Gay Slave Training PT1


Gay Slave Training PT1I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. If he was really interested in doing what we had talked about online, he would now have the opportunity to show me. As the boy stood at my doorstep he put the license up to the peephole showing proof that he was really eighteen and of consenting age. I watched as he pulled down the front of his pants and lifted up his shirt showing his totally smooth and fully shaved body wearing a tight see through pair of girls panties. He pulled his sweats back up, and put his drivers license back in his pocket. He actually was legal! I knew now that I could bring him inside and use him all I wanted! . He had been telling the truth about his age online, and I wondered if he was telling the truth about his desire for total submission as well. He was very short and thin; about 5 foot 5 with a small frame. I figured he weighed about 125 pounds soaking wet. He pulled a black winter hat out of his pocket. He pulled the hat over his head, pulling it down over his eyes so that he was unidentifiable and could not see anything, he then bowed his head. That was the signal. I swung open the door and dragged the boy into my apartment. And here he was, the small eighteen year old boy who had shaved his entire body just because I told him to was standing in a totally submissive posture at my front door. Dragging him inside I quickly closed the door and pushed him up against the wall. I used my feet to kick his legs apart while I pulled his arms behind his back. Before he had time to react, I quickly strapped handcuffs to his wrists which made him completely defenseless. With that, I tore his shoes off and roughly pulled his pants down off his legs, feeling the total smoothness of his young body. I saw that he had worn a pair of his little sister’s panties. They were white see-through boy shorts that were so tight that his ass cheeks were sticking out the bottom and his little shaved cock caused a large bulge in the front. I had a thick black dog collar that said “SLAVE” in silver letters, and I wrapped it around his neck. I pulled illegal bahis the strap tight till I could see he was having a little trouble breathing and latched it in place. I then took the boy into my bathroom.Once in the bathroom, I pushed him against the wall then took a pair of scissors and used them to slowly cut the boy’s tee shirt from his body. He began to try to say something so I took the ring gag I had on the counter and forced it in his mouth, holding his jaw uncomfortably wide and gagging him. I told him that he wasn’t allowed to talk, and that I was going to do whatever I wanted so he should get used to it. I could see the fear growing in his eyes. This probably wasn’t part of the little fantasy he had worked up, but it was a big part of mine.Once I had removed all the boy’s clothing I pulled the tight panties off and turned him around to face me. There he was, 18 years old and not a single hair on his whole body. He had tilted his head towards the ceiling to prevent himself from drooling out the sides of his mouth, but this was not what I wanted. I grabbed the back of his head firmly in one hand and stuck my fingers into his open mouth. As he made gagging noises, I explored the inside of his mouth and began to stick my fingers down his throat. This caused him to choke and cough, making his mouth fill up with saliva. I pushed his head forward and pulled my hand out. I took a moment and smeared the drool around the boy’s chin and cheeks, watching as more drool spilled out and dripped from his chin to his chest, making shiny lines down his hairless belly.I reached over and grabbed a thick brass cock ring from the counter. I tugged on his cock and forced it through the ring, then pulled his smooth balls through too. A perfect fit. The cock ring was tight around the boy’s semi hard penis and hairless balls, and I could tell that when he got fully hard, there would be no way to remove it. I then grabbed my black ski mask and put it on. With that I flipped on the light in the bathroom and looked the boy over.He was covered in sweat due to the heat, and he was now letting the drool spill from his lips, dripping off his chin and running down his small body. I saw that he was getting very hard. With the ring tightly around his cock, it had turned red and was being forced out and away from his body. I took the boy and turned him around to face the counter. I pushed him forward and lifted his cock so it was resting on the counter, making his legs quiver as he stood on his tip toes. Holding him forward by the handcuffs, illegal bahis siteleri I rubbed my hard cock up and down his ass crack. He had done a good job shaving and his ass was completely smooth. I reached around him and stuck my hand in his mouth. Pulling a fair amount of drool into my hand, I reached down and coated his asshole in his own spit, sticking a finger inside