Mistis’ Adventures Part 119


Mistis’ Adventures Part 119Cathy and Essie sat for a long while on the porch, talking, laughing, and just enjoying the closeness they were feeling for each other. Cathy was surprised at herself. She had NEVER enjoyed kissing another woman like she did kissing Essie. She kissed the others without a thought, because she loved them all, and had enjoyed intimate relations with Robbi, and Annie, but THAT had been to get the guys hot, so they could get a good, hot screwing from them. Billy and Rick, especially, got SO turned on, watching them go down on each other in front of them, that, many times, they would cum as soon as they would get inside of them, whether it was their pussy, their mouths, or their asses. THIS was entirely different. She had, a couple of times, had sex with her Mom, and had enjoyed tonguing her Mom, and being eaten by her, in return. But even THAT was different.She also was thinking of what Essie had said earlier, about them enjoying being naked, too. She giggled to herself, making Essie give her a puzzled look. “I just thought of a way to let everyone know that naked is nice to everyone HERE! Before we go inside, you an’ me will strip naked, and walk in with everything showing. The men will enjoy getting a look at the both of us, and the ladies will see that everyone approves, and do the same. Do the men, your folks, like being naked as much as the women?” Essie admitted that they did, and, even though they were in no hurry to go inside, they stood and stripped their clothes off, one more time. They made small bundles of their clothes, but Essie touched Cathy on the arm, asking, “Do we have to go in right away? It’s so nice out this evening, and I’m enjoying being with you. I’m having feelings that I’ve never felt, before. It almost feels like I’ve fallen in LOVE with you. Cathy was surprised at the way Essie’s feelings mirrored her own feelings. She wrapped her arms around Essie, and pulled her in for another embrace, kissing her on the lips, and feeling her emotions running rampant. I have the same feelings for YOU, My Love. I never thought I could feel this way about another woman, let alone one that I have just met. YET!!! Here we are. NOW WHAT?” Essie shook her head. “I don’t know anything, except that I’m gonna enjoy it as much as I can. I LOVE feeling like this.” Cathy nodded in agreement.Inside the men had stayed at the dining room table, drinking coffee and tea for the most part. Billy and Bruce were drinking the kool-ade. They were discussing several topics as they came to mind, offering anecdotes, and opinions as they were called for. The discussions had, so far, been about a****l husbandry, crops, breaking and training horses and mules, and machinery. Hiram had admitted being partial to Case equipment, and James and David expressed their likes to John Deere machines. They had each expressed their experiences, and the outcomes, and had gone on to discuss growing sorghum and alfalfa, as opposed to growing wheat and barley. All 4 of the Breen’s, Campbell’s, and Kelly’s had admitted that they grew their crops mainly to feed stock, While Hiram made his living from the grains he grew. In the weather of south central Arkansas, those two, and in some areas, rice, grew best. As hey discussed breaking stock for saddle or pulling a wagon, Hiram always used the “ride ’em ’till they figgered out who’se boss” method. David smiled at the method. HE always kept close proximity to his horses and mules, daily grooming them, and building trust, düzce escort until he started putting small items on their backs. He started with just a blanket, then small sacks of feed, or dirt, and gradually building to the weight of a saddle. He would saddle them, and start putting more weight on them, until it, roughly, was the weight of a man, or woman. Then he would call his daughter, Betty, or James’ daughter, Carol to ride them. When THEY weren’t around, his daughter Robbi, was called on. In their lives, Carol or Betty, neither one, had ever been thrown, and Robbi had only been thrown one time. He called them his horse mistresses. Betty, especially, could handle horses that had never been ridden, before, and make them eat out of her hands, or kiss her. He described the way Betty had handled a so called “bad horse” in front of Mr. Goodrich that day. The stallion was one that he wouldn’t even go in the corral with, without a club in his hand. Betty had gone in and wrapped her arms around the stallion’s neck and kissed him, and talked to him. He had followed Betty around like a puppy after that. Betty had been 7 months pregnant, and had climbed the corral fence and got on his back and rode him around the corral several times, and