Jack Ch. 02

“Lie back, I want to be inside you.” Derek looked at my apprehensively and I quickly tried to ease his fears. “It’s okay. I will use my fingers to show you. I won’t go any farther unless you ask me to.” I sighed when he visibly relaxed. “Okay,” he said. “I trust you, Jack.” I […]

Niala of the Flame

Niala loved the flames of the temple, the way that they flickered across the stone walls, exposing her path as she wound her way through the dark passages. Fire was sacred, the priestesses told her. Fire was life to man. Fire was to be treated with respect, to be kindled in the hearth and at […]

Ice Maiden Ch. 02

Here’s the next part of our summer encampment story. I think I was 23, and Sashi was 19 at the time… Now, an Eskimo tribe is a pretty free society, and I wasn’t shy about being nude: heck, everybody in our tribe has seen me naked and I have personal experience with many of the […]

Cousin Debbie Tries Anal

The story you are about to read is true and is recounted to the best of my memory. The names, for obvious reasons, have been changed. The events described happened nearly thirty years ago, before the Internet, before “Movie Taverns”, before AIDS. The youth of today don’t know what they’re missing. Drive-in theaters rocked. This […]

It Wasn’t Me

This story was difficult for me to write. Not because there’s violence or anger. I’ve done that before. Not because it’s dark, although it is. This isn’t the first thing I wrote that you weren’t supposed to giggle or rub your way through. It has the good v. evil struggle that some writers explore, although […]

Banana Boobs

In most cases, the pleasure you get from sex is proportional to the pleasure you give. So, if sex is not so good, look at yourself first. However, there was a woman in college I bedded who, despite my best efforts, defied that logic. I came to know her through a theater crowd but she […]


Unboarding the plane, I walk through the terminal with sweaty hands and a fluttery stomach. This isn’t something I normally do, and it’s not like me but I continue to walk behind the throngs of people exiting the plane. I keep my sunglasses on so that I can spot him before he can spot me. […]

Hot Easter Surprise – The Truth?

A collection of short stories about my mother-in-law and I, one of which actually happened! I’ll leave you to guess which one… (Obviously there’s no link between any of the stories) ***************************************** ***************************************** ***************************************** It had just gone 8pm on a Wednesday and I and my housemates had just finished having tea when there was […]

It was a Dream, Wasn’t It?

“Why do we have to go out with them?” I complained to Laura, my wife, “It makes me mad to see how he orders her around.” “First of all, Lisa doesn’t seem to mind how he talks to her. Secondly it’s none of your business how they conduct their relationship and third, she’s my friend. […]

Nasty Granny

It was a very hot day in Guatemala. The invisible God Sun was scorching relentlessly the arid land and the hapless citizens, who were running panic-stricken, desperately seeking a shady refuge. Even the dogs in the streets had withdrawn long time ago, lugging slowly their tired limbs, one after another, carrying away the burden of […]

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