My first time – MFM


My first time – MFMFirst TimersMy first time was with my friend and his girlfriend from out of town staying in a hotel on vacation. They seriously overbooked and we all three had to stay in one room. One of the last nights, we’re pretty broke, so we decided to stay in and party that night. We get really drunk and playing the ‘never have I’ game. Well, my friends says, “never have I sucked a dick”. Of course his girlfriend drinks, but I do too. Both of them: “Dude – what the fuck ? You sucked a guy’s dick?”Me, “well, technically, yes I have sucked a guy’s dick – mine”. Well this gets them laughing their asses off, they both keeps asking, “seriously” and I tell them, “yes, but it’s not anything like they imagine”. We keep playing and drinking. A few hours and many beers later, my friend asks if I was k**ding and I tell him “no – dead serious, first blowjob I ever got was from me, yes, it sounds weird, but it’s the truth, but not at all exciting as you think it might be”.His girlfriend asks, “How many times have you done it?” I tell them “10-15 times roughly, maybe more?” And they both ask, “did you spit or swallow?” I tell them “neither, it’s not really all that great to be honest”. Of course, they still don’t believe me. I’m not that tall and I’ve got small feet. Not exactly sure how it happened, but I said I would show them “IF” your girlfriend takes her top off. Somehow, the next thing I know, she is topless and I’m standing there naked giving it a rub to get hard. I tell them to sit on the foot of the bed and I lay down on my back and they’re at my feet. It was kind of weird at first, but I’d never been naked in front of anyone before then, so of course it was weird, but hearing my friend say ‘fuck that’s a big dick’ was really a big ego boost. And then I bend over, stick my dick in my mouth, look at them and with my dick still in my mouth I say “see, I told you”. My friend and his girlfriend is just smiling like just staring. He says, “Well, that’s something I never thought I would ever see” His girlfriend asks me to “jerk it while I suck it – pleeeease”. My dick isn’t in my mouth anymore and I tell them, this is all fun and good, but it’s also really embarrassing to be in a position like this and I didn’t know you wanted anything more than proof. I’m still sitting on the bed with a raging hard on and the girlfriend asks, “does it feel better than when a girl does it?” I laugh and so does my friend, because we illegal bahis both know “I’ve never had anyone give me a blowjob“. “I’m a virgin”, I said, about the same time my friend was telling her, “he’s never even kissed a girl”.His girlfriend laughs even more, but still wants to see me “jerk it and suck it” and I was shocked when my friend even said, “I kind of do too, that’s impressive as hell”. I don’t know why, maybe the liquid courage, but I said, “I’ll suck it if she jerks it for me”. I was even more shocked when my friend said “you want to see it – do it”. She Lloyd at him with the fakest ‘shocked’ look I’ve ever seen. I would have never done anything if it wasn’t for how false her ‘shock’ was. Well that, and I’d never been nude in front of anyone since I was 5 and this was interesting – at least.So I’m laying in the bed, she is now laying on her stomach and jerking me off while I’m sucking my own dick. I had no idea this would be a turn on for a female, so I’m actually enjoying it. She gets in really close and takes her hand off and spits in her hand and starts jerking my dick really fast and furious. By now, my friend is laying behind her on her back, in an almost ‘prone bone’ position. And she starts saying “I want you to cum – please cum”. It was really hot, but still, I’ve never had an orgasm from doing that and the nervousness made me think it would be impossible. “I would love to, I really would, but I’ve done this before and I can’t finish like this”. She takes her hand off and gives this pouty look and even my friend is like ‘oh man – that would have been cool to see’. Again, not sure why I did it, but since I was now holding my own dick and she was VERY close, I said, “don’t pout” and booped her on that pouting smile with my dick. “Dude, did you just slap your dick on my girlfriend’s face?!” “I’m sorry man, I wasn’t thinking I … I don… fuck, I’m sorry”. I was fumbling for words and this was so not like me at all – pure liquid courage. Then he bust out laughing, I laugh and she’s laughing. “OK, I’ll do it for a few more minutes, but if I’m going to cum, I am not cuming in my mouth”. So we’re back at it again, she’s jerking me off and I can feel her breath on my balls. He starts taking her pants off and she isn’t saying anything. She staring me in the eyes and it gets really intense and then I see my friend naked, behind her. I can tell he’s sliding his dick in her because she stops jerking me illegal bahis siteleri and just holds the base and squeezes. He leans over to kiss her from the side while she’s holding my dick and then they’re both watching – his breathing is getting heavier and a lot hotter and I can feel her breath on my cock and balls and it feels really good. I tell her to “Stop for a second and let go”. She starts saying ‘fuck yes – cum’, but I tell them, I’m not about to cum, but I’ve got a lot or pre-cum in my dick. So, I milk it out like I usually do, but instead of wiping it off, I look at both of them and lick my own pre-cum. I am still shocked by how sweet it tasted. I guess I looked shocked too, because my friend asked me “what’s wrong?”