had dismounted next to the fence. Every time he heard Betty’s voice his ears went up and he was looking for her. He was one of her pets, now. Mr Goodrich had told him that if anyone had told him of the girl’s ability, HE would have called them a LIAR! He had to see it with his own eyes. He also told them that while Tod was out, usually with the two oldest c***dren, she had made a “papoose pouch”, to hang over her tummy, and was out riding the horses. The baby loved going with Mommy, and squealed her delight the whole time. Carol had been coming over as well, as often as she could, and riding with her. They had all grown up riding, and loved it more than almost anything else you could name. Just then the door opened, and Cathy and Essie came in from the porch. All eyes directed at them. The women simply giggled, but the men’s jaws dropped. Two visions of feminine beauty stood in front of them, receiving, and doting, on the admiration they were receiving. Both ladies were supremely confident in their appearance, and enjoyed the attention they got from the assembled men. Granny looked at her Granddaughter, and cocked an eyebrow. “Was it hot out there?” Essie giggled. “Not ’till we made it hot. Cathy said they like runnin’ around nekk**, too, Granny. She said they stay nekk** unless they’re goin’ somewheres. Even, for the most part, when they got company. She said they’re gonna put clothes on for the shindig tommorra’ night, but the rest o’ the time they’ll be in their birthday suits. The men put on clothes to work, but strip down in the house most times, except when they gotta go back out.”Granny looked over at Clara, Gail, and Liz. “Is that right? Y’all go nekk** all the time, like that?” Clara answered for the rest of the women. “All but me. I wear see through panties. I like the guys seeing everything God and Mother Nature gave me, but I enjoy wearing my panties. All the rest go naked ALL the time. We have to remind Robbi, once in a while, but she usually puts on at least a tank top an’ a pair o’ shorts when she goes out. Sometimes she looses ’em WHILE she’s out, but she leaves with ’em on. I don’t think ANY of the girls have more’n one or two bras, or pairs o’ panties, an’, as a rule, don’t wear ’em. Cathy got more’n escort düzce than the rest of us, put together, but she’s even stopped wearin’ ’em most times, now.” Mary smiled at the older woman. “I have to wear ’em when I’m working, but I enjoy getting naked when I get home. Sharon has all but quit wearin’ ’em, even at work. I can thank HER for at least a dozen new accounts, too. They all love consulting with her about their accounts. I noticed, too, that when they have a question, the men go see Sharon. The lounge is used more for lunches now than it’s ever been before, too. Used to be, Sharon and I were in there alone most times. I dropped my rule about dress codes, and more of the women are coming in looking so much better, now. They fuss with their makeup, and dress nicer, than they EVER did, before. I never knew Dolly was such a beautiful woman, before, and Margie is a knock-out.” Misti started giggling. ” Momma an’ me NEVER wear clothes at home, or, when it’s nice out, when we go to see Carol. The others are out working. Mom an’ me have always loved to be naked. Mike don’t go out as much, any more, and Daddy is usually busy at home, too. They like us being naked all the time. It makes it easier than ever for them to get a little from Mom an’ me, now that I can fuck, again.Doris chimed in her two cents. “We are the same. Around the house and the farm, none of us wear anything. Pete an’ Royce wear clothes to protect ’em from the work, but take it off, for the most part, in the house. They say it ain’t fair that we go naked all by ourselves. Our combined families believe in sharing our love for each other, and feel like we are just one big family, with a few different names. YOU are a part of that family, now. You have our respect and our love. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!”The men had turned in their chairs to listen to the women. They turned to the 3 new men. David addressed the men. “ABSOLUTE;Y!!! The same goes for us. Like it or not, you are three more of our brothers. We share and share alike. If any of you have any needs, or wants, all you have to do is tell any of us. We’ll be there to help, share, or anything else you can name. Don’t be surprised if we start calling Levi and Hiram, Pop, Paw, or Dad. Don’t be surprised, either, if we call the ladies Mom, Maw, or any of another names for a Mother. Bruce and Essie will be called Sister and Brother. Soon, hopefully, our families will grow even larger, as the k**s get married, and start their own families. I hope