Last Nights Sex Session (in a reply to a PM).


Last Nights Sex Session (in a reply to a PM).TodayMmm heya baby hehe how are you tonight 08:05Well fucked! Got home from work and hubby had cooked…so we ate and watched some Netflix…. as we lay there he brushed his hands over my nipples, through my house dress, which were hard…and I moaned… which escalated to heavy kissing… tongues and all!08:29Soon his hand had slid down to my pussy mound an he rubbed my clit commenting how naughty I was not wearing panties, followed by how wet I was…. There was no denying I has horny. He stood up, as I melted into a more comfortable position on the sofa. I rummaged over his belt buckle trying to get his cock out as he leaned over me, one leg of his planted on floor, the other on the back of the sofa, giving me a full view of him. 08:30by the time his beautiful cock and balls were dangling over my face, he also had his fist inside my wanting cunt. I moaned as he slipped his big clenched hands in and out of me. I moved my head closer to his cock, easing into my mouth in a milking motion, then pulling it out and licking all around it, down the shaft and around his ballsack. 08:31Mmm hehe so fun and hot wish i was there hehe or in illegal bahis his place mmm both be fun hehe 08:32as his fisting intensified, he begun to thrust his cock into my mouth…fucking my pretty mouth as I deepthroated his shaft. I rubbed his balls as I gagged and moaned at the feeling of his hand, past his wrist by now, in my cunt. 08:34Mmm that is so mmm god hot hehe 08:34Mmm so delicious hehhe 08:34I came hard, squirting all over the I suggested we moved to the bedroom 08:35Once there he pushed me onto all fours on the bed… and spread my ass cheeks wide, before holding onto one side and sliding his fist inside me again… 08:36I rocked back and forth taking his fist, like I was being fucked by a massive shaft …He pulled out and commented on my slutty gape, then spat on my open slit. He then rammed his cock (rock hard and cockringed by now…pulsing with it’s veins), into my spread cunt 08:37He let go of my ass cheeks, to grab me by the top of my hips, and I started to twerk on his cock, my ass clapping around his thick cock…he pushed against my backward thrusts to ram it deeper and harder into me, as I let off the most satisfied sounding groans of pleasure. illegal bahis siteleri Fuck it felt good!08:38Soon after he grabbed my ass and started to slam me even harder… my knees turned to jelly and I lay flat on the bed, where he kept fucking me soooooooo hard.. 08:39I wanted to watch him fuck me, so I asked to change position. He flipped me over….grabbed my legs by the ankles and spread them apart… and started to pummel me… I came time and time again… squirting all over his thick shaft and belly, and feeling all my juices drip down my gash and ass..08:40It got too much so I asked him to stop…He rolled over next to me, and lay there with his thick erection pointing skyward… I contemplated finishing for the night, but I couldn’t resist jacking him off. 08:41God…he has a beautiful cock. 08:41I grabbed it by the base and slid my soft hand up and down his shaft, letting it rub the soft skin on the inside of my wrist… 08:41his moans were delicious… and I could tell he wanted it in my mouth…I moved down and started to suck him off… tasting my cum and precum off his cock… slowly pulling my head away with each motion repeat so my soft red canlı bahis siteleri lips gripped every veiny inch, before sliding him back down my throat.08:42Mmm how big is he and god that does sound amaxing mm idd love fist ya and fuck you both mmmm 08:42Sucking his cock was getting me wet again…he could tell I wanted him inside me again… He rolled me onto my back once again and lifted my ass onto his knees slipping into me at a slightly elevated angle this time. 08:43God……It was soooooo fucking deep. He slammed deep and hard…in singular purposeful thrusts, a few seconds apart each one… Gosh08:44I moaned and rolled my eyes at the pleasure his movements brought me… Long lustful moans…feeling spoiled under his b**stly manhood. 08:44Mmmm god i wanna you so bad now hehe 08:44He then started to pick up the pace… harder and harder and harder… I came again as he kept pummeling my cunt… 08:45He reached down and grabbed my thighs to the sides of my pussy, as his thumbs spread my ass cheeks further down my ass and spread me wider…making me gape as he was in me… 08:45Mmmm gaping good 08:46He said I was a glorious fuck when spread open like that….and then gave one massive push… as he ejaculated deep in me… 08:46He pulled out slowly… slapping my clit with his cumsoaked shaft 08:47and pushing my thighs together as he teased his dripping cock tip around my labia 08:47and that was that! 08:47

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