Jenelle Theatre Fuck Part 2


Jenelle Theatre Fuck Part 2It went on like this for over an hour, with cock after cock using my slutty holes. I was covered in wet slippery cum from head to cunt. Somebody must had been making phone-calls cos there seemed to be about 50 or 60 men in the theatre now all with their cocks out wanting to fuck my swampy wet cunt ass and mouth. I just willing submitted to their cock-needs and let them fuck me in any manner they wanted.Phil later told me that at least 40 cocks had filled my cunt with cum, most of which had been pumped into my well fucked cervix. Phil was having a ball sucking all the cum out of my cunt only to have it replaced again by another load of cocks.I had lots of hands mauling and feeling my tits cunt and ass, as well there was loads of cum dribbling out of my cunt-hole and ass. I was really a slutty high school PE teacher!I needed to rest so I sat on the edge of the divan esenyurt escort as guys jerked off their cocks around me. As they started to cum they just aimed their cocks and pumped the cum all over my hair, face, tits and body. I was covered in cum and loved it.As the evening wore on, I was just used as a sex object to be fucked or cummed on. A gaping cunt and ass to be filled with cock and cum. The men were now starting to dwindle as after they had cum, (some for a second or third time) they would dress and leave. Eventually there was only about 7 guys left and the theatre owner. I slowly started to pull my dress and shirt on and Phil was talking to them inviting them home to continue fucking me there.They all readily agreed, and followed us out of the theatre. Some got in the back seat of our car and the others piled into another küçükçekmece escort car.We pulled out onto the road and Phil headed off home. We had hardly gone a few hundred yards when I felt a hand slip under my shirt and start to squeeze and maul my right tit and nipple. Another hand was shoved under my skimpy skirt and fingers were exploring my sopping wet cunt-hole. Another was pushing his tongue into my mouth and I started to suck on it hungrily as if it was a cock in there. Within a very short time I was stripped naked and hands were mauling my naked body as we sped down the Princes Highway towards home. It took nearly an hour to get to Trafalgar, but it was a blur of fingers and cocks fucking me in the backseat. I was reveling in being a slutty school-teacher whore.When we got to our street Phil stopped the car about beşiktaş escort 3 houses away from our house and the guys made me walk the rest of the way naked. My tits and trimmed cunt out on display for anyone in the neighbourhood to see.I could see Rachel’s car in the drive as I walked to the front door. I wasn’t expecting her to be here as Cam and Rachel had taken the k**s to her place. She must have driven over later to chat about the night when I got home. She was waiting at the front door and gasped when she saw I was naked. A huge smile spread across her face as I walked up to her and just kissed her passionately forcing my wet tongue into her mouth.There were several guys surrounding us and they all started to feel my tits and cunt as a couple of them started to maul Rachel’s tits and cunt through her clothing. She didn’t object, rather she helped the guys by unbuttoning her shirt and letting them get to her rather ample tits.One of the men undid the zip at the back of her skirt and it dropped to the floor. He reached out and grabbed the band of her panties and just roughly ripped them off her hips revealing her shaved pussy. In one quick move his hand was over her fat cunt-lips forcing his fingers into her ample cunt.

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