My Mom and I Visit the Lesbian Bar


My Mom and I Visit the Lesbian BarAbout a week ago my mother and I were sitting on the couch watching television when I said, “Mom, I am bored. Let’s go out to the lesbian bar and have a couple of drinks. It is Friday night and there should be a lot of girls there having fun. Let’s join them!”Mom and I took a quick shower together then we went to our bedrooms to get dressed. I chose a conservative white blouse, a green plaid skirt with matching color panties and a pair of black sneakers. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “You sure are a sexy looking Catholic school girl.”When I got down downstairs, Mom was waiting for me. She looked awesome in her sleeveless white blouse, short black skirt and black high heel shoes. I walked up to her and said, “Teacher, I have been a naughty girl and need to be spanked.”I turned around and lifted my skirt then Mom slapped my ass a couple of times. We both started laughing then we headed out the back door to the garage.Just as it was getting dark we drove into the bar’s parking lot. It was full, so I suggested to Mom that we should drive across the street because the Bank is closed and they won’t mind if we use it after business hours.We paid the cover charge at the front door of the bar then went inside. I thought to myself, “Wow, this place is packed! I wonder if we are going to be able to find a place to sit down. There must be close to a hundred girls here tonight.”Luckily they were between song sets and everyone is seated. Mom and I walked across the dance floor and saw two girls at a table and there were a couple of empty chairs. We introduced ourselves and they invited us to join them. One of the girls was a pretty petite blonde. The other one had her hair cut too short and did not look like she was wearing any makeup. She was still good looking though, and had a very nice body with big boobs. You could clearly see her nard nipples straining against the thin material of the tank top she was wearing.Anyway, the music started again. It was disco type, so I asked Mom if she wanted to dance. After a couple of songs I noticed a few of the prettier girls were topless. I stopped dancing then grasped Mom’s wrist and led her back to the table. I whispered in her ear, “Let’s take off our tops like those other girls did.”She smiled at me then we unbuttoned our blouses and tossed them over the backs of our chairs. The dance floor was really crowded and I looked around for those topless girls that I saw earlier. As I turned my head I saw them and they were looking towards me! I thought to myself, “Those fucking bitches are trying to compete with me and Mom! They took off their skirts and are dancing, wearing only their panties! escort bayan istanbul My mother and I always like to be the center of attention and we are not going to stand for this!”The music abruptly ended, so Mom and I went back to the table and ordered a couple of drinks. We talked quietly together about what we should do and we came up with a plan. After about fifteen minutes the music started again. Instead of playing disco, the disc jockey switched to a slow and sensual type. Mom and I finished our drinks then stood up and took off our skirts and panties. We walked naked through the crowded dance floor to the middle and began dancing. I put my arms around Mom’s neck and she slid her hands around my hips and gently grasped my firm little ass cheeks.Finally the people on the dance floor started paying more attention to Mom and I than those other girls wearing their panties! Now for the second part of our plan!Mom and I stopped dancing and began passionately tongue kissing each other while we ran our hands all over each other’s naked bodies. Within a few moments everyone around us stopped dancing also and began to watch us. Mom stepped between my legs and we started feverishly humping each other’s thighs while moaning really loud. Everyone had their eyes on us, but we were not finished yet!After a little while, Mom started kissing my neck then worked her way down to my breasts. She would kiss one of them for a while then go to the other and give it some attention. My nipples are normally hard all the time, but having my mother bite them in this public place made them totally erect!Suddenly, she got down on her knees and pushed her face between my legs! I grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting my hips harder against her. I began moaning even louder then started yelling, “Oh Mom, that feels so fucking good! Please don’t stop! Eat your daughter’s pussy! Eat her! Eat her! Eat her pussy! Please Mom, don’t stop! I am getting ready to orgasm at any moment! Keep eating your daughter’s pussy! Eat her! Eat her!”I remember that just a few moments later an incredible orgasm ripped through my body making it tremble. I felt weak in the knees and my mother noticed, so she immediately helped me back to the table so I could sit down on a chair. She ordered us some more drinks and I regained my composure a short time later.It was getting late, so I suggest to Mom that we get dressed and go home. As we stood up, the pretty petite blonde asked us if we would dance one last song with her and her girlfriend. I thought to myself that they have been so nice to us all night long that I felt obliged. After I told them that we would, she said, “Just give istanbul escort us a few seconds.”My mother and I watched