Two totally different parties


Two totally different partiesTwo totally different parties.Now for the truth part, all about myself and my life.I am Mrs Tina Jones, 48 and married to my one and only man, we have two sons, the oldest is 20 and the youngest being 18.We have had what you can describe as a normal life, live in a semi detached house, have one holiday a year. Even our love life was normal, would never do anything silly or crazy, but I suppose that was down to me, not wanting to try anything new, I could put that down to me not having a very high sex drive, and over the years I have been called things like, stuck up, frigid and boring, not just by my husband but by my best friend as well, I suppose they were sort of right, I would always cover up my big breasts as they would embarrass me sometimes and I have always been big, well lets tell the truth, fat.Once or twice over the years my husband did hint that I suck him and one time I nearly did, but finished him off with my hand, so I suppose I was not as stuck up, or frigid as people have made out, to even think about putting his penis in my mouth. My best friend Dora is 3 years younger than me, and also has two sons the same age as my two, we met at the school our sons went too and her son’s soon became friends with my two little ones.We would see each other most days of the week and over the years we would have each other round for their birthday parties and so on, so I got to see her two growing up from the ages of 5 to where they are now, both pleasant young men.A couple of years ago I became unwell, will not go into it, I had two operations but I am all okay now.As I have said, I was never that highly sexed, and with me becoming unwell along with my husband who is now not 100%, sex stopped completely, but that never really bothered me, after my operations I did notice a change in me.One thing I did notice was that every few weeks I would get a little aroused, horny shall we say and would masturbate, something I very rarely did over the years, it would always be on either a Saturday or Sunday morning after my husband had gotten up, I was still shy when it came to things like that, feeling that it is a private moment and still had no urge for my husband to make love to me, as we had gotten older we became further apart I suppose, and now we seemed to always be arguing, mostly about little things.Every Christmas my husbands firm would have a works Christmas party, and as I hardly ever went out during the year, I would agree to go to it with him and see his work colleagues and their wives.I found it boring and when my husband announced that they were having the works party two weeks before Christmas I was reluctant to go this year as over the last two years at his works party my husband had really upset me, call me names, saying that his mates are saying I am boring, frumpy, a snob and we would not talk for days after, I just hated going, did not drink much and found it hard to talk to anyone, to loosen up and to smile and after hearing what others thought of me I was even more reluctant to go this year.At short notice, my friend Dora who herself was going through some health problems asked me to come to a party her son was having, it was his first Christmas in his new flat, a sort of double celebration, I asked when as we have the works Christmas party in a week, she told me that it was going to be on the Saturday just before Christmas so it was a week later than the works party, so all was okay and I agreed because it has been some time since Dora and myself had spent some quality time together.Even though it meant two parties a week apart I was looking forward it.The night came for the works party, I decided to try and be more talkative, smile, have a laugh and join in any fun games or dances.Believe it or not, I did enjoy myself but maybe that was down to me drinking a little more than I normally would.Everything was going fine until my husband who by now had drank so much he could hardly walk, he staggered over the place making no sense with his chat.He tried to introduce me to a couple, he said, in a very drunken voice, this is my wife Tina and reached up and squeezed my left breast, I pushed his hand away and shook my head to the couple, my husband then said “ Stuck up cow” and walked away, well staggered away.I could not believe it, after all the effort I had made tonight, I thought I was doing well and having a good time he still ended up saying something nasty.I left my husband there and was lucky to find a taxi home at this time of year.We did not speak on that Sunday, well I did not speak, and my husband seemed to think that all was okay and that he had not done anything wrong.By the next Saturday we were just about talking again and I was looking forward to this party with illegal bahis my friend Dora.We turned up at her sons flat with my youngest son and his girlfriend, my oldest son could not make it as he had work, there was Dora’s two son’s and 3 of their friends, I recognised two of them as also being friends with my two son’s and had been to our home on many occasions, I took in the flat, it had a small kitchen that was part of the living room , a door that I thought must be the bedroom and a tiny toilet. We were soon offered a drink, and soon some more people arrived, two other lads with their girlfriends and finally Dora with her husband.Music, more drinks, and laughs, I had not laughed so much in years, but that was down to being with Dora, she is a laugh.Just after 12, my son told me that he would have to be going soon as his girlfriend had work in the morning, by now my husband was his usual drunken self and just mumbled his goodbyes, my son left with his girlfriend and two other lads with their girlfriends also left at the same time.Not long after that, Dora said she and her husband had better be going as she was tired, as she was saying her goodbyes to her son’s I think my husband said something out of line, and I think it was about Dora, to this day I still do not know what, a lot a shoving and shouting followed where my husband was asked to leave, I was saying sorry to them when I was told, it is okay, it is not you’re fault and I got a hug from Dora.My husband had already left, not waiting for me. I said I should go and catch him up, when I was told by a few of them, including Dora, not to, I should stay a while, let him cool off at home and