Visiting My Father In Law – Part 2


Visiting My Father In Law – Part 2I’d gone to visit my wife’s dad, Ed at his cabin and had an amazing sex-charged weekend. I went home with a big smile on my face and I think I might have been walking a little funny to boot. The big assed smile on my face covered any discomfort I might have felt. Ed invited me back the following weekend for “fishing”. When I got home my wife was all too happy that I was spending time with her dad and encouraged me to go out on Friday night again.All week I was in a state of constant arousal. I barely touched myself and was hard as a rock thinking about getting more of Ed’s cum in my mouth and ass. When Friday rolled around, I was packed and struck out for the cabin immediately after work. When I made the final turn into the property I was surprised to see a truck parked out front along with Ed’s pickup. I recognized it as my brother in law, Joe’s truck. Damn I thought, there goes the fun while Joe is around.Joe was a really nice guy who married my wife’s sister Paula. He worked as a construction foreman on commercial buildings and was built like a brick shithouse. His father was Mexican and his mom was Columbian so he had that beautiful skin and hair that Latin men have. At 6’3” and about #200 soaking wet he was truly a manly specimen.Ed and Joe greeted me with beers in hand on the porch. I noticed they were both in shorts, shirtless and barefoot. Very casual and I got instantly aroused. “Come on up and have a brew with us. I have just been telling Joe about your visit last weekend” Ed said and gave me a wink and as I looked at Joe his eyebrows went up and he did a little crotch grab and a big grin. “Oh shit” I thought. What’s happening here?“Before you get all freaked out, Paula and I have been swinging for the past few months. I like getting head from a guy and I like fucking tight ass. Ed says you have a very talented and VERY tight hole alsancak escort so I hope maybe you will let me have a little taste of that thing this weekend? I am staying until Sunday too” Joe said with a wink and I could see his cock had grown full staff and was poking out from his shorts. I know I was beet red in the face but I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little as I knew I would have fun.We didn’t immediately jump in the sack. Had a few beers, got a little loosened up and then decided to use the hot tub Ed had built outside. He had been heating it all afternoon with a fire and it was steaming as we all stripped off, grabbed a beer and headed to the tub. The water was almost too warm, but once you got in it really loosened you up. Ed and Joe sat side by side grinning like a cat that ate a canary. I downed my beer and walked over and felt them both up, reaching down in the hot water to feel their cocks and pubes. I’d never seen Joe naked and he was built like no man I’ve ever been with. Coal black hair on his chest and I could feel a profusion of pubes.“You want a little something to hold you over until dinner?” He asked. I smiled and nodded. He scooted up on the side of the hot tub so I could get between his legs. He reached down and pulled back the foreskin a time or two, flashing me the shiny purple helmet head of his big dick. That thick uncut piece of manhood was about 7 ½” long and damn near that thick too. The foreskin still covered the head as I bent my head down and licked the head, held onto the impossibly thick base, slowly put it in my mouth and started to suck that monster. It was delicious and already leaking a profuse amount of precum.Ed just watched and relaxed as I felt up that big Daddy-Sized cock of his in the hot water come to life and get rock hard. Joe really got a little verbal and seemed to really be enjoying escort alsancak the blowjob. “Suck that fat fucker man. Damn, I wish I had known you were into the dick all this time. We’ve wasted 4 years!” Ed laughed too and I knew he was thinking the same thing. He got up and moved behind me while I sucked on Joe. I felt down Joe’s lean hairy legs to his big feet and fondled each one as I used only my mouth to give him the head he deserved.I could feel Ed’s thick fingers exploring my ass and could see out the corner of my eye he reached over and got a big jar of Vaseline and applied a big scoop right up my ass, pushing it in with his long fingers. I groaned around that fine dick in my mouth and felt Ed stroking my hole, letting the heat and how water help loosen me up. After a few minutes he eased his big dick up my chute and I thought I might faint from the sheer pleasure of having that fine meat in my hole once again, not to mention the amazing cock that was constantly feeding me a stream of precum in my mouth.“Oh man. That’s some fine hot, tight hole you have.” Ed groaned and began slowly pushing that monster up my ass, back and forth, teasing my prostate and pushing me to a full erection under water. Joe reached down and stroked my meat while Ed boned my ass like it had always been his. “Hey, slow down man, I don’t want to cum yet” Joe said and pulled out of my mouth. I dipped down and licked his balls. He pulled his legs up and I licked his taint and moved on to rim his very hairy ass crack as he threw his head back and just let the moment happen. We went on that way for about 5 minutes before he couldn’t take it any more.“Let me try that ass on for size Papi In Law?” He moved off the ledge and around behind me. I could see the two men as they exchanged a look. Ed chucked, pulled out and Joe moved in behind me to the well-lubricated tunnel and alsancak escort bayan began to slowly push that Duraflame log sized meat in my ass. “SLOW!!! PLEASE SLOW!” I begged. Joe rubbed my back and shoulders as he slowly inched into my ass. I thought I would die, but amazingly enough he started stroking over my prostate and I groaned in pleasure, pushing back on it to get as much as I could in my ass.Ed wiped off the Vaseline from his cock and presented me with his that formidable meat which I sucked on as leisurely as possible hoping to keep him from coming in my mouth too soon. Joe was like a man possessed, but doing it very slowly and I was clamping down on the outstroke each time his cock went fully out of my ass. He would slowly insert it again and begging the assault all over each time. He groaned and began picking up speed. After maybe 25 strokes I knew he was about to fill my ass up. “Not gonna last long man! Oh shit .… FUCK!” and then he pulled my hips back, ground me against his pubes and unloaded what seemed like a pint of cum up my very willing ass! “Mother FUCKER that was GOOD!” he said as he pulled out. Ed jumped up, came around and slipped back in and took about five strokes before he too was painting the inside of my ass white. “Oh GEEZ! Here ya go! Take that cum!” he hollered and at that moment I thought I was happy that he had no close neighbors.As he pulled out, I turned over still with a steely hardon and sat on the side of the tub and stroked my cock. I was surprised when Joe came over and clamped his mouth on my right tit and fingered my hole massaging my prostate. I came all over his shoulder and arm and almost passed out from the combination of sheer ecstasy and the heat. “I need another fucking beer!” I said. Ed laughed and hopped out to replenish our supply.Joe moved over and put his arm around me and quietly said, “That was killer. I am kind of speechless right now but..” and he reached over and planted his mouth on mine, sticking the tongue in my mouth and squeezing me. We broke the kiss just as Ed came out of the cabin. I just knew that this might just be the start of something bigger.I was right. It was only Friday night!

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