punishment’enough is enough we are fed up getting calls from school saying you lot have misbehaved you are all old enough to know better its time to start behaving from now on there will be punishments you dad and i have been discussing this if you cannot behave then you will have to put up with the consequences punishment will include humiliation , the punishment and humiliation will get more severe each time you do something wrong starting today with you scot for trying to cheat on your exam your sisters can watch all punishments will be in front of the whole family scot i want you to go into the living room remove your clothes and bend over the dining table”you what mom i’m not stripping in front of you and my sisters or my dad you must be joking”no joke get in there the longer you take to do as you are told the worse your punishment will be do it now”dad please this is a joke isn’t it?”get in there strip and bend over the table’ kevin scots dad says thinking how he wishes it was one of his daughters instead bent over nude scot enters the living room and starts to remove his clothes’come on you girls and kevin lets go watch him strip’ sally scots mom saysscot takes his clothes off and stands with his hands in front of his genitals ‘take those hands away you don’t deserve any privacy’ sally says’but mom”no buts remove those hands put them on your head’scot puts his hands on his head and stand with his limp penis hanging down for his mom dad and sisters to see’turn around and bend over the table hands gripping the far edge legs spread apart’ scot bends over the table grabs the far edge spreads his legs a little’spread those legs further than that ‘ sally says ‘ we want to be able to see your penis hanging down while you get spanked”what no you can’t spank me i’m way to old for a spanking please don’t ‘ scot begs’then you need to learn to behave like you are older’ sally says’as this is the 1st offence we will start off easy only 10 spanks but be warned the next time any of you piss off your pop and i the punishment will be worse ”i think i should spank our son this time’ kevin says’ok then begin’ sally says a bit gutted as she wanted to get her hands on her sons tight ass cheekssmack ‘you should count them out son otherwise i might give you too many’ kevin says smack’ouch 1 2 ‘ scot sayssmack ‘3’smack smack smack’4 5 6 ouch please stop”next time i will use a slipper or a belt i may even go out and buy a cane ‘ sally says ‘ so don’t complain”7 8 9 10 ow please can i get up now ‘ scot asks’yes get up and stand in the corner with your hands on your head even if someone else comes in the room’ kevin answers’what who’s coming round no you can’t let anyone see me like this’ scot says standing in the corner’as far as i know no-one is coming round but if anyone does you stand there anyway’ kevin says’turn around and face the room ‘ sally says ‘and keep your hands on your head let me and the girls get a good look at you’scot turns and faces the room his face bright red from embarrassment his eyes wet from tears’please look how long do i have to stand here’ scot asks’this time just 10 minutes but in future for any of you it will be longer and whoever gets punished will do as they are told by any of the others here or any visitors that come in before during or after the original punishment ‘ sally says’but mom you can’t expect me or sarah to stand nude in front of strangers ‘ jane says’so you don’t mind standing nude in front of your family then ?’ kevin asks his daughter’of course i mind i really don’t want to stand in front of anyone nude thankyou very much’ jane says’then you need to behave yourselves then there will be no need for any punishments will there ‘ sally says ‘ and you should stop talking about being nude while your brother is standing naked in the corner look his cock is getting hard’ sally laughs’please mom is my time up yet please ‘ scot asks’looks like you are enjoying standing there nude son’ kevin says ‘your cock is hard now”please mom’ scot begs’i think thats long enough ‘ sally says so get dressed and go to your room you are grounded for 2 days all of you”but mom ‘ sarah says ‘ why are jane and i grounded we didn’t do anything”tough’ sally says ‘hopefully this will make you all think before you get in trouble anymore’jane sarah and scot all go up to their rooms ‘god thats made me horny should we have a quick fuck ‘ kevin says’oh yes and i think we should do it over the table ‘sally says stripping off then bending over the tableall went well for a couple of weeks but then there is a complaint about jane’ok so here we are again ‘ sally says scot sarah and jane are standing in front of their mom and dad in the living room ‘you were warned so now its your turn to be punished jane ‘ says kevin ‘take your skirt and shirt off”come on you can’t be serious in front of all you lot no’ jane says’it will only get worse for you if you don’t’ sally saysjane starts to cry and her face turns bright red but she removes her