Turned Gay

Group Sex

Turned GayI’m 24 years old and I’ve always called myself straight even though I’ve fantasized about dick since I was 14. I’ve had girlfriends and I like pussy but the attraction to dick has never gone away. As a k**, dicks or anything gay was gross to me and I never would’ve thought that later in life I’d crave it; that I’d ever passionately suck on the most taboo thing: an erect penis. The craving got stronger and stronger and eventually I had to give in. I was hoping I would just get it out of my system but I also got so horny thinking that I’d get addicted.A few weeks ago I started putting out ads on craigslist; young looking str8 boy wants to try sucking dick; no kissing or reciprocity, I just want to get on my knees and suck your dick, must be discreet etc. I found a guy who was willing to give me what I wanted. He was 30 and lived nearby, good looking, and his dick was gorgeous. A nice, pink, straight, cut, average sized penis. I couldn’t stop masturbating to the photos of it, wanting to wrap my lips around it. “Hey boy, let me come over and teach you how to love dick.””mmmmm your dick looks delicious. You want to feed it to me?””I’ll feed it to you and turn you into a little cocksucker. I love turning straight boys into little bitches.””You’ve done it before?””Since highschool. I’ve turned curious boys into total dick worshipers. Now tell me exactly what you want.””We go into my room. I get completely naked and get on my knees. You unzip your pants and take out your beautiful penis. I lick around the head and illegal bahis wrap my lips around it. I take it all in my mouth and go up and down on it until you cum in my mouth. I don’t know if I’ll want to swallow.”We talked for a few days. He was very assertive, which turned me on. I was extremely nervous but he encouraged me. I didn’t want him to physically dominate me but I liked him trying to feminize me. After all that he finally asked for my address and said he could be over in less than 30 minutes. I was extremely nervous and excited as I was typing it. This would be it. I was rock hard when I hit send.”Okay, I’ll be there. In less than 30 minutes you’ll have my dick in your mouth.”I kept masturbating, afraid that I’d lose my nerve if I lost my erection. My heart was pounding like crazy when a car pulled into the driveway. I greeted him at the door, still hard in my pants. We went to my bedroom, I got undressed and got on my knees in front of him, my cock standing up straight. He was wearing gym shorts and I could see that his cock was already hard. He pulled the waistband out and down, showing me his dick; it was so perfect, exactly like the photos, and pointing straight at me, just a few inches from my face. I was staring at it, enjoying the meaty smell, and my mouth was watering.”That’s what you’ve been craving, right? Kiss it.”The hole was so perfect, like a little sideways mouth. I finally leaned in and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his penis. I started licking around the head, trying to get the flavor illegal bahis siteleri but it just tasted like skin. I kept kissing and licking it, and I felt like I was in love with it. I wasn’t nervous anymore, just extremely excited. I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it, closing my eyes without thinking about it. It was so overwhelmingly satisfying. It felt so natural. His penis was sooo smooth and warm; hard but the surface was soft and I loved squeezing it with my lips.”Look up at me.”Before this, the idea of eye contact was too weird to me, but I had no trouble looking up at him while I kept sucking his cock. I felt like I was really becoming his bitch; I’m naked, on my knees, looking a man in the eyes while I passionately suck on his penis.”There’s no turning back now. You’re a cocksucker. You’ll keep begging for this dick.”While he was saying this I was so turned on and already rock hard that I felt an orgasm coming. I hadn’t even touched my dick. I backed off of his dick but it was too late and I started cumming. He just grinned.”There. Sucking my dick made you cum. It tastes good, doesn’t it?”I was afraid I’d want to stop but I took his penis into my mouth again to try to stay hard. Even though I’d just came I was able to stay fully hard. I was looking up at him again, moaning on his cock. I rubbed it all over my face and smacked my tongue with it.”Your penis is so beautiful.”I would hold it firmly in my mouth and slide my tongue around the bottom. I couldn’t deepthroat but it felt canlı bahis siteleri like it went back pretty far in my mouth and that I might swallow it. I loved when it was deep, it was so sexy having every part of my mouth touching a penis. I was completely enamored with another guy’s dick. I would take it out and look at it and kiss it all over and lick his balls.”I love your dick.” “I know. You’re a bitch. You want my cum too?”I said yes and started sucking faster. He said he was cumming and I felt his cock throb between my lips. My mouth started to fill up with his cum. It had a rubbery, bitter taste that I didn’t mind too much. I kept sucking and his cum was getting all over his dick. I managed to swallow it, though it felt weird.”Good boy. Here’s some more.”He shook his half hard dick at me. I eagerly took it back in my mouth and sucked off all the cum. I loved sucking on it when it was soft and squishy and it took me a while to stop.”I’ll Let you know when you can suck my dick again.” Be ready when I call.I’ve sucked his dick about 10 times so far, and I can’t get enough. I’ve sucked him outside, in a public restroom; I’ve filmed myself and taken pictures because I wanted to see myself giving a blowjob and posing with a penis in my mouth. I still wonder if I’ll lose interest even after all this. Right now I’m obsessed with penis; I crave it all the time and I’ve been looking for another to suck, but I’m very particular. I also want to try getting fucked in the ass. What I like is being feminized and worshiping dick.You should be careful if you’re curious about sucking dick because you can get hooked. Taking the plunge is so deliriously satisfying. I still keep my lust for dick a secret but I know that I’m addicted and it’s the best addiction there is.

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