Stella’ s Daddy


Stella’ s DaddyYour really have to believe me. I never wanted to become involved in such an illicit relationship. I know that you are going to say: “You were the adult. You should have prevented this from happening!” OK, I accept your judgment; I am truly a worthless piece of trash… but at least one person loves me… You know who she is. My daughter’s name is Stella, and this story began when she was f******n. Stella was young and innocent then, not only socially, but physically. She still had the slim pre-pubescent shape of a young girl. Most girls that age had already become little ladies with swelling bosoms, shapely legs, and curving hips, the sensuous form of a woman. Only my poor little daughter was almost like a skinny stick figure. Each month when she showed up for a weekend custodial visit, nothing had changed. She busied herself about my apartment with her dolls, games, and books, and I would take her out to the zoo or a parkfor some fun. I could see her looking at other girls her age, and a sad look would pass over her face. Let my bitchy ex-wife deal with that, I thought. + + + + + + “Wait a minute, Rita,” I shouted, “I have plans this summer too; I can’t assume total responsibility of a young girl for two entire months…” “You agreed to this, bastard, when I kept her with me so often last summer,” my ex-bitch shrieked back. “You agreed to this arrangement.” “Like hell I did!” …And so it went, but in the end, rather than see my poor daughter shipped off to hell, the home of Rita’s mother, I agreed to take my daughter for both July and August. There I was, a single, thirty-four year old guy with a 18 year old girl to deal most of the summer. The ex-bitch agreed to relieve me of Stella’s June visit so that I could take a short vacation before Stella began her extended summer visit. I was in for a surprise when I picked my daughter up. The change from little girl to little lady had begun. Already in the two-month gap, my daughter was changing from little girl to sexy nymphet. It was very difficult to keep my eyes off her, the change, so subtle, was so astounding, and curiously arousing. I noticed that Stella was constantly looking at me too. I knew that Stella was quite fond of me. I thought that it was due to my generosity in providing for her little whims: new clothes, toys, special shoes. She had seemingly developed a sexual curiosity, which was focused on me. She seemed ever to want my touch, my closeness, my fatherly caresses. I began to have i****tuous ideas about her. I was between girlfriends; I often fantasized about my daughter whenever I needed to release sexual tensions. I excused it as a harmless fantasy, invented for my own private needs. Eventually, the moment came when I should have put an end to this i****tuous trend. + + + + + Barely awake, I perceived a warm body next to me. I had been dreaming of erotic moments with a former lady friend. Automatically, my hands were stroking and feeling the soft, feminine shape pressed against me. “Ohhh… Mmmmmm.” A sexy voice sighed, barely audible. “Yeah, baby,” I mumbled sleepily, allowing my hands to caress soft flesh through a thin nightgown. I wafted a familiar, sexy scent of a woman. I was still rather tired and soon dozed off again with my arms cradling my companion. I knew my cock was hard, but I was too tired to care. Some time later, the close cuddling had made me too warm, and I pushed the covers away. I was still snuggled close to my lady. I pressed my face into her fluffy, perfumed hair and kissed her head. Her ass wiggled against me, acknowledging me, and I could feel my erection clasped between firm thighs. My hands were cupping soft, small titties. Nipples, hardened by arousal, were between my fingers. “Oh yeah,” I whispered into the lovely soft hair. “Mmmmmm,” was the sighed response. I was dressed in my loose boxers; my penis was poking out through the fly. I wanted to pull them off, but I was too sleepy. I slid one hand down and let it cross over the bottom of the nightgown, bunched up underneath the small breasts. Downward the hand moved until it crossed over a little fuzzy mound and touched bald pussy lips. “Mmmmm… yessss,” came the eager murmur. My increasing arousal was waking me up more, but I was confused. Who the hell was I in bed with? I was too excited to think about that; my cock was doing my thinking for me, and it knew exactly what it wanted. I stuck a finger in the wet cunt. “Oh, yes, daddy, yes!” my daughter gasped. “Holy shit!” I moaned as I pulled back from her. “Stella, what the fuck are you doing here in bed with me?” “I-I-I… w-was… scared, daddy, by… by a noise,” my daughter mumbled, pushing herself backwards against me with my cock trapped on her ass. She reached back and caught my arm and pulled it around her to make a protective barrier