Cruising with Ann and Siv Part 1

Eating Pussy

Cruising with Ann and Siv Part 1-Oh fuck. I shouldn’t never had agreed to this. I thougt, when I tried to pass all those old ladys on my way to cruise ship. I still can’t believe why I promised to accompany those two 19 yr old students Ann and Siv. They just want to have fun and I’m old enough to be their father. I did fuck Ann just few weeks ago and almost got caught for it. I then decided to be really careful for not to that again. But when Anns mother asked me to accompany her daughter and her daughters best friend on a cruise – I decided to say yes. Only because Anns mother is a really sexy woman and I hoped to get a chance to fuck her later.- John!,shouts Ann loud. I’m so happy my mom agreed to ask you to come with us. I would have died if my grandmom had come. She’s such a prude and all too conservative. I’m sure she hasn’teven let us dance with the boys. It appears that Ann has found more of her own aged guys sexy, so I’m saved. No temptations on this cruise, so I just say laconically – Yeah fun indeed. Let’s go find our cabins.Ann, who is taller and bolder, is on a great mood. She stares the boys in way, that these guys won’t notice until she’s banged them all. Siv is more shy, but also she is giving guys a much telling glances.Our cabins are on opposite sides of doorway and I’m taking a shot of whisky and watching TV, when someone is knocking on my cabin door. I open the door and both more than little tipsy girls rush in. – John, we came to visit you a bit says Ann and hugs me with beer can on her hand- I’m more than a bit drunk now, says Siv and walks straight into toilet.Oh great. It’s hardy 10 pm and girls are at this condition. They’ve been busy hunting drinks from men I think..- Hey is somethign wrong? Wasn’t there anything interesting at disco? I asked and sat on my bed.- No. Not yet. It was really quiet there now. Well go there after few hours – said Ann and continued – You know that Siv is totally wasted. She drank a whole wine bottle by herself.- Yup. I did notice that I said listening Siv puke in toilet.When I sat on bed Ann was sitting on sofa opposite to me. She lifted her long legs and was totally not worried of me seeing her panties under very short mini skirt. On a quick glance I saw a transparent stings and shaven pussy and I had to force myself to watch her on her eyes. I only hoped she did not notice me staring her pussy.I- John? she asked with tease in her voice – am I pretty? Saying that she bent towards me creating me a perfect view of her D-cup her firm round tits illegal bahis and gorgeus cleavage.- Oh you are. You definitely are. I tried to say casually, though my cock had something completely different in mind. Something like fucking that sexy teen in her ass again on that sofa.On the spot Ann rose up and gave me a kiss leaving her hands around my neck and sitting on my lap staring in my eyes with clear intention to fuck me. I carefully pushed my lap against her to test her intentions. She noticed that and started to rub herself against me.- What are you doing John?, says Ann pushing her crotch against me giving me a proper lap dance.and whispering in my ear- Did you know Siv is still a virgin? But she’ll not be after this cruise with you – and she french kissed me long after saying thatWhen Ann and I kissed Siv finally came out of toilet. Siv was really drunk. She walked to sofa and fell lying there. and gave us a small glance before closing her eyes.- Keep on kissing. Don’t mind me – I’m totally wasted.Ann hugged and kissed me pationally and her lap was making circles and pressing her pussy against my cock. At that moment I thought ”Oh what the fuck. She’s 19 and totally legal to have sex with.” And I let my tongue play with hers..Ann was tied all over me like a snake. She bit my tongue and leaned back- What are you doing John. you’re married man. Your wife is as old as my mom.Said Ann teasing and kissed me again.- John? – even Siv noted that- Our John? You can’t be serious Ann. That’s gross.He sure is. Besides on this cruise he’s totally and only ours. Ann answered to Siv before continuing to me: – I’m going to suck every last drop of your cum and on top of that I’ve planned you to take Sivs cherry too.- Ann! Uuhh Me and John? Come on. He’s almost as old as my dad, but I do admit John is way hotter than my dad.- And he has an awesome cock, said Ann when dropping her shoulder straps- You’ve fucked John? When? Where? Why haven’t you told me anything. asked Siv, who was now way more sober and came to sit on the bed with us.Last week at bird tower, answered Ann remowing her bras and revealing a pari of perfect D-cup teen tits. I grabbed them and started to lick and kiss them. Ann sighted and whispered my ear – Bite my tits. Bite my nipples.- You fucked John there outdoors? But anyone could have seen you . How did you dare to do that?