skirt 1st then her shirt stands in front of her brother sister mom and dad in just her underwear’scot you may remove janes bra ‘ sally says’no mom please’ jane begs ‘please let me take it off it fastens in the front”scot remove your sisters bra’ kevin saysscot stands in front of his sister and puts his hand between her tits fiddling with her bra catch he could do it easily but likes the feel of her tits on the backs of his hands he undoes the bra and pulls it off his sister her large tits bounce into view’wow nice tits sis’ scot saysjane puts her hands over her tits to cover them’no chance’ kevin says hands on your head let us all see your big titsjane puts her hands on her head they all stand there looking at her tits’now turn around and bend over the table’ kevin says ‘gripping the far side ‘jane bends over the table grabs the far side her perfect ass poking out for all to see’stay like that don’t move i’m going to pull down your panties’ kevin says with a smile on his face’dad no please let me keep my knickers on ‘ jane begs ‘no they come off now don’t move while your dad pulls them down’ sally sayskevin puts his thumbs into the waistband of his daughters panties and slowly pulls them down his thumbs running alanya escort down janes taught butt cheeks’lift your legs out of your panties then spread your legs keep them spread while you recieve your punishment’ kevin says’but dad”no buts young lady spread those legs and keep that ass poking out’ sally saysjane steps out of her panties and spreads her legsscot starts getting hard looking at his sisters tight cunt’this time there will be 15 strokes with my slipper count each one out loud if you forget or loose count we start again’ sally saysspaltt kevin brings the slipper down onto janes ass’ouch’ jane shouts ‘that hurt”its meant to and your forgot to count’ kevin says’1′ jane says’no we start again as you frogot that doesnt count’ sally sayssplatt’1 ouch please don’t’ jane sayssplatt’2 please it hurts please don’t i’m sorry”you will be sorry by the time we are finished maybe you will learn to behave’ kevin says’ 3 4 5 please no moremy ass really hurts please don’t ‘ jane says’10 more yet ‘ sally says ‘its a lesson that hopefully you will remember”6 please stop 7 please may i rub my butt”you may stand up and rub your ass but while you rub it you stand facing us so we can all look at your big tits and see your cunt’ sally says ‘and 1 more will be added to your punishment’jane stands facing her mom dad sister and brother while she rubs her sore ass’wow look at that bush ‘ scot sayssarah blushes and thanks god that its not her being punished she is getting a bit wet between the thighs seeing her sisters punishment’that’s a bush to be proud of’ sally says’i think thats enough now get back in position 9 more’jane bends across the table’don’t forget to spread your legs’ kevin saysjane spreads her legs and hands the slipper to scot’you can finish the punishment son”but dad please no its bad enough having you punish me its much worse when its my younger brother”get ready ‘ sally says ‘scot you may begin 3 on her ass 3 on each of her thighs i think’scot slaps the slipper down onto janes ass splatt splatt splatt’7 8 9 ouch please it hurts’ jane says’i think the ones on your thighs will be worse jane so steady yourself if you let go of the table and stand up then we start again’ sally sayssplatt splatt splatt 3 hard strokes onto janes right thigh’10 11 12 ‘ jane screams without giving her time to recover splatt splatt splatt onto her left thigh’13 14 15 please no more”thank your brother for helping punish you’ kevin says’thankyou scot for helping punish me please can i get up now”not yet stay as you are i want to feel your ass and thighs see if they feel as hot as they look they are glowing red’ kevin sayskevin runs his hands over janes butt squeezing her cheeks then runs his hands down her thighs’wow those are really smooth and warm’ kevin says ‘sarah come here and feel your sisters ass and thighs and remember it could be you next time’sarah runs her hands over her sisters ass and down her thighs they really are very smooth and warm she can’t help feeling jealous of her sister jane’s allways been the best looking one with the cracking figure ‘you really are the hot one today’ sarah says’jane get up stand in the corner facing the room legs spread hands on your head’ sally saysjane stands in the corner with her hands on her head’can i touch her tits mom?’ scot asks’you can touch her but remember if you get punished again in the future she can touch you if she wants ‘ sally saysscot doesn’t think about that just grabs hold of his sisters big tits squeezing and twisting her nipples’ouch get off you creep’ jane says cryingscot runs his hand down her front over her belly’no please stay away please don’t let him touch me down there’ jane begs as scots hand pushes betwen her legs feeling her cunt’she’s wet down here’ scot laughs pushing a finger up inside his sisters cunt slowly finger