For the first Time all the first time stories amon


For the first Time all the first time stories amonWell here begins the story of sex lust and all other things,One day it was raining and me and my friend was spending a day chatting and messing about me in my short shorts and a really low cut top and she had an amazing little skirt and low cut top revealing her panties and bra my god her boy was to die for. She had amazing small but perky boobs at a 32c and just an amazing bum too, my i was so in love with her body and wanted her we was laid listening to music in her room on her bed no one was in but us, i got up and locked her door just in case her mum and dad came home, i said lets have some fun my boobs were nearly out of my top and my shorts were nearly wet with my juices i walked up to her, and laid her down kissing her as i did and she was happy to do so, we lay there a while kissing holding each other with hands all over each others boobs, bums and thats when i felt i made her wet from the way i was going, she was all horny and thats when i pulled her panties down to see a fresh shaved nice virgin pussy, i had to play with it and my sweet juices was starting to make my panties wet too. she grabbed me and undid my shorts and pulled them down and uncovered my tight little wet cunt that had so much cock in it and she whispered to me oh my im going to fuck your wet pussy with my toys, and she grabbed me and rammed my cunt on her face licking my clit and fingering me as she is doing so. Oh my i was loving it and i pulled her around and stuck her on my face and my good god i made that sweet pussy wet as i fingered her and ate her out hmmm she tasted so good. we got the toys out and i stick one in her and she stuck one in me as we fucked each other we came so much my face was soaked and so was hers i asked her to lay on her back as i kept the toy in her i kissed her body up and down and sucking and playing with her nipples she came hard on the toy she squirted so much, she laid me down and kissed me up and down and fucked my with the toy till i came again harder on the toy we lay there in ecstacy and was happy this happened a few more times over the months we was so happy together until she found a guy she liked i told her i loved her no matter what i wanted her happy she was my best friend and that was it after that it was just chats and messing about no hot sex or anything we did undress together if we changed her fella hated that he was so jealous. after a while we drifted apart and went our own ways my best friend was who she was and i was someone who couldn’t be in her life anymore it was best. Fast forward 3 years i’ve been on and off the drink and sleeping with an ex just for the sex he was shit constantly cumming before illegal bahis i got any where near to orgasiming wasnt happy after a while i made the choice to move on and make new friends and become something i decided to got to college thats where the next part of the stories comes into it It all started at college i saw a hot guy who was taller than me i stood at 5 ft tall and he looked nearly a ft taller. i never had the nerves to speak to him September came and went October came and i didn’t know what i would say if i went up to him all while i was looking at this hot amazing guy, id never speak to i was talking to a guy who had been messaging me on the college message network and we kept talking and one day we agreed to meet face to face as he didnt think i wanted to know him, expected me to say no thanks jog on!! All throughout september we exchanged details etc and got to know each other through texts and messages. When one day my girlfriends said go for it tell him to meet you my friends nat, gem, jade jo, stacey and dani all told me to meet him!!! i found out his name was daniel and he was interested in been friends, that i could do so all while arranging to meet with daniel.i was getting off over this dark haired tall guy i saw around college. Everyday i saw him my heart would race and things would happen to me and i would become so out of control i would be so wet and wanting to feel him touch me all over my body i went home after everyday at school and my god i had to lay down and one day i thought fuck this im going to play over him and omg i played with nice tight cunt everyday as it was so wet with juices flowing from it, i wanted him to give me his everything he could i wanted him sexually and well as emotionally. so i dropped my bag at the door and flopped on my bed started undressing myself i grabbed a toy and i put some lesbian porn on and got my self in the mood a little before playing with my tight wet cunt it was dripping at the thought of having his cock near me, was enough to send me over the edge as i stuck the toy in my sweet tight little cunt, i came within minutes as i had so much i fucked myself good, I played with my clit as i did and it made me cum so much, as I came I thought of him and his face and my god i came harder and harder all over my hand, the toy i made so much mess the bed was soaked too, that was every night i would do that he made me horny.As time past i knew maybe things with daniel was more than just friends which i didnt know how to feel.The day came i was a bag of nerves as i didn’t know how it would go and if the guy was who he said well time went on i got dressed after a hot shower and laying on my bed wondering what would happen illegal bahis siteleri i slipped my thong on (red and black) stood in front of the