Turning on her side to look at him as he sleeps, her lips turn up in a sensual, knowing smile as she traces a finger along his jaw line barely touching his skin. The feather touch moving to his neck as she leans in to place a soft kiss on his cheek..moving her lips in […]

Bound Seduction

The tube train rumbles and clatters around me. Absently, I smooth the fabric of my dress over my lap, and feel the bumps of the suspenders holding up my stockings. I smile to myself, a little thrill of delicious wickedness wriggling in my belly. I steal a glance at a clutch of my stony faced […]

Bootycalled by McDreamy Pt. 02

Note: Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on my first story! To those waiting for the story with my professor, it’s still coming I promise! Unfortunately things didn’t pan out with him quite as I had hoped, so that story will be more fantasy than reality. In the meantime I figured I’d jot down […]

Bobby , Jilly Ch. 4

Jilly’s boss, Mike, had a big veiny cock. Mike’s wife Mary was scared to look at it, she thought it was so ugly. She loved to have Mike’s cock corkscrewing up into her hot cunt, but the sight of his great horse-cock frightened her. She wouldn’t lick or suck Mike’s dick except with her eyes […]

Blowjob Contest Ch. 06

The medium plug was a success, well… after it was done right, anyway. Rachel woke up wondering if her ass would be sore from the evenings ‘practice’. She was pleased to find it wasn’t. No ill effects hampered her even after the horrible pain she felt when Julie went too fast. Rachel was on track […]

Blind Choice

Michelle did exactly as she was instructed and was sitting on an ottoman in the middle of a hotel suite naked, save a black cotton blindfold over her eyes and black knee socks. She’d dreamt and fantasized about this very moment for years. Tonight she was finally going to be with him for the first […]

Black Lace and Sweat Ch. 02

I realize that it has been a few years since I promised this sequel, and I do apologize. I hope that you enjoy. ***** Pulling into the drive, Terry shook her blond head, trying to clear away the last of the cobwebs still clogging her thinking. Her mind ran back over the events the events […]

Birthday Wishes

I pumped my vibrator deep into my wet cunt. I was dreaming of the one man I wanted, but couldn’t have. “Oh God Tony,” I told myself, “Fuck me just like that.” I’ve been talking to Tony for mouths now. I wanted him so bad I could almost feel him here with me. The one […]

Birthday Celebration

It was the morning of my eighteenth birthday. I was laying in bed being lazy, only half-listening to the movement downstairs. My folks were busy decorating the house for the big party later that night. I turned over, hoping to fall back sleep. I started thinking about my best friend, Joe. I’ve known him for […]

1925 Modern Gloria

“Gloria, what am I going to do with you?” “What do you mean Mom?” “Another new dress, you just bought one last month.” “Mom, it’s 1925, it’s modern times, I’m 18, working and making a good salary.” “I know honey, I just don’t want to see you spend all your money, and before you get […]

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