. And I told them, “I didn’t expect it to taste sweet”. Then he asks his girlfriend, “is my precum sweet” and she said “no”. And then he tells her to “taste it and see if it’s really sweet”. Now I don’t think he expected what happened next. Instead of using her hand of fingers to get some of the precum off, she puts my dick in her mouth to taste it. OK, this is the first time I’ve ever had my dick in anyone’s mouth other than my own and I couldn’t help but moan. She pulled off so fast and for what seemed like an hour, I don’t think my heart was beating or the earth was moving. I knew he was going to be fucking pissed off! He’s my best friend but he is the jealous type. Finally, the silence breaks and he asks, “so, does it taste sweet?”She laughs, I laugh, he laughs and she answers “It seriously tastes almost like honey”. He climbs off her, pulls out and sits at the head of the bed. next to me. This is now the first hard dick, other than mine and porno that I’ve ever seen. Until that moment, I seriously thought I was a little south of average and that was just the way it was. And I still thank him to this day, “If you’re going to suck his dick, I’m going to have to see this, I can’t see anything from behind. Seriously, I wan to see how far down on it you can go”. For the next few seconds, I don’t know what to think. My best friend is sitting next to me naked, jerking off while his girlfriend is sucking my dick. I couldn’t even enjoy it at first I was so taken off guard. Then he reaches over and pushes he head down and says “suck that dick you slut”. My porn then came from floppy disks and pictures, I have no idea what people said while having sex I’d never even heard porn before! canlı bahis siteleri But the way she squirmed and moved, I knew she liked it. “Ok, here’s the deal, tap her on the head if you’re going to blow, and blow on her tits and stomach if you have to”. I lasted maybe another 15 seconds and she rolled over and I came on her tits and stomach. My friend then went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and she wiped the cum off her and then he climb on top and started fucking her. I know I had just cum, but I was still hard and so I’m kneeling on the bed, jerking off while watching them fuck. He said he couldn’t believe I was still hard and I told them this is so hot that I hope they don’t mind if I jerk off while watching them. He says no problem and if you cum again, cum on her tits again. I think they were both surprised when I did just that, less than 1 minute later. They’re fucking missionary and I’m above their heads and I move to their size, squeeze her tits with one hand and start cumming on her again. I think if it hadn’t been so soon, he might have been upset, but instead they both laughed, told me to go to the bathroom and get a wet washcloth and clean her off. When I came back, I kind of milked the rest of my cum out of my dick in the bathroom, but I was still rock hard and my dick was actually bouncing from my heart beat. She’s laying on her back and he’s on his side when I come back. “OK, clean her up and next time, give me a heads up”. I apologized and made sure they knew I knew to warn everyone every time. I told them I brought the another towel and I’ll cum in that next time. She then reaches over, grabs my dick and gives it a quick lick. Thats when he says, “I can’t believe you’re still hard, do you want to fuck her?” She kind of gave him a funny look, and then he tells her “he’s a virgin and you’re on the pill – he’s as clean and safe as it gets”. She grabs my dick, pulls me on top of her, kisses me as she guides my dick inside her. “You can cum inside me if you want”. My friend then kneels beside her and shoves is cock in her mouth. From there, I don’t remember a lot of details. We kept switching places, and fucking for the next several hours. I know several times, she was giving both of us head at the same time and that was incredibly hot. I’d never seen a girl put two dicks in her mouth at the same time. We are all still good friends today and his girlfriend is now his wife. I was the best man at his wedding and yes, we did both fuck her on their wedding night, but that’s for another time…And while this is still one of my favorite memories, this story is a fact. I lost my virginity in a threesome with my best friend and his girlfriend.

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