Thanking Uncle John (Part 1)


Thanking Uncle John (Part 1)My beautiful young friend, Jeannie and I had just returned home from our first weekend together as lovers. At eighteen, Jeannie was the image of a healthy happy, confident young woman. She was a blue eyed blonde, barely 4’11” and I am sure she was under 90 lbs. She was and still is very fit, muscular and flexible from years of gymnastics. She was always so upset that she was mistaken for being much younger and at 18 she could easily pass for 14. She is the daughter of one of my best friends Beth, who happens to be a lover too. Jeannie, had been in my life since Kathy and I met and became lovers about 5 years ago earlier. Ever since we met, Jeannie had always called me Aunt Misty and my husband, Uncle John, although we were not related.John and I are both unapologetically attracted to women’s feet and foot play is always a huge part of our experiences. So when Jeannie decided she needed a way to thank John for his support and help with our weekend of exploration, we put together a plan to use her perfect little feet as the gift. Our plan had Jeannie coming over to our house just after John got home from work Monday, and she and I would tease John with our feet and she would get her first chance to have her feet worshipped by John. We also had a plan to convince John to go ahead with a thought we all three had discussed about having Jeannie join the two of us in a threesome. John and I were in swimsuits and relaxing by the pool when Jeannie arrived. She was just finishing a workout at the gym and then ran the two miles to our house. Jeannie looked as cute as I have ever seen her. She was wearing a runners style white ball cap, but once she saw John and me, she took it off and revealed that her long blonde hair was braided into two pigtails, each high on her head with pink bows just like she always wore when she was much younger. Her white tank top fit tightly over her tiny breasts and now that it was completely wet in her perspiration and the dark little circles of her hard nipples were obvious. The short pink running shorts had legs wide enough to partially expose her muscular round ass and finally a well worn pair of running shoes enclosed her tiny size 5 bare feet. I had enjoyed these same smelly shoes on our weekend trip and our plan was to not only give John the chance to enjoy them too, but to give them to him as a gift to enjoy later too. Jeannie quickly crossed the pool deck toward John squealing “Uncle John….” and he stood up to greet her. He always gave her a big hug when she arrived and today was no exception. He wrapped her in his arms and lifted her off the ground with his hug. As her toes touched back down, she stayed on her tiptoes and gave John a long tender kiss on the lips the first time she had ever kissed him on the lips. He was obviously a little surprised but did not pull away and when she finally broke away, she said, “Uncle John, thank you so much for all your help and your support. Aunt Misty and I had so much fun and I learned so much. It would never have happened without you and I am so grateful.””Sweetie, it was my pleasure. I am so happy for both of you and I love knowing that you and Misty Jo enjoyed yourselves and will be enjoying one another for a very long time. She is very lucky have have such a beautiful and sexy young lady like you as her lover,” John answered. “Now come give me a kiss too, Dirty Little Girl,” I said. She joined me on my chaise lounge chair and we kissed slowly, deeply, passionately and then I kissed my way down her warm sweaty neck. He moaned softly and I felt her whole body beginning to relax. I looked up at John who was watching intently as he saw for the first time, our young little friend Jeannie and me sharing an intimate moment and I could tell he definitely approved. I continued by having her lay on the chaise and he watched as my lips atakum escort and tongue explored all of the exposed bits of her hot glistening skin. I lifted her arm and nuzzled my face into the wetness of her armpit. The drops of perspiration were still forming from her run and I was in heaven in the warm, musky sweetness of smooth skin. I licked each droplet of perspiration away and swirled my tongue there long and slow. I now could hear both her and John moaning softly. I kissed and licked my way down her body slowly savoring the smell and taste and taking in every wonderful drop of sweat. I finally made it to her legs and then to the top of the beautifully fragrant shoes. I slowly pulled the lace on one of them and just as the bow released I turned to my foot fetish teacher, and husband and said, “Shouldn’t you help me with this part?” “Yes, please do Uncle John,” Jeannie moaned and lifted her other foot toward him.”Are you sure Sweetie?,” he asked. “Very, very sure, Uncle John,” she replied and he took his place next to me at her feet. I kissed my husband passionately and then we each started placing soft kisses on her ankles and each nuzzled our nosed against the hot muskiness of the top of her shoes. “Have you ever smelled anything so wonderful?” I asked.”I don’t think I ever have, they are delightful,” he responded. We both then slipped Jeannie’s