My Perverted Family: 1. Bella’s Story


My Perverted Family: 1. Bella’s StoryMy named is Todd. I am a forty-five years old divorcee, and I love sex. I have known since early puberty that I was addicted to sex. My virginity was taken by my cousin, Sandy at a young age. She helped me learn the intended use of my cock. Sandy introduced me to a whole new world. My dick started getting hard all the time after my brief encounter with Sandy. I started playing with the damn thing night and day. It fascinated me to no end. And another thing, I am also intrigued with is the female breast. My mother told me she had a hell of a time weaning me from her breast. Now that I think back, I am sure Mom enjoyed me sucking her nipple as much as I enjoyed doing it. I think she had orgasms when I nursed. She used to pop her tit in my mouth any time I became fussy or hungry. Even today I am easily calmed with a tit in my mouth. Well, enough about me, let me tell you about the rest of my perverted family.I seem to have come from a long line of sexually addicted relatives. Each of them has their own story, but let me start with my Aunt Isabella (Bella for short). She was a gorgeous young woman with a body that screamed come fuck me. She knew exactly what she had, and I later learned she enjoyed sharing with others. I always knew I was attracted to Aunt Bella, but I was too young to understand the attraction until one day I overheard a conversation between my Aunt Bella and my Mother.Aunt Bella’s car was parked in our drive when I got home from school. It was two weeks before Thanksgiving, so I knew my Mom and Aunt Bella were working on the menu for the big family Holiday get-together. I am hungry as usual when I get home from school and needed something to eat. As I neared the kitchen, I heard what sounded like an argument between Aunt Bella and my Mom. They were seated at the kitchen table sipping wine. They didn’t see me, so I sat on the floor out of site just outside the kitchen. What I heard opened my eyes to a lot of things.“Bella, I am warning you one last time, leave my husband alone,” Mom shouted.Aunt Bella just snickered at Mom and took another sip of wine. I guess I need to tell you that Aunt Bella is my Dad’s older Sister. She is about four years older than my Mom, and you would think she was Mom’s sister instead of Sister-in-law. The way the two of them continuously go at one another, it’s easy to see them as Sisters. It is like a full-blown sibling rivalry with them. They seem to compete with each other over everything. I am about to learn just how far that rivalry really goes.“I am serious, Bella. You got to fuck Ben all through high school and college,” my Mom pleaded. “He’s mine now, and I would appreciate you not taking advantage of his loyalty to you.”“Whoa…wait a minute,” I say to myself. Did my Mom just say that Aunt Bella had been fucking my Dad, Aunt Bella’s little brother, all through high school and college? I wanted to jump in and ask questions at this point, but I knew that this was the wrong place and time for me to make my presence known. I bit my tongue and continued to listen.“Is LOYALTY what you call it now? I would say it’s more about his need for a really good blowjob,” Aunt Bella countered.“Ben has never complained to me about how I suck his cock,” Mom replies and then asks, “Why would you think your blowjobs are better than mine?”“No…Ben would never complain about your blowjobs, but he IS constantly telling me my blowjobs are the best he has ever had,” Bella brags.“What the hell is so special about your blowjobs?” Mom screamed.”I’ll never reveal my secret, but I would suggest that practice is a key to much of my success when it comes to pleasing a man’s cock,” Aunt Bella laughed.“Yes…I’m well aware of the experience you have gained over the years. I understand dating all the way back to your early teens; you and your Sister, Savannah, have sucked just about every cock in this County.”“We did have an exciting c***dhood,” Aunt Bella agreed, “Everyone knew about the Caldwell Sisters and our ability sucking cock.”“Oh…and don’t forget your skill at licking pussies,” my Mom added.“Yes…we are good at that also,” Bella answered. “And you still can’t seem to resist my tongue on your sweet pussy either.”“Shut the fuck up, Bella.”“And…Let’s not forget I am not the only one here with a magical tongue, Honey”, Bella sarcastically counters. “When I think of how quickly your tongue can bring me to orgasm, I get all wet and tingly down there.”