Daily routines


Daily routinesIt was just another morning like all previous. I woke up around noon, sun was shining and I was wearing black lace lingerie with my stockings on. – What the hell happened last night? Hum, I must came back really lonely, if all the toys were misplaced around the room. I took a t-shirt from chair and went to the kitchen to make some coffee… Then i realized that I might still have some crystals in my room that has survived last night’s party. I went there and saw 3 prerolled joints and half of a bag of happiness. I’ve decided to share that with someone, maybe doin’ some online sex… Who knows. So i started wondering around the house looking for my dress and heels, then I went to bathroom to fix my make-up and hair. Uhh, I love red lips and my long long lashes. When I was all dressed up and ready for an online adventure I decided to grab a joint first and record a shortie where I loose my dress and dance in my laces all deep in sun and smoke. When I looked through materials I quickly edited it and posted it online. It took just a minute or two when I’ve recived invites for online date from people all over the globe. We chatted, ataşehir escort flirted and send each other pictures, but I didn’t find anyone interesting enough so I could strip and fuck with her all day and night. Umm, It was really frustrating knowing that there’s someone just like me looking for the same – a bit of joy in sense of being alone with someone.When I was about to leave I’ve received a message from a girl that was living in a city closeby. She sent me her pictures where she was laying on the bed in lingerie and masturbating looking straight to the camera. I loved her lips and a big dick she had. I was wondering how good it would feel if she was next to me right now, sniffing lines from my belly and ass. I’d love to suck her dick deeply in my throat and please her anyway she wants. I knew that if she took care of me I’d be the luckiest girl on the planet. So we started chatting and talking about lingerie, what are our preferences and shit. She told me that she was never in bed with another person before and never met anyone interesting enough to meet up and get to know each kartal escort other better. It seemed like a perfect match – she was just like me, underexperienced and shy but really ready to go further with her crossdressing and transsexualism. It was an incredible fetish – I always wondered how it would be to spend time with another person who was hiding all of it deeply in the closet. It was around 6pm and I was really into her. I knew that I have to meet her. Everything was going perfect – including movies, music, porn, living. She was a painter and I worked in an art gallery as an art director. It was funny, because when we started chatting I was all about going out and leaving my second skin at home. After a while I was all her’s – She asked if I could dance for her live, like on a cam. I said okay, but I wont be showing my face because I don’t have my hair. I also asked her to be dressed up in stockings, heels and a cute red dress. So then we went live. Oh she was looking way better than me. The dress, blue eyes, long black hair, red nails. Oh, I was so turned on. I put the song on pendik escort and started dancing moving my body in the sounds. She started touching her breasts, sucking fingers and going down. It turned me on even more, I grabbed my ass and started to squeeze it hardly, shaking it and showing my cute panties. i took my dress off and shown her my sexy outfit – a body with stockings and a scarlet choker that I’ve bought few days ago. I started touching my body from top to the bottom, sometimes showing a bit more here and there. She shown me her big fat cock and I had to go further. I took my dildo out of the drawer and started sucking it hard like it was Her’s. Then after choking with it a few times going all the way down to the balls I saw her cumming for me. I didn’t wait even a minute more, took the dildo and put it straight into my ass breathing rapidly and feeling incredibly naughty at the same time. I was selffucking while she was coming for me on her red dress. I loved the view of her feeling out of space and being incredibly sexy, especially with her legs in stockings and cum all over her dress. I came a few moments after her, laying down my bed with cock in my hands and cream all over my hands and lips. She offered that we could do the same anytime I want and if there would be a chance – she would love to meet in real life. She knew that I felt the same – just like a soulmates with the same desires and needs that every woman has. Especially women like us.

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