my sissy summer with aunie Maye/


my sissy summer with aunie Maye/It was Auntie Mayes soft hand from behind that coaxed me forward into my new temporary upstairs summer bedroom as my eyes took in that fascinating sight of such exciting lovely and sexy feminine lingerie and girlie outfits that completley covered her pink guestroom bedspread! In addition I couldn’t help but to also notice, those five lifelike looking rubber dildo cocks that had been carefully layed out sideways across the lower shelf of the high headboard just below the long narrow mirror above it.Yes already having been caught while being queer with my freshman classmates Jerry Rogers, Roger Foster and Blaine Collins during the recently concluded last semester of the school year, mom had sent me to her sisters country home for six summer vacation weeks in hopes of having Auntie Maye, Straighten me out! After placing both of her hands gently on shoulder blades from behind me, Auntie Maye lightly kissed my right ear while whispering into it that she knew I loved acting like a Sissy and that during some very special and private times with her, I could become the pretty little daughter or a niece she had always wanted and had wished for!I knew right then without question, that mom had told Auntie all about my being caught red handed by Miss Wiggins a woman Physical Education teacher just the month before. Yes caught with Blaine Collins stiff Penis deep in my mouth while kneeling in front of him right under the gym basketball bleachers just after school had let out that dreded quite eventful day. Once caught at least I had been totally honest in confussing to Mr. Stuart our high school principle, that besides Blaine, I had also sucked Jerry Rogers and Roger Fosters penises off the full completion just the week before! Word had somehow spread like wildfire throughout the entire school and when I was readmitted after serving my ten day suspension, the relentless verbal attacks from both male and female students immediatlely began. Now as I stood there in sort of a very confused state of mind, many different mixed feelings raced through my clouded mind. Having already stolen an older pair of moms lavender panties way back in 7th grade to frequently wear while masturbating over the past two and half years, I found the sight of all of those shear silky girley panties and bra’s very powerful and erotic! Yet I began to uncontrollably shiver in mild fear as well! As my eyes focused on all of those lifelike looking toy rubber cocks just beyond that full wardrobe of carefully laid out feminine attire, I immediately found myself going into the very first stages of getting an erection of arousal!It was then that Auntie Maye took my right hand in hers and guided me closer to that most erotic to me sex bed! She giggled as she told me she had guessed I was a size 8 and hoped that everything she had carefully bought for me would properly fit my cute slender body. (5′ 6″, 118 pounds at the time)Somehow her tighly gripping hand gave me great needed comfort and courage as I then realized that Auntie Maye somehow understood and truly accepted my naughty unnatual sexual urges that began immediately upon reaching puberty! I will never ever forget her words right then as she softly whispered to me that ” COCKS WERE THE MOST WONDERFUL THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND THAT SHE TRULY HOPED THAT I ALREADY LOVED THEM AS MUCH AS SHE DID!”As I felt my young penis growing into an unavoidable boner, I watched Auntie Maye suddenly reach down to pick up an almost transparent pair of brand new shear lacey pink rufflely womans panties that still were sporting a price tag on them. “Do you like them?” she asked me while holding them up proudly. ” They were the very first pair I picked out for you Wednesday at the Womans Boutique!” As I felt my effeminine side being triggered deeper and deeper into high gear, I answered her in not my usual boyish voice, but instead with a brand new to me voice that was perhaps a few octives higher than it had every been before. Yes a Girley voice that seemed to perfectly match how Sissish and feminine I then felt from head to foot! Right at the very moment, all of my fears had completley and wonderfully dissapeared and were replaced with exciting visions of having Auntie Maye transforming me into her naughy little mischiefous neice! Yes two different exciting thoughts consumed my young mind right then. The first was that I knew without a doubt, I was simply just going to Love and Adore dressing up as a girl for Auntie., While the second equally exciting thought found great excitement in again looking over to study that headbord collection of big cocks that Aunite had carefully laid out as naughty GAY SEX toys for me to play with whenever I wanted too. Oh how I hoped and wished right then that Auntie was not only going to transform me into her young teenage sissy boy, but that she would also teach and do so many different sex things that I always had daydreamed about when safely alone in my bedroom when touching my already overdeveloped dick! Yes in a matter of just a few short incredable minutes, I had gone from being a shy unsure arriving boy pretending complete innocence in front of his favorite aunt, into one wanting to become totally gay and willing to