against any danger. Stella wiggled her cute butt and my prick, wet from her secretions, slid along her smooth flesh. “Sweetie, we can’t do this,” I whispered. “Daddies and their daughters aren’t supposed to sleep together like this.” Meanwhile my rigid cock was still sliding on her bare flesh, due to her pelvic movement. I was still highly aroused. “Why not, daddy?” my daughter answered. “We used too! I feel so good being with you. I love the naked touching; mmmm, it’s so nice!” “It’s just wrong, sweetie. We could be in a lot of trouble if anyone found out about this.” My ex-wife would happily ruin my life if she got a hint about anything of this little nocturnal event. Stella was only fifteen; she would be sixteen in two more weeks.”Maybe you would not be allowed to visit me again.” I suggested menacingly.”I won’t tell anyone, daddy, not anyone at all,” Stella promised as she gripped my arm more tightly and moved her ass against my prick. “Daddy, this feels so good. Doesn’t this feel nice for you too?” I pulled my hand away. Stella sat up, and the glow of the night light revealed the wanton scene: me with my dick lewdly protruding from my shorts and Stella with her nightgown osmaniye escort now pulled up to her armpits, her naked body glowing in the dim light. As I stared at her nubile form, she slid her fingers between her legs and began to fondle her pussy. My hand found my erection and slipped around my dick, stroking it while my daughter let her fingers explore her young pussy. “Daddy, I feel extra good doing this when I think about you, and, watching you playing with your penis, makes my cunnie tingle.” I needed to come now, and Stella was right; it did feel much better to stroke myself with my eyes gazing at her naked body. I was not, I considered, really having sex with my daughter. We were just relieving our tensions, and we just happened to be doing it while in the same bed, using one another for a little excitement. Yes, It was bad, but it felt so good that I just kept going. A father and daughter masturbating together was certainly exciting. Stella smiled at me and pulled her nightgown over her head; she tossed it aside. Then she knelt in front of me and pulled on my shorts. I lifted up and allowed her to pull them off me. She got back into bed and sat in front of me with her legs spread apart, resting on top of my own, giving me a good look at her fingers, glistening with her secretions, moving in her pussy. Not only could I see what she was doing, but I could smell the sweet aroma of her young cunt and hear the sound of her fingers against her pink membranes. I paused to watch her fingers dip into her wet slit and then raised my eyes to look at the soft little mounds of her pubescent breasts. I could see Stella’s eyes examining my nude body. No, I thought once again, this is not right, but my prick ruled again, and I began to stroke myself. What the heck, we’ve gone this far… Maybe this one time, and then I would have a little talk with my daughter about i****t. Her slim legs were moving along my own; it was so fine! Looking at her face, I noticed her eyes were now closed and she appeared flushed and sweaty. I felt like she looked. I really needed to come. Her hand moved faster, and I reached down and stroked her thigh with my free hand. Stella’s face grimaced as she shook with her girlish climax. “Ohhh… Oh, Daddy! Oh my! Ohhhh… it’s so good!” Watching her come pushed me over the edge. My semen surged up from my balls, and I was too stirred up to do anything but stroke myself faster. “Ohhh, fucking shit!” I groaned as the wad of my cum shot out from my cock. It flew across the gap between us and splattered on my daughter’s belly. “Oh, Stella… this does feel so damned good, sweetie” I moaned as my next spurt landed on the soft patch of fur above her young cunt and began to ooze down onto her busy hand, still moving against her wet slit. The power of my ejaculations faded as the next releases fell on the sheet or dribbled onto my own hand. I milked the last of my semen from my softening cock. I sat there across from her watching her hand move up to touch my creamy deposit, rubbing with it between her fingers. Stella gathered semen on a fingertip and lifted it to her face to see it better. Then she daintily inserted the finger in her mouth and thoughtfully tasted a dab. I took her hand from her pussy and lifted to my lips. I took her fingers into my mouth and sucked her juices from them. “You taste kind of good, daddy, different, but good. How do I taste?” “You are really tasty, sweetie. I like your flavor.” Then we said nothing for a long moment. We watched at each other, me sucking each of her fingers clean, and my daughter, slowly consuming my cum from her body. Our orgasms, as powerful as they were, slowly became erotic memories. “That was