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sleep OverLying on the sofa after everyone had gone to bed, Adam was glad that he had decided to offer to let them stay the night. Yes they had had a drink or two but he had been fascinated with Marianne. He could not believe that she was with Nigel. Marianne obviously cared for him and they must have been a real item once but Nigel had let himself go badly. Goes to show what 20 years will do to a guy if he doesn’t make an effort he thought. Nigel just about fell asleep on the lounge after dinner and seemed almost cranky to be kept up. Whilst he and Marianne had talked. They seemed like they didn’t really go together.Lovely home cooked meal, Thai Beef Salad was one of his favourites good one there he thought. Nice red wine. The conversation had been lively and interesting. He had stolen several glances at Marianne, hopefully she hadn’t noticed. Her skirt had ridden a little high as they talked and when she gestured excitedly he could not resist looking into the shadows beneath. Hadn’t seen anything but God he had gotten a hard on and had to move quick to hide it. Marianne’s top button on her blouse had come undone and he had not been able to resist trying to get a glimpse at her lovely breasts. What a women! Bright vivacious manner with a beautiful smile and lovely eyes. Nigel was very lucky. So many woman at that age had given up but Marianne was HOT.Sitting up he sighed and tried to relax his mind. Reaching down Adam undid his boot laces, slipped his boots and socks off tucking them beside the sofa. He stood turned off the light, undid his belt, dropped his jeans to the floor and began undoing his shirt buttons as he headed for his bedroom. He nearly jumped out of his skin when a light in one of the bedrooms came on. Phew, he thought, lucky no one had seen him. Glancing over towards the stairwell he thought it was a bedside lamp in the guest room upstairs. For a minute he just stood still wondering whether someone was going to get up. It had been half an hour since Nigel & Marianne had headed for bed. He sure didn’t want to bump into Nigel heading for the loo, or worse still Marianne, whilst in his briefs and an unbuttoned shirt. Pulling his jeans back on, but leaving them undone, he waited for a couple of minutes to see if anyone would appear. Nothing. He thought he could detect some small movements of shadows and wondered what was happening. Curiosity overcame his discretion and he walked slowly upstairs and turned towards the guest bedroom door, ready to head the other way in case he bumped into someone. The door had been left a little ajar and he stood back in the shadows and looked in. He could see the big guest king bed. Marianne çorum escort was sitting up reading a book dressed in a light tee shirt with the sheets pulled up to her waist. Nigel seemed to be asleep. He could hear a light snore and Nigel’s back was towards the door. God she was really sexy, look at her! What a woman, he knew what he would be doing if he was in bed with her and that was certainly not what Nigel was doing. Tony sighed a little. Oops he had sighed out loud. He didn’t think she had heard him and he didn’t want to frighten her. They were after all guests in his home.He started to turn away heading back towards his own room when he noticed that Marianne’s nipples were erect. Popping nicely through the tee shirt. As he looked her right hand slid up from where it had been lying by her side and ran almost absentmindedly over her breasts, caressing and pulling on her nipples then gently cupping and holding them. Stirring slightly she put down the book. She closed her eyes and he saw her legs move under the sheets. She smiled slightly as she slipped her right hand over her stomach caressing through the sheet. Her movements clearly outlining her body beneath.Adam’s breath caught in his throat as he watched. He could not turn away and just like that he was as hard as a rock. He could see her breathing a little faster & heavier as her hand moved upwards again. Lyn pushed the sheet down from her waist to the tops of her thighs. Nigel snorted and shifted slightly before starting to snore even more heavily. She froze, opening her eyes as she turned to watch his movements and waited for him to settle again. After about 10 seconds she turned towards Adam and smiled beckoning him into the room putting her finger against her mouth. “Shhhh”.Adam grinned and slipped through the door. Kneeling on the floor and leaning against the side of the bed. She leaned into his ear whispering “I’m glad you dressed for the occasion.” He laughed softly and whispered back “I was inspired I think.” He leaned in to kiss her on the mouth softly lingering. She sighed and chuckled deep in her throat “I saw you watching me tonight. Like what you saw?” He said “Woman you are sooo hot!”.Leaning in he kissed her on the lips again before kissing her neck and the hollow of her shoulders. His hands slid over her tee cupping her breasts and tugging gently on her nipples, making her gasp. Adam chuckled and shushed her. “Quiet now whilst I do this …..”