any and all of Aunties unknown to me actions or suggestions!So when offered , I took those pink sexy panties from aunties hand to closely examine and feel their feminine softness! Soon both of us were wearing proud smiles as she asked me “How I liked them?” Somehow right then, I was so happy that I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. Without really thinking, I moved in close to give Auntie Maye a tight hug while giving my very first cheek kiss ever. It was a sincere type of peck on her left cheek meant to show my gratitute and happiness! This while feeling the softness of her big full 37 year old breasts pressing right into my young chest. It was Auntie that further embrassed me then by wrapping both her arms tightly right around me. As her womanly thighs pressed against mine, I instantly moved back and away in fear that she wouldn’t feel and discover that I had a big boner! But somehow my rock hardness didn’t go unnoticed by Auntie Maye! Looking right down at it , she broke into a big smile while proclaiming what a naughty little boy I truly was! Yes sticking out like a baby pop tent, the crouch of my tan summer shorts clearly showed my fully aroused sexual state of mind. I guess in part I felt both a bit embarrased while also a bit proud of my bulging young manhood! As my completely startled eyes watched the open palm of her right hand suddenly move in against it, I was being sexually touched for the very first time in my entire life! How wonderful that contact felt to me as I stood on a pair weak trembleing legs as Auntie Maye began to caress me down there with her magaical now exploring rubbing right hand. Her green eyes seemed to carry a fair away distant intent look of dreaminess as I watched in astonisment as the tip of her pink tongue began to travel in a circle over her slightly parted ruby red painted lips. Yes just moments before Auntie Maye had openly told me how very much she loved Cock! Now she was backing up her statement in an action of pure selfish i****t upon her helpless spellbound nephew! “OH CHRIS IT FEELS SO BIG AND SO INCREDEABLY HARD! she proclaimed to me in a faint low voice. “WOULD IT BE OK IF I FREED HIM FROM HIS TORTURED IMPRISSIONMENT SO WE CAN BOTH LOOK AT HIM TOGETHER?” Totally unable to speak right then, I could only nod my head in a gesture of yes as with both hands, my very pretty older auntie took the sides of my summer shorts in her finger tips and hastily tugged them down to below my knees. Without wasting a spit second, my white bvd briefs received the very same passionite treatment! As my oversized 7 1/4″ fairly thick erection sprang out into full view, I felt so god dam wonderfully naughty in proudly exposing my Entire Erect Cock to my favorite aunt. ” Oh He’s so Big and Beautiful and so Perfectly Sculpured!” she softly whispered while seeming to suck in her breath! Next without any warning she sank to her knees in front of me just like I had done to my freshman classmates Blaine, Jerry and Roger before blowing them some weeks before. It was then that Auntie Maye hastily began to remove both my summer shorts and white cotton briefs from my legs. No sooner than had both been quickly removed, did Auntie Maye also remove my sneakers and sox while almost commanding me to remove my blue pocketed tee shirt. I was standing completely naked right in front Auntie right then less than two hours after mom and I had arrived together and she had dropped me off for my six week summer stay. In looking down in my sudden spellbound sexual trance, I could clearly see the well defined outline tips of both her nipples clearly showing against the white silk of her shortsleved summer blouse. Never having been even close to a girl before, I felt both curiousity and interest as I began to wonder about not only Auntie Mayes big tits, but her pussy as well? Being so innoncent and totally virginal, I had no idea about the many different plans of my Total Secution that Auntie Maye had in store for me! Yes unknown to me then, was the fact that Auntie Mayes former husband Carl was very bi-sexual and had introduced my aunt into some very wild no holds barred swinging sex scenes when she was married to him while back in her twenties! Group Scenes that included him being gay with other men while encouraging her to be a true slut and whore. Yes for almost 12 long years my Auntie Maye had dearly missed her wonderful Lust filled swinging adventures involving countless numbers of men and her gay husband Carl who preferred to be her Cuckold Husband instead of her lover!It wasn’t until Auntie Maye asked me to pass her that pair of pink panties, that I realized I was still holding them in my left hand. After taking them and pulling off the price tag, she ordered me to sit down on the end of my new bed and to lift up my feet. How soft and wonderful they felt as I watched her slip the legs openings over both of my feet and begin to tug them up both of my legs. As they reached my upper hairless thighs, I was ordered by her to lift up my cute bottom a bit so that her boner boy nephew could begin his transformation into her new naughty niece! God how excited I was right then as Auntie Maye tugged them upwards and in place. While their tight leg openings clung to my lower rounded ass cheeks, their waistband found the top underside