“Shut up…Bella! My son is due home any minute,” My Mom cautioned.Oh my, God, I think to myself. I can’t believe what I am hearing. My Dad and his sister have been fucking since high school. My Aunt Bella and Aunt Savannah grew up sucking the cocks of just about every man in the county. Not only that, my Mom has had her pussy licked by Aunt Bella; probably more than once. And to top it all off, my Mom has licked Aunt Bella’s pussy as well. They all apparently like licking pussies. My head feels like it is going to explode. I start to sneak away to my room to spank my monkey, but I hear my name mentioned.“Speaking of your sexy young son, Todd,” Aunt Bella says, “he would be the perfect person for you to practice your oral skills on. I’m sure he would love to have his mommy suck his cock when all those teenage hormones start attacking his young body.”“Damn it, Bella, I told you to shut up. Todd will be home any minute now, and I don’t want him hearing your sick remarks.”“Sick remarks?”, Aunt Bella shouts. “If you are referring to the i****t aspect, then I have to remind you that i****t has been a prominent part of this family for generations, and i****t is nothing new to you either.”“What are you implying, Bella?”“I’m not implying anything. I am stating a fact. I remember Ben confiding in me that you once admitted to him that you had sex with your brother as a teenager and then later on with your Daddy. You cannot convince me that you do you not still have i****tuous desires? I know from experience those desires don’t just go away. I find it very hard to resist my desires to have sex with my brother, and yes I did also fuck my Daddy and still do on occasion.”“Well, I’m not you,” Mom countered, “I am not obsessed with i****t like your whole family seems to be.”“Come on, Marilyn, you are not going to tell me that you have never once thought about sucking your son’s cock or wondered what it would feel like sliding deep into your wet pussy?”At this point, I lose control and shoot off in my pants. My jeans are full of cum, and my head is full of visions of my Mom taking my cock deep into her throat. I have always thought of my Mom as beautiful and sexy, but I had never visualized having sex with her. Now, I can’t get this new vision out of my mind.Mom doesn’t sivas escort answer, so Aunt Bella prodded her more saying, “Come on, Marilyn, you know damn well you have entertained the thoughts of having sex with Todd.”I hold my breath and wait for my Mom to answer. She doesn’t say anything, and Aunt Bella shouts, “Go ahead and admit it. You would love to take Todd’s cock in your mouth and suck his cum down your throat. I know I would certainly love to taste his young cock. Go ahead and admit you would also! You know you have thought about that, and I am not going to stop pestering you until you own up to your real desires.”Mom sat there a minute before finally saying under her breath, “Yes, I have thought about it.”“What’s that? I can’t hear you,” Aunt Bella shouts.“Yes, I have thought about it,” Mom says a little louder.“Thought about what, Marilyn? Come on, say it so we can hear it. What have you thought about doing with your son? Speak up loudly, and clearly, so we can all hear you; getting it all out in the open is healing. You will feel much better once you actually admit it.”“Okay…Okay,” Mom shouts. “I admit that I have often thought about sucking Todd’s cock and I have wondered what his cock would feel like stretching my pussy! Are you satisfied now?”I heard what my Mom said, but I don’t believe I really understood it. I can’t breathe. I can hear my heart drumming in my ears. My jeans were already full of my sticky cum from my last orgasmic explosion a minute or two ago, but now my cock is even harder and throbbing and threatening to blow another load in my pants.”Oh, Marilyn. You got me all wet talking about sucking Todd’s cock. I am so wet thinking about his young cock right now, you better hope I don’t suck him off before you do,” Bella mockingly laughed. “Otherwise you might have two men in your family preferring my blowjobs over yours!””Damn it, Bella, you leave my husband AND my son alone! I am serious about this; more serious than I have ever been.”That’s all I can take for now. My Mom just admitted she thinks about sucking my cock and fucking me, and now my Aunt Bella just threatened to suck my cock before my Mom does. This has to be every teenage boy’s wet dream, but it’s more than I can take at the moment. I rush to my room and masturbate ferociously. My hand is going