StudentOur home in Kensington was realistically too large for the two of us but of course its all about image, I knew of a couple of neighbors that were struggling financially but of course they had to keep up with the Jones’s. One of the neighbors knowing we had plenty of room suggested that we might take on a Uni student as a guest, the house had a guest room out the back so after talking it over we agreed it wouldn’t encroach on our lifestyle so there was no reason we couldn’t help out a struggling student. Three weeks later a medical student from the country unpacked his belongings and settled in for the coming semesters, he was well presented if a little geeky looking.After three weeks we hardly knew he was there and went back to our normal life, wondering round the house in the nude having sex at any time of day or night and of course having guests over for fun and sexy times. erzurum escort We never saw Harry he always seemed to be sleeping or studying or so we thought at the time, turns out he had been peeping in at the action, I probably wouldn’t have noticed except he stood on one of the plants outside our bedroom one evening and flattened it.After the plant episode I took a little more notice of what was going on while we were having sex, after a while I noticed shadows on the curtains, the room was never fully dark so it wouldn’t take much to see us if you peered through a gap in the curtains. To help him out we decided to make love more often with the lights on and the curtains open more, after all we got turned on being watched. One night when we had a friend round fucking Anne, he was particularly well hung and had a habit of making her have very erzincan escort noisy orgasms, instead of watching and joining in as I usually did I went into the second bedroom where I could see into the garden outside our bedroom.In the light splash from the bedroom windows I could see Harry peering through the windows while he stroked his not inconsiderable cock, as he took in the show, so at least I now knew who our watcher was for sure. After that we made a point of leaving the curtains open a little more so his view was unobstructed, we also took to inviting him in for the odd meal and when we went away we gave him a key to keep an eye on the place.After a trip away for a week we came home and found some movies had been moved and one particular photo album had been moved in our bedroom along with a couple of Anne’s sex toys, though I couldn’t çeşme escort swear to it I thought a photo of Anne nude and in a suggestive pose was missing. It didn’t matter what he touched the house was still spotless and he became more of a regular inside the house wandering in and out anytime the door was unlocked.Of course the day came along when sex reared its ugly head, I was away and Anne had said goodbye to a friend at the front door while wearing next to nothing, on going into the kitchen to make herself a coffee Harry wandered in the back door. After an awkward apology from Harry Anne offered him a coffee, as the sat drinking he had trouble keeping his eyes off her lightly dressed body and she had trouble keeping her eyes off the very large bulge in his shorts.Of course one thing lead to another and Harry ended up sliding that large cock deep into Anne’s recently vacated cunt enjoying the lubrication of another guys sperm. I returned home to Anne riding Harry reverse cowgirl style and whooping like she was riding a bucking bronco for the next twelve months I think he fucked Anne at least once a week and he knew every sexual position she did with a lot more stamina.

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