of my fully engorged cock shaft and pressed it tightly downward agains my lower belly. With one final firm tug, Auntie Maye had them perfectly positioned in place with only the swollen pinkish head of my throbbing cock sticking out the very top of them. How wonderful my balls felt right then being tighly squeezed and pressed by the soft but yet firm silky pink fem material. In that wonderful unforgettle early June afternoon of never ending excitement, my next incredable surpise happened when without shame or modesty, Aunite Mays suddenly pulled her blouse up over her head and discarded it behind her in haste. As I watched her reach around behind her to unhook her full white 38DD support brassire, I couldn’t wait to recieve my very first sight of a large set of womanly Tits. Tits that seemed to jump out at me in firmness while being capped by two equal silver dollar sized erect strawberry colored circular nipples. Once while caught in the rain with mom, I had seen her wet blouse nipple outline but never anything like what Auntie Maye was fully exposing to me right then! When next Auntie Maye moved her head forward to plant a series of kissing pecks just above my belly button, those same wonderful full tits came to rest on the middle tops of both of my thighs.How electric and exciting I found them to be as in slightly shifting to move her mouth down to find my belly button, both taunt hanging nipples brushed both of my thigh tops together. As I felt her dancing tongue tip find the center of my belly button, Auntie Mayes chin bottom was the first part of her body to acutally make direct contact with my sensitive swollen cock! Instantly it throbbed in response as her darting tongue began her practiced foreplay of slow deliberate teasing! Yes Auntie Maye was then hell bent on making her Virgin Sissy Nephews first real sexual time with a woman, one he would never forget and love more than anything! How Erotically exciting she found my innocence and virginity being taken over by her bold cravings for such naughtly and dirty sex acts. For weeks before my summer arrival, Auntie Maye had planned so many different role scenes and possible senerios involving the both of us behind closed doors. For her, everything right then was so god dam perfect not to mention the pleasant unexpected surprise of the size of my mancock attached to such a petitte fem looking slender young teen body. Yes without even having touched that cock once with her hands, or taking it into her sex starved mouth or wet throbbing needy pussy, Auntie Maye was already deeply in Love With It as I sat there looking down at her while in a Wonderful Magical sort of a Dream that was Really Happening right before my very Eyes. As her snaking probing tongue explored both the outline and center of my sensitive belly button, I found myself wanting to reach out and to touch both of those excited hanging stiff nippled tits of hers.Yet I lacked the courage to do so as I wasn’t sure if Auntie Maye wanted me to act more so like her feminine niece instead of her male nephew?? When next she removed her probing tongue, I felt the warmth of the hot air she was blowing directly on the head of my partly exposed cockhead. Instantly in reaction, I couldn’t help but to make my cock twitch and throb in response to this pleasureable new feeling. After perhaps a dozen repeated doses of that warmth, the fingers of Auntie Mayes right hand suddenly came out of nowhere to partly wrap themselves around the lower half of my panty clad ridgid boy rod. All I could think about right then was that Auntie Maye was actually touching my cock! Oh how wonderful it felt being touched down there for the very first time ever. So so much better than my three years of it only knowing my own trusty right hand! As her magical fingers began feeding me with such profound new pleasures, I found myself already getting very close to shooting off! How much better I found it to be, having someone else bringing my sensitive cock so much wonderful stimulating enjoyment. How badly I wanted to Cum Right then while housed in my new pink bitch panties. Thank God Auntie Maye stopped her handplay just in the nick of time. This because she had just spotted the peal like droplet of pre-cum seminal fluid that had the entire valley of my exposed pee slit submerged in it. It was then that Auntie Maye moved away from me and stood back up. I was asked if “I’d like her to show me her Auntie Pussy First Before She Sucked Off My Hard Naughty Cock?” Without waiting for my answer, auntie found the side snap to her black slacks and then quickly was slideing kars escort them down to her ankles. Almost instantly I saw her shear biki type black thong panties come into my curious view. Such sexy panties with a vee shaped indented outline in their lower croutch area. After stepping out her slacks, Auntie Mays slowly tugged them down for my bennift and sexual entertainment! After the first few inches of her pouted femine vee slit came into my view, auntie stopped in teasing fashion asking me ” If I wanted to see more of Her Hot Shaved Auntie Pussy?” While in sex education class back in junior high I had seen a few drawings of the female virgina, the sight of a real one was so very different. As inch by new inch of it was carefully and teasingly revealed to me, I