First encounter with Daine


First encounter with DaineWe met on the Internet. She knew my cousin. Diane is pretty, cute and has a nice body. I especially like her chest. She looks good in anything. Her measurements are 38 x 24 x 36. She has a beautiful, nicely shaped ass and her breasts are nicely rounded. Her nipples stand out about 3/4″ when they get hard. I have a 8″ cock when hard and Diane would learn to love it. She would love to hold it, stroke it, lick it and suck it. She would suck my cock for what seemed forever, bringing me to body shaking orgasms, sucking cum from my balls and swallowing every drop.After communicating with each other on the internet for a few days, we met. The first time together, we made love to each other. She got to my house, I took her in my arms, and we kissed softly at first. Our kissing got heavier as our love and passion for each other took over. As we kissed, I reached around, grabbed the cheeks of her beautiful ass, and pulled her into my hard 8″ cock. She moaned as she felt my hardness. Her face flushed with passion, her breathing quick, her lips full and moist. I kissed her again and parted her lips with my tongue. She met mine with hers and we continued the kiss. Passionate and hard we continued to kiss. We then hurried to my room. I stripped down to my shorts. As I pulled them down, my dripping, 8″ cock came free and stood out proudly at her, hard as steel. Diane reached over and took my cock in her smooth hands caressing it softly. She moaned as pre-cum fluid came out from its tip and she spread it around and over the crown of my manhood. She started to stroke me as she moved around the bed to get closer to me. My pre-cum started to flow from my cock as Diane looked me in the eye and took my entire 8 inches deep into her hot, wet mouth. She sucked me down into her throat and held me there as her muscles worked over my shaft. I held her head and slowly brought my cock out of her mouth until just the head was inside. I then slid it back in and down into her throat where I held it there as she again worked me over with her muscles. It was wonderful.Diane started the up and down motion with her hot, sucking, wet mouth as she worked me over. She picked up the pace, sucking my head, stroking my shaft and then swallowing my cock entirely. She continued to suck my dripping, hot, hard cock for about 15 minutes. I felt my balls starting to tighten up as an orgasm built up in my balls. She felt it also as my cock swelled in her sweet mouth and she moved the head to the front. As she stroked my shaft hard and fast and sucked my head, it seemed to get harder and longer as she worked it for her reward — my hot, thick, sticky cum!I pulled from her mouth and pulled her around so her head hung over the side of the bed. I slid my cock back into her mouth and started to fuck her face. I leaned over her and started to suck her tits as I continued to fuck her mouth like a pussy. I used long strokes as I felt her throat muscles grab the head of my cock each time that it entered it. After a couple of minutes, “Oh my god Diane, here it comes!! I’m coming, my hot, sticky cum is shooting from my balls!! Suck it; suck it all down your throat!! Yes, yes, osmaniye escort oh my wonderful little cock sucker, here it is,” I told her!! My cum shot out of my balls and into her hot, wet mouth. She sucked and swallowed cum as fast as she could. I gave her load after load after load of thick cum as she stroked and sucked my cock. She squeezed my balls softly as she worked my cock getting all that she could.After I came, I pulled from her mouth and kissed her. I moved her around onto the bed and lay next to her as we kissed, our tongues entwined. I pulled her body into mine and took her left breast into my hand. I softly squeezed and caressed her beautiful tit and then manipulated her nipple. It was hard and standing out proudly. She moaned into my mouth as I felt one then the other breast. I moved my other hand down over her hot body towards her hot pussy. I found that she had shaved most of her hair above her pussy lips leaving just a small patch. I moved my hand down and over her pussy and rubbed it over her mound. Diane arched her back and moaned louder as we continued to kiss passionately. Her pussy was wet and dripping her hot, delicious fluid. I slid a finger into her lips and worked it into and over them. I found her clit and started to stroke my fingers over it. As I slid a finger into her hot, wet cunt she exploded, crying out “OH Doug, I’m cumming!! OH YES, YES, YES, MAKE ME CUM!