hopefully fall asleep so I would not have to put up with the ass hole on the way home as one put it.I told them I didn’t want to go home alone at this late time of the night.Needless to say one of Dora’s sons’s said they would see me home and they thought I needed an hour away from my husband.I had to agree, I was fuming with him again.10 minutes later Dora and her husband left, and for the first 5 minutes I felt uncomfortable being the only female with 5 lads here in this flat, feeling a little out of place, I looked around the room and could see the 5 lads, the same 5 from the beginning of the night, all were young, they all looked so young, I think they were 18,19 and 20 year olds and all were having a good laugh.I noticed one lad smoking and soon realised that it was not normal tobacco as I could tell by the smell, 3 or 4 maybe all 5 took turns smoking and I was offered one but as I have never smoked before in my life I refused, one of Dora’s son’s asked me not to say anything to his mom what they were smoking and thinking back to being called all these names, like boring and stuck up I said no, it was all okay, you are old enough to do what you like.“Thank you”, said one lad and being told I was great and asked how I had ended up with someone like my husband, that I was wonderful and that I could do much better than him, it gave me an uplifting feeling being talked about like that.After that it seemed I became the centre of attention as all took turns talking to me, I was offered another drink, I had no idea what it was but I was being encouraged by them all to drink it and to cheers I did.After that I felt a little giddy, not so much drunk but happy, a sort of warmth came over me, feeling a little flustered, I smiled and laughed until my jaw hurt.A plastic sheet was put on the floor, it was that silly Twister game, a game where I was happy to watch at all the c***dren’s birthday parties we had over the years but never join in as I am not that athletic or bendy.I was soon lifted up from my seating position and with a small protest I was walked over to the game, the arrow was spun and a colour was chosen for me to stand on, and then another spin, for my other foot, a couple of other lads joined in the game and again I was having a wonderful time, at one point I had two hands down on two colours and another lad was reaching across me, my breast was resting on his arm, then the other lad had to reach across, his face was very close to my other breast, I never really noticed anything wrong with this until a third lad joined in the game.He was bent over facing me, our faces almost touching when he said, “You have fantastic tits Mrs Jones, they are beautiful”, I looked at him, he was looking straight down my top to my bra encased breasts, I smiled but started to lose my balance, I was held still as they didn’t want me to lose the game because of what the lad had just said, I stayed still and the lad continued to look down my top at my breasts.Now for the first time I felt different at this situation I now found myself in, I had butterflies, tingling sensation go through illegal bahis siteleri my body as I took in the 5 lads all trying to get a look down my top.They were all saying nice things, how great and fantastic I was, I had never heard words like it before about myself and I did feel wonderful, being the centre of attention for once.I soon became to tired to stay in this position and as I gave up I heard a lot of boo’s and moaning from all of them, one saying they only wanted to look down my top a little more.I don’t why I did what I did next, I bent over and pulled my top down a little so the could see down my top to my breasts again and I turned from one direction to the other so they all got a look down my top, great and wonderful cheers followed and I laughed some more.Music was still playing softly and I was asked for dance, as I normally would, I refused but again they were having none of it.I was dancing to a slow song close up, so my breasts were squashed against this lads chest, I was then tuned to another lad, he danced behind me, his crotch rubbing against my bottom, his hands reached round and took hold of my hips.Again I was smiling so much it hurt when he reached up and took hold of both my breasts over my top, great loud cheers began again, when this lad took hold of my top and lifted it up over my bra to show all the others, including Dora’s two son’s my breasts in my bra.All this time it never even entered my head that they could see my big stomach, something I would have hated any other time, nothing was said so they must have like what they could see.I never even protested when my top was pulled off over my head, I was now stood there in my black skirt and white bra, and it never seemed to bother me.More cheering and nice wonderful things were being said until one spoke up and said, “Get them out, get them out”, all the others joined in and I soon I felt the lad behind me start to undo my bra I did not protest too much other than put both my hands on the cups of my bra, it was now undone, to encourages from them all I slowly lifted my bra away but said “only for a second”.At first I lifted my arms away and then brought them back in to try to cover my breasts. Again to boo’s and hisses.I felt my skirt being pulled down along with my knickers and yet again I did not protest, I even stepped out of them, my bra was taken of me and now I stood there totally naked with one arm across my breasts the other trying to cover the hairs of my vagina.Eventually I was persuaded to put my arms out and give them a look at me but I quickly put my hands and arms across myself again as if that would be enough to cover my naked self.Two lads were now stood next to me, one was Dora’s 18 year old son, they both took me by a hand and held them by my side and then both with their free hand reached up and took hold of a breast each, holding and then squeezing them, I still had a smile on my face when I looked down at the sofa and could see one lad sitting there with his cock out, slowly wanking it, only the second cock I had ever seen.The two holding my breasts noticed this too and started to take me over to this lad seated.I was guided to the floor in front of him, kneeling between his legs, I looked at his cock, it was thin, long with a shinny head, no hair and looked so clean, nothing like my husbands cock with his curly mattered hair, I