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Help sister In LawMy wife called me from her work. She said that she was talking and emailing her sister. During their conversation, my sister in law asked her sister if she thought that her husband could help her out around the house with some projects. I wasn’t really thrilled that my wife would volunteer my services. I have been retired for a couple of years, and my sister in law’s husband passed away about five years ago. Since he passed away, there were a bunch of things that needed to be taken care of.I have to tell you that my sister in law is not a bad looking lady. She is about four years older that my wife and I. I always found her attractive over the years when we would all get together and go out, or attend some of the family functions. So, what could I say? I told my wife that I would help her out as much as I could. I told her to tell her sister to make up a list of things that she needed taken care off. She said that she had already done the list, and she had given her sister a key to the condo and told her to give me the key so that I could come and go during the day, and take care of whatever I could. She said that it would be most appreciated.Within a few days of the above conversation, I was on my way over to my sister in laws house. I entered, and went about getting things taken care of on the list. I would do all of the simple things first, and save the more time consuming tasks for last.As I was going thru the house, all that I could smell was my sister in law. I assume it was the perfume that she would put on before she left for work. It seemed that no matter which room that I would enter, I could smell her presence. I continued to work until it was time to take a break, and have lunch. I sat down on the third floor where I was working, and had my lunch. It was convenient since there was a esenyurt escort small powder room on the third floor, and she had a computer set up there as well. She left me her user name and password so that I could log onto the computer if I needed to order anything, or look something up.I logged into the computer, and while I was enjoying my lunch, I wondered over to xhamster to see what was new. As I wondered around the website, I found myself becoming somewhat excited, and the smell of my sister was starting to have an effect on me as well. I got up from the computer, and wondered down to the second floor, where my sister in laws bedroom was, and entered the room. The aroma in the room was even stronger. She didn’t bother to make her bed that morning, and I wondered what else she didn’t have time to take care of.I went into her bathroom, and I could see where she dumped her PJ’s that she had worn last night, and couldn’t resist just picking them out and sniffing the silky PJ’s. It was intoxicating, which encouraged me to check out the hamper. On top of the hamper, was a very soft tan colored bra. Smelling the cups, really got my attention. As I opened up the hamper, I found it to be about half full of various pieces of clothing. While checking closer, and could see several pair of used panties. I found myself unable to resist picking them out, and sniffing the most intimate pieces of clothing. Once I found the sweet spots in her panties, it became impossible to stand there and check them out, without getting my cock out. I immediately wrapped a pare of her dirty panties around my cock, and started to masturbate myself, while sniffing out another dirty pair. It didn’t take long, before I found that I was not going to be able to hold myself back any further, küçükçekmece escort and I ended up jerking off into her panties. I put everything back in place in the bathroom, and went back to work on the third floor.As I was moving things around in the room, I came upon a file cabinet. Being curious, I opened the drawers. In the bottom drawer, I found a few loose leaf binders. I opened the binders to check them out, and realized that I hit a jackpot. In the binders, were a bunch of pictures of my sister in law and her husband, and some other males. Most of the pictures were of a sexual nature, and most were with her being nude or almost nude, as well as the male counterparts.Some of the pictures were older, and must have been from when they were first married. As I scanned further, there were pictures of her on her knees, sucking someone’s cock. Going further, I could see that is some of the pictures, there were more that one cock, This was something that I was never aware of my sister in law. In checking further, I saw that she spent a lot of time on her knees, and some of the cocks that she was working on were BBC’s. Also another shock to me. It seemed like the binders were organized by the particular activity that was taking place. So I grabbed a handful of pages and flipped them over. I got to the end of the binder, and it was filled with my sister in law sucking various cocks.I went to the second binder, and found that volume 2 was where my sister in law was masturbating, both men and other women, as well as herself, to the pleasure of others. About halfway thru the binder, I started to see pictures of her fucking. Some were clearly with my brother in law, and others were with other men, and other BBC’s. Some of the men were pretty well endowed, beşiktaş escort but my sister in law didn’t seem to have any problems handling any of them. It didn’t matter is she was giving head, fucking her pussy, or her ass. She seemed to be able to handle everything, and did so with a smile on her face, as well as a ton of cum.After finding this pot of gold, I found that I had to return to the master bathroom, and visit with my sister in laws dirty panties again. After jerking off in her panties the first time, I had somewhat of a guilty conscience. After flipping thru the hidden binders, I found myself sniffing and jerking off in her panties for the second time, without any sense of guilt. Once I finished jerking off in them for the second time. I thought that I should probably get back to work since it was getting late. Just as I finished jerking off into her panties, I heard a voice calling out my name. My sister in law had returned home from work. I told her that I would be right there.I quickly put everything back into the hamper, and pulled my pants back up. I just threw everything back into the hamper, and hoped that she would not notice anything being out of place.I met my sister in law on the first floor, and we exchanged some friendly conversation, and she thanked me for helping her out with the projects. I told her that I was glad to help her out, and that it probably would take a week or so to finish her list. She told me that she had plans for dinner, and was going to run up and take a shower before her friends were coming over to pick her up. I told her that I would return the next day, and to have a fun night out.Once I was out in the car and on my way home, I wasn’t sure that I had put the binders back in the drawer. I was hoping that she wouldn’t find out that I had been going thru her most private pictures. She had said that she didn’t have much time, before her friends were to be there to pick her up, so I was hoping that she wouldn’t have time to go up to the third floor to check my work.I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens when I go back tomorrow.Part two to be continued tomorrow, and I will let you know what happened.

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