WBDP-Valentine’s in Vegas 9


WBDP-Valentine’s in Vegas 9I also have these,” and she showed me a leather waist cincher that had two straps on either leg, one front, one back, going down to sets of three other straps that would buckle around her thighs. “They have no other purpose than decoration but your slave has the perfect legs and these would set them off so well. And this.” She showed me a full head slave mask that covered both the eyes and ears, leaving only the nose and mouth open. “Not only does this work as a blindfold, but it’s earpieces suppress sound, making it harder for your slave to hear, further isolating her psychologically, and heightening her other senses, particularly touch.””I love your suggestions. Please add them to my order,” I said.”I’ll get started on the measurements immediately,” Olivia said, picking up a measuring tape and going to Marcia.She called out the numbers to the slave who’d remained behind working on the harness and he wrote down the numbers. There were at least two dozen numbers she called out but she didn’t specify what they were, so she must have been measuring in a particular order that they’d developed through long practice.”One more suggestion, Sam,” she said finishing up. “I would suggest that you find and buy a number of thigh high stockings. Your slave has lovely long legs that the stockings would highlight and as the eye moves up the legs, it is drawn to this pretty pussy. She’s already stunning but with a slave so lovely, you should really show her off. I don’t have any here, but I know they are available down at, I think, the silks display.””Thank you for the suggestion. She does have luscious legs. I’ll see you after 9:00 tomorrow to pick up all of our leather items. Please ship the rest to our home address.”Before Marcia was released, I reinserted the We/Vibe and turned it on. Until the contest we planned entering at 2:00, I wanted my slave to constantly be on the edge of orgasm, without release. Every time she would get close to cumming, I would deny her relief and turn the Vibe off, but turn it on again within 5-10 minutes to keep her wired. She was going to be so ready to cum that I expected almost anything would do it when the time came.We stopped at the silks display and I bought a dozen of the stockings, some plain, some with woven picture outlines, others with cut outs, all of them gorgeous and perfect for my slave. I particularly liked the ones with kneeling slave girls on them. They appeared to be pleading with a master, but the raised hands were like pointers to her pussy. Afterward we went to the dining room for lunch. Tuna salad for Marcia, grilled roast beef and cheese sandwich for me, caffeine in the form of iced tea for both of us. By the time 2:00 rolled around, Marcia had asked to cum f******n times, all without completion. I removed the Vibe at 1:45 and we walked to this contests venue, one of the conference rooms.Master Don was master-of-ceremonies for this contest as well. When he saw us arrive, he smiled in welcome.”It’s time to get started everyone. For anyone who doesn’t know me already, I’m Master Don…” He went into the same spiel that he had said yesterday about the convention. “Today’s contest was just added last year, but it proved to be a success, so here we are again. This is another slave heat contest, this one testing the slaves responsiveness to mild pain. The slave will be punished by her master, on the breasts, or the buttocks or the sex of the slave or some combination of those. It should be noted, and not that we don’t trust anyone, but verification of orgasm will be done electronically again. These electrodes may only go near the clit or nipples so if you plan to punish your slave’s nipples, we will place the electrode near her clitoris and if you will be punishing her cunt, the electrodes will go on the nipples, but that prohibits you from using both of those locations as you can knock the electrodes off by striking them. Any questions?”No hands were raised.”Then, by a show of hands, please indicate if you you and your slave will be entering the contest.”About 40 hands shot up but as soon as my hand went up, about 30 went down. Apparently, they were already afraid of the competition.”Wow!” Don said. “That was a sudden reversal. I see that Marcia’s reputation has preceded her.” Marcia blushed red. “I know my money will be riding on her; if I can find anyone to take that bet. Will the contestants please step up to the platform, identify yourself for the audience and indicate where you would like the electrodes placed on your slave.”We stepped forward and when it was my turn, I said, “Master Sam and slave, Marcia. Place the electrodes on her nipples please.”When it moved on to the next pair, I told my slave, “Display!” When she did so, I said, “The purpose of this contest is to cum. Don’t ask for permission, don’t hold back. When you need to climax, just cum, little slave.””Yes, Master.”The technicians eyüpsultan