then heard Dora’s son say,” Go on Mrs Jones, show him how good you are, suck his dick”.I did not hesitate and that must sound strange as I have never sucked a cock before but I just leaned forward and gave the tip of his cock a kiss as he held on to it.Then with someone’s hand on the back of my head I leaned forward again, this time the head of his cock was in my mouth, I reached up and place my hand around the base of his cock and rested the palm of my hand on his hairless balls and with hardly any encouragement from the hand on the back of my head I started to move my lips up and down his cock, again hearing wonderful comments from the lads, how beautiful I looked, how fantastic I was.I was pulled away from that cock but was still kneeling when I was turned and another cock was presented to my mouth, again with no hesitation I took it in my mouth.Then I was guided back to the other lad on the sofa, I did this a few times, it is hard to explain, but I was getting a thrill from having a cock in my mouth, until I was helped up and walked to the centre of this small room, where I was then helped to the floor and onto my back.I then had a lad on each breast, sucking and squeezing them, I felt my legs being parted, I looked down and I could just see between the two lads on my breasts Dora’s 18 years old son as his head went between my open legs, I lay my head back down and could canlı bahis siteleri feel my pussy lips being moved apart and that unmistakable feeling of my pussy being licked, my head was turned and the lad who I had first sucked on the sofa then put his cock in my mouth, I closed my eyes as he slowly fucked my mouth, I soon felt my hand being place around another cock, I pictured myself, a cock in my mouth, a cock in my hand, my breasts being sucked and my pussy getting a good licking.The lad who I was sucking pulled his cock out and went round to where Dora’s son was still licking me; he moved him out of the way and got between my legs, and with a with a couple of prods he entered me, only the second cock of my life, he started to fuck me as Dora’s son came round to my head and offered his cock to my mouth.The lad fucking me did not come before he was asked to move aside so a lad that had been sucking a breast wanted to have a go, as he put it.Then the other lad that was on my breast was soon fucking me, as Dora’s older son came to my head and for the first time got involved, I was soon sucking his cock too, from one of Dora’s son’s to the other I went, taking turns putting their cock in my mouth, without a second thought about my best friend.Dora’s youngest son then moved away and headed between my legs, wanting to fuck me before anyone came inside me I suppose, tapping the lad on his shoulder he asked for a go.He too was soon fucking me, I pictured myself again lying there, as if I was above myself looking down, I was being fucked by one son and had the other son’s cock in my mouth, my breasts were still being squeezed, my husband came to my mind, and I started to feel an orgasm building up in me, if only my husband could see me now I thought, and the orgasm was growing even closer, now I am normally one to be quiet in the bedroom, not make much noise, but with every thrust from the cock in my pussy and my mouth full of cock I was making an, um, um, um, um, sound.The son that I was sucking announced he was about to cum, now again, normally I would have felt sick at this thought, but not this time, I wanted it, I wanted his cum in my mouth, I wanted my mouth full of cum, he came and as he filled my mouth, I came too shortly followed by the younger son inside my pussy.The two son’s moved away and sat on the floor as one other lad got on top of my stomach and placed his cock between my breasts and started to fuck them announcing that my tits were perfect for a tit wank.The other two were wanking their cocks close to my face, without warning the lad with his cock between my breasts pulled his cock out and came, shooting cum in the direction of my face, some hitting their target, with a couple of laughs from the other two they brought their cocks closer to my face, and I was told to open my mouth, I did, first one them then the other came across my face, on my hair, on my lips and of course in my mouth.They all moved away, I could hear heavy breathing and new they sounded out of breath, I just lay there as they started to tidy themselves up and dress.I had a strange feeling in me, I did not want this to end, I started to get the beginnings of arousal again, something very new to me after having had an orgasm minutes ago.I pictured what I looked like to them, laying there, knees up and still apart from the fucking, my breasts hanging down on the sides of my body and my face still covered in cum.I must say it was with a little disappointment that I was handed a towel to wipe away the sperm as I wanted to lie there a little longer.I dressed and as promised I was walked home by the youngest son and his friend, it was just before 7 in the morning, and with Dora’s son saying how wonderful I was, I smiled and turned and walked into my home.I went to the bathroom and thought about tidying myself up but decided against it, I went to bed to see my husband fast asleep with his mouth open, snoring loudly.I climbed in beside him and he stirred a little, he reached across me and held a breast, my breasts hurt a little from all the grabbing earlier, I pulled it away, he then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek just where those cocks had cum. I did not get up until late afternoon, my husband again acted as if he had done nothing wrong.I had mixed emotional thoughts, from feeling guilty, to being scared they might talk to others about what had happened, to feeling, oh well it is done now, can not change that, what will be will be, to thinking back to it and feeling great, and I must admit, a few days later I masturbated to the memory of it all.A week later I was shopping with my husband when we saw Dora’s youngest son in an isle, he asked how we were and then how I was, my husband walked off to another isle and he then asked, had I recovered from the other night, and that I was absolutely fantastic, he took my hand and gave it a kiss, saying, “Thank you so much for the other nigh, I will never forget it”.His words helped me so much and I now no longer felt guilty about it.

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