him and feeling him squirm, unable to get away while being forced over the counter. I reached back into his mouth and let him taste his own ass. He tried to turn his head, but I kept it in place and gathered more saliva in my hand. I reached down and smeared the saliva on my cock, coating it in the teenage boy’s drool. With that, I put the head of my cock to his asshole and in one thrust shoved myself deeply inside him. He tried to scream, but all that came out was a whimpering gurgle as he choked and gagged on the drool filling his throat. I stayed motionless for a few minutes, letting the boy get used to the pain and enjoying the feeling of this eighteen year old virgin asshole squeezing tightly around my cock.With my cock as deep in the boy’s ass as it would go, I leaned in to his ear.”Is it everything that you expected?”The boy nodded yes, even though I could tell he was in a lot of pain and his legs were shaking. ” I knew since you first contacted me that this is what you wanted. You are my slave now boy. I am going to do whatever I want with you and you will learn to like it. I am going to fuck your ass till it stays open permanently. I am going to use your throat like a pussy and fuck it deep and hard. I am going to video tape you covered in spit and getting face fucked. I am going to rent you out to my friends for sex. You are going to do things that you will never forget. Since you told me that your parents are out of town, I know that I have two weeks to prepare you for your new life. You might not like everything you are forced to do, but you will do it because you are a submissive. Your life is meant for serving other men sexually and I am going to help you realize that.”I paused to let the words sink in.”I have one question to ask you and your answer will control what happens now. You will nod your head up and down for yes, and side to side for no. If you answer no I will stop this right now and toss you outside and it’s like it never happened. If you answer yes, you are agreeing to let this continue. Do you understand?”The boy nodded his head up and down, signaling that he understood.”Do you want me to keep going?”The canlı bahis siteleri boy took a moment, then slowly nodded his head up and down.I knew that he would say yes. If he had been at home on the computer he might not have agreed, but with how horny he was right this moment, I knew there was no way he would want this to end. It was a good thing that I had video cameras hidden throughout my apartment recording everything that happened tonight, because now I had proof that the boy was voluntarily agreeing to be my sex slave. With that, I pulled my cock out of the boy’s asshole and took him by the hand. I pulled him into the shower stall and pushed him down to his knees. I put my cock through the ring gag and into his mouth. Slowly I pushed forward until I felt him choke and I knew I had reached the entrance to his throat. I still had about 6 inches of cock outside his mouth, and I slowly began to push it in. The boy choked and gagged violently as my cock pushed past the back of his mouth and entered his throat. He was gagging so badly I was afraid he would puke, but luckily he didn’t. Without concern for his comfort, I continued to push my cock down his throat. I put a hand around his neck and felt as my cock caused his throat to bulge. I gave one final push and the boy’s nose and face were now being pushed into my stomach. With the boy helplessly gagging on the cock buried inside him, I began to piss. It felt so good to piss straight into this boy’s stomach, and I could feel his throat tighten around my cock every time he gagged. I didn’t release the back of the boy’s head until I was finished pissing and when I did it flew back and the boy gasped for air through the ring gag. I looked down at him and spit in his face then slapped him hard. “Did you like that boy?” He nodded his head up and down.”Good, because from now on, all you will be consuming is liquid.”I left the boy on his knees and retrieved a large bottle of warm milky liquid from the other room. When I returned, the boy was still kneeling in my shower, again heavily drooling out the sides of his mouth.”I have something for you boy.” I said as I set the bottle on the counter.”From now on you will be fed only what I choose. I have your first dinner right here. It is a bottle filled with a mix of protein, semen, and piss. I have also crushed up several Viagra and some stimulants and mixed them in. I am going to put the neck of the bottle in your mouth and plug your nose. You will swallow the entire bottle or you will drown.”With that, I uncapped the bottle and shoved it into his mouth. I plugged his nose and saw him suck hungrily on it until it was empty. It was then that I knew this boy had made the decision to give himself to me completely, and I knew the next two weeks were going to be fun.

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