Gone Fishing Again (part2)


Gone Fishing Again (part2)I woke to the sounds of birds chirping outside of the window and a warm body pressed against mine. It took a moment to get my bearings realizing that the hot soft body spooned against mine wasn’t that of my wife, hell, I wasn’t even in my own bedroom. Gradually it came back to me that it was my sweet Latisha lying beside me instead of my bitchy wife who was in Boston with her equally bitchy sister.I listened to her soft snoring and doing my best to slip out of bed without waking the cute black teenager I rolled off of the bed and headed to the bathroom to relieve my full bladder. I relived the events of the previous day while I bent over the bowl and tried to aim my morning wood at the water within. I finished my business and hopped in to take a quick shower. As I pulled on a pair of clean underwear I caught her watching me and smiling. “I’m going to make us some breakfast”, I let her know and gave her a soft kiss on the top of her forehead.I made my way down the hall to my small kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I then began preparing a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and fried SPAM slices. I hoped that she ate SPAM, the wife absolutely hated the stuff. Hell it’s only ground up pork shoulder, what’s wrong with that?As I finished cooking and poured myself a cup of coffee I could hear her stirring in the bedroom down the hall. “Mmmm, something smells good”, she said sleepily as she wandered into the kitchen as naked as the day that she was born. She was a little chubby but exceedingly cute and just watching her coming into my kitchen I could feel the blood beginning to pool in my groin.“Coffee”, I offered as I took down a mug from the cabinet.“Sure”, she replied as she sat down at the table. “Four sugars and a lot of milk, please.”I fixed her coffee, not sure how anyone could drink it that way, I mean really, can you even taste the coffee with all of that crap in it. Of course I didn’t say this out loud as I set it down on the table and fixed our plates. We ate in silence for the most part and she even ate her SPAM, I could fall in love with a girl like her. Of course, the fact that she was still naked and her perky little brown boobs almost rested on the table across from me didn’t hurt. After we ate she helped clean the table and dried the dishes as I washed them. Once everything was put away I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately. She kissed me back and softly stroked my hardening prick through my underwear. I leaned over and took one perky dark brown nipple into my mouth and suckled on it like a starving c***d. She cooed and wrapped her arms around my head as I hungrily devoured her firm little titties. Finally I came up for air and when I did I lifted her up onto the kitchen counter. I pushed her thighs apart and bent over to bury my face in her hot crotch. Damned if I didn’t love the taste of her sweet young pussy. I ran my tongue up the length of her gash, gathering as much of her nectar as I could. I then focused on her eraser like clit until she was squirming out of control on the Formica countertop and squeezing the sides of my head with her strong thighs. She bucked her hairy black pussy against my face as she came while I greedily slurped up her free flowing juices. “God damn I love when you do that”, she gasped as I pulled my wet face from her still quivering snatch. I kissed her again and helped her down from the kitchen counter but when she began to fish my hard cock from my shorts I had to stop her. “Let’s save that for later.” She looked a little disappointed but accepted it. I then explained that I had to run up for some more beer. She asked if she could use the shower while I was gone, and of course I said yes. I slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt then headed out to the store. I grabbed a couple more cases of beer, some snacks and on a whim a small bottle of water based lube. That selection earned me a funny look from the octogenarian cashier, oh well. I loaded my purchases into the truck and made my way back home. Just as I pulled into the driveway my cell phone came to live blasting out the Imperial March from Star Wars. That would be the wife.“Hello”, I answered.We talked a couple of minutes about her trip and how her sister was doing, not that I really cared about either. When she asked what I was doing that afternoon I replied with, “Nothing really, having the boys over for a gangbang.”She laughed with a snort and came back with, “Sure you are, probably you, Mike, Dave and Tom drinking beer and jacking off every time Dale Jr. comes on.”We said our goodbyes and shaking my head brought in the supplies. I illegal bahis loaded the beer into the fridge and brought the rest into the house. As I unpacked the bags of snacks Latisha came into the kitchen wearing one of my Kurt Busch t-shirts that came down almost to her knees. Her puffy nipples poked against the fabric making it clear that she didn’t have a bra on. I hugged her tightly and kissed her gently before asking her if she was ready for this. She looked a little nervous but nodded with a smile. She helped me fill up a couple of bowls with chips and salsa and set them on the coffee table in the living room. As noon approached the first of my friends arrived. Dave and I have known each other since the third grade and without even knocking he came into the house. He looked a little shocked to see Latisha sitting with me on the couch. I introduced them and Latisha offered to get us some beers. As she closed the door to the garage behind her Dave quietly asked, “Fishing?”With a smile I nodded. Of course I had told Dave what had happened the first time that I’d met the cute little black teenager. Who wouldn’t brag about finally getting the chance to go out fishing and winding up getting laid? Latisha came back and handed us each a cold beer before settling back onto the couch at my side. Dave took a seat in the recliner as we waited for the other two and watching the pre-race show. Mike and Tom showed up a few minutes later and again I made introductions and had to smile as all three of my friends watched Latisha’s sweet little ass wiggle behind my t-shirt when she went for more