Sweet but Naughty Part 3


Sweet but Naughty Part 3Tara has a training for her job today and since I have I day off, I decided to go with her. We are sitting in the last row of the classroom. I get a little bored and decide to take advantage of the desks, which are covering legs perfectly. I just “disappear” kneeling myself below the table.I slowly spread Tara’s legs with my hands. It’s teasing me a lot seeing she is not wearing panties below her short dress. She smiles at me, runs with one hand trough my hair, while the other one takes notes on the desk. She rubs my face along her thighs and I lick and kiss them gently. Then she spits some saliva on her hand and rubs it along her pussy lips. I can’t tell if she does it for herself or to tease me even more. I kiss my way up her thighs closer to her pussy as she smacks her warm pussy a little. Tara tries to focus on the class, though she wants more. She grabs my head and guides faster towards her pussy. When my lips are on pussy, she beginns to move my head up and down and I immediately stick out my tongue to lick her sexy lips. I get really horny seeing, smelling and tasting her juicy slit. Tara sits on the edge of the chair now, pushing my head even closer towards her pussy and grinding against my face slowly while she still tries to pay attention to the teacher. I suck her pussy greedy shoving my tongue deep inside and making it as hard as possible, so she can ride on it. My cock gets so hard meanwhile that I can’t help but open my pants to let my cock out. She smirks and whispers, “Mmm stroke that cock for me baby.” So I do while eating her juicy pussy. We are both so excited doing it in public with people so close to us. It takes a lot of selfcontrol to not moan. Then I just have another naughty thought. I remove her shoes and place her bare feet tuzla escort bayan around my cock. We smirk at each other and of course she gets my idea right away and starts stroking my cock slowly with her feet. I fuck her with my tongue and align my pace to the one of her feet. As she strokes me faster, I tongue fuck her faster. Being scared someone might listen us, Tara decides to communicate with her pen and paper, writing me a note which reads: Ahh your naughty slut is gonna cum hard in your mouth! I answer her message by sucking her pussy really hard, flicking my tongue so fast against her pussy walls till she comes in my mouth. A lot of juice dripping down her thighs, which she sqeezes against my head while she orgasms. I rub my face on her wet thighs and suck her juices greedy, licking her all clean.She relaxes and then continues stroking my cock with her feet, leaving me another message on paper: Cum for me too baby (: . I wonder if she wants me to cum on her feet, so I whisper, “Where?” She points on the chair next to her and I take a seat there. She wraps her hand around my hard shaft and starts stroking me really hard. As quiete as possible I moan in her ear, “Mmmm I think there is a lot of cum for you.” She strokes me even faster and answers, “Mmm let me see.” I bite my lips to stay silent, looking at her, my eyes telling how close and horny I am at this point. She “accidently” drops her pen and gets under the table smirking at me and starting to fuck my cock with her mouth really intense. I grab the pen and write: Fuck I’m gonna cum baby! She smiles so much, because she loves it when I am cumming for her. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, while she grabs my cock and strokes it so rough! It just takes less than a minute till I cum on her tongue escort tuzla so hard that it’s squirting in her mouth. She swallows my load like a good girl and gently licks me clean.After class is over and we reach home Tara gets some strawberries and whipped cream and brings it to the bedroom. Having the feeling I am not the only one who wants more, I strip off my clothes slowly, giving her a nice show. “Mmmmm yes just like that baby” she says and then takes her clothes off for me as well. I lick my lips as I watch her, “Mmm so erotic” She throws her dress to me. I catch them and sniff on them deep, loving to smell her. Then she takes a strawberry and puts some whipped cream on the tip and licks off the cream seductively while looking at me. “Mmmmm so sexy” I moan and stroke my cock imagining how her tongue would lick the head of my cock. “Mmm good boy. Stroke that cock for me baby.” she says while she flicks the strawberry against her nipples. I keep stroking my cock getting all hard by watching her, “Mmmm I am so horny already for you again.” “Mmmm hehe I love teasing you till you get so hard for me.” she says and brushes the fruit now along her pussy lips and clit. Once she gets wet, Tara slides the strawberry inside her pussy. My jaw drops and I get even more horny, stroking my cock faster and harder. She gets so turned on seeing me being so horny for her and rubs her clit as fast as I stroke my cock, “Mmmmm I wanna come on this berry and let you eat it before you fuck me hard.” “Fuck I want that baby!” I answer and walk towards her to suck her tits while we masturbate for each other. “MMMMMM babyyyyy ohhh fuuuuck” Tara moans louder and rubs faster as she cums so hard, her juices being all over her hand, pussy and thighs like someone spilled a glass of water. “Time to eat tuzla escort now baby” she smiles while I kneel down to suck her juices till her pussy is releasing the strawberry right into my mouth, “Mmmm this is so delicous! …and now it is time for something bigger inside you. I want you to kneel on the bed for me. now.”She does as told, “Ohh what are you gonna do with me? Surprise me.” I tell her to close her eyes, then I brush my hard cock along her lips, then rubbing it against her cheeks. Then I walk around her, smacking her butt and rubbing my cock along her pussy lips. “Mmmm so you wanna fuck my little pussy? Make me scream” she says with a big smile. “Yes, I need that pussy so badly” I answer while I slide my cock inside her wet pussy, then grabbing her big tits and squeezing them as I start fucking her. “Mmmm oh yes baby fuck me, fuck your little naughty slut. I want this so badly too! Stretch my little pussy. Mmmm I want you to keep fucking me every day.” I fuck her harder as she talks dirty, “Mmmm I love fucking you so much” I wanna fuck you every single day!” I push her body a bit down so she goes on all 4. I hold her waist and fuck her even harder and faster, letting her feel how much I want her, “Ahhhh I’m so fucking horny for you!” “Mmmmmm baby you gonna make me come! I will hold it in though and let you fuck me more!” “Mmmm you don’t need to wait too long, I’m getting close too!” “Mmmm lets cum together!” “Mmmmm yessss Taaraaaaaah!” “Ahhhhhhhhh of fuuuuuck Aleeeexxx I’m cumming!” “Ahhh yes I’m cumming too Taraaaa!” “YES cum into my juicy pussy Alex!” I moan so deep and Tara screams as we are coming together. Then she grabs my neck and pulls me around to kiss me so deep and passionately.We lay down and cuddle. “You are all mine Alex.” “Yes I am Tara. And you are mine.” “Yes I am yours. Property of Alex.” “Oh that sounds amazing Tara.” We kiss each other before we fall asleep.Please let me know if you like it : )If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know in the comments below : )

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