Jack’s BIG Life – Chapter 3

Big Tits

Jack’s BIG Life – Chapter 3Jack’s BIG LifeChapter 3 – “The titfuck that started it all”Laura took the massive, throbbing stick in her hands … and slowly massaged the entire length … dickhead to balls! Her mouth hung wide open … as she gawked at the granite stiff 12” lead pipe. She teased “Jack, dear – have you ever had this big slab of dick properly spit shined?” He said “I’ve had lots of blowjobs – from girls at school.” With a smile, Laura said “Well, sweetheart – girls at school don’t really count – you need a REAL woman for this job. Someone who really knows what she’s doing.” As she talked, she raked her fingernails across his dick and balls … teasing the enraged manhood. In response, Jack gasped for air. “Let me show you how it’s done, dear!”, she teased … as she leaned forward, and began slobbering all over that 12″ length, “You’ll have wet dreams about the way I’m gonna suck this unreal dick!”Laura was truly “gifted” at oral sex. Mr. Larson had told her she was the best cocksucker he’d ever been in bed with … and she was going to give Jack a mind blowing knobjob. While she flipped her tongue all over the cockhead, she let slobber run out of her mouth, while she began to furiously jack and beat that rigid prick. Jack’s dick and balls were quickly covered in Laura’s saliva, as she took his rod in her mouth … and began going up and down the length. Jack began moaning, as this gigantic titted woman gave his totem pole an award-winning jack/suck job! As she sucked half of his prick, she continued to coat the other half with copious amounts of saliva, while she jacked that 18 year- old’s foot-long dong! “God God Almighty!!”, his mind screamed, “Eat that dick, Laura!” Her tongue wagged … as she slobber-jacked the big, angry erection! She pulled away … and admired the saliva strands hanging off the veiny shaft. She added a few spit bubbles … and slapped her lips with the heavy dick!She widened her lips as wide as possible … and Jack forced his dong in there. He placed his hands on the back of her head … and uncontrollably thrusted upward, gagging her on his his aroused shaft … fucking her hot, dick-beating mouth! He groaned, “Oh God yes, Laura – suck that monster dick – God, you’re sooo good!” She began to sideways twist on the big slab of manmeat with her saliva coated hand while she sucked the big head … and teasingly flipped her tongue across it! She groaned “Choke me with this big fucker, Jack!” Jack grabbed the back of her head again … and forced her mouth back down the length. He furiously pumped Laura’s lips with angry prick! Again and again, Jack forced his cock into her mouth, until she was gagging profusely. Big strands of saliva hung from Laura’s chin, as Jack got off on her nasty oral performance! Her tit-crammed bra bounced around on her upper torso!Much more of this and poor Jack would be absolutely flooding this woman’s gullet with his load! Laura must have sensed the same … and abruptly ended her jerk-sucking performance on Jack’s big, thick-veined pole! She gave the inflamed head a kiss and flipped her tongue across it a few times, before releasing the swollen sex log! He looked down at her, as he said “Fuck yes, Laura! Squeeze those huge, fat fuckin’ tits around my dick!” Laura used her fingers to remove the saliva that dangled from her lips! As she licked at them, she said “You want a titfuck dear? You wanna watch me smash all this tit around your huge dick? You have no idea, Jack. I’m gonna maul that big fuck stick with my whoppers! I’m gonna titty fuck your brains out, Jack!” Jack’s heart was beating a mile a minute!Running her fingernails across his cock, she said “I’m gonna give you the same treatment Mr. Larson asks for all the time. You should see that man go at it between my bombs. He can fuck ’em for a 1/2 illegal bahis hour … before he explodes like a grenade! Jack’s foot-long organ arched upward … listening to Laura’s dirty mouth. She added “I’m gonna leave my pregnancy bra on … and help you slide that big pole up through the bottom of it – until that gorgeous cock is sticking out of the top of my cleavage!” Jack was so hellbent on burying his huge 12″er in that canyon between the giant 54HH-cups, he didn’t care. He said, “Sure, Laura – just do it!” With that, Laura grabbed two overflowing handfuls of tit … and hoisted them upward … while Jack forced his huge dick under the bra … and became slack jawed … as he watched his erection slide up that deep, deep cleavage … until his cock came to rest … buried to the balls! Now that Jack had successfully excavated Laura’s cleavage … they made eye contact. She lewdly licked her upper lip … and said “How does that donkey dick feel now?”Jack lightly spoke the words “Oh God yes … holy shit, Laura!” Just seeing the top 4 inches of his dick exposed at the top of that cleavage … gave Jack the desire to furiously jackhammer his tool into those enormous, squeezed-together tits. Laura gently ran her long fingernails up and down his chest and said “Okay, big boy – relax. Lay back – and let mama massage this huge, beautiful cock