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!” She bucked against my hand and fingers as I fucked her with them. I started to kiss my way down towards her hot cunt. I moved over her hips and turned around, my now hard cock above her mouth. She engulfed my whole cock as I ripped her panties from her and placed my mouth over her pussy and drove my tongue into her hot, wet, dripping love hole.As I sucked on her lips and clit I moved my fingers from her pussy and down towards her little ass hole. I had never done any anal, but we were so involved I didn’t hesitate. I slid a finger into her tight hole and started to slide it in and out, slowly fucking her with it. She moaned as I fucked her ass slowly. I slid a second finger in after a couple of minutes. She moaned out louder, continuing to suck my cock. I slid in a third and as I did I sucked on her clit hard and slid my three fingers in and out of her pussy. She came and screamed out in orgasm, “OH MY, MY, MY GOD, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! FUCK ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! I, I, I’M, I’M CUMMING!!!”Her body started shaking; her breathing was fast and heavy. She was gasping for air as I fucked her pussy and ass with my fingers, mouth and tongue. As she started to cum. I pulled back and told her, “Get ready Diane, I’m going to take you now!” I pulled my hands from her body, turned around, spread her thighs and slid my dripping, steel hard, hot 8″ cock into her body. “NOW, NOW, DOUG GIVE IT TO ME, MAKE LOVE TO ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH MY GOD, FUCK ME!!! UGH, UGH, UGH, GIVE ME YOUR COCK, FUCK ME WITH IT” she cried out. I thrust forward, breaking through her cherry. “OW, OH DOUG IT HURTS, OW, EASY DOUG, PLEASE NO, NO, OW,” she niğde escort cried!!I pushed forward and held it into her tight. I could feel her walls milking my cock as I let her get used to my size. She calmed down and I pulled back out and slowly pushed back into her hot, wet pussy. I started a slow easy rhythm in and out of her hot box. I felt her hips starting to move with me as I kept up the pace slowly. As she got into my cock, fucking her she pushed back against me and started to fuck me back. Her moaning got louder, her breathing got heavier and her hips were now moving with me as I slid my huge, hot, hard, 8″ steel cock into and out of her pussy. I told her as I slid my cock into her, “OH DIANE, YOUR PUSSY IS TIGHT, HOT, WET AND BEAUTIFUL!! YOUR MILKING MY COCK!! OH MY GOD IT’S FANTASTIC, YOUR PUSSY IS FANTASTIC!! IT FEELS SO TIGHT, SO GOOD!!! OH YEAH!!!”Diane started building up to an orgasm as we made love to each other. I started to give her my cock faster and harder. She bucked against me, fucking me back, meeting me thrust for thrust. “I’m going to cum again Doug; your cock is making me feel so good!! Oh my, oh Doug, oh my god!! I’m going to, going to cum!! Harder, please give it to me harder, faster, I want it, fuck me,” she cried out!!, FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!!!!!!!I started giving her what she was begging for, hard, hot, cock. I gave her all 8 inches of my throbbing, dripping cock. I fucked her harder and faster, building her orgasm as my cock slid across her clit. She was panting now, she screamed out, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, IT’S WONDERFUL, YOUR COCK IS WONDERFUL! GIVE ME YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK DOUG, CUM IN MY PUSSY, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN, OH MY GOD, I’M THERE!!”As she came I pulled out of her body and turned her over onto her stomach. I raised her beautiful ass in the air and put a couple of pillows under her. Her pussy and ass were now up and waiting for me. I spread her thighs and lining up my cock thrust back into her dripping pussy. She cried out as I entered her. I fucked her from behind doggy style as I pulled her hips back against me. I spread her cheeks with my hands and slid a finger back into her virgin rosebud. I slid a second and then a third finger into her, fucking both of her holes. She cried out in pain at first but after a couple of minutes she settled down and started moaning