escort came around and fastened the electrodes in whichever location the slave’s master had indicated. After her electrodes were fastened to Marcia’s nipples, they went to the next couple.I took the tawse from my bag and set the bag on the floor. I hoped that all my prior preparation was about to pay off.”When you are ready, please raise your hand,” Don said. “Everyone’s ready, then one, two, three, GO!”My first blow went up between her legs, a medium stroke, the main body of the tawse striking her mound and clit, the pointed ends landing on either side of her folds. The second one was higher and lighter, striking primarily her lower stomach, but the points hitting her clit. My slave groaned and exploded, thrashing in an orgasm.”I can’t believe it,” Don yelled. “We have a winner already. Marcia with two hits, setting another new record!” The rest of the contestants continued, looking for the second or third place money.”Position 1, slave. You can touch yourself,” I said.She gratefully knelt on the ground, her hands going to her sex, covering it, soothing it. It wasn’t long before her hands went from merely covering it to gently rubbing her slit and easing two fingers in her sheath to keep her orgasm going so the endorphins could do their work counteracting the sting. I replaced her hands with my mouth and let my lips and tongue comfort her traumatized flesh. It was still sensitive so it only took a couple minutes for her to request permission to climax. I lifted my mouth long enough to say, “Cum, slave” then returned to my task. I allowed her to cum twice more before I stopped.”Stand, slave. We need to leave now if we’re going to see the pony dressage.”I helped her up. Don came over and told me he would give me today’s winnings at the banquet tomorrow if I was going to be there. I said that I was looking forward to it. We hurried back to the dining room as it had been cleared again for the dressage event.Pony Play seemed to be quite a specialized area of pet play. Ponies were slaves fitted out as horses. They wore unique boots that made them stand on their toes. The bottoms of the boots were flat and shaped like horse’s hooves. The bottoms were hard or metallic so that they made clip/clop sounds as they walked. The boots extended far up the legs so that they were forced to walk with an exaggerated high prancing step. They also wore tack such as a mouth bit, reins, different types of harness depending on what they were doing. They all had butt plugs with flowing horse tails affixed. Essentially everything they did was to remind you of equines.They had pony race events, pony dressage events, pony cart pulling events, almost anything that horses did, ponies would do also. Ponies could be either male or female, although females tended to predominate. We had missed the pony races the previous evening, but I’d wished to see the pony dressage as I was still looking at the various aspects of the D/s lifestyle. We got to dining room just as the event was starting. The ponies performed individually or as teams. In the dressage event, the ponies had to go through a formal program that introduced all of the pony gaits; walk, trot, canter, gallop and the transitions between the gaits. There were also sideways steps and backward steps that had to be transitioned into and out of. Some of the newer ponies had their arms tied to their sides, but the more experienced knew where to keep their hands and did not have their arms secured.It appeared that they wanted the male ponies to have erections as they performed as I saw several being fellated by their masters or mistresses or another slave designated to the task. It was a bit funny to see the male ponies with their stiff cocks bouncing about before them, but not any more odd than the breasts of the mares bouncing about as they pranced.Frank and Cathy were there, observing, supporting the pet play contingent. I had to admit that it was extraordinary to watch all the ponies prancing especially the teams, their hooves clopping together in tandem like Irish dancers as they weaved about in smart formations. It reminded me of the Lipizzanner Stallions. Very precise, controlled, detailed maneuvers showing great stamina and grace. Most of the ponies were sweating profusely before they finished and their masters would rush out at the end of their performances and dry them off and rub them down just as they would do for any horse.Marcia was intrigued by the intricate performance and display, but I didn’t see any sign that she would like to participate in pony play any more than she’d been interested in pet play. When the dressage finished, we went up to our room. Our activities had been rather strenuous thus far, especially for Marcia, and I thought that she could use a shower to clean up sultanbeyli escort and a quick nap before supper and receiving her piercings.After an hours nap, we went back down to the dining room to find it had been converted from dressage arena