Business Trip


Business TripRecently Tim and I went to New York so he could meet with some more clients and also show me the city. He told me to dress very sexy! On our first night out after seeing the sights, we stopped at a bar for a drink.The men there were young and very forward and kept asking me to dance. I told them no at first, but Tim encouraged me to go ahead, telling the guys what a great dancer I am. So finally I danced with a cute boy named Leon. I had so much fun that I forgot the time — and my boss.Soon Leon was holding me very close, and I had to keep moving his hand off my butt. Actually I really liked it as I felt his manhood hardening against my body. After that I told Tim that I better stop dancing, because my partner was feeling me up and wouldn’t stop. Tim said to let him have a little fun and not to worry.He said to give Leon a little thrill and why not do it right, and go to the bathroom and take off your bra and panties. He added that it would give him a thrill as well, to see me giving a guy such a treat. I was hesitant at first, but Tim kept insisting telling me we could leave if I got uncomfortable at any time.So I went along with it and took them off. My skirt was short and the thin silky material of my blouse didn’t hide my nipples at all.When I came out of the ladies’ room my breast bounced and rubbed against the smooth silk, it felt really sexy and I was actually getting into it. When I danced with Leon again he immediately noticed the change, and his hands were on my butt most of the time. I looked at Tim and saw that he was grinning and winked at me. Then Leon took the liberty of unbuttoning the top button of my blouse, which was already cut very low, and now I was exposed even more.When I said nothing, it wasn’t long before he undid the next button. My breasts were almost fully exposed, and everybody watching seemed to be enjoying the show. Next I felt him start to pull my skirt up a little in the back. It was so short that any more of that and I would have been naked, so I stopped him and went back to the yalova escort bayan table.When I told Tim about it he laughed and said it was harmless fun and not to worry. Soon another guy asked me to dance, and before I could say no, Tim told him I would love to. He was a good dancer too, and I enjoyed being with him. He told me how beautiful I was, and how much he enjoyed looking down my lovely cleavage. He hugged me very close so he could feel my nearly bare breast against him, and it felt really good. All the drinks were starting to take effect on me, and when he started pulling my dress up, I don’t think I even knew it until I felt his hand on my bare ass. By that time it was too late, every man in the place had seen my naked legs and behind.So I relaxed and let go, Finally I had to go sit down and rest and I apologized to Tim for letting things go so far, but he said he was enjoying it as much as the rest of the guys in the bar and told me to relax and do whatever felt good to me.Leon came over again and Tim insisted that I go ahead and dance with him some more. “You Know what’s going to happen,” I told him. He’s going to have his hands all over me.” Tim just smiled and again told me to let myself go and just have fun. I was really getting hot, and I was really enjoying myself thanks in part to the alcohol and all the attention I was getting.So I went back to dancing with Leon, he unbuttoned another button on my blouse. Now my breast was actually coming out of my blouse. I pretended not to notice, but I was the only one who didn’t, Soon some of the other men started to cut in on the dance. I sort of lost track of who I was dancing with, but they all had very roving hands. By now my ass was on display most of time as well, and Tim just sat back smiling at me.The next time Leon danced with me he found the fastener to my skirt, and before I could stop it the skirt had dropped to the floor. The men started whistling and clapping and saying what a gorgeous ass I had. Then the last button of my came loose, and my C-cup escort yalova breast were completely bare.Leon kissed me and I let him, he then passed me off to big guy with a beard, and he kissed me too. There was a guy dancing behind me now, holding onto my boobs and doing nice things to my nipples.When the music stopped I broke loose and ran to our table, Tim pulled me into his lap and kissed me very passionately, while running his hand all the way up my leg. My heart was beating like crazy, and my wetness was all over his pants. Leon sat next to us and began kissing my breast while Tim put a finger inside me, right then I had the strongest orgasm of my life. I felt as though I might pass out, and then someone took my hand and pulled me up and sat me on the edge of the table, and some guy was between my legs and inside me before I knew it.I was so wet and slick that he slipped right in, I looked at Tim and he was watching with a big smile, Men were all around me now, their hands all over my body and all of them had dropped there pants and had dicks in hand waiting their turn, never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined myself taking on so many strangers, but now it was happening right in front of my boss to top it off.All I could do was scream for whatever stranger was fucking me to fuck me harder and faster, Tim leaned down and told me that he loved me and to fuck as many men as I wanted but I could stop any time that I wanted to.Leon was fucking me now and he shot his load in me then he pulled out , then the guy with the beard moved between my legs, he was much bigger and had to work his cock in me slowly , but before long he was all the way into me. He gave me another intense orgasm as I felt more hands rubbing all over my breast and then my hands were placed on two cocks, by then I must have been fucked by a half dozen guys on that table, by then the table was getting a little uncomfortable, so the bartender a large black man suggested that they take me to his office, and use the couch to lie me on, and that way yalova escort the guys could use my mouth too.In the office they all took another turn with me, sometimes two at a time, one in my mouth and another in my pussy, I swallowed load after load of guys fucking me in the mouth and had cum dripping out of my over filled pussy running down my legs.Before the night was over about thirteen or fifteen guys had fucked my pussy and mouth and shot their cum on my face, tits, ass and my pussy. When every one had finally left I was worn out so the bartender let me wash off and sleep awhile in his office.When I awoke later all I could think about was how good I had felt earlier, Tim looked at me and winked towards the bartender standing near like he could read my mind.So I took John’s hand and pulled him down next to me and started kissing him and rubbing his crotch I told him that I had never been with a black guy before and would he be my first.John undressed and the sight of his big cock shocked me it was so big and it wasn’t hard yet, so I pulled him up close to me and started licking his cock up and down its shaft till it grew to take both my hands around it, I sucked on his cock the best I could because of its size I could barely get my mouth around it. I told John that I wanted him to try to get that big cock in my pussy, so he crawled up between my legs and rubbed the head of that monster up and down my slit till I was getting very wet. He began to slide it in a little at a time so it wouldn’t hurt so bad, but it still hurt some, It took him maybe twenty minutes or so before he got it all in.I felt like I was going to bust but after a little bit it felt better.His cock was twelve inches long and a circumference of five and a half inches in my little white pussy, John fucked me for a long time giving me four orgasms before he filled my pussy with his massive load of hot cum, he pulled out of me and I went right to work sucking that big cock back to life so he could fuck me again.Before morning came John fucked me three times in my pussy and came in my mouth once. After all this my pussy will never be the same, It will take some time for stretching it got from John to go back to its original size if that’s possible.I can’t wait to go with Tim on another business trip!!

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