Luke Has them Both PT2


Luke Has them Both PT2The next day everything seemed to be back to normal. Chastity was now feigning sort of bare tolerance toward Luke, and Luke pretended Chastity didn’t exist. I figured they were trying not to arouse my suspicions, but I was only partly right. It was their last day with us, and Chastity went shopping with her sister, leaving Luke and I alone together. I was stunned by what happened next. Chastity and her sister had barely left the house when I came out of the shower, into my bedroom, to find Luke sitting on the edge of my bed, naked, and stroking his hard cock. I froze in my tracks and just looked at him. My stomach was turning nervously. “Get over here and suck my cock,” he said smugly, “I want to see if you’re any better than your wife.” His request excited me but I couldn’t do what he wanted. “Get outta here,” I screamed in mock indignation. “Not until I fuck your face, you pussy,” was his reply. “I saw you watching me ball your slut wife. You just stood there like a wimp. Turned you on didn’t it, watching me hold her down and fuck her with my big dick? Fucking her like a real man. I know you’re hungry for some cock too, just like her.”The thought that he had seen me watching him that first night flooded me with fear. It gave Luke the terrifying power to tell her of my failure, it filled me with dread, and I couldn’t face him. I wanted to crawl back in the bathroom and lock the door, but before I’d taken two steps, he was behind me. I could feel his hard-on poking my ass as he grabbed for my arm, and the next thing I knew he had managed to get my arm behind my back and had used his leverage to force me to my knees. With one hand he grabbed my hair and pulled my face into his crotch. With the other he pressed his cock into my lips and tried to pry my mouth open. “Suck it, you pussy,” he ordered, “suck it, and it better be good or I tell your wife what a wimp you are.” My worst fears realized, I felt I had no choice but to do this unthinkable thing. I opened my mouth and took his cock between my lips. I could barely open it wide enough to take it all. It was ten inches long and very thick. I could feel its big swollen veins gliding between my lips and under my tongue. Strangely enough I realized that my own cock had grown hard as a rock too. Luke cradled the back of my head between his hands and then slowly pushed his hips forward, working his cock down my throat. When I gagged he stopped and allowed me to take a breath, far more grace than he had permitted my wife. “Oh, oh, oh,” he chanted as I enveloped his cock in my hungry wet mouth, swirling my tongue around the purple helmeted head. “That’s good bitch. I pegged you for a guy that could suck some dick. Your wife told me all about your little prick; play with it while you suck my big cock.” I no longer needed to be forced. God help me, but I was truly enjoying this male domination and my first ever cock-sucking. I had one hand wrapped around my cock pumping and my other wrapped around his ass to help hold my mouth around his prick. He started walking backwards toward the bed and I crawled forward on my knees still sucking on his cock, never letting it leave my mouth. He sat on the edge and holding my head began fucking his cock into my mouth and down my throat like it was a big, soft pussy. “That’s it cock sucker, swallow that dick. I think you love it more than your wife does if that’s possible.” I wanted to taste the same cum he’d pumped into my wife. I started milking and massaging his balls with both hands trying to make him cum. “God damn,” he bellowed, “you fucking fag, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh!!!” And I was quickly rewarded with jet after jet of his stringy hot cum filling my mouth and blasting down my throat. But he hadn’t finished with me yet. He laid me face down on the bed and took his place behind me, between my legs. He greased his cock and my ass with his cum and then slowly began to work it in me. “Please… no…” I protested half-heartedly. “Shut the fuck up, bitch!” he replied, grabbing the back of my head by my hair, he yanked my head back, shoved his cock all the way in, his balls slapping against my ass, he bent me over backwards, ramming my ass like an a****l. “Your ass is mine, just like you little slut wife’s ass!” He spit in my face and slapped me hard, throwing my face back into the mattress and holding my head down. That shut me up. My ass stuck up in the air, completely vulnerable to his abuse. It hurt at first, but he fucked me