as the two girls stripped naked. Both of them had outstanding bodies, and I could hardly wait to slow dance with either one!The little blonde chose me and Mom got the tall girl with the short hair. When we got on the dance floor the blonde put her arms around my neck then I put mine around her waist and held her close to me. After we began dancing the girl asked me, “Is that really your mother? That show you put on with her was better than any porn move that I have ever seen. It was awesome. Is there anyway that my girlfriend and I can get your phone number or email address? We would like you and your mother to double date with us sometime.”After the song finished, I wrote down my phone number on a napkin, then Mom and I picked up our clothes and walked naked out the exit doors.When we got home, Mom parked the car in the driveway then we walked naked up the sidewalk to the front door of our house. When we were just a few feet away from the porch, Mom said, “It is such a beautiful evening. Nice and warm. Let’s put a blanket on the front lawn and lay down on it for a while. Come inside with me and get a blanket while I make us a couple of drinks.”A few minutes later we were sitting on the blanket talking when a car suddenly came up our driveway. I immediately jumped up and was ready to run in the house, but I noticed it was my brother Michael, so I sat back down. He got out of the car and walked over to us then Mom said, “Honey, go inside and get yourself a drink then come back and join us. Take your clothes off if you want to.”He went inside and took off his clothes then came back out and sat on the blanket between me and Mom. After he finished his drink we all laid down. Mom and I took turns tongue kissing Michael while we played with his big hard cock. After a while I got up on my knees and started giving him a blowjob. I was really enjoying myself and wanted him to cum in my mouth, but after about four or five minutes he suddenly pushed me away from him and got on top of Mom. She grabbed his cock and guided it inside her then they started fucking.Michael started off slow then began to fuck her faster and faster. Mom started yelling, “Oh Michael, I love you so much! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your Mommy! Give her a good fucking! Fuck your mother! Fuck her good! Fuck your mother! Fuck her! Fuck her!”I looked across the street and when I noticed the elderly neighbor ladies’ living room lights came on. I told Michael that he should stop, but he ignored me. The old lady opened her front door then shouted at us, “Are you perverts fucking on istanbul escort the God damn front lawn again? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Your whole family is going to burn in Hell! Stop right now, or I am going to call the Police!”Michael suddenly stopped and I could tell that he was ejaculating inside Mom. He waited a few moments then pulled his cock our of her and stood up. Mom and I gathered up the blankets and drink glasses then we went inside the house and turned off the lights.A short time later, a police car drove slowly down the road. When it got to our house they shined a bright spotlight around the front yard for a few seconds then continued on their way.Mom said, “That was close. I would hate to have my picture in the paper for having i****tuous relationships with my son. Maybe we better stop doing that so often. The old lady is really getting pissed off at us. Michael, come upstairs to bed with me.”Mom took Michael’s hand in her own and they started walking through the living room. I ran over to them and slapped her arm away from him then said, “Mom, I haven’t been laid in over three days since Daddy fucked me early in the morning before he went out of town on business. It’s my turn now to be with Michael.”Mom thought for a few moments then said, “That will be okay with me, besides I want to take some more video of you and Michael having sex for our family video collection. You father really likes watching them late at night while we are in bed together. We only have about a dozen of them and he has seen them at least ten times each that I know of. They make his cock hard and enjoy the benefits. Tomorrow morning I will make us breakfast. Afterwards, I will take video of you and Michael having fucking on the living room couch. Michael can make a DVD from the video that I take and we will give it to your father for his birthday. Does that sound okay to you?”I replied to her, “That sounds awesome! After we are done fucking then Michael can use your camera to take video of you and me together and put it on the same DVD. Daddy will love that. Mom, don’t you think that we should also make a video of you and Michael? That would make it an extra special birthday present.”Mom responded, “I am glad you brought that up. We can make that video tomorrow night after we have supper together.””Mom, what are we having for supper tomorrow?””I am going to have a Pizza delivered. When the guy gets here, I want to take video of you walking naked to the front door and opening it. You will hand him a twenty dollar bill and tell him to keep the change.””Mom, that sounds like fun. I will do it and we can add the video to Daddy’s DVD. It will be the best birthday present that he has ever got from us.”———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-My videos on Juliemoijulie. wee bly. com

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