extra good, daddy.” “Yes, sweetie, it was very good.” I began to feel guilty about what we had done. “How long have you been doing this?” I asked, nodding at her pussy. “Just a few months, daddy,” she answered. “Some of the other girls told me about it, and it felt so good when I did it. I do it every day, sometimes more.” She smiled at me and added. “I think about you, daddy, sometimes when I do it. What do you think about when you do it?” “Sweetie, I think about ladies, but… sometimes,” I admitted, “Now I’ve started to think about you, about your beautiful, naked body.” “Daddy, that’s so nice. See! We think about each other,” Stella declared, seeming triumphant in her discovery. “I think it felt so good this time because it was something we were not supposed to do.” I realized that she knew as well as I did that what we did was taboo, forbidden. “Yes, sweetie, that’s probably why I felt it so powerfully too,” I answered. “You know we can never tell anyone about what we just did.” “I know that, daddy,” Stella replied. “But, daddy, can I sleep here with you now until morning?” “All right, sweetie, but no more of this, Ok?” “Well… Ok, daddy,” she replied, looking a little disappointed.” “Then stay with me tonight, sweetie, but remember.” “Yes, daddy, let’s go sleep now,” she replied with a little smile on her lips. I turned away and pulled the covers over us. Soon we were back asleep, pressed together without a stitch of clothing between us. A new day broke in a few more hours, but nothing would ever be the same. We had changed by what had happened. We awoke and found ourselves enmeshed in a lascivious, i****tuous embrace. My cock, again swollen in a morning erection, was pressed against her naked flesh. I wanted to feel myself buried deep in my daughter’s belly, but I knew that trouble was brewing unless I stopped what was happening between us. I rose from the bed and relieved myself; then I rinsed off and returned to bed, finding Stella only partially covered. I glanced over her naked form, standing over her, examining the youthful body, once again feeling arousal. I slipped under the covers and moved against her, my mind filling with sinful urges. Slowly Stella awakened and rolled over to face me. Her arms gripped me, and niğde escort her lips pressed against mine in an i****tuously sexy kiss. She sighed contentedly and writhed against my naked body. My penis reacted quickly and pushed against her body. “Oh, daddy, we can do it again!” my daughter giggled as she reached down with her little hands to grasp my erection. I humped my penis lewdly against her grip as she twitched her little ass, now cupped in my hands. She sat up and pushed the covers away. I knew that her hands around my penis stroked me to please me, but she also was exciting herself by this forbidden act. We had moved another deadly step forward. Now I was allowing her to touch me. I wanted to touch her too. “Your penis, daddy, I like the feel of it in my hand,” Stella confessed. “This is better than watching you play with it; I want to do you now.” She pumped slowly on my hardened pole. My hand slipped between her legs, and my fingers rubbed her cunt. After a few minutes of touching, she said, “That’s right, daddy, you play with my pussy, and I’ll play with your penis.” “Ok, sweetie,” I answered, “This is even better than what we did last night.” “Yes, daddy, it is so good!” Stella cried as she grabbed my hard cock again in both her hands and pumped it slowly, sensuously. “Daddy, you’re so big… I need both my hands to do this.” She made me feel so good though. “All right, sweetie, do the best you can.” My fingers were delving between her pussy lips, fingering her pink inner folds. I moved my hand down until I could insert a finger into her young vagina. I moved inside her slowly, not wanting to hurt her. My finger slid into her without her exhibiting any sign of discomfort. “That feels so much better, daddy, than my hairbrush.” I immediately understood that my daughter, shoving a hairbrush deep into her dripping twat, might have paved the way for my hard penis. I slipped a second finger into her young vagina, and her pussy accepted both fingers without discomfort. “Is this OK, sweetie?” “Oh yes, daddy, it feels really good. She squeezed my cock to emphasize her appreciation. She laughed and said, “I dreamed about doing this, daddy. This was so good, getting naked and sleeping together all night.” “Let’s take our time, baby,” I suggested. I pulled her closer to me on the bed; we kissed once again. This time I eased my tongue into her and felt her little tongue begin to push against my own. I fondled her little breasts, feeling them respond with hardening nipples. We were now two naked lovers and pressed warm, naked flesh together, exciting ourselves further. Knowing that we were father and