MY FAITHFUL WIFE & DAUGTHERSHi all this story is all about my faithful wife giving me cuckold experience and then my daughters giving me i****t experience.I am 42 yrs old,my name is ALBERT,married to a very attractive and sexy woman,her name is DIANA,we got married when i was 20 yrs old,she was one year older than me.Since our first day of marriage,i found out that my wife loves sex,she wants it any time,any where and type,we had sex three times a day,afternoon sex is for anal sex,evening sex is for oral,then midnight sex where we try every thing.We had our first baby after 2 yrs of our marriage,she was baby girl,we called her SOFIA,one year after,we had our second baby,she was a girl,we called her MARIA.Our sex fun never stopped,but i was not able to continue in performing the same manner,my wife could not accept that fact,i tried to explain to her that my energy is not as before.She came with a very strange idea to solve the problem,she started saying”i know how much you love me,how much you try to make me happy,i love to have sex as much as i can,you cannot satisfy my needs right my dear”I said”my dear sweet wife,come to the point please,what is in your mind?”she smiled and said”i want you to think of a close friend or relative to share me with you,this will make me happy and satisfied,do you mind watching someone fuck your wife in front of your eyes,i do not want to do it behind your back”.The idea is not bad idea,it can be accepted,this makes my wife happy and it will relief me from the endless problem,i looked at her saying’there are two persons in my mind who can be a third sex partner,it is either my brother,or your uncle”My wife stood up and kissed me a long kiss,then she said”both of your choices are perfect,i prefer my uncle since he is mature and he will understand the situation”Next day my wife called her uncle,she asked him to have dinner with us,he agreed to come on SUNDAY evening.On the agreed day,the uncle arrived on time,my wife opened the door and took her uncle to our guest room,she was wearing a mini skirt showing all her milky thighs,from top she unbuttoned most of her white shirt.We chatted for a while,had few drinks,the uncle was looking all the time at my wife thighs,he looked at her saying”it has been many months since my last visit to you,your are still sexy and attractive as you have always been”My wife thanked him for his nice words saying”i missed kağıthane escort these sweet and soft words,i am happy to hear them again from my dear uncle”We went to the dining room to have dinner,while we were eating,my wife started to take some food and want to put it in her uncle mouth,every times she moves her body to reach his mouth her two breasts jumped out of her shirt.I saw her setting on her uncle lap,feeding him while was kissing her tits,his hands were rubbing her bare thighs,he wanted her to remove her dress so he can touch her full size breasts.Things developed so quickly,my wife unzipped her uncle pant pulled out his 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swimming,i came close to the edge of the pool,when they saw me they asked me to join them.I looked at them and said”i am wearing my boxer,cannot swim with boxer”they laughed saying”so what,take it off and join us,you are our dad”Free Sex Videos BlogIn seconds i was standing totally naked in front of my teenage daughters,when i was in the pool i heard the two girls saying that it is not fair to swim with our swimming suits on while dad is naked.They took off their suits,we were all naked in the pool,my daughters were moving their bodies under my body touching my balls,then they started to play with my cock.This was the first time my daughters touched my cock,one of them was licking my balls,while the other one was bakırköy escort sucking my cock,they were doing great job to my cock and balls.After few minutes i lowered my body down to face their pussies,the tiny cubic hair was so inviting,i started to kiss their thighs,ass cheeks,hips,i kissed them all over their bodies.My kissing was 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they were 15 yrs old,first time it happened while they were having shower .She could not resist the softness of their skin,she started kissing their backs,then she moved down to their buttocks,our daughters have round ass cheeks,they liked what their mom was doing to them.One afternoon i was alone in the house,my wife and the girls were out visiting a friend,i heard the door bell ringing,when i opened the door i saw my mother in law,i asked her to come in.I was wearing a short brief only,i wanted to go and put on my clothes,my mother in law asked me to stay as i was,she said”it is fine with me,nothing wrong with you setting like that”She asked about her daughter and the girls,i told her they are out,they will be back in three hours time,she said that she will wait for them.I asked her about her health and about her husband,she said that she is doing fine,her husband is not feeling well,while she was talking she was looking at my short brief,she saw that half of my cock was out.She said 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