for half an hour erzurum escort and before long it was feeling kinda good. I couldn’t believe how fantastic it felt to be fucked up the ass by another man.Like my wife had, I found myself begging him to fuck me. “Ohhh…” I moaned involuntarily. He picked up on it right away, “Yeah, that’s it, you like the feel of a big, black dick in yo ass, don’t ya, cracker?” I couldn’t help but say yes and he laughed a deep laugh, knowing he had broken me. As he pumped his cock to the bottom of my tight ass he told me that he would use me and my wife whenever and however he pleased. “Yes, anytime you want, master!” I moaned in reply, not aware of anything but his hot, black cock filling me up. “You fucking white faggot, you were born to be my bitch, weren’t you?!” he yelled as he savagely ass-****d me. “God, yesssss!” I cried. “You see, bitch, I told you your husband was a fucking queer boy” he bellowed. I didn’t understand who he was talking to until he pulled my head up and pointed it at the closet. The doors opened and there was my wife, Chastity, and her sister, Bella, who was behind her and had her hand down my wife’s panties, rubbing her clit. Bella massaged her large breasts with the other hand and sucked on one of her ears.”Look at that faggot husband of yours, s*s, taking that cock like the little white bitch he is!” Bella whispered raspily into Chastity’s ear. Bella leaned into Chastity and whispered to her, “Remember that time we were snooping and found Mom & Dad’s stash – including the interracial porn and that massive black strap-on? Remember how we both knew that Mom must have been using it on Dad?”Chastity moaned at the memory, licking her lips and holding onto her sister’s powerful thighs while she watched the carnal debauchery before her.”I heard you that night,” Bella revealed, “masturbating to that gay interracial magazine you’d stolen and put under your mattress!” Chastity looked surprised and looked into her sister’s wicked eyes, “Mom knew it was there, too, and she let you keep it.” Chastity’s mind reeled at the revelations, her whole conceptualization of her youth and her family structure in turmoil.Bunni nodded to Luke and me, at the nasty spectacle we were putting on, his iron-hard, poker-hot manhammer pistoning into my poor, abused skinny white ass over and over, relentlessly, tirelessly. “This is just like that magazine, isn’t it?” Bella breathed raspily into Chastity’s ear and began kissing and licking it, sucking it in, causing Chastity to moan and gyrate. Bella returned to tonguing Chastity’s sensitive ear, mauling her tits and rubbing her sopping pussy.Luke’s punishment of my insides continued unabated. As he held my head up by his painfully tight grip on my hair, he rammed his tremendous member deep to the hilt every time, spanking my reddening buttocks with his big, heavy balls with each thrust. It was all I could to but to hold on for dear life and watch my wife being seduced and sexed up by her own lecherous sister!”Luke and I stopped by Mom & Dad’s on the way here, s*s,” Bella informed Chastity, “and I introduced my big, strapping man over there to the parents.” Bella grinned, “We stayed the whole weekend and Mom wants us to COME by more often.” She chuckled evilly at the inference and Chastity new that something depraved had happened there.”Mom gave me this, by the way,” Bella said as she produced an absolutely enormous black strap-on – the one they’d found all those years ago in the bottom drawer in their parent’s room! “She knew we were coming here next and she figured I’d have a good use for it!”Chastity was mesmerized at the sight of it. I was, too. It was nearly as big as Luke’s colossal ass-splitter and Bella was STRAPPING IT ON. My wife watched passively as Bella buckled up the harness and adjusted her new, heavy meat. She then suddenly grabbed Chastity, spun her around and rammed the entire huge phallus into my poor, helpless wife!Bella’s actions aped Luke’s own and the two of them hammered us with a ferocity that came from some deep, dark bestial place that neither my wife nor I had access to. I watched as Bella slammed into her sister repeatedly, Chastity yelping and gasping with each violent thrust, taking every inch she could. Bella’s tempo increased to an amazing speed and Chastity began emitting a stream of involuntary grunts and groans. Bella knew her sister well and could tell she was on the verge of an Earth-shattering erzincan escort orgasm and pulled her back up to her, her sweat-soaked back pressed tight against Bella’s breasts, Bella