y’all don’t mind men kissin’ ya. Not on the lips, but on the cheek, or on th’ head. We hug and kiss each other all th’ time. It was the way we were raised.” Levi turned to Hiram, a twinkle in his eye. Irene KNEW what was about to happen. Levi stepped over and pulled David to hm, and kissed him, ON THE LIPS! “Like this?” he asked, “Or like this?” He kissed David on his cheek. He was surprised, in turn, by David’s reply. “Like THIS, if you want.” He returned Levi’s kiss in kind. EVERYBODY had a roaring good laugh at the two huge men. It was obvious that neither was bothered by kissing another man.Cathy was checking on the babies, as they talked. Leo and Sam were laying on the sofa, sound asleep, Sam’s arm around his little sister, and the other babies were asleep in their carriers. She glanced up at the clock over the front door. “Why don’t the rest of us do like the babies have already done. It’s getting late, and we have lots of room here and in Billy’s office in the barn. We have cots düzce escort bayan on the back porch, and plenty of bedding. We can make pallets in the floor if any want them, instead. We have a lot of things to do tomorrow, and nobody needs to drive home, tonight, just to drive back in the morning. We’ll figure out something, even if it’s wrong.” Doris added, “We are just five minutes from our house. We’ve got plenty of room, too. We can be back after Pete an’ th’ boys do the milkin’ in th’ mornin’. We can put some of ya’ up fer th’ night.” The women were most glad. They had all wished to take these damn clothes off, and get comfortable. Granny had been whispering to Gail for the last few minutes. Gail had chuckled and nodded to her. She had rose up and undid her dress, and turned for Gail to unhook her bra. For a woman in her 60’s she was amazingly fit. She had NEVER been fat, but the life she chose kept her looking like a woman 20 years younger. She gave truth to what Mary was always saying. “There might be snow on the roof, but there’s still a fire in the furnace.” She went over to Abe and put her arm around him. “Hey, Sweetness. Feel like keepin’ an old broad warm, tonight?” He looked at her and smiled. “NO. But I’d be proud to stay with YOU, tonight.” and kissed her. Her breasts might not be as perky as the youngsters, but they WERE mouth-watering. Her skin felt like fine silk under his hand. He could foresee an erotic, and INTERESTING night in front of him. Rick was admiring Essie, ever since she had arrived that evening. She had watched him looking at her, smiling at him, and anticipating what she figured to be an interesting evening. Her and Cathy had gone in and seated themselves, still naked. Rick’s eyes had never left her. Bruce knew who he was looking at. He had already planned to stay the night, if she allowed, with Sue. Sue had let him know, in a thousand ways, that she was interested. She made a point of sitting in his lap, naked, or leaning down, dangling her breasts in his face, or just touching him. She WAS beautiful, and, besides, he was curious to have a sister of Annie’s. How would they compare? Robbi had been the first to disrobe when Cathy made it known, and SHE was wanting to see what Bruce’s Dad was capable of. She enjoyed older men, and HE looked like FUN! Bully was looking Bruce’s Mom over, amazed at her youthful appearance. She looked more like a sister, than their Mother. Cathy knew that Essie would be joining one of the men for the night, and was hoping to make Tod interested in spending the night with her. She absolutely adored her Brother-in-Law. Betty was wanting to spend the night with Pete. They had never been together, YET. Doris was looking at Hiram. He was, to her, the cat’s meow. Ben was interested in spending the night with Gail. She was, according to Mike, fantastic. Sam was hoping, and encouraging David’s attention. Royce, was looking to spent the night with Liz. He wanted to thank her for giving birth to his beloved Robbi. As many times as he could. Some of them went and stayed the night at the Kelly house, others went to stay in Billy’s office and the others found their own places to sleep, or what would pass for sleep. Nobody was unsure of what would happening. They knew that their partners wanted as much as they did. Hiram and Clara had paired off, snickering, at something Hiram had said. Levi had gone over to Sam, and been kissed for his effort. Clara, Sam, Levi, and Hiram had headed for Billy’s office. The smells there were like perfume to them.Slowly all proceeded to their own spaces. Few light were dimmed, let alone turned off. Each wanted to see and feel their partners. Tonight would be the beginning of a new page in their lives.

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