couldn’t help but to reach down to tightly take my cock in my right hand. I was told then not to dare touch my precum or to bring myself off. That Auntie Maye was going to make it cum right in her tight mouth just like I loved to do for other Boys in my school! She then added with a chuckle that I wasnt the only one in the bedroom that loved taking a stiff cock or two into their mouth. Soon after completely ridding herself of her pesky black thong panties, Auntie Maye used both of her hands to open her swollen pussy lips for my bennefit. How pink and soft it glistening insides looked to me as I intently looked on. Near its lower part I could see a dark oval circular part that wasnt pink. I knew it just had to be her cunt hole as above it my eyes feasted on her swollen clitoris that reminded me of some type of a baby clam! Auntie Maye seemed to take such delight in showing her virgin nephew/niece, his/her first exposure to pure womanhood. Yes as I would soon find out and discover, exhibitionism was something that Auntie Maye found greatly exciting and stimulating. After perhaps a slow and delibertate five minute lasting show of teasing new female masturbation, Auntie Maye couldn’t wait any longer to Get At My Oversized TEEN COCK! Again after sinking to her knees, I was ordered to stand up and quickly bring it right over to her face. Next she ordered me to slide down my fem pink panties until their wasteband was only covering my balls! As I did this, my imprisoned cock was at last free and stood proudly sticking almost straight out pointing right at Aunties face less than two feet away! In anxiously looking down, I saw the look of expression painted all over my aunts face. Yes auntie was displaying the same exact feelings I had felt all 11 times I had blown Blaine, Roger and Jerry Rogers under the gym basketball bleachers. Just like me, she found the sight and temptations of a stiff cock so exciting and powerful. So powerful in fact that just like me, she was totally helpless to not take it right into her mouth and to begin to contently suck on it. However before doing this act, my auntie first wanted to lick my evergrowing droplet of seminual fluid right up. How erotic my mind found her darting tongue to be, not to mention the incredable physical feeling it gave my entire throbbing cockhead. God they had to be 1000 times better than any sensatiions my hands had ever given me before. As auntie continued to lick my super sensitive slit, she looked right up into my eyes so she could watch me watching her. With each new slow swipe, my cock would briefly jump upwards in total response! With each new teasing slow lick, I found myself almost getting up on my toes in reaction. Next Auntie Maye asked me a really long incredeably erotic question I will never forget as long as I live.”WOULD MY SWEET SISSY CRISSIE LIKE HIS LOVING AUNTIE TO BECOME HIS TEMPORARY WHORE AND TO SUCK HIS NAUGHTY COCK CLITTY UNTIL IT FLOODS HER HOT MOUTH WITH SOUPY SPERM SHE HAS TO SWOLLOW ALL DOWN ? ” My excited answer was almost instant and more of a urgent plea. “Oh Yes Auntie Please, your driving me crazy and I don’t think I can stand much more of it?” No sooner did those words escaped my lips when Auntie Maye’s greedily no longer teasing mouth dove down over most of my entire dick and began to suck it like a starving newborn calf. Instanly I found myself being treated to most wonderful and fantastic sensations imaginable! It was truly magic indeed as countless thousands of blissful sensations raced from my entire cock right up into my overun rapidly racing mind. God moms sister my Auntie Maye was willingly Blowing me and seemed to be loving it just as much as I was! How wonderful her tight warm wet mouth made my teen prick feel as she greedily took every presented inch in long sucking craving lunges. How tight her throat opening felt as she drew my hanging balls against her bobbing chin on the instrokes. For shear pleasue and excitement, jerking myself off could never come close to getting my very first BLOW JOB!! It was then that I somehow managed to finally find the courage to touch those big tits that were slightly swaying from side to side below her bobbing head. How spongey soft they felt under my expanded clinging fingers with their hardened nipples brushed against the insides of my flattened palms. Yes in looking down, I was watching my aunties ruby red oval lips gliding up and down the entire long length of my cock while below my hands were excidildly exploring all the nice tit flesh they wanted too. As without hope I found myself getting very near to ejaculating, I told auntie I was getting close to Shooting Off! Upon hearing this from me, Auntie Maye reached around with both of her hands to tightly grip my young ass cheeks and pull them in yet closer to her. Right at that moment I thought about two wonderful things that really had me completely turned on. One was that I was going to Cum almost any moment now. The second one was that just like me, Auntie also wanted a stiff cock to flood her fully willing mouth with Shooting Sperm Semen! As my proud prick exploded in a wonderful series of pulsating pleasures, I moaned first just before Auntie Maye’s tighly sucking out of control mouth, received it’s first powerful blast of my jettionsing jissum! Soon both of us