jackhammered her sister with all her might, even lifting her off the floor with a couple of her thrusts.Between the sight of her husband being anally ravaged by a hung black Adonis and her own sister’s a****listic fucking, Chastity finally went over the edge. She began to moan loudly, then Bella grabbed Chastity by the hair, turned her face to meet hers and French kissed her own sister deeply and passionately as she bottomed out the whole of the massive rubber prick into her sister’s sopping cunt. Chastity screamed her orgasm into Bella’s mouth, rising in volume and pitch with each of Bella’s final thrusts. The younger sister held her there for a time, then pulled out, causing Chastity to groan with sudden emptiness.Bella, still embracing her quivering sister, reached down and shoved three fingers into Chastity’s dripping, used twat. My wife’s cum ran down her fingers. Bella pulled her hand out of my wife’s panties and brought her fingers up to Chastity’s face, holding them in front of her. “Mmmm, sissy came good… taste it, cunt!” Chastity did as she was told and sucked her own cum and pussy juices off her sister’s fingers.Bella then pushed her sister forward and to her knees in front of me. “Go ahead, s*s, ask him how it feels!”Chastity sat there, speechless, watching her black lover anally **** her poor, wimpy husband senseless. I was like a ragdoll in his muscular arms and he easily outweighed me two to one. I really was like a woman to him.”Honey… he’s fucking you…” she noted, “fucking you… in the ass…” she seemed transfixed, trying to understand her new reality.”UNGH!” I grunted in between thrusts, “I… know!””Do… do you like it?” she asked.”I… UNGH…” I couldn’t admit it to her, it was too humiliating.”Of course he does, look at his hard little cock!” Bella said, pointing to my miniature erection and laughing.”Oh, honey… you’ve got a little hard-on!” my wife said in a way that made what was left of my manhood shrivel.”I… UNGH! I’m sorry!” I apologized.”Honey, no, that’s good!” she assured me, “your impotence is cured! I’m happy for you! All this time, I thought it was me, you could never get hard for me, not even on our wedding night… but it wasn’t me, it was you! You’re a faggot, that’s all! I’m happy you finally found what turns you on! Being fucked like a whore by a big, hung, black stallion! I’m so happy; we have so much in common!””I… I… UNGH!” I didn’t know what to say or do, Luke’s massive prick pounding my poopchute made it hard to concentrate.”Come on, honey, it’s okay, you can cum, do it, honey,” she encouraged me, “you’re a faggot now!”That was it, the last straw. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “OHHHH FUUUCKKKKK!!!!” I groaned as I came on the bed without ever touching myself. It dribbled out weakly. I was too caught up in my sheer faggot bliss to be ashamed.”Good boy!” Chastity beamed as if I was a c***d.”Yeah, little fuckin’ faggot, just like I told ya, right, ho?” Luke sneered.”Yes, Master, you were right about him…” Chastity nodded.Luke continued to ram my ass, and even though I had already cum, it still felt good. I was limp in his arms. Chastity watched – it must have been an incredible sight. As Luke continued to pound me, grunting and sweating, Chastity moved closer to watch his cock slam in and out of me. Her little sister, Bella, sat back in a chair and fingered herself, watching the incredibly kinky scene. Chastity seemed hypnotized by the sight of Luke’s huge, veiny black cock delving into my ass to the hilt, over and over and over again. Chastity looked up at Luke as if he was a god.”Master?” she asked, caressing his muscular chest with her delicate, ivory fingers, “Master, are you going to cum inside him?” she asked.”You want me to, bitch?” Luke asked, “You want me to give it to your faggot boyfriend like I gave it to you, hunh?””Yes, please, Master!” she begged, “Please, let him have your cum inside him!””Beg for it, bitch!” he commanded.”Please, Master Luke,” she pleaded, “Please fill my faggot white wimp of a husband with your jizz! Please pump his ass full of your hot, thick superior black spunk! Please, like you did to me! I want him to feel it like I did! Please, Master, please let him feel you impregnate him like the little white bitch he is!!!”Her words çeşme escort made even my limp cock twitch. It did much more for Luke, putting him right over the edge.”FUCK, I’m cumming, boy, I’m gonna fill your little white ass with my nigga spunk!” Luke screamed as he started ramming my ass faster and harder than I ever thought I could