daughter made it better. As we continued our long, probing kisses, I began to think about trying my cock in her pussy, to see if I could fit inside her. My fingers worked her juicy cunt; I knew that she was lubricated enough now, so I moved down to kiss and suck her nipples. “Mmmm, yeah, daddy, that feels good. Do it more.” “Do you like this, baby?” “Oh, yes, suck my titties more, daddy,” Her little hands gently pumped my cock while I suckled at her virginal breasts, teasing them with my lips and tongue. Little sighs of pleasure filled my ears. She was slowly masturbating my cock, and I would come soon even with her stroking me so slowly. I had to try out her pussy before I came from her erotic hand job. I sat up and knelt between her legs. She reached down and eagerly wrapped a hand around my shaft. “I want to try to put my penis in you, sweetie, but you need to say if it hurts you, even just a little.” “OK, daddy, go ahead and try.” With one hand still gripping my hot cock, I moved it against her pussy. Now I was watching my cockhead part her labia below the fuzzy down of her mound. Her inner folds peeked out at me glistening with her secretions. “Daddy,” she asked softly, “Are we going to fuck? Are you going to put your penis inside me now?” “I only want to try it, baby, to see if your pussy is big enough to take it in. I’ll stop if it hurts, and we can do something else.” “Ok, daddy, I’ll tell you if you are hurting me.” She parted her legs wider, and I eased the head of my prick between her naked pussy lips. Then I slid the tip of my dick up and down her slit, wetting it with her slippery cuntal juices. My little daughter was very wet and her little body seemed to be quivering with anticipation. I pushed the head of my cock to her vaginal opening and pressed harder. “Do that more, daddy,” my daughter begged. “Pressing me like that feels good there; don’t stop yet.” I pushed harder. Stella loosened up gradually, and the head of my cock entered her. “That is soooo good, daddy; do it more,” she urged, so I pushed again. I was gradually easing into her. I looked down and saw I had more than two inches in her. “Ohhhhh… yessss,” she gasped. Deeper I went. “Ohhh, daddy!” she cried out. “Baby, is that good?” “Yes, daddy, your penis feels so big in me, like being stuffed.” I eased in more. In a few minutes of careful pushing, I was buried in her juicy cunt. My daughter gripped my legs with her own and pushed her pelvis harder against me. Her young pussy felt so good; it gripped my hard cock with its slick membranes. She moaned in delight. “We have to stop this, sweetie, or we are going to make a baby,” I told her. Her face showed some disappointment, but then she smiled. She knew I had to pull out soon. “That’s Ok, daddy,” she reassured me. “We can’t make any babies, but let’s just stay like this for a few minutes. I like how it feels.” We remained locked together until I knew that I had to pull out soon, else I would come in her pussy. “What was that other thing you said we could do, daddy?” Stella asked. “I’m going to pull out soon and show you, sweetie. I think you will like it.” Before I pulled out of my daughter, I slid in and out a few times, enjoying the feel of her sweet, young cunt, knowing that I would really fuck her soon. Her hips undulated against naturally against mine. It was so hard edirne escort to withdraw. I pulled out reluctantly, promising myself that I would be back again. “I love your pussy so much, baby, and now I want to kiss it.” My daughter moaned in anticipation of my lewd promise. “Your little pussy felt so good that I’ll kiss it until you come with my mouth and tongue loving you,” I explained as I began to slide down her. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wider for me, propping her head up on a pillow to watch. Leaving her young breasts wet from my sucking, I worked down her soft belly until I was kissing her soft fur. My face hovered above her wet pussy. I looked up and smiled at her; then I dipped my head down to taste her. I probed between her pussy lips with my tongue and slowly slid it up and down the pink folds. Stella moaned and squirmed beneath me as I ate her juicy cunt. With lips and tongue dancing across her lips, I edged closer to her swollen little clit, now protruding visibly from her folds, She was enjoying our first i****tuous cunnilingus, her hands gripping her father’s hair, and I wanted her to come from my oral caresses. Soon Stella was quivering as she built up her excitement. I ate her little cunt until she had more than one orgasm; then I lifted my wet face from her to watch her gasping and moaning. “Oh, daddy… daddy… ohhhhh… it… was… so… good,” she cried out. I went down on her again and continued to lick her pussy, allowing her to enjoy more oral pleasures. When next I rose and looked at her, I