VIC & VICKYFriday I went shopping at my friendy neighborhood Wal*Mart. There are only 2 cashiers open and they are next to one another. I can not get into the shorter right hand lane as there is a couple in the left lane and their cart is blocking me. She is behind the cart and he is standing beside it. His back is towards me. She is a cute 30 year old, maybe 5’2″. She’s a wee bit heavy, built for comfort, not for speed. He is at least 6′ tall, maybe 35 and is unshaven. Since he is blocking my progress. I tap him on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me.”He turns and says, “Sorry”.I smile and say, “I didn’t want to run into your butt with my cart!”She says, “Just run him over.” We all three chuckle at that. As we are waiting for our respective cashiers to check us all through, she leans up against him and puts her head on his shoulder. I say to them, “You two should get a room.”They laugh at this and she says, “I could use a nap.””And you figured you’d use his shoulder right here, right?”They are a playful couple and he says, “Sounds like a good idea.”Whereupon, I blurt out, “Can I watch?”They look at one another and smile. I chuckle.As it turns out they get checked out before me. When I am finally done and heading out the door, they are standing just outside the exit. I pick up on the fact that they are waiting for me. We three proceed to the parking lot. He asks, “Were you serious?””Hell yes”, and I am not laughing when I reply. He says, “Well we were discussing it here and we are both quite intrigued by the idea, so we thought we’d approach you about it.”I say, “Let’s be certain what we mean here. You would let me watch you two have sex?”They both blush and he says, “Yes that’s exactly it.” “Ok so this would take place now at your house. I would just watch and not participate. Could I take pictures with my cell phone camera?””Hmmmm, what would you do with the pictures?”, she asks.”They would be for my very own private use. I would give you copies!”He says, “Well I’m quite nervous about it but I am excited as hell too. I already have a boner”, and he laughs. She turns her back to him and presses her ass into his front and chuckles and says, “Yes you sure do.”I introduce myself, “My name is Bob”. He says, “My name is Vic and this is my wife, Vicky.””Wow, is that ever neat”, I reply.I follow them to their house. They park in the driveway and I park on the street. I help them haul their bags into the kitchen. She puts away the milk and veggies in the fridge bursa escort and leaves the non-perishables on the table.He says, “Well let’s all go into the bedroom.”There is no overhead light in the room and the table lamps on each side of the bed do not cast enough light so I get Vic to open the window blinds. Now sunlight fills the room so there will be sufficient lighting for the pics. “How do you want to set this up and what all do you two want to do?” She asks him, “Should we do oral and sex or just sex?”He asks her, “What do you want?””Let’s do both, we won’t ever get to do this again.”.I say, “Ok, you two decide who goes first or whatever. Just forget that I’m in the room. I won’t touch you but I may need to arrange your positions somewhat so I can get a good picture. Is that ok?”They both nod their approval and I say, “Great, get it on you two.”They start to hug and kiss and undress each other. This to me seems to take way too long but finally they are naked. She has very nice boobies, round with large brownish nipples. Her bush is thick with brown curly hair. His cock is semi-hard. He is cut and average length and thickness with a pointy knob. They lay down on the bed and start kissing again. He kisses her breasts and sucks her nipples. He lifts up one of her arms and nuzzles and licks and kisses her armpits. He says, “Let me do you first.” He places her legs over the edge of the bed. She spreads them and he gets down on his knees between them. His fingers part her pussy lips and his tongue starts licking her groove, up and down. I have been taking pictures all this time and have to get down too and very close to catch all the action. He senses this and angles his head a bit to the side so I can get a clear view of his tongue, licking up and down her pussy lips. His fingers part her lips and he thrusts his tongue inside. He withdraws and inserts two fingers into her snatch, working them in and out. His tongue works on her clit and he sucks her clit into his mouth. I can’t tell if the pictures I am taking are actually any good but I do not care. I am enjoying this immensely and my pecker is rigid inside my jeans. Her hips are thrashing around and around and up and down. She is breathing hard and rapidly. Sensing that she is going to cum, I switch my cell phone camera to video mode to better capture all her sounds. Her hips buck frantically as she cums. Vic’s fingers thrust in and out of her snatch. She is a noisy boistrous cummer. bursa escort bayan Vic keeps his mouth fastened on her clit as she bucks and her ass moves up and