the right way. I’ve got a lot of experience at this. This is you’re first tittyfuck. Try to make it last as long as you can. I’m gonna give you memories you’ll never forget, Jack Davenport!” Clearly, this young man was in for a tit-sex workout, beyond his wildest imagination! His eyes returned to his lap … and the visual image he’d mentally jacked to dozens of times. He was almost in shock … seeing his obscenely long cock – just smashed and compressed between Laura’s giant, gravity-defying tits!”Good God Almighty, Laura”, he groaned “Holy shit, that’s tight!” Laura was grinning from ear to ear, clearly enjoying what her unbelievable tits were doing to her young, mule-dicked partner. She put her hands on either side of Jack’s hips and began to slowly lift and lower her twin peaks up and down, causing Jack’s tormented 12″ pecker to saw through that super-tight, cock-devouring slot between her 54HH mountains of tit. Jack groaned “Oh God, this is incredible, Laura – I knew it would be good, but fuck, mama!” Laura said, “I told you, dear – just look at you’re big prick – in and out – in and out – in and out – isn’t that the most exhilarating thing you’ve ever felt? God, you’ve got the biggest prick I’ve ever seen on a teenager!” As Jack felt those heaving, smashed-together tits slow-stroke-massage his inflamed pole, his eyes were rolling back in his head, in total bliss!Jack’s long, virile prick was being so seductively massaged, that he reached out and put his hands on top of Laura’s giant sex pillows! She grinned from ear to ear and said “You know what to do, big boy – take your time – and slide that gorgeous tool up and down that canyon between mamma’s huge, heavy titties!” Jack leaned against the back of the couch and began to swivel his hips, sending that big, angry erection up and down that deep, deep cleavage! He groaned aloud, “Fuck yeah, Laura – FUCK yeah!”, as the 38 year-old bomb breasted seductress continued rolling those dick-smothering melons all up and down the length of Jack’s foot-long fuck pole! “This shit is incredible!”, he thought, as he endlessly slow-pumped his guided missile up through those monstrous melons! “God, Laura – jack my rod with those huge fuckin’ tits – God, that’s the hottest thing ever!” Jack put his hands down and let Laura work his rod. She purred “Yes, sweetie, yes! Let mamma jag that huge cock with my titanic titties!” Laura’s tit-screwing skills were stunning!Although any other 18 illegal bahis siteleri year-old would’ve absolutely emptied his nuts, Jack wasn’t anywhere near eruption. He had spent tooooo many nights jacking off to this very act. No way, was he gonna empty his balls yet! Laura was giving Jack’s massive prick an amazing, torturous titfuck – the kind of between-the-tits screwing he had been fantasizing about for years. She grabbed her gargantuan tits by the sides and started twisting her tata’s up and down … in opposite directions … intentionally tormenting the teenager. She teased “You are an amazing specimen, Jack. Not only is your dick enormous … you’ve got real staying power! I’m gonna take this bra off now … and we’ll do it the ‘ole-fashioned’ way!” With his 12″ fuck muscle still trapped and enveloped in the tit-choked bra, Jack felt sweat pour down his face. Laura began to slowly unclasping the “front-load” style bra – all 10 of them. Ever so slowly, Jack swiveled his hips, enjoying the last few seconds of her giant tits just smashed around his rod!The last clasp of the training bra finally came undone. With that, cock and tits spilled outward. Jack’s prick was so rigid, that it snapped toward him and thudded against his abdomen. Immediately, his lap was completely covered in tit! Laura grinned again, watching the young stud gaze in amazement. Those enormous tata’s were so goddamn gigantic, they defied reality! Those mountains of tit were literally the size of watermelons. “How on this Earth, could a woman with a relatively normal body, possess a pair of breasts so massive?”, the stud thought! Jack inadvertently reach down and grabbed his angry dick. He began to furiously pump that prick, being overcome with lust. Laura grabbed his arm … smiled … and said “Now, now – that’s what THESE are for, dear!” She grabbed his mule-like appendage … and began to slap and smack her massive tits with it. She shouted “FUCK ME!! What a monstrous hunk of dick!”With Jack’s 12” dong still in her vice-like grip … Laura got off her knees … and pinned him against the back of the couch. As she jacked and jacked his massive erection … they began to kiss … while Jack kneaded and caressed those 54HH-cup twins. She drew his upper lip into her mouth and started sucking and licking it, while the poor guy just moaned. She ran her tongue around the perimeter of his lips … and even flipped it across his nose, teasing him. Jack stuck his tongue out, and Laura took it in her mouth. She quickly attacked it, like an out-of-control mongrel dog. Jack was utterly frantic with lust and desire. After a minute or so, Laura started licking his ear lobe. After a bit, she whispered into his ear “Okay lover – time to