beers.We all sat drinking beer and watching the pre-race show. Latisha surprised all of us with her knowledge of NASCAR racing. It turns out that her father had been a fan and had even raced at the local short track for a time. I could tell that my buddies were impressed by the young girl as we all laughed comfortably and traded barbs about each other’s favorite driver until finally the race started. That’s not to say that I didn’t catch each of them at one point or another checking out the points her puffy nipples made in my old t-shirt or trying to catch a glimpse between her silky brown thighs to see what she was or wasn’t wearing underneath.The first stage of the race was largely uneventful with Truex taking the stage win. As everyone peeled off of the track for the yellow flag Latisha offered to get everyone a fresh beer. She seemed to have a little more spring to her step as she disappeared into the garage. When she came back and handed us all a cold can she sat down on my lap, which was the signal that we’d agreed upon to start the real fun. As my friends watched I began to kiss her passionately and rub her small breasts through the t-shirt. Tom was the first to speak up by suggesting that we get a room. Latisha responded by getting up off of my lap and pulling the t-shirt up over her head. My friends stared in shock at the naked young beauty standing in the middle of the room, I stared at her cleanly shaven pussy that had been covered in black fur just a couple of hours before. Breaking the silence I explained to my friends, “Latisha has a fantasy about being gangbanged some old white guys”. I started to unbuckle my belt and asked, “Y’all up for it?”There were clothes flying everywhere as it sank in. In less than a minute Latisha found herself kneeling in the center of my living room with four cocks only inches from her young face. She grinned broadly as she wrapped her small hands around Mike and Dave’s hardening shafts while Tom pushed his towards her waiting mouth. I had seen all three of my friends’ naked back in high school when we played on the local football team but honestly it was a little weird seeing them in this situation. I tried to ignore their hard dicks but no man isn’t going to be curious as to how he sizes up and fuck it I looked. Mike looked to be a little shorter in length than me while Tom was longer and thinner, but Dave, he was fucking huge at almost nine inches and fat as hell, no wonder he was getting all of the pussy back in high school.Latisha took turns sucking on the pricks of my three friends, moving like a porn star from one hard white cock between her dark brown full lips to the next. That’s not to say that I didn’t take my turn sinking my dick into the warm confines of her young mouth, because I certainly did. After a while of this I moved back behind her and knelt down so that I could reach under her ass and run my finger between the slick wet lips of her sex. I couldn’t believe how wet she was, obviously she was turned on by what was happening given illegal bahis siteleri the squishing noises coming from her cunt as I pumped two fingers into her sloppy hole.I got up after fingering her hot pussy for a moment and cleared off the coffee table and pulled it out of the way. I grabbed a blanket from the hall linen closet and spread it out on the floor. I took Latisha by the arm and guided her onto her back on top of it. She lay back and my buddies quickly resumed their places with their hard pricks again within easy reach of her hungry mouth. I, on the other hand, knelt between her spread thighs and took in the marvel that was her freshly shaven cunt. For the second time of the day I lowered my face to her crotch, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her arousal. I licked her drooling pussy as she devoured the cocks of my lifelong friends. Slipping my tongue up the slippery groove of her twat I greedily lapped up her flowing ambrosia, savoring every drop. I lapped at her pussy like a thirsty dog before settling in to work on her hard little clit. Her hips rocked against my face and looking up I could tell that she was having trouble focusing on the various cocks taking turns in her mouth as she began to cum. She clenched up against my face, wrapping her strong brown thighs around my head as her body shook with her orgasm while I hung on as best that I could to her quivering ass.Having made her cum I climbed out from between from her silky thighs only to be replaced immediately by Mike who quickly buried his face in her gushing quim. I meanwhile moved up to put my cock into the rotation of her amazing young mouth.We each took a turn at pleasuring her box with our mouths, each eating her to orgasm and by the time we were done she lay on the floor covered in sweat and quivering beneath her glistening ebony skin. She looked to be half out of it as it became my turn to kneel between her taut thighs so I asked if she was okay. Her wide grin was all the answer that I needed so I lined up the head of my cock with her entrance. I’d never found her so wet or ready and plunged my prick in to the root. I pumped into her hot wet cunt until I was almost ready to cum while she took one hard white cock between her puffy brown lips after another. Just as I felt my nuts begin to boil with my load I pulled out and moved aside as Tom took my place in her tight tunnel. Tom pumped his hard prick into her for a couple of minutes and pulled out to let Mike take a turn at her sweet pussy, As he grew close he pulled out and Dave moved between her shimmering thighs. Her face twisted with pleasure as he drove his big dick into her and rode her wet pussy to yet another climax. We each took another turn with her amazing young pussy riding her doggy style while the other three took turns fucking her willing mouth and hands.Eventually it came to Dave’s turn again and instead of driving into her he lay on his back and pulled her on top of him. As she settled down onto his big cock I saw her wrinkled brown star winking back at me. While I watched her sweet young pussy stretch around his meat I grabbed the lube from the drawer of the end table and squirted it on my aching knob. I lined up with her tiny asshole and straddling my friend’s legs I pushed into her asshole. As