- Yeah. He was the first ever to fuck me in my ass. Today he’ll fuck you and take your cherry from both holes with me. and I guarantee you’re going to fall illegal bahis siteleri in love with his cock.. I couldn’t believe my ears. These two teen sluts chatted anal sex like it’s an everyday deal for them , at least for Ann, who cleary had planned everything just to get my cock in her ass again and she brought her best friend with her too. Siv looked with her big beautiful blue eyes Ann rubbing her pussy against my lap, which make Siv courage herself so much she came closer to me and kissed me. Ann rose off my lap and stripped herself completely. Anns pussy was shaven smooth and her figure was perfect. Those huge tits on slim body made me really horny. Siv looked the big bulge on my pants and let her hand slide down when still kissing me.- Oh boy you really have a huge hard on, said Siv and started to open my trousers.Ann gently rubbed her clit and pushed 1 or 2 fingers in her pussy. When she pulled her fingers out I could see them glittering of her juices. Without any hesitation Ann took her fingers to her mouth and licked them watching Siv fighting her way to my cock. I just couldn’t believe the situation I was. Two perfect 19 yr old horny teens has planned a sex cruise with me. Both girls ready to fuck and Ann fixed Siv to loose her virginity with me. Gosh these days these young girls definitely know what they.- Go on. Get that cock out. I want to fuck. You can’t guess how horny I am. I want to have his cock in pussy and ass now rushed Ann.- What do you think I’m doing? answered Siv. I rose up and left Siv open my belt and strip my trousers, when I grabbed Ann and pulled her towards me.- So you want my cock in your ass again? What you ask is what you get for. Better be prepared.Siv dropped my pants and grabbed my rock hard cock. Her other hand was on her pussy rubbing it, when stoked my cock with another hand. And kneeled in front of me too and sucked my cock in her mouth. – Ann! I was supposed to suck it. moaned Siv?- You really need to learn to be faster, answered Ann and kept on giving me a good BJ. She was really skilled of giving head. When I pushed deeper in her mouth she did not gag, but got more excited. -You can take it all the way. You really are a pervert. Sucking Johns cock in front of me. OMG. That’s so fucking hot. My pussy has never felt like this. I’m flooding. OMG I need something in me, said SivAnn left my cock from her mouth and kissed Siv. At first it looked like Siv would fight against it, but only seconds later. Siv was all in. I watched these lovely hot canlı bahis siteleri teens kissing eachother. Ann guiden Sivs hand to her pussy and Ann started to rub Sivs pussy. What a sight.I placed myself behind Siv, my hard cock pressing against her back. I kissed and licked Sivs neck and groped her tits. Sivs tits was firm B-cups. I started to undress Sivs dress, when girls were making out. I opened her zipper, Siv helped to get rid of her skirt. Ann kissed and played with Sivs thighs and pussy I opened her bras and looked her lovely tits. Perfect big, if not huge, nipples on very firm B-cum tits. I hardly got her bras off, when Ann was already sucking them.. ?- Fuck Ann. You’re a pervert bitch, but I love it. I love you sucking my tits.Keep on doing it. I love it. John! Iwant you to fuck me so fucking hard I can’t walk tomorrow.?I let my hand find it’s way to Sivs pussy and I grabbed her pussy hard through her panties. Her pussy was so wet, her panties were soaking. I pulled panties aside and let one finger slide in. Siv sighted silently and bent her head back trying to kiss me. Ann kissed and licked her neck and tits. Both girls moaned in heat. Oh my poor cock I thoughAfter fingering Sivs pussy for some time I tasted my fingers. – Heavenly taste. so sweet. I tried to finger her faster for some time. Then se rose up and stripped the rest of her clothes. Her trimmed blond pussy was in front of my mouth.Siv spreader her pussy and I knew what to do. I started to lick her delicious pussy. Meanwhile Ann went behind Siv and started to lick her ass and thighs from behind. I pushed two fingers in her virgin pussy and started to fuck her dripping wet pussy with two fingers. Siv was moaning and breathing heavily. so I speed up. Sivs knees trembled and her teen pussy was flooding. Clear pussy juices were literally dripping along my hand. Ann wanted to taste Sivs pussy juices too. She grabbed my hadn’t and pulled it out from Sivs pussy, only to lick my fingers clean. Then she pushed it hard back in Sivs pussy. and continued licking her ass. trying to push her tongue in Sivs ass. It was clear that Siv wouldn’t last long. her knees were almost collapsing when first signs of coming orgasm shook her body.- OMG, OMG, OMG! Ohh john I’m cumming soon. Do not stop. eat my pussy. Lick my clit. Oooohhhhh, aaaahhhhhh. I’m cummiinngggg shouted Siv and pressed my mouth tightly to her pussy. Then her first orgasm exploded. I licked her clitoris as fast I could. Ann pushed her tongue in her ass and finally Sivs knees couldn’t keep her up anymore and her orgasm brought her down.She breathed heavily. When I kissed her with her pussy juices on my face, she eagerly licked my face, while Ann played with her tits.Looks like I am going to like this cruise after all.

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