take.”Yes, do it, do it, Luke! Cum up his faggot ass!” Chastity pleaded.Then he rammed his cock deeper into me than it had been yet, I swear his balls were right on my sphincter! He held it there and I felt his balls tighten. Every muscle in his body flexed and he held me tightly in place against him.”Yes, YES!” Chastity cried.Then I felt it! His cock throbbed, getting thicker even than it had been! And with each pulse I felt a fiery jet of his man juice shoot into my bowels. It was the most submissive feeling I’d ever had, to feel another man’s spunk filling me up inside. I was no longer a man; I was his bitch, now and forever. Impossibly, he kept cumming up my ass, I couldn’t believe it! It started to run out of my ass, he filled me up so much! I could feel it running down my leg; it was such a degrading feeling. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella reach orgasm watching her newlywed husband impregnating her older sister’s sissy husband.Suddenly, he pulled out of me and grabbed my hair and pulled me and my wife’s faces to his cock. He continued to shoot his jizz all over both of our faces. We both opened our mouths obediently, staring up at him like greedy little dogs waiting for our treat from Master. We took turns taking his spurts on our tongues. Finally, he finished, having filled our mouths and covered our faces in his man sauce. He slid his shit-covered cock into my mouth and I sucked it obediently while my wife admired his perfect body and licked his massive balls. Then he pulled it out of my mouth and slid it into my wife’s mouth, slowly shoving it deeper and deeper until she had completely deep-throated it. Her cheeks puffed, her eyes watered and she began to gag. She couldn’t breathe, but she never made a move to stop him and never broke eye contact with him. Just when I thought she would pass out, he began to pull out, only long enough to give her a quick breath, then began sliding it in again. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, my beautiful, prim and proper, pure wife, her face covered in jizz with a gigantic black cock sliding a foot down her throat. Luke gently guided my head to her face and I somehow knew instinctively what I was supposed to do. As Luke slowly, sensuously face-fucked my beautiful wife, I licked his cum off her face and swallowed it down.Before long, Luke was ass-fucking my wife as I laid there on the bed, exhausted, his spunk still oozing out of my stretched, loose asshole. I couldn’t believe his stamina… or the sheer supply of semen he could produce! After he had shot his entire load up her ass, he had her squat over my open mouth and shit the whole thing back into my mouth and made me swallow the brown-tinged shit-spunk with my mouth open so my wife could watch.The rest of the weekend was pretty much variations on this, as he promised, he used us every which way he could imagine… and he could imagine a lot!Even Bella got to use and abuse me, with her own big black cock. She may be petite, but her strength belies her small frame. I’d heard of women who could suddenly lift cars or fight mountain lions to save their c***dren, but Bella summoned that strength when she was r****g me – throwing me around like a bitch, spitting and slapping me, bending me over backwards and ramming that 14 inch thick rubber dick up my ass with so much fury, I thought she must have been a r****t reincarnated. Eventually, Chastity would fuck me with it, too, but never with the vigor and sheer a****lism that Bella would. It was like she was possessed!That was their last day with us and Luke gave the ‘happy announcement’ as he left that he had business in the area that would bring him back to our town on a fairly regular and frequent basis. All of this occurred just last week and Luke is due to visit with us again next week. A visit I look forward to with dread and apprehension but also some mixed feeling of potential excitement. Although, I cannot be absolutely certain, I have the distinct feeling that my wife is carrying out Luke’s orders in regard to sex with me. Whenever I have wanted to make love to her these last few days she has found a reason to be unable to do so. On a couple of occasions after I had licked and sucked her pussy, she thanked me but said that she just couldn’t reciprocate and that I’d understand soon. I’m almost sure that I’ll be enlightened as to what my new sexual role will be with my wife when Luke joins us for the first of many exciting visits to our home!

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