were moaning together in mutual pleasure as each new pulsation of thick prick paste arrived from the very core of my electic feeling balls. Yes for nearly a long wonderful magical minute, I shot off enough jizz to match any three of my former climaxes combined. On her end, my sex starved cum loving whore auntie, gulped, swollowed,gagged and sucked so incredablly hard for every last percious drop of it. Next I found myself standing there spent, smiling and completely satifsfield while allowing my wonderful Auntie Maye to contently continue to lovingly suck my sex drained organ in full submissive cock worship. From both corners of her mouth, I noticed tiny goblets of my thick young sperm slowly beginning to leak out. Yes some seven weeks before when I had sucked my very first cock up in the ballpark woods, Roger Foster had held my head firmly in place and without any warning had discharged such a big unexpected load into my own helpless surprised mouth. God he had shot so much spoo off, that it had run right down my chin even before he was even done selfishly blasting off! At first I was just letting auntie get her fill of my spent cock, however within a few short minutes, it stopped being so sensitive and ticklish and began to feel real good all over again. Soon it had stopped gradually shrinking and again had grown into a wonderful new full erection. Yes within five minutes of having shot off, Auntie Maye had me just as hard and excited as I had felt when she was teasingly licking my naval. After slowly slipping her sperm coated lips from my firm dick, Auntie Maye stood back up. Next she took my right hand in hers and guided it into the center of her pussy. How soft and wet it felt as she guided it up and down the full frontal length of her swollen vee. Perhaps a minute after starting this, auntie moved her hand off of mine so on my very own I could sample and explore my very first exciting pussy. God auntie was truly being a slutty unashamed whore that first day of my summer long stay. Being totally in dominating control of me, she next briefly left me to fetch one of the larger headboard fake rubber cocks. After returning to me, she placed it’s lifelike to me looking head on her lips while slowly letting some of her mouth contained Cum to leak out onto it. I was a bit taken when next she placed her hands on the tops of my shoulders and gradually pushed me downward until I was kneeling in a submissive posture before her. Next I watched her bring that fake cock with its cum covered head down between her legs. With its base centered and resting firmly on top of her vee gash, she smiled at me while moving closer to my face. Instantly a wild thrill overtook my sexually awakened mind as I realized what she fullly intended to have me do. With most of my oversized load still trapped and lingering inside of her mouth, my Auntie Maye couldn’t talk and with both gestures and her green firey eyes, was more of less without any spoken words making me become her queer sissy! Yes to me right about then, her hand held cock was indeed a real one that craved for my gay young mouth to get completely queer with it. How excited I felt right then as I viewed my thick white sperm tightly clinging to its amost perfectly sculptured cockhead. Somehow I pulled up my new treasured and deeply loved pink panties into place to releive the unpleasant tightness they had caused my balls over the past several minutes. While submissively licking my lips in such gay gesture, I looked up into Aunties glaring green eyes for direction. Understanding my willingness, Auntie Maye moved in closer until I felt the hardness of her new cockhead against my lips that were getting their very first slight taste ever of my very own sperm! A taste that instantly excited me so much , that I extended my tongue outward to sample yet more of it! Auntie smiled down on me then as she held her adopted mancock tightly in place as her new little sissy dicklicker openly showed her how queer he loved to be and act. Yes before her very eyes, aunties nephew Chris had now become her naughtly niece Crissie to her. Such a passionie young prick lover complete with her pink princess panties. Auntie just knew at that very moment, how her bi biker boyfriend Butch was simply going to love the countless hours of sex the three of them would be soon sharing all summer long together behind closed doors. Yes Butch while known to have sucked a cock or two during his lifetime, simply loved young pretty boy faggots to celebrate his masculine top orientated manhood with! Auntie Maye couldn’t help but to secretly smile to herself as she also realized that her new sissy boy was also going to Love Butches six foot one two hundred and twenty five pound hairly body that came complete with nine and quarter thick inches of truly majestic masculine uncut cock!Time and again over those incredably exciting secret minutes between auntie and me, she would spit out more ooz cum over that clamy cockhead so that I could yet further celebrate my new love for the taste and feel of my very own shot off sperm! When first hearing from my mom about my gay behavior at school, Auntie Maye had hoped that I was an incureable young fag willing to explore the wild side of kinkly sex. Later she would tell me all of this, while letting me know that my