth, he was that big. In and out he pumped, with no concern for her comfort. Who cared about comfort, this guy was fucking her liked she hadn’t been fucked before. Slamming in and pulling out, then slamming in again. Grabbing her hips and pulling her into him each time he thrust. This went on for some time, maybe 5 minutes, with her cumming again and again. She lost count of the number of orgasms, but she knew that she was truly and surely getting the “bitch” fucked out of her. Finally sakarya escort he tensed up and shot his large load deep into her spasming pussy. He held her there like a dog with a knot until his very large cock slipped out of her. Wow, that was a fucking. She needed a shower and proceeded to the room where she washed off the cum from her back and washed out the cum from her now somewhat sore vagina. As she washed off, she noticed someone standing outside the shower glass, watching her and jerking off. A nice dick, with a great body attached. There was one more room she hadn’t ventured into so she dried off, took a bottle of water and downed it, then went to the bathroom to urinate. The last room down the hallway had a raised platform like a stage, which was padded and covered with a satin type fabric. The lights were low and in here the music was louder and pulsating. She crawled up on the raised platform and started to crawl around. Almost immediately she bumped into a couple performing oral on each other. Trying to avoid them she moved to her left and bumped into another couple, this time both men, sucking each other’s cocks. This must be a free for all room and before she realized what had happened she had multiple people’s hands on her, grabbing and probing. She lay down on her back and there was a woman who proceeded to sit on her face. She licked the woman, who had obviously been fucked because she had man cum spilling out of her pussy. Another person was immediately between her legs eating her out. The woman sitting on her face began to buck from the licking and started having another orgasm. The person between her legs was quite good as what they were doing and she also began to orgasm. The licking between her legs stopped and was replaced by a cock. It slid into her without any issue and began pumping in and out. Another cock was slipped into her mouth as the other woman left the position of sitting on her face. Now she had two cocks filling her. One in her mouth, which was terrific and fit perfectly, and the other sliding in and out of her pussy. She began to cum again on the dick in her cunt and just as the guy fucking her vagina started to cum, so too did the guy fucking her mouth. She was cumming and they were filling her with hot white semen. As the guys finished she felt feminine lips on her mouth and the two women were now swapping cum with deep kissing and tongues roaming each other mouths. At the same time she felt another mouth on her cunt lapping the man juices from the previous tenant. This went on for another few minutes and while she came and came, she also knew it was time to call it quits. She showered again, cleaned herself totally, and then got dressed. She called the Uber driver to come and get her and take her back to her hotel. Wow, was her friend ever right about this place. She lost count how many orgasms she had or how many people she fucked. As she arrived at her room, she entered and immediately went to sleep. Tomorrow was another day and more work had to be completed. But with that being said, she also knew that she would attend the Bazaar again on her next trip to this town. That is for sure.

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