Going all the way with my best friend


Going all the way with my best friendI had the wettest dream last night.My c***dhood friend, Steve, who was the first person I had ever sucked off, had come to visit.He was still a little stocky and older, but I could see him as the person I had seen the last time we were together.He had heard my wife would be gone for the weekend and decided to make a surprise visit.As he shut the front door behind him, my body tingled. I knew what was going to happen, but first, we would do a little dance.I love a slow seduction. The best feeling in the World is playing shy for as long as you can, and then, succumbing to everything. Excepting what’s going to happen and letting every inhibition go.He walked over to me and stood close. I could feel his breath on my face as his hand slowly, gently, brushed up my arm.He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Wanna dick around?”.This was our old code for getting naked and sweaty.I could barely talk, but muttered, “yes” and took his hand as I showed him the bedroom.This was the bed where my wife and I had made love over and over but now, his body would be where mine usually laid. I would be his tonight.He looked at me and said, “Get undressed.”As I did, I noticed that all he did was take off his shirt.I stood there naked in front of him as he stood there, pants still on.”Now,” , he said. “Come here and take off my pants.”I walked around behind him and undid his pants. Then I walked back around and slowly bursa escort started to lower them.My favorite part of seeing a cock is when it springs from the pants. Half excited, it shows you how big it is and what you’re in store for.It didn’t disappoint.His 7 inches sprang from his underwear and it took everything I had not to just grab onto it.I lowered his pants all the way to the floor and stood back.I reached for his throbbing cock and he stopped me. “No.”, he said.”Beg for it.””What?”, I asked. He’d never been this forward.”Beg for it. I know you’ve waited a long time and I know you want it. So beg for it.”Not knowing how at first, I said, “I want your cock.””No.”, he said again. “BEG for it. Get on your knees and beg to have my cock in your mouth.”I felt in a trance. I’d never been ordered like this before, but there was a sexual desire to be told what to do, so the next thing I did, was fall down to my knees.”Please.”, I said. “I need your cock. I’ve waited so long. I need to feel it. I need to feel the head on my lips. I need to feel the shaft in my hands. I need to feel your warm cum in my mouth.””More.”, he said.”I’m not k**ding.”, I said. “I need that cock in my mouth. I need to make you happy. I need you to moan in Ecstasy and I’ll do anything you want to get you there. You want it in my ass? My ass is yours. You want it in my mouth? Fuck my face. Grab my head and fuck my face if it makes you happy but put that cock bursa escort bayan in my mouth and let me please it. I’ll do anything for it.”He walked over to me, putting his hand on my chin and gently squeezing, a sign that he wanted my mouth open.I did. I opened wide and he gently laid it on my lips. I grabbed the shaft and pulled it towards my mouth. It was finally in. I felt the full shaft sliding in and out of my mouth. Tasted his skin as my spit made it slide easier.In and out, in and out.He grabbed the back of my head and with a grunt, shoved his dick in my mouth as far as it could go. He fucked my mouth with such force. thrusting harder and harder. I heard him grunt in pleasure as he fucked my face over and over. He was about to cum and stopped.”Don’t stop.”, I said. “Fuck me.”He looked down and smiled. “Look up at me.”I did.He then started thrusting again, fucking my mouth and staring right in my eyes.I could see by his facial expression he was going to cum and cum he did.It filled my mouth and ran down the sides of my face. There was so much pent up.I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer so his cock couldn’t leave my mouth as I swallowed what I could.He was exhausted and laid down on my side of the bed.As we laid there for a little while, I cleaned up and he said, “I want to go farther.”I knew what he meant. He wanted his cock in my ass.We’d never done that. In all the years I knew him, we slid our dicks escort bursa around the crack, but never going all the way.I remembered some lube in our bathroom and went to retrieve it.I handed it to him and laid down on my wifes side of the bed.I felt the cold lube in my asshole. He spread a lot of it around, making my ass so slippery.He then grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up.I got into position and felt the head of his cock around my hole.”I’ve done this to my wife a lot, so don’t worry.”, he said.I felt it go in. It was painful at first as he found his way, but then, he hit the sweet spot.It slipped in and and soon I felt him pumping back and forth.He moaned so loud, saying , “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”I laid my head on my wifes pillow. Here I was, in her position, being railed by someone.I was his bitch and I felt so good inside.I was being fucked by a man. Like I was his wife. That thought turned me on so much, I came immediately all over our sheets.I felt his body stiffen and knew what was coming.”Do it!”, I said. “Cum inside me. Own me. Fuck me like your wife.”, I screamed.He came again.It felt so strange and wonderful. This was how his wife felt. He groaned more and I felt him slightly collapse on my back as his cock still jerked was left out of its shaft.I didn’t want the feeling of his cock inside me ever end. I laid there until it finally went away.As he rolled over, I awoke from my dream.I was laying on my side of the bed, my wife beside me.My underwear completely filled with cum.I quietly got out of bed and went to clean up.As I showered, I jerked off again, thinking about the dream.God, I want a cock in my mouth.

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