Teaching Chantelle Ch. 02

[MF, Toys and Masturbation, Anal] Tag: Chantelle’s vibrator play turns anal… with a twist This is Chapter 2 of “Teaching Chantelle.” It picks up right where Chapter 1 left off, so if you’re interested in the story, you should probably read the previous chapter. *********************** Having just helped her come with a vibrator for the […]

After Work Benefits

Like a lot of small companies over the past 4 years, the little company I partnered in couldn’t weather the bleakness and we folded the company about three years ago, having gone from sixteen employees to just two of us. My partner isn’t in good health so he retired and moved to a better climate […]

Bad Penny Ch. 10

This is the tenth chapter of this story — It should be readable without having to read the previous chapters, but the back-story does explain how Penny and Sean got into this strange lifestyle. It veers pretty far into Loving Wives territory, and a little BDSM, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, […]

Backpacker Ch. 01

In Paris ‘This place looks alright,’ Brad said as we walked past a quiet looking bar. We were in Paris, it was the first night of our first big European back packing tour. ‘Looks very French,’ I said as we stopped and looked through the window. ‘Perfect,’ Brad said, opening the door and pushing inside. […]

First Ever Gay Experience

I was in college and had zero sexual experience at all. Me and a good friend David had turned 18 last year but were found in the library more than anywhere else. Neither of us had had an adult relationship. I was ready to start dating girls and was nervous about my dick size and […]


This story is a further continuation of my previous story, Interview with Mom and Son. Both sexually active characters in this story are adults (50 and 26 years old, respectively at this point): there is no underage sexual activity whatsoever, express or implied. The story does contain explicit mother-son sex in the context of a […]


A work of fiction. All characters over the age of 18 * Part 1 I was going to die. I was sure of it. Of all the hangovers I had endured; college, graduation, birthdays, weddings, wakes and festivals, this was by far the worst. I pulled the covers further over me. My head felt as […]


Everyone had always complained that I spent too much time in the shower and wasted all the hot water. I mean, it wasn’t always my fault- it was Winter, let me live a little. But now that for the first time in my life I didn’t have a roommate I could do whatever I want […]

Jenny , Sydney

Jenny spent the afternoon quietly working; the time invested grooming Ian to be her dupe impinged on her day job. Even though her work at the hedge fund was more lucrative, being an analyst was gratifying – identifying investment opportunities was like building a complex jigsaw puzzle – once all the pieces fit together and […]

Adventure Rider Tours Nova Scotia Ch. 02

Exhausted, I doubted if this passionate mature woman would want to come back to my motel room. I was wrong again about her. Leann and I dressed in silence in the back of her car and as she finished buttoning her blouse she spoke first. “Well are you going to invite me back to your […]

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