Saskia wished she had her camera. She pulled away from Matt’s ear, and her whispered bombshell exploded all over his face. Behind, in the departure lounge, his stag-mates moaned their “get-a-room” witless jeers. Except for his best friend Billie. Her big, dark eyes scowled thunder. Matt coughed. “You want me to fuck Billie?” “Yep. No. […]

Evidence of Betrayal

The following involves marital infidelity. If such storylines offend you, then please skip reading and move on to some other story. She had never intended to be an unfaithful wife, Kathy Franklin thought to herself as she backed her car out of the dark driveway and began the drive home. The notion had barely crossed […]

Dean and Marie Ch. 03

This is chapter 3 of Dean and Marie- Her little bag of tricks. You need to read the first two chapters before reading on for any of this to make sense. Of course as always everyone is over 18 and then some. This story contains spanking, paddling, anal play, toys, and a golf club. If […]

Giallo Blues Ch. 1

I’m walking again. I have to every night. It’s my mission; my calling. I can’t explain it, can’t describe it, can’t deny it. Can’t deny it. I’m going to find someone tonight. I know it. I find someone every night. Christy sat alone, at a table in the donut shop. The lights flickered above her, […]

Girl’s Night Out

This smutty story focuses on the theme of cheating and unfaithfulness, which can entail a myriad of details and fetishes including, but not limited to, lust-based attraction, illicit acts, feelings of dominance and superiority, betrayal, corruption, humiliation, as well as thrills of a cuckold/cuckquean. If such things are not to your liking then please do […]

Felice Ch. 02

All the way home from the airport, it was hard to drive with Felice sitting next to me. I didn’t have trouble concentrating on the directions, or stopping at red lights and such, it was the fact I kept slipping into my own imagination, and dreaming of what Felice was going to do to me […]

Cherry Danish

She was eating a cherry danish and smoking a joint outside a coffee shop near her hotel building. She had just arrived in Amsterdam, and though it was evening, she was desperately craving coffee and pastries; leaning into the delicacies of the city. It felt safe here. Her main reason for visiting was because of […]

Alizarin Passions Ch. 02

Her twentieth birthday was today, but it was nothing special to her. Leah had gotten a few calls and texts this morning, but she was now working an afternoon shift. Robert was also picking up extra shifts at work to pay down his part of the debt he shared with his brothers and friend, so […]


The afternoon was moving along nicely. Phone calls came in and emails went out. Status quo, really. But nothing major. Just stepped outside to check the weather. Still like an oven out there. Must water plants later tonight. Got a drink of water and now back at my desk checking headlines, reading more about the […]

An Adventure

Cassandra had never done this before. She had heard a few friends describe their adventures when they were able to leave their small town and visit a large city. However, Cassandra was always a little reluctant for fear her father or one of her brothers would hear of her activities and decide she really wasn’t […]

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