. sliding his hands down her body he pushed the sheet down her body revealing her completely. As his hand found her mound, her legs spread opening for him. His fingers found her lower lips through denizli escort her knickers as he kissed her mouth, his tongue invading passionately. She moaned quietly her arms moving around his neck. His fingers teased slipping up and around her clit but not touching. Teasing and playing with her pussy through the thin material. Marianne pushed him downwards and he moved down her body kissing, caressing, licking, biting, sucking. Adam breathed over her pussy, Marianne moaned again and grabbing his head pulled him into her pussy. Using both hands her drew her knickers down leaning back to full remove them. Her pussy was manicured with a light v of pubic hair covering her mound whilst her pussy lips were bare. What a sight he was harder than ever. Leaning forward again his mouth found her mound. He licked her lips, circling gently from one side to the other moving up and down and then around her clit before repeating. His hands wrapped around her upper thighs reaching and helping to hold her open to him. Her hips were moving gently encouraging him whilst the smell and taste of her arousal was incredible. Marianne’s pussy was slick with her juices and she lay with her eyes closed enjoying what he was doing. He looked up at her from between her legs. She was flushed in the neck and chest whilst her breathing getting more ragged as he played. She had pulled the T shirt up until her breasts were exposed. The finger and thumb of her left hand twisted and pulled gently at her nipple whilst her right hand rested gently on his head. Enjoying the effect he had created he stopped at the top of her lower lips. She opened her eyes and looked down with a questioning look. He smiled and found her clit flicking his tongue directly back and forth over it for the first time. Her eyes widened and she cried out “Shit!” Before clapping a hand over her mouth and breathing in deeply. Nigel stirred in his position but apart from that continued to snore completely oblivious to what was going on. Then, alternating between tongue flicking her clit and sucking it like a miniature cock, he went to work. Her legs closed around his head and she groaned, her hand pulling his hair trying to lift him off her pussy. Her hips were pushing into him though and the juices were running like a river. He had never been so turned on. God he loved licking out a woman! Sucking firmly he found her clit again and pulled it into his mouth. Lyn was writhing on the bed discretion forgotten, her hips lifting off the bed as she fucked his mouth with her pussy. Breathing heavily she pulled him upward urgently pulling at his hair. He finally looked düzce escort up at her and she whispered “I need you in me now!” Glancing across at Nigel Adam stood and slid his jeans & briefs downwards and off. He grabbed her hand and pulled her from the guest bed and down the hall into his room.His cock stood hard as a rock. Marianne giggled and said “give me some of that” pushing him down to sit on his bed. Sitting next to him and pulling him in close she leaned her head against his belly and let her hair brush against his hard on. He shivered and placed his hands on her head urging her on. She pushed him flat and said “My turn buster.” She licked him from base to tip, holding his balls in her hand. As she placed her lips on his head sliding her tongue over his slit he sighed and allowed his hands to slip down over her breasts holding and squeezing. Marianne slid his cock into her mouth her lips holding him firmly as she sucked him deeply. Her hands reached behind him grasping his arse and encouraging him. He groaned and thrust gently into her mouth as her tongue caressed his length. She could suck like crazy as well what a woman he thought. Pulling back he smiled and pulled her up off the bed. Stripping off her T shirt completely. She said “I want your cock in me right now.” She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. He said “Amazing, now that is a view”. He kneeled between her legs putting the head of his cock against her pussy lips. “Are your sure?” he said. “Never been more certain of anything” she replied. She could feel the heat from his hard on against her wet throbbing pussy. He pulled back and ran his right hand along her side caressing her belly and breasts enjoying the feel of her skin. “Ok.” he said as his hands found her arse and squeezed her hard. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear “oh you are really really wet”. She pushed up with her hips trying to get him further inside. He pulled back holding position and cupping her arse as he enjoyed the view as she tried to pull him in with her legs.Adam laughed and stopped resisting. Her thrust shoved him deep into her pussy and she she yelled “Oh God yes!”. He held himself deep inside her as she tried to pull back for another thrust before starting a slow pump. She met his pace with her thrusts and they gradually increased the pace. His balls started to slap against her pussy as he pushed harder into her, steadily increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts. She moaned loudly, her legs wrapped around his arse pulling him into her. Marianne moaned pulling his head down against her neck and said in his ear “fuck me you bastard fuck me hard.” Adam needs no more encouragement and began to pound her pussy. His cock ramming home into her. His hips and balls slapping against her arse. Marianne cried out “Oh yeah that’s it fuck yesssss” and came just as Adam thrust deeply into her groaning as he came deep inside her.Oblivious, down the hall Nigel slept on.

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