bury that big pole in my titties again!” After making her announcement, Laura got off the couch, and again knelt between Jack’s legs. The 18 year-old moaned “Fuck yes, Laura”, as she laid her massive tits in his lap. His huge, tormented dick was pointing straight toward the ceiling … and was as hard as tempered steel.With Jack panting in anticipation … Laura reached back by her underarms … and caressed her huge tits together, completely surrounding the throbbing prick. Most of the 12″ fuck stick disappeared … as Laura expertly pressed and enveloped those mountains of tit together. He groaned with lust, as the 38 year-old began smashing and rubbing her heaving bombs against each other, in opposite directions! As a result, Jack’s dick was being rolled on, absolutely smothered in tit. A tingling sensation immediately shot up his spine, as Laura teasingly jacked his inflamed rod! She said, “When you start getting horny for these big, giant titties … bring this big fuck hose over here, and I’ll take good care of it, dear!” Jack said, “Oh fuck yes, Laura – canlı bahis siteleri you bet I will. Goddamn, lady – jack my dick with those things!” As much as he had fantasized about it … Jack never could have understood what a REAL titfuck felt like – he was in 7th heaven. Laura was still sitting perfectly still – using just her hands to manipulate her 54HH’s. “Ohhhh my fucking GOD!”, he exclaimed.Jack was ready to ‘take over’ … and pump his prick through those bra-breakers on his own. He told Laura “Just hold ’em in place, Laura. I wanna pound on those titties, baby!” She answered “Fuck yes, big boy – fuck the shit outta my giant titties!” She pressed them together, with a vice-like grip, while Jack began to slide his 12″ ramrod up and down, pumping between those twin melons. He began grunting, with sadistic pleasure, as he fucked Laura’s enormous tits … while she enveloped them around his tit-loving prick. Jack’s ball sac was starting to fill with an awe-inspiring load. He was fucking them so hard, they were bouncing up and down, like over-inflated basketballs!!As Jack boned those massive, smashed-together tits, Laura started talking dirty to him. She said “Fuck yes, Jack Davenport! Hammer that huge dick between my tits! Fuck ’em good, you big dicked fucker!” She started bouncing her tits up and down again, even as Jack slammed his titanium stiff boner between them. Jack slowed his thrusting … opting to watch Laura roll those huge tits up down his erection! Overcome with lust again … He began rapidly firing his bloated prick into Laura’s deep cleavage, sawing through those 54HH’s. Somehow … even after a good 5 minutes … Jack was able to maintain his head – relax his thrusting – and “extending” this disgustingly filthy sex act! After he stopped thrusting again, Jack yelled “Goddammit, Laura – this is so fuckin’ good – it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” He became short of breath.She licked the corner of her mouth and increased her grip and speed. Those huge funbags were just flying up and down Jack’s cock, now rapidly filling to the bursting point! It was going to take an Act of Congress, to keep his granite-stiff cock from exploding. As his breathing became harder and harder … he calmly whispered, “Laura, baby – I can’t hold back – this is too much!” She teased, “Just give mama a couple of minutes. I’ll have this long dong spitting and spraying!” It barely took 30 seconds … and the 18 year-old began a constant moan … while his eyes rolled back in his head. The verasity of this cumshot was going to be epic! As the semen in his balls began to boil, Jack forewarned Laura, saying “Oh God, baby – fuck yeah – here it comes, Laura!”Excitedly, Jack frantically thrusted that sex log through her vast cleavage. As if possessed by her gigantic 54HH’s, he bucked and thrusted upward countless times, in an effort to get his rocks off Suddenly, he was overcome, and his hips froze up. He was unable to move … and could only concentrate on the way Laura’s squeezed tits stimulated his cockhead. He lost it. In all his years of self-satisfaction … Jack had become quite impressed with the big, copious amounts of cum his long cock sprayed, upon climax. Laura’s 54HH bombs were in for a real hosing. The poor guy was disheveled. His arms flailed wildly … as a disgustingly huge load of cum raced up his 12″s of meat! Then, his prick let loose. As Laura continued rolling those humongous, pressed-together tits up and down his rigid schlong, Jack’s balls let loose. He was unable to complete words, as his hose bucked, and jism began to fly! “Ahhhhh – ahhhhh – ahhhh!”, he groaned 40 or 50 times, as big rope-like wads of urgent cum splattered outward. Some of it landed on his chest. Some of it landed on the couch. Most of it cascaded down the slopes of Laura’s giant tits! She had this look of astonishment … as she just relentlessly jagged that big log. After his cum-flinging prick had finally finished disbursing it’s big load … Jack yelled he said “Ohhhh my God, that’s good – Ohhhhhh, fuck yeahhhh!”

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