Funny experience with edging and 69


Funny experience with edging and 69I came across one of my diaries from 1998 and reacquainted myself with a ‘hook-up’ as I used to call them that I thought would be entertaining. At around this time I first discovered ‘edging,’ and I regularly engaged in it especially when talking to women on aol. By “edging,” as I am defining it, I would masturbate and right as I got to the point of orgasm I would let go of my dick. My glans would usually twitch and a tiny amount of cum would peek out, but the orgasm would be delayed, the ‘cumshot’ roll back down and after maybe 7-10 seconds I would start the whole process over again. In December of ’98 I was a senior in college and on winter break. I started chatting with a woman my age who was also home for winter break. Her name was Heather and while I didn’t see a photo of her, she described herself as athletic and brunette. Heather was no exception and I edged and edged over and over again as I chatted with her on aol. As was my custom I inquired into her pubic styling. 1998, as many of you remember, was the year of the Brazillian. Since winter break in our region of the country was, indeed, cold, Heather introduced me to a term I had never heard before. She said, “I have shaved down there before, but December in the midwest, I’m sporting the ‘winterbush.’ ” “I never heard that term before,” I replied, “but if it means ‘hairy pussy,’ I’m a huge fan!””Lol,” Heather replied (providing yet another term that was new to me, “yeah, that’s another way to say it!””You’re pretty bold … ” Heather typed – making me think I may have spoiled my chances of meeting her in person – but relief came quickly as “but it’s cool that you’re a fan of the winterbush. Not all guys are as open to it these days.”So now I have a chance to cut down my shaved-pussy revering cohorts while finding out gaziosmanpaşa escort how willing she is to meet guys off of aol.”That’s ridiculous,” I reply, “did you have a bad experience with a guy like that recently?”Heather then recounted that she met a guy online (the same as she met me!) a week or so ago. They met in person. They hooked up and while he expected her to go down on him, he wouldn’t go down on her unless she let him shave her first. Appalled, I asked if she went through with it. Fortunately, she refused to let him shave her and didn’t go down on him as well. I told her that if it was me, I;d go down on her hairy pussy for 45 minutes and she wouldn’t even have to return the favor. Flattered and curious, she quipped, “What are we waiting for? When do you want to meet?””Tonight,” I quickly responded. We met at an all-night diner that rhymes with ‘Lenny’s,’ and then went back to her house. Her parents were on vacation and her older brother was already living on his own. Heather had a cute face, a nice complexion, and while she did have the height of an athletic gal, I would not describe her build as ‘athletic.’ Rather, she was curvy. She had one of those hourglass figures (very reminiscent of 70’s porn, which even back then I was a huge fan of watching). Just a nice, big, round ass with large D-tits to match. A figure I vastly preferred to athletic, I might add. We started kissing and our shirts (as well as her bra) came off very soon after that. I sucked her mammoth tits with large maroon aureolas. Very pretty breasts. I said, “These are lovely, but you know what I want to see …””Alright … you just better not be like the last guy.”Heather removed her belt and jeans revealing large white cotton panties. And she looked good in zeytinburnu escort them. A big triangle of cotton girding her ample hips and her two milky thighs beneath. Heather spread her legs and let me do the honors. And what an honor it was removing this white cotton pair of panties. There was the winterbush of my fantasies. If she ever had shaved in more seasonable weather, there was no evidence of it this December. Beautiful wide triangle of black pubic hair. Hair trailing along the labia majora, almost but not quite covering her labia minora. The reason this ample winterbush didn’t obscure her labia mnora was because hr lips were blessedly meaty and a slightly pinker shade that that of her nipples and aureolas. Knowing exactly what to do, I spread her moistening labia minora and started licking. I kissed and rolled her clit and hood between my lips. All of this was greeted with sighs and expressive moans. I’m fully engorged but oddly enough my pants are still on. Heather sensed this and said, “Let’s get your pants off and 69.” We quickly disrobed me and Heather flipped on top. Mindful not to sit on my face literally, she gingerly positioned her vagina about an inch above my mouth with the tips of her lovely pubic hairs ticking my nose. Her pubic hair and pussy lips by this point smelled so sexy. Musky and sweaty as though we were having sex even though she only just now saw my penis.Here’s where the edging came into play. Before putting my penis in her mouth, Heather engaged in a practice that I always regarded before that night and since to be the mark of a particularly competent lover. Instead of immediately putting my penis in her mouth, she gave me five slow jerks with her right hand, let go and started directing her head toward my penis in sultangazi escort order to continue with her mouth. Five jerks was a very important number because that was all I needed (what with her gorgeous, hairy pussy in my face) to first start orgasming. As soon as Heather let go, my glans twitched and ‘spat out’ a small but noticeable amount of cum (or pre-cum). And Heather noticed!Ever sensitive, Heather said, “Cool, looks like you just came.”I laughed and said, “I know it looks like I came, but that’s pre-cum. You almost made me cum but you stopped stroking just in time. Your pussy is so gorgeous and even your handjob was so awesome that I was/am really close.”Now it was Heather’s turn to laugh and she said, “Wow. You really do love winterbush!””I do. And I love yours especially. I really want to make you cum so why don’t you take a break and enjoy it and if you want you can pick up here you left off after you have one, two, or eight orgasms.”I don’t know if Heather had eight orgasms, but after about seven minutes and what seemed like three orgasms, she checked on my penis by giving it two nice jerks. Satisfied that it was fully hard she tenderly licked the tip. Tasting my semen (or pre-cum) she remarked, “Hmm, that old cum still tastes pretty good. I think I’m going to like swallowing you.” Moved by her generosity but concerned for her welfare due to the eruption I knew I’d be blowing, I warned, “Awww that’s sweet of you, Heather, but you may want to take me out before I shoot because you’re going to get a monster of a cumshot out of me.”Heather started blowing me in earnest. Deep throating or pretty damned close for nearly two minutes. I was in heaven – still licking her lips and clit – when at the end of those two minutes I had an awesome orgasm. Of course, I warned her, saying, “Ohhh that’s it. Here’s my cum.” Heeding my warning, Heather removed my penis from her mouth and aiming it toward my feet and hr comforter, let me shoot freely on her bed spread, my knees, down my shaft and balls.”You weren’t k**ding! That was huge!” When I finished Heather licked the remains off my glans, shaft and balls, and remarked, “Mmmmm, even better when it’s freshly milked.”

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