ninety miles an hour as I visualize my Mom taking my cock deep into her throat. I fire off a stream of cum that travels the length of my bed and lands on the wall. That stream is followed by two more that don’t travel as far. The vision of my Mom and my Aunt fighting over who is going to suck my cock pops into my head. My cock is still hard, so I start round two of my masturbation marathons. By dinner time my cock is so raw, I can barely touch it to take a leak.Two weeks later my perverted family gathers for our Thanksgiving celebration, and I am still going strong with daily masturbation sessions. My cock has adapted to the more frequent beat-off sessions and is not as raw as it was weeks ago. I have enough fantasy material to last me a lifetime, but still, I find myself curiously looking at my big sister, Amy and wondering what it would be like having her suck my cock. I am turning into a hardcore pervert, and it is starting to concern me.There was a lot of drinking going on at our Thanksgiving celebration. The liquor was freely flowing. However, no one seems to be drunk, but all were feeling no pain. I observed Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers, and Sisters sneaking feels of each other’s private parts. I witnessed several kinsfolks squeeze my Mom’s breast and fondle her sexy little ass. That included both male and female relatives. Mom would just giggle when they caressed her and act as though it was nothing. I even witnessed in-laws getting in on the lustful activities. I am amazed it did not turn into a sex orgy. Come to think of it, some people would disappear for a while and then return in a much more jovial mood. I suspect a lot of quickie blowjobs and pussy licks took place that day.Now that I think about it, I remember Mom going down into the cellar with Uncle Tommy to get a case of whiskey. They were down there much longer than it should have taken to grab a case of whiskey and haul it up the stairs. When they did return, and Mom’s hair was mussed, and her face was all flushed. Mom’s lipstick needed refreshing, and Uncle Tommy couldn’t seem to reposition his cock comfortably. Mom kept tugging at her panties like they were maybe sticking to her crotch. For a fleeting moment, I visualized her panties as being full of Uncle Tommy’s cum. My cock started getting hard again, so I quickly dismissed that thought.When the quests were, leaving Mom called me into the kitchen and asked if I could help Aunt Bella and Uncle Harry with their Christmas decorations. Uncle Harry can’t climb ladders anymore. They usually go all out with their decorating. It is going to take several days to complete the work, and they agreed to pay me for my help and also let me stay at their house until the task was complete. I agreed and excitedly rushed to my room to pack an overnight bag. I get hard just thinking about being around my sexy Aunt Bella for the next few days.When I returned to the kitchen, I overheard my Mom say in a firm tone,” I mean it, Bella, don’t touch my son. When the time comes for him to be introduced to sex, I will handle that responsibility myself. Do I make myself clear, Bella!”“Okay!” Bella whined. “I still think it’s time for the boy to get a proper blowjob. One that will show him what sex is really about. I saw him ogling all the tits today, and I think he is ready.”“I got it covered, Bella. When I think the time is right, I will give him a blowjob that will make a lasting impression”, my Mom assured.It was after dark when we got to Aunt Bella’s home. My hard cock had throbbed all the way to her house. I couldn’t wait to get a little privacy so I could jack-off and relieve the pressure. We were all still full from our Thanksgiving feast, so Uncle Harry put some water on for hot chocolate. I went to change into my pajamas as did Aunt Bella. I also took time to drain my balls of the cum that had accumulated throughout the day. When Aunt Bella returned to the den, she was wearing a long cotton nightshirt that came down to mid-thigh. She was barefoot and apparently not wearing a bra. I could see her nipples harden occasionally. Her large breast would also jiggle and bounce with each step. I looked over to Uncle Harry to see if he would object to how she was dressed in front of me. He didn’t seem to pay any attention to her nightwear. I guess when you get Uncle Harry’s age, pussy is not the most important thing on your mind.Aunt Bella saw me look escort sivas to Uncle Harry for his reaction to her attire. She seems to know I was looking