fucking her’don’t overdo it scot thats enough next time you can do more but let sarah have a little feel now’scot reluctantly pulls his finger out of his sisters cunt and stands back to let sarah stad in front of jane while no-one but jane is looking he puts the finger that was up janes cunt into his mouth , jane looks at him in disgustsarah takes hold of her sisters tits at least my tittys are bigger than yours but yours are much firmer she grabs janes nipples and twists them until jane squarks then lets go of her nipples and pushes a hand between janes legs and pushes 2 fingers up her cunt thrusting them in and out fingering her sister ‘wow your cunt is tight’ sarah says pulling her fingers out then wiping them on janes tits’sarah scot your dad has a hard cock i’m going to wank him off you can stay if you want or you can go to your rooms you are all grounded again for 3 days”i really don’t want to see that ‘ scot says going to his room trying ti cover his hard cock he’s going to wank himself off thinking about his sisters tight cunt wrapped around his fingersarah doesn’t say anything but stays in the room’you will be staying where you are jane’ kevin says ‘you can watch’sally gets on her knees in front of kevin undoes his pants and pulls them down kevins cock stands out fully erect pointing out for his wife and 2 daughters to see he steps out of his pants and stands in just his shirt in front of them’sit down i’ll sit next to you and give you a wank while the girls watch’ sally sayskevin sits sally sits next to him takes hold of his cock and starts wanking him off jane turns her head and shuts her eyes but sarah stares at her mothers hand wanking her dads cock’jane come here kneel between your dads thighs eyes open look at his cock while i wank it ”mom please no mom”get here or we get the slipper again’ kevin saysjane kneels between her dads thighs and watches as sally wanks him off’get closer much closer so you are almost kissing his cock’ sally says and keep your hands on your head ‘its your fault his cock is hard to begin with’jane shuffles closer sarah also moves closer to get a better look at her moms hand on her dads cocksally wanks kevins cock harder’oh yes keep it up i’m going to cum’ kevin says’jane open your mouthcatch your dads cum in your mouth”mom no thats disgusting he’s my dad please no”if any goes on the floor you will be licking escort alanya it up so open wide’ sally saysjane opens her mouth as her dads cock erupts cum shooting at her mouth she manages to catch most of his load in her mouth but some misses and hits her nose running down her face’good now you can stand in the corner for 15 minutes with your dads cum in your mouth and on your face you can swallow it if you like or you can spit it out after your 15 minutes its entirely up to you just don’t spill any on the floor or you will be licking it up’ sally saysjane stands in the corner’hands on your head legs spread you should know that by now’ kevin says reaching for his pants and pulling them onjane doen’t like the taste and doesn’t think she can stand with his cum in her mouth for 15 minutes without gagging so she swallows his load’dad she swallowed it ‘ sarah says ‘did you like that?’ ‘it was disgusting’ jane says’well you will get more if you don’t behave yourself ‘ sally says sally and kevin leave the room leaving just sarah watching jane , sarah scoops some of her dads cum off janes face with her fingers then pushes her fingers into janes mouth ‘suck dads cum off my fingers or i’ll call mom’ sarah smilesjane sucks her dads cum off sarahs fingers’swallow it’jane swallows sarsh grabs janes nipples and twists them hard making jane groan’don’t make too much noise mom and dad may come back to see whats wrong ‘ sarah twists and pinches janes nipples then lets go and sits down and stares at her sisters nude body until sally calls to jane to tell her her time is upnothing else happens for a few days then there is another complaint this time its about scot again he’s been swearing at tutors in college’strip and get down over the table legs spread’ sally saysscot knows better than to try to argue and bends over the table nude legs spread he jumps up as he feels a hand on his balls’get back down’ sally says squeezing her sons balls ‘otherwise you will get 20 strokes with your dads belt on your balls instead of your ass”please mom don’t please leave my balls alone please don’t touch them’ scot begs bending over the table’we have all seen your hard cock so its nothing for you to worry about ‘ sally says continuing to play with his balls scots cock soon gets hard he can’t help it with his balls being played with by his mom’jane would you like to give your brother a wank while he gets punished by his dad i seem to remember he wasn’t very nice to you while you were being punished’jane smiles and kneels down next to the table takes scots cock in her hand and starts wanking itkevin takes off his belt’10 from sarsh 1st i think scot count them all and no cumming