heels from her running shoes and in unison we kissed and slowly licked our way up her wet wrinkled sole as we slid her shoe from her tiny foot. Jeannie was now moaning loudly and as I glanced up at her I could see that the fingers of one hand had disappeared down the front of her running shorts. John’s lips were beginning to wrap around her big toe and as he worked his magic, I took her shoe and covered his nose with it. He gasped and breathed in deeply and even stopped sucking her toe long enough to take a few more long breaths. John’s moans joined Jeannie’s in a chorus of enjoyment before he continued to just breath in the wonderful scent of her shoe as he watched me suck and lick her toes. I could tell he was struggling with two wonderfully sexy options, the shoe or the toes and finally he decided on the toes again and joined me in worshiping her tiny toes and feet. I looked up to watch my young lover looking down at us worshiping her toes and saw her bite her bottom lip as her hips started to rise and fall. John looked up at her too and I think that was too much for her. Her face and upper chest flushed bright red and I recognized the familiar shutter of her orgasm starting. She quivered and arched her back and we continued the assault on her feet. Her orgasm was long and strong and she continued to tease her wetness with her fingers so as to ride a long wonderful wave of pleasure. “I think she likes that,” John said.”Oh my God, I love this,” she responded. “And I want you both so badly.” John and I continued to lazily kiss and lick her toes and I said, “Well Babygirl, we have talked about that and we both want you too.””Really?” she squealed. “Really? When? Now?” she said as she kicked her feet free from us and quickly leaned forward to give me a deep passionate kiss. “Thank you Aunt Misty, thank you so much.” Breaking my kiss, she gave John an equally passionate deep kiss which he returned with a similar level of passion. The site of my beautiful sexy handsome husband kissing our gorgeous tiny teenage friend was deeply erotic and I knew we were all going to be lovers very soon. Their kiss finally ended and Jeannie said, “Wow, that was amazing! And thank you Uncle John. I want all of you and all of Aunt Misty too. I can’t wait to be your lover.””Well, I though we would make a plan to make that happen this weekend,” I said, “But judging from how excited you two are, and how excited that makes me, maybe we should do this tonight.””Yes, please, please, Aunt Misty, escort atakum can we?” Jeannie said.”If John is ok with it,” I responded.”Oh, I am definitely ok with it, but let’s make it a little more special than just running to the bedroom right now,” my romantic husband said. “Let’s have a date night and go out to dinner, and then we can come home and continue our date.””I think that is a good idea too,” I said. “Can you spent the night Babygirl?””I guess I can wait, if I have too,” Jeannie said with a pout. “And yes, I can spend the night. I am off work until Wednesday afternoon. So I am free all day tomorrow and tomorrow night too”I looked at John and he just smiled back at me, “I am way ahead of you. I will take off work tomorrow afternoon too. I have an early morning meeting I need to make, but can be home before noon.””Thank you Baby, I said. “How let me take you home to pack a bag, Jeannie.””Ok,” Jeannie said, as she stood up. John stood too and his level of excitement was obvious to say the least. His cock was rock hard and pressing against the fabric of his dark blue swimsuit. A huge wet precum stain circled the head of his cock too. Jeannie pressed her tiny body hard against his cock, holding herself there and squirming a bit and then slipped her wet fingers between his lips giving him his first taste of her pussy. “I can’t wait to feel that cock inside me Uncle John.””Just a few more hours,” he said and give her a long passionate goodbye kiss.Jeannie and I headed to the house so I could quickly change to drive her home. “Jeannie, you forgot your shoes, Babygirl,” John said holding her very well worn smelly running shoes in his hands. She stopped and turned to him, “Those are for you, Uncle John. Aunt Misty said you would like them and I would love for you to have them, if you want them.”He immediately lifted one of them to his nose and breathed in deeply. “Yes, Babygirl, I want them very badly and thank you so much, this is a wonderful gift.”John was already out of the shower and dressed when Jeannie and I got back with Jeannie’s bag. He looked especially handsome in jeans, a pink button down shirt, untucked of course, and tan sports jacket. His ass is so cute in jeans. Jeannie and I went to the master bedroom to shower and get ready for dinner. “Want to watch?” I said as as we went down the hall. “Love to,” he responded,” and he followed us down the hall with a glass of bourbon in his hand.He took a seat in our big upholstered chair with his feet propped up and watched as we undressed one another and he got his first in person view of Jeannie’s perfect, tight young body. I could see his jeans bulging already. We went hand in hand into the shower and I could see from the shower that he still had a nice view of us. I