to see if Uncle Harry approved. When I looked back at her, she smiled and winked. I could feel my cock starting to harden again. I quickly plopped down in an over-stuffed chair and waited for Uncle Harry to serve the hot chocolate. Aunt Bella sat on the end of the sofa across from me. She folded her legs under her and to the side as she leaned on the armrest of the couch. She looked me squarely in the eyes, smiled, stealthy lifted one leg and gave me a quick glimpse of her bare pussy. I almost spilled my hot chocolate in my lap. That would have been a real disaster because it would have drawn attention to my hard cock that was fighting to get out of my pants. Aunt Bella found the whole thing amusing.Every once in a while, when Uncle Harry wasn’t looking, Aunt Bella would flash me again and wink. My hard cock was aching so bad I finally had to excuse myself for bed. Aunt Bella playfully asked if I needed her to tuck me in. Uncle Harry told her to stop treating me like a baby. I fled to my bathroom, and within seconds I exploded into the sink. There had to be at least a cup of cum pour out of my cock. I peered at myself in the mirror and jacked off three more times before I cleaned up the mess and went to bed. I fell asleep dreaming of Aunt Bella crawling into my bed and smothering me with her naked tits.When I came down for breakfast the next morning, Aunt Bella was dressed in some very tight-fitting jeans and an over-sized grey sweatshirt. I couldn’t tell if she was braless or not, but I suspected or more likely hoped she was. Uncle Harry was already outside unpacking boxes of decorations. I knew I was in for a rough day when Aunt Bella leaned over my back to place my breakfast in front of me. She raked her big tits across my shoulder when she put the plate in front of me and took her time dragging them back over my shoulder as she withdrew. I no longer had any doubt she was braless. I heard her giggle softly in my ear. I don’t have to tell you my cock was like a piece of steel. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day without Uncle Harry noticing my predicament. I was sure Aunt Bella was making me hard for her own amusement.When I finished eating breakfast, Aunt Bella was standing at the sink rinsing dishes. I approached her to one side to put my dishes in the sink. Just as I got to the sink, she stepped in front of me and pressed her butt onto my bulging cock. She immediately said excuse me and pretended it was an accident, but she didn’t stop pressing against my hard cock. I genuinely don’t think it was an accident. The whole day went like that, and I was hard the entire time. My balls were so full and were aching so badly I couldn’t stand it. I tried several times to get away to pound my meat, but Aunt Bella seems to keep me occupied intentionally. It wasn’t until bedtime that I was able to get some privacy in the shower. I shot my load no less than five times during that shower.I dressed in a t-shirt and my boxer shorts for bed. I am still so horny, I just slipped into bed without telling Uncle Harry and Aunt Bella good night. I pulled my boxers off and began to caress my still throbbing cock. I was just on the verge of another good orgasm when I heard a light rap on my door. It was my Aunt Bella who had come to see if I was alright. I pulled the top sheet over my cock and told her to come in.”Are you okay, Honey?” Aunt Bella asked. “I became concerned went you didn’t come to tell us goodnight. Is everything okay?”“I’m sorry, Aunt Bella, I was so worn out from today’s workout, all I could think about was this nice soft bed.”Aunt Bella was dressed as she was the night before. All that kept going through mind was, she doesn’t have her panties and bra on under that nightgown. Her nipples were hard and poking against the thin fabric of her nightgown. My cock was starting to throb again. I almost put my hand on it to squeeze it with my Aunt standing there, but I caught myself. I needed to get her out of my room so I could relieve the pressure in my balls. It was clear Aunt Bella wasn’t leaving right away. She walked over and sat on the edge of my bed.”I’m sorry we worked you so hard, Sweetheart,” she cooed softly, “Is there anything I can do? Should I rub some cream on your sore muscles? Just let me know what you need. I will be happy to oblige.”I wanted to scream, “Yes! You can suck my aching cock.” However, I just replied, “I’ll be okay by morning. Besides, Uncle Harry will begin to wonder what happened to you.”