back to a place for fine food. Marcia was naked, I was wearing one of the leather items I’d purchased earlier, chaps. It left my groin and ass bare, but I thought it made a Masterly statement. I ordered raw oysters, pasta in a garlic wine sauce, asparagus, and both chocolate almond cake and Greek Honey Dessert. I asked for champagne with the meal.My slave took a look at my strange menu assortment and asked, “What’s going on, Master?””What do you mean?” I asked.”Well, unless I’m very sadly mistaken, Master; almost every one of the foods you ordered tonight is considered an aphrodisiac. I don’t think I’m mistaken.””No, you’re not. Oysters, garlic, asparagus, chocolate, almonds and honey are considered aphrodisiac foods. Very perceptive, detective. But there’s nothing going on, other than my desire to restore your sexual energy; that is, if there’s any truth to the rumor that these foods will work as advertised. You’ve had a very strenuous sexual workout the last two days.””Have you noted any lack of sexual energy on my part, Master?” Okay, I was detecting a note of sarcasm in her last question, but it was a fair one.”None at all. In fact you seem to have boundless sexual energy; so much so that I’m surprised.””Then why these foods, Master?””Hey, don’t forget I’m also eating this food. You may have boundless sexual energy; I think I’ve got bounds. We still have a full evening and another day of unbridled sexual play in front of us. I’m making sure that I have some pep in my step for the next 24 hours. If it helps you at all too, that’s great.””Does my Master need some encouragement?” She leaned over from her pad with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes and began fondling the hardware; well more like software at the moment.”Not right now,” pushing her hand away. “But keep that in mind for later.”She pouted as if disappointed, then laughed, then got serious again.”Thank you for not letting Mistress Olivia be too harsh with me, Master.””I would never let anyone be hurt you, ever. I enjoy these little games we play; more than you will ever know, but I’m not in this to hurt you. It needs to be fun and games for everyone or no one. A little spanking never harmed anyone and as long as that’s all it is, I’m in. If anyone tried to hurt you, I’d fuck ’em up bad, if you didn’t do it first. To tell you honestly, I don’t think Mistress Olivia had any more desire to hurt you than I do. I think she’s impressed with you. I think all of these people are impressed with you.””She sounded as if she really would would want to hurt me if I lost the contest, Master.””She told me that a lot of punishment is psychological. It’s mind games as much as anything else. Did she ever strike you hard when you were swinging suspended?””Not really, Master, no. You’ve struck me harder and you’ve never really hurt me.””But you felt helpless, vulnerable, not in control, that anything could happen?””Yes, Master.””You were ready to cum, just hanging there; two fingers once up your cunt and you were ready to release.””Yes.””I suspect that when she threatened you with an hour’s punishment, you responded to that threat with an adrenaline pop and it helped you win the contest. It’s like Alicia’s words when she was pleasuring you; a psychological probe to engage your brain, get the biggest, most important sex organ involved in the action. Take you out of comfort zone and push all those little repressed buttons.””You’ve been pushing my buttons too, haven’t you, Master?””Yes, I have. Answer me this. Can you think of a single man that you know, that wouldn’t love to take a sex goddess like you and turn her into a passionate, needy, unparalleled, uninhibited, fucking sex machine?””No, Master. I cannot.””Of course, you work in a highly charged, testosterone driven organization, but even thinking of any our friends who are artists, or accountants, or lawyers, or teachers, can you think of one?””No, Master.””Well, I’ve got one and she is a fucking sex machine, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything on earth. I’d rather die broke than live one minute without you in my life.””Master!” Her eyes teared up.”Come, sit in my lap.”She eagerly climbed on and I kissed her, my left hand around her back caressing her left breast, my right hand going between her parting legs and fingering her sex, delving into her heated sheath. The waitress brought our food, watched us briefly and left, unnoticed. I heard the sommelier pop the cork on the champagne, but he felt no need to interrupt either. I felt Marcia’s nipple grow taut in my hand and felt her moisture lubricate my fingers. I claimed her mouth, kissing passionately, aksaray escort nibbling on her succulent lips, entwining my tongue with hers. I felt her folds part under my fingers and my thumb felt her clit pushing out of it’s hood. I stroked it with my thumb while plumbing her velvety depths with two fingers. She began to pant and moan into my mouth and her lips grew more