if you get close then ask jane to stop wanking if you mess the floor up with your jizz you will be licking it up off the floor’ sally sayssarah takes her dads belt and starts laying into scots ass not holding back as she knows whe will be grounded again and she hasn’t done anything wrong ‘1 2 3 4 please stop wanking me jane i’m about to cum 5 6 7′ jane stops wanking scots cock’8 9 10 please stop it hurts’ scot begs’thank both of your sisters ‘ kevin says’thankyou ‘ scot says crying’for what’ sally asks’thankyou sarah for punishing me thankyou jane for wanking me”thats better’ kevin says ‘can you take anymore wanking yet without cumming ?”uh yes i think so”ok so now jane will use the belt and your mom will wank you off ask her to stop if you think you are about to cum’ kevin sayssally kneels next to her son takes his hard cock in her hand and starts wanking him off’5 across his thighs jane’ kevin says’11 12 13 14 15′ scot screams they really hurt on his thighs’please mom stop wanking me i’m getting close mom’sally stops wanking her son and stands up’sarah do you want a go at wanking your brother ?’ kevin asks ‘if you do get ready to catch it in your mouth if he cums’sarah kneels next to scot puts her head in front of his cock take hold of his cock and starts wanking him off’tell your sister when you are going to cum’ kevin says’so she can get it all in her mouth”please i’m so close please i’m going to cum’ scot says’the last 5 are going on your balls if you move we start from 1 again with your cock being wanked’ sally says as scot cums in his sisters mouth sarah swallows his hot jizz’16 ‘ scot screams as sally brings the belt down on his balls ’17 18 19’ tears streaming down his face ‘grip that table hard the last ones going to be harder ‘ sally grinswhack the belt comes down hard on scots balls ’20’ scot creams his voice going really high’now stand in the corner hands on your head facing us’ sally says’did you like your mom and sisters wanking your cock ?’ kevin asks’no its really embarrasing ‘ scot says’well you must have enjoyed it a bit for you to cum’ says kevin ‘keep those hands on your head or we start the punishment again’kevin reaches out and takes hold of his sons balls ‘please dad no thats not right please don’t they are really sore”i know son i’m rubbing them better for you ‘ kevin grins giving scots sore balls a little squeeze scot groans but his cock starts to twitch’son i’m just trying to rub your balls better but if your cock gets hard while i’m rubbing your balls i will wank you off in front of your mom and sisters’ kevin says gently squeezing scots balls againscot can’t help himself even though his balls are sore and his cock is tender it starts to grow while his dad is playing with his ballskevin keeps rubbing his sons balls and starts wanking scots cock with his other hand ‘keep those hands on your head thrust your cock forward for me ‘ kevin says wanking scots cock harder’please no i don’t like this ‘ scot says’your cock does now come on thrust it out a bit for me , when you are about to cum ask me to make you cum okay’kevin wanks scots cock harder squeezing it and twisting his hand around everytime his forward stroke reaches the head of scots cock’please dad make me cum’ scot sayskevin stops wanking scots cock’who wants scots cum in their mouth this time ? any takers or should i make him eat it himself?’ kevin asks ‘please dad no not that’ kevin begs’i’ll take his cum in my mouth’ sally smiles kneeling between her sons legskevin starts wanking scot again’tell your alanya escort bayan mom when you are going to cum’ kevin says’please please i’m so close i’m going to cum mom’ scot groans and cums sally opens her mouth as he shoots his load straight down her throatscot groans again as sally licks and sucks on the end of his cock’now i’m going to strip and your dad is going to fuck me over the table scot will be watching its up to you 2 girls if you want to stay and watch or not’ sally says’uh thats not something i really want to see’ jane says thinking about going to her room and rubbing her clitsarah says nothing as her mom strips off and bends over the table she’s jealous of her moms figure as well even that is better than hers’can i play with scot while you 2 fuck’ sarah asks’of course scot keep your hands on your head let your sister do what she wants and keep your eyes on your dad fucking me’sally sayskevin strips his cock standing out rock hard he stands behind sally and pushes his cock up her wet cuntsarah stands next to scot and takes hold of his cock’please sis its sore ‘ scot begs’its ok i’ll be gentle ‘ sarah says as she reaches behind scot with her other hand and starts rubbing his red asskevin thrusting his cock in and out of sallys wet cunt faster and fastersarah looks into scots eyes as she pushes a finger up his asshole’please sis no please he begs’ his cock getting hard again in her handsarah starts fucking his asshole with her finger and wanking his cock with her other handkevin groans