Cuckold in the ABS


Cuckold in the ABSThe couple sat in the car in the parking lot of the porno theater smoking a cigarette. She turned to him and said, “You sure this is what you want?” “Yes,” he answered, “I want you to make me do everything we talked about.” “OK, then let’s go, and bring your toys.” He grabbed the backpack and they walked to the entrance. They walked in and while she looked around at the selection of toys, he paid their admission to the theater. When he had the ticket, they walked in together. In a minute or 2, their eyes adjusted to the darkness and they walked through the large room to the side hallway where the smaller rooms were. She picked one out and they went in and put a chair across the doorway to keep the crowd at bay. He put the bag on the bench, hung up his jacket and waited for hers. She handed it to him and sat down on the bench. He hung it up and sat next to her. When he sat down, she turned to look at him and said, “Who said you could sit next to me?” She nodded her head towards the floor at her feet and he knelt down in front of her. She sat there watching the movie for a while and let him get used to her being in charge again. They played this game periodically at his request and it always took a few minutes for her to get her head into it again. He knelt at her feet wondering what she was going to make him do today. He didn’t have to wait long. She said, “Take off your shirt.” He hurried to comply and hung his shirt up with their jackets and then sank back to his knees at her feet. “Come here and suck my tits, slut,” she commanded. He crawled forward and unbuttoned her shirt for her and unhooked her bra. He sat back and waited patiently while she removed it without taking her shirt off. She handed it to him and he placed it alongside their bag. Returning to his place in front of her, he leaned forward and began to suck and nibble on her nipples, first one and then the other. Her breathing got a little heavier and she moaned once or twice as he went back and forth. After about 10 minutes of this, she grasped his hair and pulled his head tighter. Knowing this was her cue that she wanted it a little harder, he bit down on her nipple and flicked his tongue back and forth. He was rewarded with a louder moan and his erection throbbed in his pants. He loved to please her. When she had enough, she pushed him away. “Go find a playmate, slut. I want to see you suck some cock today.” “Yes, dear,” he said and rose to leave the room. He saw a few older guys milling around the hallway. They had been checking out the action while he was pleasing her tits. He wandered into the large room and saw a younger looking tall guy in the back of the room. He walked up to him and leaning bayan escort istanbul close he said, “My wife is in the other room and she would like to see me suck a cock today. May I please suck your cock?” The man nodded and said, “Lead the way.” He turned and walked back to the small room where his wife was waiting. Him and the man he found walked into the room and he waited for her to check the man out. “Very good, slut. You know what to do now.” He knelt in front of the man and undid the man’s belt, and his pants. He slid them down until the man’s cock was revealed and looked expectantly at his wife. She nodded at him and with an evil grin she said, “Good boy, now show me what a good cocksucker you are, slut. If you do a good job and make him cum in your slut mouth, I may bend you over and fuck your ass today.” With a moan of excitement at her words, he leaned forward and took the man’s cock in his mouth. It was already half hard and as he began to lick and suck on it, it grew rather impressively. It was very thick and stretching his jaw wide. He backed off a little until his wife said, “You can do better than that. Take more of it, show me what a good cocksucker you are. You do want me to fuck your slut ass, don’t you?” At her words he slid forward and gagged himself a little on the man’s cock and heard her chuckling. Too deep, he thought to himself. He pulled back a little and began bobbing his head on the fat cock in his mouth. His jaw was tiring fast and she must have sensed it because she said, “Use your hands slut. Stroke it with one hand and rubs his balls with the other.” He followed her instructions, doing his best to please her. He knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until the man came in his mouth. He chanced a peek at her out of the corner of his eye and saw her smiling at him while she played with her nipples. “Are you gonna give my slut your cum?” she asked the man. “Is that what he wants?” asked the man. “It doesn’t matter what the slut wants. It’s what I want, he’s just my plaything, a toy for my amusement. Shoot that hot load in his mouth.” He felt his cock throb in his pants as she spoke. He loved to please her. He couldn’t explain it even to himself, but the way she spoke to him when they played this game, the way she treated him, the degradation…it just turned him on so much. He turned his attention back to the task at hand, and sucked the man’s cock with renewed enthusiasm, knowing it would please her. A few minutes later, he felt the man’s muscles begin to tighten up. The man said, “I’m gonna cum.” “That’s it,” she said, “shoot that big load in his slut mouth.” A minute later, he heard the man moan and felt the man’s cock begin to istanbul escort bayan throb, then the jets of cum hitting the roof of his mouth. He held his mouth in place taking jet after jet of cum. When it stopped spurting, he pulled his mouth off and she said, “Show me the cum, slut.” He opened his mouth and showed her the pool of hot cum on his tongue. She nodded at him and he moved to spit into the trash can as the man tucked his cock away and left the room. She hadn’t made him swallow yet, but he had a feeling it was only a matter of time. As he was rinsing his mouth with the water he brought, he heard her speak to the watching crowd, “Who wants to see me fuck my little bitch’s ass with my strap-on?” He heard a few yeses from the guys in the hallway and one ‘hell, yeah.’ “Strip, slut,” she said to him. He quickly began to pull off his shoes and socks, pants and underwear. When he was naked, as ordered, he looked up at her. “Get my cock ready, slut. You know what your job is.” He opened their bag and pulled out the 7″ strap-on. He put the harness between her legs and attached it at both hips. After she pulled the straps snug, he opened a condom and rolled it onto the rubber cock. He got the bottle of lube out of the bag and began lubing his ass. She watched him with a twisted smile on her face. When he finished, he squirted some more lube on the strap-on and rubbed it all over the head and shaft. When he finished, he looked up at her waiting for her command. “Well? Let’s go, bitch. Get up her and bend over before I change my mind.” He moved in front of her and bent over the bench, knowing what was coming next. “Put my cock in your ass, slut,” she said. He reached back and guided the head of the big strap-on to the opening of his ass. When he had it positioned, he pushed back on it a little to get it started. When she saw it go in, she started pushing forward. He moaned as the big rubber cock slid into him. When it bottomed out, he felt her grab his hips. “You ready to get fucked, slut?” she asked him. “Yes” “Then ask for it like the horny little bitch you are.” His cock was dripping with excitement at the way she was treating him today. “Please fuck my ass,” he said quietly. “I can’t hear you, slut. Louder,” she commanded. “Please fuck my ass,” he said more loudly this time. When she saw the smirks on the faces of the onlooking crowd, she knew they had heard him and began to fuck the strap-on slowly in and out of his tight little hole. She noticed he still hadn’t touched himself and thought to herself, ‘he’s learning.’ “You can play with your little dick if you want, slut, but you better not cum without my permission.” He started stroking his cock as she fucked istanbul escort him, but she was still going slow and steady and he knew another question was coming. He wasn’t disappointed. “Is this how you like to be fucked?” “No,” he answered. “Then ask for what you want, slut.” “Please fuck me harder,” he groaned. “What, bitch? I can’t hear you,” she answered. “Please fuck me harder,” he said louder. She began to thrust the big strap-on harder and harder into his tight little ass, driving him forward into the bench. She heard him begin to moan and knew he was getting close to cumming. She decided not to torture him too much. “You ready to cum for me, bitch?” “Yes,” he moaned in between thrusts. “Then cum for me, slut, but catch it in your hand. I want to see you eat some cum today.” Three pumps later she heard him practically squeal and knew he was shooting his cum into his hand. She didn’t even have to look, she knew he was following orders. When his body stopped jerking, she unsnapped the straps of the rubber cock, leaving it embedded in his ass. She sat down on the bench in front of him and told him to kneel. She watch him struggle to do her bidding with the big rubber cock still lodged in his ass. “OK, show me what a good cum slut you are and eat it for me.” He brought his hand to his face and licked all the cum off it, swallowing as he went. When he had gotten all of it, she told him he could wipe his hand and he grabbed the towel and did so. “OK, bitch, my turn to cum. Take off my pants and eat my pussy.” He pulled off her shoes, undid her pants and slid her pants and underwear off. He folded them neatly on the bench next to their bag. He heard the watchers in the hallway admiring her beautiful shaved pussy. He looked at it himself and saw it glistening with the wetness of her excitement. He positioned himself between her legs and began to lick and tongue at her dripping pussy like he was eating his last meal. God, he loved the taste of her and she was soaked today, so he must have really pleased her. “Use your fingers, too, slut,” she commanded. He brought his hand up and began to thrust 2 fingers into her as he tongued her clit like a madman. When she began to moan in earnest, he added another finger and then another. He felt her juices running down his arm as her hips began to rise off the bench. He was tonguing her as hard as he could and with one final thrust of his hand, she came. She tasted so good when she came and he lapped up as much as he could while she let him. After about 30 seconds, though, she told him to stop, pushing his head away. He withdrew his hand and sat back on his heels. When she began to move again, he picked up her folded clothes and dressed her with care. When she stood up to button her jeans, she leaned over and kissed him. “You’ve done well, slut. Get dressed and meet me outside.” And she walked out of the room, leaving him there kneeling on the floor, naked, with a big rubber cock still in his ass.

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