loved watching him watch us as I took Jeannie’s hair out of her pigtails and slowly washed it. She washed my hair too and we spent a few minutes rubbing our soapy bodies together and kissing, giving John a nice sexy show. We dried off and returned to the bedroom wrapped in towels. I dried my hair first and Jeannie sat on John’s lap and they kissed and cuddled as they watched me. The intensity of their making out was epic with lots of deep long kisses and John was licking and kissing her neck and ears. When my hair was dry, Jeannie dropped her towel and dried her hair too. We were just starting our makeup when I said, “Ok mister, show is over for now. We will be ready in ten minutes.””Ok, we have dinner reservations in 30 minutes, don’t be too long,” he said before giving us each a quick kiss and going out of the bedroom.We finished our makeup and each dressed in sundresses, John’s favorite and of course strappy heels. We were ready to go right on time and made the quick drive to the restaurant. It was one of our favorite and we were seated at a nice private corner booth with a long table atakum escort bayan cloth. Jeannie and I slipped John between the two of us and once seated we made sure he saw us each slip our dresses up to show him we were each wearing lace panties. The teasing started very quickly and as we drank our wine and ate dinner there was always a hand or two missing from the table and strategically place on someone’s leg or between their legs. Jeannie and I mercilessly stroked our hands over the hardness of John’s bulging jeans and he constantly had a finger to two stroking against the lace covering one of our wet pussies. Jeannie loudly gasped, “Oh my God,” the first time John touched her and it was just as the waiter was approaching the table. “I agree, that is amazing wine,” I said to slightly cover her outburst, but I suspect he knew what was happening. With dinner finished, Jeannie and I each ordered desert and although John declined desert, I ordered a large coffee with two espresso shots in it for him. “Misty Jo, you know that will keep me up all night,” he protested.With a wink and I tight squeeze of his cock under the table I said, “You are not going to be sleeping tonight anyway, Darling.” The waiter smiled and left and I excused Jeannie and myself from the table and we walked hand in hand to the restroom. Inside the restroom we primped a bit and once I was sure we were alone, I said, “Babygirl, slip off your panties. We should give John a little gift when we get back to the table.””Yes Ma’am,” she replied and just that quickly she was stepping out of them. They were soaking wet and after a quick sniff for myself, I clutched then tightly in my hand which completely concealed them. After a couple of quick kisses and a little lipstick repair we returned to the table.The deserts were waiting for us and John was already sipping his coffee when we returned to the table. After a quick bite for myself, I took a big bite of my chocolate ice cream and fudge cake and guided it toward John’s mouth. To oblige me, he opened wide and took the bite of desert, although his favorite desert is definitely getting his wonderful tongue on my wet pussy. “Isn’t that delicious?” I asked as I also watched Jeannie grip his hard cock through his tight jeans too. “Yes, very good,” he moaned. “I can’t wait for more.””Sorry Sweetie, I got some on your lip,” I said, and in an instant I was rubbing Jeannie’s wet panties on my husband’s lips, just under his nose like a napkin. He started to thank me, but when the wonderfully wetness of the panties touched his lips he paused mid sentence. And when I pressed them tight against his nostrils so that his breath was only drawing in the deliciousness of our young lover he shivered with excitement. John turned toward Jeannie and simply said, “Yours?””Yes, sir,” she replied and gave him the same shy but amazingly sexy smile I had seen for years.”We are done here,” John said.I stuffed the tiny wet panties in his jacket pocket and in an instant we were all three hand in hand in hand walking out of the restaurant. John tipped the valet as he handed him the ticket and the three of us cuddled as we waited for the SUV to be brought around. The valet driver opened the door for John and he took the driver’s seat and two other attendants opened the right side doors for us. But Jeannie and I both slipped into the backseat before John drove away. It was a quick ten minute drive home but we were barely out of the parking lot when I tossed Jeannie’s dress over the seat into John’s lap. Two blocks later, at a red light, I kissed my husband on the side of his neck, from the backseat, and dropped my dress in his lap too. As we turned into our neighborhood, Jeannie took my wet panties and pressed them against John’s face. John was as unflappable as I could imagine any man could be and despite our teasing he guided our SUV safely into our garage. The garage door was just closing when John opened the back door and offered his hand first to Jeannie and then to me. Fully dressed, my beautifully sexy husband led me, his naked wife, and our naked young friend into the house.

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