desperate in surrendering fully to mine.Breathlessly she asked, “Master, may I cum””Who’s my needy little slut?” I asked.”I am, Master.””Who do you belong to, slave?””You, Master.””Cum for me.””Yes, Master,” and she did, bouncing up and down on my fingers, rolling her hips along my leg, crying out in pleasure, surrendering to her passion. When her spasms calmed, I fed her from our plates, giving her sips of champagne, until she was sated.”Let’s go slave, it’s almost 7:00. I want to make you even more delectable and desirable than you are now.””Yes, Master.”We knocked on Mistress Brianna’s door a few minutes after 7:00. Zoe opened the door and led us back into the suite. She directed us to the Master Bedroom (that word took on a whole new connotation) where Brianna was lying on the bed, naked. Adele and Sandra were suckling her breasts and another slave we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting, was between her legs, licking and sucking her mistress’s bald, slick cunt.Brianna said, “Slave, sit in that recliner here by the bed; Sam, you can sit anywhere. I find it so relaxing to have a good climax after a hard days work, don’t you?””I find it relaxing to have a good climax anytime,” I said. “Do you mind if I get closer? You never know when you might pick up a few good pointers.””Help yourself,” she said.I stood behind the chair my slave had seated herself on and idly squeezed and fondled her breasts. I had a very good view of the action from there, as did Marcia.”Is she any good?” I asked, pointing to the slave between Brianna’s legs.”Oh, damn, is she ever good. She’s the best rug muncher I have and they’re all good.””What’s her name?” I asked.”Monique.”Monique would nibble her lips up and down her mistress’s folds, slither her tongue up her sheath, take a long swipe of her tongue up her slit, stopping short of the clit, and begin again, all the while sliding a moist finger from her anus, along the perineum, dipping momentarily into her cunt for more lubrication, then repeating that cycle. Brianna’s breathing grew heavier, faster, and I could see her cunt contracting on the finger every time it dipped inside her pussy. Marcia’s breathing seemed to be mirroring that of Brianna. She was unable to take her eyes from the sensuous carnal sight before her.”I notice she stays away from your clit,” I said. “Is that your preference?””I like a real slow, lengthy build up and a fast finish. She’ll touch it when she knows I’m ready to cum.”While Monique worked her magic below, Adele and Sandra had each breast in hand, squeezing and massaging the pliant flesh, circling the areola with their tongues, then dipping on the nipples for a quick lick, suck and a brief nip with the points of their teeth, then sliding off to circle the areola again. Brianna’s legs were spreading wider, her cunt gaping and her cream leaking, to be quickly gobbled up by Monique on her next swipe of the tongue. I don’t know if Marcia noticed, but her legs seemed to be parting in sympathy, though no one was touching her pussy. Talk about pushing buttons, Brianna was a guru of that particular craft.Brianna began rocking herself back and forth, trying to get more pressure from Monique, then backing off. Her sheath was almost fluttering from the flexing of her vaginal walls. Monique must have sensed her mistress’s imminent climax. She shoved two fingers in her cunt, another into her ass and began sucking her clit wildly. Brianna grabbed Monique’s head in her two hands and pulled her down against her sex, thrusting her hips up off the bed, plastering herself against her slaves sucking mouth, deep shudders rocking her body, her legs squeezing together so hard I wondered if Monique could breathe. Apparently so, as I heard her continue to suckle Brianna’s clit. Brianna was not into quiet orgasms. She was yelling at Monique, “Suck my clit, slave! Drink that cum! Fuck yeah, that feels great! Lick my slit! Ooooh, yeeeaah, you beautiful cunt lapper.”Marcia asked hurriedly, “Master, may I touch myself and cum?””Yes,” I said, “if you relieve me as well.”I thrust my rigid cock into her mouth. She opened wide and accepted my member deep while frigging her fingers on her own clit. She wasn’t the only one stirred up by the sexual landscape presented to us. Five or six good thrusts far inside her hot, moaning mouth was all I needed to send a torrent of my cum spilling down her throat at the same time as she plunged three fingers inside her cunt and spasmed around her own fingers.”Has everyone had a good cum then,” Brianna said smiling.”I certainly have,” I said. My slave might have said something, but her mouth was still stuffed with my prick and I wasn’t about to remove it just so she could speak. “I think my slave also had a good one,” I said for her. Her fingers were still crammed in her cunt and I could see her sheath contracting around them, liquid droplets leaking from her pussy.

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