“Oh…don’t worry about Uncle Harry. He’s sound to sleep. Once he takes his blood pressure medicine, he is out for the night. A tornado couldn’t wake him up.”Oh, shit! I think to myself. My sexy Aunt is sitting on the side of my bed in nothing but a thin cotton nightgown. My Uncle is out like a light, and she just asked me if there was something, she could do for me. After teasing me last night and most of today, she has me horny enough to fuck a rattlesnake. My cock twitched and caused the top sheet to move. She saw the movement and looked up at me and smiled. She placed her hand on my thigh and whispered, “Are you sure there is nothing I can do for you, Honey?”My cock twitched again and moved the sheet again. My heart started pounding in my ears. It sounded like jungle drums beating in the background of an old Tarzan movie. I couldn’t suck enough air into my lungs to answered. I felt dizzy like I am going to pass out. Suddenly I heard someone shout, “You can suck my aching cock!”My dizziness suddenly disappeared, and I realize it was me who shouted. I thought to myself, oh shit. I have really fucked up now. How am I going to explain this sudden, crude outburst to my Aunt? Aunt Bella had a startled expression on her face that slowly turned into a smile. She pulled the sheet from my cock and took it gently into her hand. I took a deep breath as a chill travel from my balls up my spine to my head. I started to tremble as she leans forward and takes my cock into her mouth.Aunt Bella began to suck my cock with unmitigated skill letting the head slip to the edges of her lips before plunging back down again to take nearly its full length into her warm mouth. She took my cock to the back of her mouth and held it at the opening of her throat. Aunt Bella bobbed her head a few times as the muscles of her throat relaxed and allowed my cock to enter. She squeezed my cock head several times with her throat muscles making a soft retching sound. I was beside myself, and at one point I couldn’t help but grab her head and shove my cock roughly in and out listening to her struggle sivas escort bayan to take it.She pulled off my cock and curtly said, “If you want me to suck your cock, then chill out and let me do the work. I know what feels good to a man. All you have to do is enjoy the ride! Suffice it to say, you won’t be left wanting for anything when I am through.””Yes Ma’am,” I meekly answered.I laid back on my pillow and let her take complete charge. She just smiled and took my cock back in her mouth. I wasn’t really surprised that Aunt Bella was damn good at giving head. I remembered hearing Mom talk about how many cocks Aunt Bella and Aunt Savannah had sucked over the years. Aunt Bella began swirling her tongue over my cock like she was possessed. She loved sucking cock, that much was obvious. As she sucked my cock, I reached down and started caressing her tits and teasing her nipples. I was born a breast man and will always be drawn to them. Aunt Bella was soon moaning with my cock in her mouth making it feel even better as she took me down her throat. She would tighten her throat muscles around my cock head and slowly pull off, making it feel like she was milking my cock. It wasn’t long before I pumped a sizable load of cum in her mouth.I never lost my hard and wanted to fuck her now, but she said no. She had my night of sexual awaking all planned and didn’t intend to deviate from that plan. She climbed up my chest and gave my first grownup kiss; complete with tongue action and everything. I could taste saltiness in her mouth. She sensed my surprise and told me that I was tasting my own cum. She then shoved her wet sticky fingers in my mouth and asked me to compare her taste to my own. That made my cock get even harder.I pushed Aunt Bella back onto the bed. I didn’t know how many more loaded I would be able to deliver before it was over. I wanted to pump my seed into her pussy at least one time before it was over. Aunt Bella told me to be patient and placed her hand on my head, guiding me down to her crotch. As I looked at her camel toe and smelled her arousal, I thought about how lovely she looked in those sexy panties. I smiled as I started pulling her panties down. I was pleased by the site of her well-manicured, yet very hairy pussy. Aunt Bella had adorable full pussy lips and a large clit that begged for me to suck it.I moved down the bed further, placing my face between her legs. I spread the lips of her vagina and blew gently on her opening. I had seen this on a porn site and was