At the gym


At the gymGoing to gym 4 times a week in the mornings when it’s quiet, only a few people in the gym. Making it easy to do my workouts and not having to wait for the different machinery, and when i wanted to the tanning beds they were almost always epmty in the mornings. I became friends with the one of the gym’s handsome instructors Mark, who helps me with drawing up and changing my workouts every three months and shows me how to do the workouts correctly. I’ve known him for almost 2 years, he’s well built as you can imagine,  strong arms ripped chest, strong built legs. He’d often flirt with me saying hello sexy, how’s my sexy babe doing today etc, making me feel good about myself. Often flirting back with him as well.This particular morning, it was the last week of my 3 month program so while I was busy with my workout, Mark came to watch me, to see if I was doing all the exercise correctly. It was legs and abs illegal bahis day, so I was doing lunges, leg curls, leg raises, crunches, side cruches, leg lifts etc. While doing the leg curls, he placed his hand rather firmly on my leg just below my bum, “to check” if the weight I was using was correct. Nice and firm he said as I curled my legs. After finishing that I move to the leg raise where he now placed his hand on my upper thigh checking again. He moved around with me through my entire workout, flirting as I trained. I soon started to feel a little horny from all his nice flirtatious comments. After finishing my workout, we went to his office to check my BMI, weight etc. It was all good, he handed me my new workout which he had drawn up and sat next to me on the chair to explain all the exercises. Well going through it I unintentionally and unaware I place my hand on his leg, and felt his muscles. He looked illegal bahis siteleri up at me and this is when I realised where my hand was. He leaned in towards and our lips met. My hand moved up his leg and I started rubbing his cock. Once he was semi hard he stood up and told me to bring my gym bag and follow him. He lead me to the one tanning room making it look like he was setting up the sun bed, but closing the door behind us as we entered.I took off my shoes and pants while he did the same, by now he was fully hard. He picked me up entering his cock into my wet pussy as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He hands grabbing my ass as he started fucking me. I pulled his shirt up taking it off to see his muscular chest, he leaned me down, placing my back on the top of the sun bed and he thrusted fucking hard in and out of me, as I moaned from reaching climax, he covered my mouth so no one could hear my canlı bahis siteleri orgasm. Soon he was on the verge of cumming himself when he pulled out my pussy, putting me down back on my feet and started jerking himself off. He picked up the small dustbin in the room, I placed my hands around his waste and chest standing behind him as he shot his loading into it. He turned and kissed me before we got dresses and straightened ourselves out. Walking back to his office my phone rang, it was my hubby telling me he was on his way home, that he had to fly out tonight for a meeting tomorrow. I told him I’ll be home soon to help him pack. Once back in Marks office he handed me the new workout and he asked me if I’d like him to come by the house tonight, considering he heard i was going to be alone. I declined saying that this was great and i really enjoyed it but my daughter will be home with me tonight and it wouldn’t be a good idea. Which he accepted. He was a good muscular lay, and it only happened the one time, even though he wanted to come past to my house. He still trains me to this day and our training friendship became a bit stronger after this day.

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