down. As she quietens down and her breathing slows, he licks up and down her pussy lips. Her pussy lips are puffy and wet with her secretions and his saliva. I switch the camera back to picture mode. I make a mental note that there’s something I should tell them later. He stands up. His cock is stiff and angled up towards his belly. She scoots down off the bed and kneels between his legs. She grabs his pecker and licks the underside. Up and down. He lays down on the bed and she gets between his legs. She licks around his cockhead and up and down his shaft and finally engulfs it. She is a little too enthusiastic at first and gags slightly as she takes him too deep. She quickly recovers though and her head begins to bob up and down on his cock in a slow steady rhythm. Her left hand is wrapped around the base of his pecker and keeps the same motion as her mouth. He’s getting jacked and sucked simultaneously. He’s starting to hum and his hips begin to rise up and down off the bed. They are in tune with each others movements. Clearly they are well practiced! I am clicking as fast as my cell phone allows. Their movements have quickened drastically, so I switch to video mode and right away he is cumming. His cock slips out of her mouth for a moment and a spurt of cum shoots out over her nose and lips. She only misses that one squirt though and quickly she engulfs his cock and swallows the rest of his cum. When he is done she wipes the cum off her face with her fingers and her tongue slobbers up the residue. “Wow, that was awesomely hot you two!””Thanks”, they reply simultaneously.They sit side by side on the bed. I stand up. My cock strains against my jeans and I reach inside and adjust it to a more comfortable position. “Looks like somebody has a boner. You’ve seen our stuff, now let’s see yours”, she says with a big grin.”You’re sure?” “Yes”, he replies.I unbuckle my belt, unzip and drop my jeans to my ankles. I am commando. I step out of the jeans and walk towards them, my 6 inches pointing straight at them. “You’re not circumsized”, he says.”No”, I chuckle.She says, “I only ever seen Vic’s cock, yours is sure different.””Well, let me show you how it works”. Needless to say my cockhead is all lubed up with its secretions and pre-cum. I retract my foreskin fully and let it rest behind the escort bursa ridge showing off my cockhead in all its wet shiny glistening glory. Vic reaches out and wraps his fist around it and jerks it back and forth a couple of times. My hood slides back and forth over my glans. “Nice”, he says.”Do you want to touch it?”, I ask Vicky. Vicky looks at Vic, “Is that ok with you?””Sure, go ahead”.She reaches forward tentatively and her fingers touch the tip of my cock. She makes a fist and wraps it around the shaft. She squeezes slightly and moves her hand up and down. Her fingers are small and delicate and light to the touch. Then Vic reaches for my cock. She lets go and his left hand holds the shaft and his right hand fondles my nuts.”Do you want a taste?”Vic needs no coaxing. While still grasping my pecker he leans down and licks the tip of my cock. Then he licks all around my cockhead. Then he takes me in his mouth. As he sucks and his head bobs up and down on my cock, his tongue is swirling over and around my knob. He’s done this before I think but say nothing. “Let me”, Vicky asks.She takes over and imitates his actions. Her mouth is hot and my cock enjoys her warm wet habitat too. Her head bobs up and down as she sucks and sucks.”I am going to cum soon. Do you want to swallow it or do you want a facial?”Vic puts his face beside hers and says, “Can you do it for both of us?”And I do. One squirt first into Vicky’s mouth, then one on her face, then one squirt into Vic’s mouth and another on his face. As the rest dribbles out, with my right hand holding my cock, I rub my cock over their lips and mouth spreading it all around. When I am finished cumming and my cock is wilting, I bring up my left hand which has the cell phone in it. Drying my right hand in Vicky’s hair first, I put the camera on video mode and hold it up and in front of me.”Each of you stand up beside me and very slowly turn around and look at your neighbor over there on his balcony. He has his pants down around his ankles and he’s jerking off.” They turn and look. Vicky screams, “Oh my gawd!”She scrambles across the bed so fast that even an Olympian would be proud. She closes the blinds just as the guy’s cock begins to squirt its cum over the balcony railing….EPILOGUE:The pictures do not turn out too good. About 2 dozen are so so. I put them on a thumb drive and drop it off at their house one night when I am out alone getting gas. Another 2 dozen are too dark or blurry and 10 are over exposed because of too much sunlight. We keep in touch via email and I have asked them to consider another session but with my digital camera this time. They are thinking about it. They tell me their neighbor is avoiding them, lol.

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