again. Her breathing again got faster as I gave it to her hard and fast. I could feel my balls starting to tighten up and I knew that I wouldn’t be lasting too much longer. I pulled my cock from her pussy and my fingers from her ass. I lined up my cock to her rosebud and before she could say anything slid it into her virgin pucker. “NO DOUG, OW, OW, IT HURTS, NOT THERE!! NOT MY ASS!! NO, PLEASE NO,” she cried out!! I slid into her ass until my balls were against her cheeks. She tried to pull away but I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my cock. I held her against me as I let her get used to the size of my hard cock in her ass. She again settled down and pushed back against me. I pulled almost all the way out of her hole and pushed back in slowly. edirne escort I let her feel every inch of my shaft as I entered her again. Once she got used to my cock in her ass, I started to fuck her long and slow. I slid my entire cock out of her body and then back in. I reached around and started to feel her lips and clit. I massaged her pussy while I fucked her ass. She started to move back against me as I fucked her. She moaned and said, “Oh Doug, it’s better than I thought. Fuck me, give me your cock in my ass, fuck my ass Doug. Fuck me, now, give it to me!!”I pulled back, grabbed her hips and thrust my steel hard, 8” dripping, hot cock back into her ass. As I fucked her ass, I told her, “Oh Diane, your ass is so hot, so tight, so good!! I love giving it to you in your ass almost as much as sliding my cock into your beautiful pussy!! It’s good Diane, it’s so good!! I can feel my cum building up in my balls. I’m going to cum in your ass baby doll!!!”Diane pushed back against me and cried out, “FUCK ME DOUG, FUCK MY ASS!! GIVE ME YOUR HUGE COCK, I LOVE IT! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FASTER, HARDER, FUCK ME!!! YOUR MAKING ME CUM AGAIN, OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO CUM!! OH, OH, OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING!!!”I held onto her hips tighter and started fucking her ass faster and harder, my cum building up in my balls. My cock started to swell, seeming to get bigger and bigger as I took her. I buried my cock deep in her bowels as my cock spewed it’s hot, sticky load into her body. “I’M CUMMING IN YOUR ASS DIANE!! OH MY GOD YOUR ASS IS WONDERFUL!! I LOVE WATCHING MY COCK SLIDING IN AND OUT OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL, TIGHT, HOT ASS!! I’M SHOOTING MY CUM INTO YOUR HOT BODY. HERE IT CUMS, UGH, UGH, UGH, FUCK I’M CUMMING!!! HERE IT IS BABY DOLL,” I called out to her!!! I shot over and over into her ass, filling it with my hot, thick, sticky cum until it ran out of her hot hole. My cum ran down over my cock and down her ass to her hot, dripping pussy as we came. I kept my cock in her body as we continued to fuck against each other. Our bodies were now covered in sweat as we orgasmed together. I pulled the pillows out from under her body as she collapsed onto the bed with my cock still embedded in her hot ass. I lay on top of her, kissing her neck and back as cum still leaked out of my cock into her body. I stroked her body with my hands as she came down from her orgasm. My cock slipped out of her body and I moved off of her and took her in my arms. I held her from behind and placed my hand over her breasts and softly caressed them. Diane reached around and took my cock in her hand, squeezing it softly and stroking it up and down as much as she could. We fell asleep that way, holding onto each other. I woke up several hours later with her working my cock with her hands and tongue. My manhood was standing up proudly again as she manipulated it with her mouth. She bobbed up and down on me, expertly giving me a fantastic blowjob!! After 10 or 15 minutes she took me deep into her mouth as my cum shot out of my balls and down her throat. I turned around on her and started to eat her beautiful pussy. I spread her lips and buried my tongue deep into her dripping cunt as far as I could. I then slid two fingers into her hot box and fucked her with them as she continued to suck my cock. I brought her to a body shaking orgasm as she locked her legs around my head. Afterwards we got up and took a long, hot shower together. It was a beautiful, wonderful first day together.

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