and shoots his load up sallys cunt making her cum as she feels his cum inside herkevin pulls his cock out’wow that was good ‘ he says bending down and kissing sally he grabs his clothes and leaves the roomsally stands in front of scot still nude while sarah wanks scots cock’if you cum catch it in your hands then lick that cum off your hands and swallow it ‘ sally says’please mom no please not that’ scot begs’then don’t cum or ask sarah to stop wanking you off’ sally grinssarah pushes a 2nd finger up scots asshole finger fucking him with 2 fingers wanking his cock harder’please sarsh stop wanking me off ‘ scot begs ‘but your cock is really hard you must be enjoying this ‘ sarah says’remember he can get his own back if you misbehave ‘ sally says to sarahsarah wanks scots cock harder thrusting her fingers deep up his assscott groans takes his hands off his head and catches his jizz in his hands’lick your hands clean then thank sarah for wanking you off’scot licks his cum off his hands and swallows gagging as the hot sticky cum slips down his throat’thankyou sarah for wanking me off”now sarah go to your room’ sally says ‘ you better wash your hands 1st”put your hands back on your head scot’ sally saysscot puts his hands on his headsally takes hold of scots cock scot tries to pull back but his back is to the wall so he can’t get away ‘i can feel some of your dads cum dribbling out of my cunt ‘ sally dips her other hand between her legs and scoops up some of kevins cum then holds the hand in front of scots face’lick up your dads cum ‘ she says’no mom thats disgusting”thats the point now lick it up i’m going to keep wanking your cock until you lick all that cum off my hand ‘ sally starts wanking scots cock fast scots cock is really sore now so he can’t take it he puts his tongue out and starts licking his dads cum off his moms handsally lets go of scots cock ‘good boy that wasn’t too bad now was it , now i’m going to sit down you are going to kneel between my legs and suck your dds cum out of my cunt”please no mom’sally takes hold of his cock again’well i’m going to keep wanking you off until you agree your choice son”please mom i’ll do it mom”do what ?”i’ll suck dads cum out of your cunt mom”good boy’sally lets go of scots cock sits down with her legs spread scot kneels between her legs and starts licking around her cunt’i’m sure thats not the 1st cunt you have licked son push your tongue up inside me suck on my cunt get all that cum out’scot pushes his tongue up inside his mothers cunt sucking on her sloppy wet hole sally reaches down and starts frigging her clit while scot sucks and licks on her holesally plays with her nipples with her other hand while she rubs her clit loving the feel of the tongue in her cunt’you should feel lucky your dad didn’t fuck me up the ass son’ sally smiles and cums with her sons tongue in her cunt’that was good now you can get up son’scot stands up his cock is hard again’oh son it looks like you enjoyed that’ sally laughs’no i really didn’t he says”your cock says you did wank it off for me be quick i need to start cooking dinner stand in front of your mom wank your cock as fst as you can aim for my tits ask me nicely if you can cum before you cum okay’scot starts wanking his cock fast’faster faster’ sally says ‘keep going faster faster faster keep going’scot groans ‘please mom can i cum on your tits mom please”yes and when you do you can lick it off’ sally smilesscot groans and cums on his moms tits just as kevin enters the room again’thats a lot of cum boy’ he grinsscot bends down and licks his cum off his moms tits ‘suck on her nipples as well son’ kevin saysscot sucks on his moms nipples ‘i think thats enough’ sally says ‘ we don’t want him getting hard again stand in the corner facing the room with your hands on your head ”looks like you need taking care of again’ sally says to kevin she gets on her knees ‘watch me while i suck your dad off son try not to get hard again’sally takes kevins cock in her mouth licking around the head then sucking hard on his cock taking it deep into her mouth so it tickles the back of her throat she has a lot of practice sucking his cock so doesn’t gag on his hard shaftkevin takes hold of the back of her head and thrusts forward fucking her throat’next time you do anything wrong my cock will be in your throat son’ kevin says to scot as he shoots his load straight down sallys throatsally stands up licking her lips ‘stand in the corner for 20 minutes son and think about being good in future’sally and kevin leave the room and go inti the kitchen ‘i’m really hoping sarah does something wrong soon ‘ kevin says ‘ i really want to see her in the nude ”she is a bit on the chubby side not like the other 2 or me ‘ sally says ‘should be interesting those tits of hers are really big maybe we could use the cane on her tits’ sally smiles’i like the way you think maybe cane her tits while she sucks on my cock’ kevin grins

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