eager to try it. Just like on the porn site her clit pushed out from under its protective hood. I began kissing her inner thighs, listening to her moans and gasps. I move back to her pussy where I ran my tongue over her wet lips. Aunt Bella let out a deep guttural groan, and then I felt her hands on my head again; guiding me to the places, she needed me. I began licking her hot lips, listening to her moans of pleasure as I continued running my tongue up and down her pussy. I parted her folds and let her juices flow down onto my tongue. I found myself tongue fucking Aunt Bella as she began gyrating on the bed and pulling my hair with her fingers. I am so glad I had watched those porn sites. I wanted Aunt Bella to think of me as a worthy sex partner; not just a horny teenager.I worked my tongue deep into her pussy as she thrust her hips upward before I moved up and took her clit into my mouth. As I began sucking Aunt Bella’s clit, I worked a couple of fingers deep into her pussy finding just how tight it was. That’s another little trick I learned on the porn site. I alternated between licking and sucking her clit, as she became more and more impassioned. It wasn’t long before she was thrusting her pussy hard into my face as the first of many orgasms washed over her.Next, Aunt Bella pulled me up kissing me and licking her cum from my face. I didn’t wait for her approval this time and slipped my cock into her pussy as she gasped and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. After my first thrust, she placed her heels under my ass cheeks and told me to fuck her good and hard. I had to smile, it is evident that my Aunt’s pussy had not seen a hard cock in quite some time. I knew Uncle Harry was getting old, but I didn’t realize he was at that point in life where his cock didn’t rise to the occasion when needed. I had heard his diabetes interfered with his erection quite often. I felt sorry for Aunt Bella being one hell of a hot woman and not having a man able to make love to her the way she deserved. I started thrusting my cock hard into her pussy as she grunted and took it all.I could feel the lust and pure enthusiasm coming from her as I fucked her. Every once in a while, she would stiffen and use her heels to pull me deeper into her. She would shudder and shake for a moment and then relax. It concerned me, and I asked her if I was hurting her and she assured me I was not. She told me that was her having an orgasm. I asked her to warn me before each orgasm so I would know what was coming.The way her pussy kept tightening and gripping my cock, and the enthusiasm of her thrusts was terrific. Aunt Bella told me it was her pussy’s way of thanking me for fucking it so well. Over and over I hammered my cock into Aunt Bella’s pussy, fucking her in every position she suggested. Some of those positions I hadn’t even seen on the porn site. I could feel my balls tighten and tingle as my orgasm finally began to bubble up. I fought like hell to stop the explosion for Aunt Bella to have one more orgasm, but it wasn’t necessary to delay it because she started cumming at the same time as did I. She screamed as my hot sperm burst into her spasming pussy. I was afraid she would wake Uncle Harry with her screams as I filled her extracting and clenching pussy with all I had in me. Her clenching pussy sucked the final drops from my balls. When we finally came down from our orgasmic high, Aunt Bella couldn’t thank me enough for making love to her. I told Aunt Bella I couldn’t begin to express my thanks for her skillful introduction into the world of grown-up sex.”Listen, Aunt Bella, anytime you can get away, you let me know, and we can meet here or any place of your choosing and do this all over again,” I sincerely promised. “We can have some fun any time the mood strikes you. I am young, and I get hard just looking at you.””Thank you so much, Sweetie, you have no idea how much this meant to me,” Aunt Bella swooned. “And I also want to do this with you many more times. However, it is critical we never let your Mom know we did this.”“Your secret is safe with me, Aunt Bella.” I solemnly promised.I immediately start calculating a way to let my Mom find out about this sexual interlude without it being traced back to me. I know how completive Mom and Aunt Bella are and hope this will spur my Mom into seducing me. I get hard all over again thinking about Mom and Aunt Bella both sneaking around fucking me at every opportunity.

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