my throbbing rod pushed into her nether hole I could feel his prick sliding against mine through the thin tissue that separated her holes. It was kind of weird feeling another cock rubbing against mine. It took a few pumps for Dave and I to find our rhythm but soon we were sawing into her in synch. Even though I had been in her ass the night before it still amazed me with how tight it felt around my dick. Latisha was obviously enjoying it as two more powerful orgasms rocked her small frame before Dave and I both pulled out to keep from cumming. Mike took Dave’s place on the floor and pulled our guest’s tight little twat down onto his meat while Tom shot some lube onto his prick and lined up with her gaping asshole. He pushed into her and this time I got to see the look on her face as she was double penetrated for the second time, it was one of pure bliss.Dave and I settled on our knees flanking Latisha and teased her perky little tits while the other two fucked her to yet another climax before they were forced to pull out. This time I lay on the floor and lowered Latisha down onto my cock while Dave had his turn with her asshole. “Oh fuck”, he croaked as he pumped into her stretched out hole. “Don’t cum yet”, Latisha whined between gasping breathes, “I want y’all to cum all over me.”Having been fucking for nearly two hours, canlı bahis siteleri her request didn’t help me to hold back the urge to relieve my overly full and aching balls but I bore though it. Finally, when I thought that I couldn’t hold back any longer I rolled my hips and pulled free of her sweet cunt. Dave pumped into her a few more times above me and did the same. We got out of the way so Mike and Tom could take our places again, this time with Mike taking her asshole. They rode her through another orgasm before they too had to pull out. This time I rolled her onto her back and kneeling between her spread thighs I pushed my dick back into her swollen cunt. As I fucked her, knowing that I wasn’t going to last much longer my friends knelt around her stroking their cocks. As I approached the point of no return I whipped my cock from her swampy well fucked cunt and fisted my meat above her. With a groan I let it go finally. My body shook as I pumped spurt after spurt of my thick white cream onto her ebony skin. I couldn’t believe the force of my climax or the quantity that splashed onto her chest and onto her taut brown belly. On queue my friends each began to release their pent up loads onto her and incredibly she came along with us one last time as she was being painted with cum.She looked so cute and sexy laying there glistening with sweat and the copious amounts of cum that covered every inch of her torso. She just lay there for a couple of minutes grinning like the Cheshire cat while the pearly white cum pooled on the dark skin beneath her breasts and ran down her sides. As she lay basking in the glow of her many orgasms I went to the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel to clean her up. I came back to find my buddies collapsed on the chairs and couch with their flaccid cocks looking beat up and worn out. I wiped her off as best I could and helped her onto her feet. Her legs shook with exhaustion and she seemed pretty unsteady on her feet so I wrapped my arm around her and helped her to the bathroom. I started the shower and guided her inside and under the spray of hot water. I soaped up a facecloth and gently washed her gorgeous body taking a little more time to clean her pussy than was probably necessary. After I was satisfied that she was clean of sweat and spunk I quickly washed myself before helping her out and drying her off. I dressed her in another of my clean t-shirts and walked her to the bed. She lay down and promptly fell asleep but not before kissing me deeply and saying, “Thank you.”I walked back out into the living room where I found Dave and Tom dressed and drinking beer, Mike was still naked and snoring loudly in my recliner. The race was already over, Kevin Harvick had evidently won. I grabbed a fresh beer from the garage and the three of us went outside for a smoke. It was a little awkward at first but finally Dave broke the ice by saying, “Damn dude, that was fucking intense.”“And some intense fucking”, Tom quipped making me snort the mouthful of Coors that I had out my nose.“Any chance of it happening again”, Dave asked.“Honestly I don’t know”, I replied, “I guess that depends on Latisha.”Dave asked how she was doing and I explained that she was sleeping. We finished our smokes and went back inside. I signaled for my friends to be quiet and walked up to where Mike was sleeping. I punched him in the arms and announced urgently, “Mike, get the fuck up, my wife is home!”We all laughed as he shot up off of the couch and nearly fell onto his face trying to get his pants back on. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, he swore as he gathered up his clothes before waking enough to remember that she was out of town for at least another week. “You guys are assholes”, he laughed as he slipped on his boxers and shorts.“Yeah, but you still love us”, Tom joked.The guys helped me pick up our mess and one by one headed for home. While Latisha slept I gathered her clothes and the blanket from the living room floor and threw it into the laundry. Then sat back and enjoyed a couple of beers while watching the post-race then flipping on the news. After the laundry came out of the dryer I took a couple of steaks out of the fridge and seasoned them for the grill. I then went in and gently woke up Latisha who was sprawled out on the bed snoring softly. “Wake up baby”, I said softly as I shook her shoulder. “Let’s get some food in you before you have to go home.”“Do I have to go”, she asked sleepily.“Not if you don’t want to”, I assured her as she stirred.“Can you grab my phone please”, she requested. She texted her mother that she wouldn’t be home and went back to sleep for another hour or so. That evening we had a good dinner then chilled in the guest bedroom watching movies and talking about the events of the afternoon. She surprised me by wanting to make love one more time before we drifted off to sleep with her in my arms.

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