saw by her pretty face that she would now do anything to please me. “I want to suck on my cock, sweetie,” I told her. When I knelt next to her face, she lifted herself up and gripped my erect penis, which jutted lasciviously inches from her soft lips. She lifted her head to look into my eyes. “Yes, daddy, I would like to suck your cock.” She propped herself up on one arm and leaned forward to kiss the tip of my cock. Stella trapped my swollen penis between her soft lips. I could feel her lick and suck me as I looked lovingly down on her pretty face. Seeing my seeing my penis in her wet mouth, I realized that my daughter was performing on me her first fellatio. “Is that Ok, sweetie?” I asked, hoping that she felt good about this. “Yes, daddy, I like doing this, and I can taste my pussy on you too.” My daughter reached around my cock with own small hand and stroked it as she slid me in and out of her mouth. She sucked me deep into her and licked the head of my cock. I moaned as she carressed my dick with her mouth. I could see her stretch open wide to take my thick cock in. I provided little hints about what to do, helping her build confidence. I wanted to make her and good little cocksucker. “Do my balls too, sweetie,” I groaned. I pulled my cock out, glistening with my daughter’s saliva. She lifted my penis up and began to kiss and lick my balls, sucking on each of them in turn. “Is this what you want, daddy,” Stella mumbled, allowing my balls and scrotum to fall free momentarily. “Yes, baby, you are doing great,” I whispered. “Let’s try this a different way now so that you learn how to suck me the way I like.” I pulled her up so that she sat on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her. Stella leaned over easily and lined her head up with my engorged penis. “Suck me, sweetie. Make my cum squirt into your mouth, and then you can swallow it too if you want.” I held her head to move it back and forth with my cock sliding in and out of her little mouth. She opened wide to wrap her lips around my shaft. My cock filled her mouth, as she began to bob her head, making my member slide back and forth between her soft lips. “Suck me,” I groaned as I felt her lips stroke my shaft. “Oh god, sweetie, you’re sucking my cock so well.” She peeked up at me and let my cock pop out of her mouth. “I’m going to suck out your cum, daddy, and then I’m going to drink every bit of it.” “Oh yes, sweetie. That’s turning me on so much!” She took my cock into her mouth again and began to suck more forcefully, rubbing my balls. Her mouth was full of my cock, and I could feel my semen rising. “It’s coming, sweetie” I warned. I clutched her head with my hands, and thrust my hips forward, fucking my daughters face. The first jet of my cum erupted in her mouth, and she gamely gulped it down. She managed to swallow my cum without losing a drop of the thick cream. I did not withdraw until she had milked me dry with lips and hand. We lay in each other’s arms, kissing and tasting ourselves with deep kisses. We were relaxing and enjoying the afterglow of our taboo passion. “Do you to really want to fuck me, Daddy?” “Yes, sweetie, but we need to make sure you won’t make a baby. I need to buy something to wear to keep my semen from making you pregnant.” “Buy some today, daddy, please” Stella urged. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” “Daddy, I want us to be able to fuck when we go to bed tonight.” “Today, I’ll go buy some condoms, sweetie, a dozen of them.” “Is that enough, daddy?” Stella asked. “I can always buy more, sweetie.” She grinned at me. That night we fucked for the first time. We went to bed early, unencumbered by any nightclothes. My daughter’s legs wrapped around my own as I slid in and out of her young cunt. Her body shuddered as she came for the first time with my cock deep inside her. Before morning I had filled several rubbers with my fertile cream. After each coupling, we fell asleep in a loving embrace to awaken for another act of i****tuous fornication. By the next morning we knew each other’s bodies well. Since then, we have been constant lovers. Her mother was a bit surprised at my proposal to have Stella in my care more often, and Stella made a pest of herself so that my former wife eventually was happy to allow our daughter to move in with me. Even though I know that someday she will leave me for another guy, Stella and I are not ready to part and give up our secret passion. Some lady may well fill the void when Stella finds a life mate, but our special relationship continues. So now you see the dreadful secret of how my daughter and I became an i****tuous couple. When will this end? I see no reason to stop this forbidden relationship. Besides, I can’t because Stella would have a fit!

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