mirror with my big 38dd boobs sat there nipples hard and i got a text that’s when i knew i wanted more than a friend from him but slowly, as i replied my heart beating faster i starter to feel very hot and bothered, my nice clean thong was getting wet at the thought of another male near me (since my ex) and that’s when i knew i needed to releave myself a little so i started by rubbing my clit and my thong became soaked in my nice juices from my pussy that was tight, as i rubbed with one hand i grabbed my boobs with the other that’s when i started fingering myself so fast!!!! That was until my phone went off from my friend Nat saying “good luck on meeting this guy.” so i had to stop get ready and set off as there was only an hour to go till i met this mysterious guy.After about 10 minutes of deciding on what to wear i grabbed a low cut top for once I had put my nice hot pink bra on and my new thong was on, after that i grabbed my black trousers i used from my college uniform as my ass looked good in them and the top went with them. i dried my hair did my little bit of make up on (i was a girl who hated fakeness) so on went my lip gloss and blusher, i was ready to go looked myself in the mirror and said this to myself “No matter what happens it happens all for a reason and you look amazing and good at the size i am if he wants to be friends hes welcome to be my friend if he wants more then talk” i was a size 10 clothes bottom and 12 on top for my big boobs. after that little talk with myself i took myself down stairs got my coat on said by to my mum and she was like” where are you going lady ?? ” i just smiled and replied to her ” I’m off to meet a new friend from college” i turned to walk out the door and just as i was stepping out the door she smiled and said “Nice to see you smile for once” my reply was ” i know mum i know ” with a big smile on my face. My mum knew it was a guy who made that smile happen but at what cost i bet she was thinking. I get to the bus stop bus is due and ive half hour it takes 20 minutes to get to town so all good i thought stood there texting Daniel saying ill see you soon and cant wait to meet you was been exchanged not 5 minutes later the bus turned up. I got on paid and sat down listening to some music on my headphones and thats when my nerves kicked in and i started thinking omg im actually meeting new people (i never had many friends due to bullies in school so after i didnt do much till i started college) as the time passed i got closer to meeting him he texted me saying 10 mins he would canlı bahis siteleri be there as the bus pulled in the bus station my hand were sweating and i was getting more nervous as the 10 minutes it took seemed an hour. so i went to the bank and got some money out for drinks etc. thats when i recieved a text saying he was in bus station and to look out for him. He told me that he was wearing his long black coat (one that looked like neos from the matrix) along with his top and bottoms and his boots (he was a goth i didnt know at the time till that very moment) i told him i saw him and my god he was a great looking guy, the guy i had been admiring everyday i saw him at college. omg this was who i was meeting my heart skipped a beat as he came over, he realised that i was the girl he was meeting, we said hi and had a cuddle and i went quiet after that daniel did most of the talking but he made me smile everytime he looked at me it was a sweet and angelic that was it i was actaully feeling so good with him near me. We took a walk around town and when we got out of sight down in the under road alleyway stairs at either side as well as ramps he took my hand and i fell back against the wall thats when we shared our first kiss it was quiet and no one really used it unless to get to the leisure centre that it went to. after he smiles at me and im in trance and smile we take each others hands and walked out we decided there and then no words nothing it was what we both wanted us together. He took me to a place near his uncles flat so we was out of way of people on streets and somewhere we could sit down and chat once we was there he laid his coat out and he laid me down while kissing me i remember that i needed to take it steady but if it was to happen the sex would happen!!! As daniel laid me down i could feel this was going from just random messages to text to more in a matter of minutes i was laid on the floor in ecstasy with daniel laid on me kissing me rubbing me up and down and gropping my boobs as he was laid on me i could feel his manhood resting in his trousers and my god it was hard and big he stared kissing my body down to my trousers as he undid them with his teeth and i laid there all wet and he then pulled my thong down and my god he felt me and started playing i grabbed him and pulled his belt open and undid his trousers and pulled his cock out my word i knew this was it i would feel this in my fresh pussy that was tight, he got back on top and thats when he entered me slowly but firm and my god he know where my spot was with his cock hmmmm knowing that i was enjoying him fuck me this guy i just met kissed me held me and then wanted to fuck me and i let him fuck me as i wanted it just as much as i knew!!!! he fucked me hard and fast and my pussy milked his cock of his juices and my god i came on him loads thats the first time anyone made me cum like that !!!! Does anyone want to hear part 2 of the stories ? xxx

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