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surprise visitI had already cum twice that morning, at sixteen, I was addicted to porn and my mom’s panties. Clean or dirty it didn’t matter, the soft satin rubbing against my cock as I stroked myself while watching porn always had me cumming quickly.Mom had left for work, and as there was no one else living in the house, I knew I had a full day to masturbate. I had soon found a pair of pink satin panties in the laundry hamper, it was either them or a clean pair from her drawer, by the time I had picked a clip from my favourite porn site, I was already cumming in to the satin panties. Half an hour later, and another clip, my cock was fully erect again, as the soft satin easily slipped up and down the length of my straining cock, I knew I was close to adding to the previous stain on the satin. I could feel the pressure build inside my stomach, quickly rushing to my groin and then racing for the tip of my cock, gripping the satin tight, my hand was a blur, when suddenly the explosion began, creamy cum leaking through the slippery pink material, as I continued to stroke, the loud gasp escaping my mouth, as the moment of release felt like a relief. I could feel several spasms of cum jerking form my cock, each adding to the orgasmic experience.My bedroom door opened, lying on top of the covers I had nowhere to hide, my creamy cum leaking through the satin panties wrapped around my jerking cock was clearly visible. I looked towards the door in shock. Mom standing there, a look of total disgust on her face was quickly turning to anger. She had moved from the door to my bedside in about two strides, her hand grabbing her panties from my grip as the last of my cum was being ejected from my cock. Holding the panties above me, drips of cum started falling on to her hand and my bare chest.“What the fuck?”I had never heard her using bad language before, no matter how mad I had made her.“You little fucking pervert, I had been wondering where my panties had been disappearing to, and now I know, you …….. pervert…….”Her anger was making it difficult for her to speak, and my inability to answer was probably adding to her anger. The fact was I had no answers, she had caught me masturbating into her panties.“You like my panties then do you? Pervert?, well put them on.” She dropped the satin panties on to my chest. “Go on, I said put them on”I could see by the look on her face that there was no point in arguing. I sat up and slipped my feet through the leg holes in her panties, then pulled them up my legs. As I fixed them around my waist I could feel the wet stickiness of my cum against my skin. But the sensation of the satin was having an effect on me. As the soft material rubbed against my cock I could feel my cock begin to stiffen, the satin panties were a perfect fit, and the more my cock hardened, the greater the effect the satin was having on me. Quickly the damp feeling against my skin was being replaced by the erotic feeling the panties were giving me. My hardening cock seemed to anger mom even more.A loud crack rang out across my bedroom, quickly the sharp heat and pain spread through my body as her slap moved from my thighs around my body. I struggled to keep a tear from my eye, she had never slapped me before. “I didn’t raise you to be a little fucking pervert”. kağıthane escort In her anger she began tearing at the buttons on the front of her dress, as her dress opened revealing her red bra and matching lace panties. She grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled my head towards her, as she lowered and twisted my head the full beauty of her body passed my face. The pain from her slap had started to dissipate and to see her in her full lingerie clad glory was counteracting the emotions I had just experienced for the first time. She pulled my head down until I was bent over at a ninety degree angle, my face just millimeters from her red panties. I could feel my cock begin to twitch and thicken again. “You little sissy, are you gay or something, do you think I should dress you as a little girl, and make you wear bra and panties all the time, what do you think your friends would say if I told them?” I couldn’t respond, the mixture of fear and for some reason the growing erection that was stretching the pink satin panties I was wearing, prevented any sane response.Through my barely open eyes, her panties were in my full view, the red satin, molding her pussy, the lace showing glimpses of a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. As I inhaled the scent of her body filled my nostrils, a scent I had recently got used to as I borrowed her panties from the laundry hamper. Breathing out, I’m sure she could feel my warm breath on her vagina, then another crack, her second slap landed right on my butt, the satin panties doing nothing to soften the blow, as the pain racked through my senses. But her hand stayed where she had hit me, resting on the satin panties covering my butt.I didn’t dare move, standing bent over, my hair still in her grip. Then slowly her hand began to move, gently touching the satin panties, her fingers slowly moving as if tracing an invisible circle, slowly moving outwards in a spiral, reaching the dried stain of my cum from earlier, then moving towards the seams, and tracing the pattern of the lace trim. Her hand then moved towards the front of the panties, following the lace trim, then the outline of my cock, which was growing hard again, her touch was soft and gentle, in contrast to the way she gripped my hair. Softly her finger traced the shape of my cock which expanded to her touch, making the tight satin pull away from my body leaving a gap at the top of my legs. As she touched it my cock began moving up and out, nearly fully erect, the top seam now straining to hold it in. her fingers traced the underside of my cock, through the satin, as I felt the tip of my cock release itself from the satin panties. Her soft finger and long nail mapping every vein and curve of my stiff penis.She allowed a deep breath escape from her lungs, the sound close to a low moan. I felt her hand pull my head into her, my mouth now touching her red satin panties, her scent filling my lungs. My breath made her legs tense and she pulled my even closer. I opened my lips, and stuck my tongue out, it touched her panties, just above the mold of her vagina, I licked upwards, my tongue coming into contact with her pubic hair, and then her skin above. She pulled my head down, and my tongue reached her panty covered bakırköy escort pussy. I flicked my tongue along the mound of her pussy, and she moaned loudly. Up and down I traced her