Cheated With Husband’s Black Friend


Cheated With Husband’s Black FriendI will not bore you with all the drama details when I caught my husband cheating with a co-worker two years ago. We went through all the human emotions. I almost left and divorced him, but he talked me into staying after he said he would do anything to keep the marriage together. I said, “Ok, you agree to let me come and go with no questions, no problems. You won’t know what I did, who I was with, where I went. I will not promise to remain faithful.” He agreed and the following Friday night after supper, I put on a hot outfit I bought during the day. It fit my body like it was sprayed on. Low cut, braless, open back, short skirt, and sexy. He saw me leave without a word. I did not know where to go so I drove around and found a nightclub and was admitted in free by the door guy.After dancing with several guys, drinking free drinks bought by them, I changed my mind about having sex with any of them and left alone. I chickened out. I felt as if I had paid hubby back by making him worry and think about my being out on the town alone. I went to a big store and shopped around just to kill time and then went home. He asked no questions, said nothing at all except that his buddy from the US Marine Corps was coming to visit tomorrow, Saturday, and stay until Monday. He had stayed in the military and was about to go to Japan for 3 years. He didn’t try to have sex that night and he slept late in the morning.I got up and peeled some potatoes for breakfast and remembered my husband said his friend was coming to visit. I vacuumed the living room and den and a guest room, put new towels in that bathroom, and got in the shower. I had just picked out what I was going to wear and put it on when the doorbell rang. Hubby had awakened and now in the shower so I answered the door.“Hi, I’m Deshaun.” a tall, muscular, very black man said. I had assumed my husband’s friend would be white so I zonguldak escort was surprised. “Yes, we are expecting you. Welcome.” and I moved back so he could come inside. “He is in the shower, should be right out. Hope you are hungry. I am making breakfast.” Deshaun did not have a handsome face but obviously was athletic. His muscles had muscles. Big shoulders, biceps,hands, thighs as big as my 25 inch waist. He looked sharp in his uniform. I felt his eyes on me as I prepared a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham, biscuits, coffee.During breakfast they talked about boring military stuff and then he went to his car and got his luggage and I showed him to his room. I saw in the mirror as I left the room he was staring at my ass. When I got back from the liquor store and grocery store with his brand of bourbon and two cases of beer, snacks, Deshaun was in “civies” he called his comfortable clothes. Sweatpants and muscle shirt looked hot on this muscular, very black man. He was polite and flirted in a respectful way telling my husband he had a trophy wife and he should be glad she is married. They started drinking and having a good time about noon and skipped lunch. I saw Deshaun lusting after me when my hubby wasn’t looking or busy opening more beer bottles.Both guys were feeling their beer when I had 5 t-bone steaks on our big smoker,grill about 3:00 pm. I had changed into my denium short shorts and a tube top since it was about 85 degrees outside. Hubby had gone to the bathroom in the hallway when I came inside and asked Deshaun how he liked his steak. He said smiling “like I like my women, hot, juicy, pink in the middle. Prime cut.” I laughed it off and said, “I take that to mean medium rare”” and he nodded. I went to the kitchen to make a tossed salad and check put baked potatoes in the microwave. My thoughts were interrupted when hubby called out for paper towels for a spilled escort zonguldak beer on the coffee table. I immediately began to soak up the spill and knew my legs and ass was inches away from Deshaun and imagined him wanting to grab me but couldn’t with hubby there. I knew I was being a tease and liked it.Back in the kitchen, I decided to treat myself to some tequila and sliced up a lemon. Deshaun came into the kitchen and said, “Ron is flipping the steaks, Oh, tequila huh? no girlie drink for you huh?” He got the can of nuts he came in there for and put his big hand,long fingers on my side as he passed between me and the worktable. I saw his black hand on my white skin and it aroused me. I am a country girl and had never dated a black guy or had any desire to. Oh sure, I thought some football players were hotties but never had any fantasies of being with a black guy. Interracial dating just wasn’t done in my small Texas town or our group of country, redneck friends. I had probably heard every racist joke on the planet at one time or another, but I was not a hater. I just stuck to my own race when it came to dating.The guys seemed to mellow out with stomachs full of steak dinner. Each had 2 t-bone steaks and I had one plus salad. A preseason football game was on tv and they watched it, then went out on the patio. I found myself cleaning up the kitchen and wondering if it were true about black guys being more “endowed”. I knew a girl in college who had a black boyfriend and she had said his was almost a foot long. I though she was exaggerating. She was my first Northern friend. She came from Michigan and had no reservations about dating a black guy. Wonder how she is doing now, I thought.I looked out back and they were wrestling around like little boys. I chuckled and soon they came inside and decided it was time for some bourbon. I knew my husband was not going to handle mixing the bourbon with zonguldak escort bayan all that beer, but you know how guys are. They toasted a jigger each had and gulped it down. I decided to take a shot of tequila myself. “Honey, have a shot with us!” my tipsy husband loudly said. I poured myself a jigger of tequila instead and went into the den and Deshaun said, “bourbon your ass, the lady has tequila. Maybe her clothes will fall off!” My husband stared at him and Deshaun quickly said, “You know man, the song! some song about tequila makes her clothes fall off.” My husband said, “Oh yeah, I hear that one. Cathy used to be a topless dancer, ya know, like in a stripclub. Where I met her 3 years ago.” I stared coldly at Ron for telling Deshaun about that. Of course Deshaun said, “Oh yeah, she sho nuf has the body for that.” Then he said, “Ron, I gotta see her tits man.”The silence was broken when Ron laughed loudly and Deshaun also laughed as I turned to go to the bedroom and leave these drunk assholes to themselves. “Oh come on babe, we didn’t mean to piss you off.” Deshaun joined in also and said, “Hey, a thousand pardons Cathy. I’m sorry.” Maybe it was the tequila shots or because Ron had made me mad when he told Deshaun I had worked clubs years ago, or maybe I was just wanting to tease more or because Ron said, “besides it would be up to her, I don’t mind if she shows you her tits.” I said,”No biggie, guys will be guys.” and walked back into the den in front of the sofa they were sitting on. I looked at both, then back to Deshaun whose eyes were getting wider. I took my hairclip off and my hair dropped down and I took my tube top and pulled it off over my head and shook my head so my hair would look wilder. Deshaun smiled from ear to ear as he gazed at my boobs, I moved over to Ron and pulled his head into my chest and rubbed his cheeks with my tits. I pinched my nips as I winked at Deshaun and told him to sit on his hands. He did and I rubbed my tits over his black face like I had just done with my husband Ron. Then, I bent over and picked up my tube top and put it back on and walked out of the room as both yelled “come on back!!! wow, nice, THANK YOU!”

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