pussy with my tongue, her hand guiding my head, her breathing growing heavier. When she released my hair, I kept my head where it was and continued to lick her through her panties, her hips moving in response to my tongue. I was on my knees between her legs, her pussy leaking her juices as I licked her.She finally moved away, and without speaking, she pulled me up to my feet, she pushed me back on the bed, and I felt her hands tugging at the satin panties I was still wearing. I felt my cock being freed, then the heat of her mouth wrapping around my hard on. Her hot wet tongue, tracing my cock as her closed mouth moved up and down, sucking my length. Her hand gripping and squeezing my sac. Without releasing my cock she swung her legs onto the bed, her thighs straddling my face. As she lowered herself down on my mouth, she pulled her panties aside, revealing her glistening pussy. I opened my mouth and she lowered her self on top of me. My first taste of her juices was sweet, and as I licked her opening her juices kept flowing into my mouth. I could feel the strain in my cock grow, my orgasm getting closer, when she released me, allowing my cock stand tall and proud, her saliva glistening all over it.She pulled her dress off, then released her bra, her large breasts hung down slightly as she lowered them to my mouth, her nipple was already hard as my tongue found it and I began licking it. She lowered her breast even more, till I had her large soft breast flesh filling my mouth. I sucked greedily on her tit until I felt her shifting on the bed, unable to see, I felt her thighs either side of my own, then a dampness on the tip of my cock, and then an opening and I felt my cock slip between her pussy lips. She moaned loudly, as she lowered herself onto me. It felt like her pussy was sucking my cock inside her. When she bottomed out, and my full cock was inside her, she pulled her breast from my mouth and sat upright. Her naked body with her large breasts slightly drooping above me. She began gyrating her body on my cock, her movements slow and sure. Her eyes closed yet a look of pleasure on her face, as she grinded her body against the intrusion of my cock.Her moans were getting even louder and more intense, she grabbed at her breast, tugging the pale skin and pinching her own nipple, slowly her movements quickened as did the intensity of her breathing. She let out a loud yell, her body seemed to stiffen, and her pussy pulled my cock in deeper. I could feel her juices leaking on to my body, then suddenly, my cock reacted to her pussy’s vacuum like grip, and I felt an explosion of cum, shoot up deep inside her body. Each spasm of my cock, each ribbon of cum exploding from inside me was met by her body jerking and loud sounds and grunts coming from inside her.She stayed sitting on top of me while my cock softened, eventually she lifted herself up and my soft cock flopped from her pussy along with a stream of our mixed juices. She left the room and I heard the shower running. A while later, the bathroom door opened and I could şişli escort hear her moving about. She called me finally, the first time she had spoken since she had slapped me. “I’ve made us drinks, in the kitchen”I pulled my jeans on, and when I entered the kitchen she was sitting at the table, still naked, with two glasses of lemonade on the table. “I’m sorry” she said, “I shouldn’t have slapped you, I know it just you exploring your sexuality, and I’m also sorry, we shouldn’t have done what we did just now, it’s not right, a mother and her son, it just it’s been so long since your dad left and you know since I had a man”.I walked towards her, cupping her face in my hands, and placing my lips on hers I kissed her. My mouth opened and my tongue found hers. Our kiss became passionate very quickly. As we kissed, my hands began to explore her body, I found her breast, and gently pulled and squeezed the soft mound of flesh. Her nipple felt hard to my touch. I then ran my hand down her stomach, and felt the softness of her pubic bush guiding my hand between her legs. My finger found the warm gash between her legs, and with the slightest pressure I felt her opening and my finger slide in. I prodded her pussy with my finger, her juices already flowing between her legs. Our kiss was intense and full of passion, our tongues battling with each other as they explored our mouths. Opening the zip on my jeans, her hand found my cock, and as she wrapped her fingers around me, I soon felt myself harden again. Her hand stroked up and down, spreading the small drips of precum that escaped the tip to lubricate me. I was fully erect again in minutes, and we jointly masturbated each other until we reached a level of passion that could only be improved on by penetration.She stood up from the chair, and leaning over the work top, she reached behind herself. Using two fingers, she pulled her labia apart, her love hole was open and in full view to me. I stood behind her, and holding my cock in my fist I prodded the tip towards her hole. She adjusted her legs, so her height matched mine, and I felt a slight give as my cock entered her. I began sliding in and out of her pussy, her angle making her pussy feel tight, yet her juices making my strokes slip in and out easily. With each inward stroke I could hear the sounds of our bodies clash, then the sound of her juices as I pulled out. She was moaning, allowing me take full control of the pace, yet her body meeting mine with each stroke. In unison our bodies collided with each other, her vocal reactions failing to hide her willingness to take me. She was soon orgasming her body shaking, years of no sexual pleasure, years without a lover, years of bringing up her son, were now being eroded away, by my cock as I fucked her from behind. I kept fucking her, as wave after wave of orgasm spread through her body, barely able to hold onto the worktop, she begged me to keep fucking her. Finally she was unable to take another orgasm, as he tried to push me away, unable to speak, she moved just enough that my cock slipped from her pussy, then I felt a jerk in my groin, and my legs suddenly weaken, as a spray of creamy cum shot straight into the air, landing like a ribbon across mom’s ass. the second and third spray of cum landed between her ass and her thighs, as my cream started to drip from her body. Both of us panting, unable to speak, finally collapsing on the kitchen floor in each others’ arms, when she looked me in the eye, and said, “maybe I won’t give out to you the next time you borrow my panties”. I never did find out why she had returned home that morning!

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