passions for forbidden pleausures ran far beyond her wildest expectations. Yes Auntie Maye had indeed taken a risky first uncalculated step in adorning my bed with fem attire and those forbidden toy cocks. A test that I had almost instantly passed by my instant interest and almost girlish body language. As she had watched me grow up over the years, she knew that my mom had also wanted a little girl instead of a son and had rasied me in a entirely feminine household. No auntie wasn’t a bit surpissed when she learned I had been caught sucking cock. Instead she was quite turned on about it and wasted little time in asking my unsuspecting mom if she help by offering me a place to safely escape too for most of that summer. Soon unable to contain my building passions, I simply mouthed Aunties new mouth cock and began to suck it in similar fashion to how she had just sucked me off. After a few short hot minutes for both of us, she suddently knelt in front of me and placed her lips tightly against mine. It was my very first lip kiss that I will always remember and cherish. Her tongue slowly forced my lips apart at first, before she forced and deposited nearly half a mouthful of my remaining sperm directly into my mouth. This while her tight clinging lips pressed firmly against mine so not a single drop could possibly escape. Again I reached out to feel up her fully exposed tits that I was already deeply in love with. Reaching down, auntie tighly gripped my throbbing young cock and to my delight began to lightly and teasingly fondle and tug on it now and then.God how wonderful my very first real interacting sexual experience was back then. So full of incredable discoveries and acts between us. No young virgin boy could have been any happier or more delighted than she made me feel that special unforgetable afternoon. One minute we were kissing on our knees while groping each other and sharing my cum load. The next I found myself laying right on top of my new fem wardrobe while in a sideways sixty nine postion. As I sucked Aunties exciting hand held crouch cock, she sucked mine with the same matched passions. Just before I came for a second time, auntie told me to shoot another big load into her mouth so we could soon kiss and share our new found love for cock and cum together. Maybe a good half hour later when all of my second load was gone from our clinging mouths, auntie had me fuck her pussy with that same toy cock while sucking on her incredable tastey tits. This while she exciteidly fingered her clitoris and went into a series of powerful orgasms that lasted a good honest ten minutes.After a well needed cold drink of kool aid downstairs, she took a shower while I unpacked my two large suit cases and settled into my new bedroom. While I filled all of the bureau drawers up with the things I had brought from home, the small side dresser was reserved for my new fem wardrobe of sexy lingerie, hose and two new short mini skirts as well as those three sexy short sleeved blouses. About an hour after a tastey supper, Auntie Maye took me into her master bedroom and let me try one three different womans wigs. She told me that by far the long blonde Dolly Parton type one looked the best on me as it perfectly matched my light blue eyes. Yes sitting in front of her dressing table mirror, I began to again feel my young cock growing in excitement as I admired how much that long blonde wig make me look so much like a very cute girl. Next with just a few strokes of her eye brow pencil and a tube of glossy pink lipstick, Auntie Maye magically transformed me into a completely passable young lady. It was then she asked me how I liked being changed into her Sissy Crissie? Overcome with passion and affection, I again kastamonu escort tried to kiss my Auntie full on her lips without thinking. Immediately I was told we had had quite enough for one day and that my new role was to always follow her leads or suggestions and NEVER again try to kiss her or assume things on my own! Seeing my sadness and confusion, Auntie Maye told me that tomorrow morning, she would do a complete womans makeup job on me and dress me up in one of my new outfits. I couldn’t help but smile shortly after when she showed me the two fake bobbies she was always going to stuff my new bra’s with. Then after a short lecture on my expected behavior and swearing me to secretecy about never telling mom or anyone about the secret sexual things we would be sharing, I was dismissed from her bedroom for the night and watched tv alone in my new summer bedroom. Although I couldn’t wait to have Auntie dress me up the next morning, she seemed disinterested those first few hours together. Finally shortly before noon time, I was ordered to take a bath and to also shave as best I could, my armpits, legs and the pubic hair around my cock and balls. As ordered by her, once done I arrived in her living room naked as a jailbird while sporting a proud full erection. I was taken back a bit when she showed no sexual interest in my throbbing exposed cock instead commenting how I had done a very poor job of shaving myself clean and smooth. So as I stood naked in her bathtub, auntie went to work doing my entire body from my neck down first using her electric legs razor over most of my body before covering it in shaving cream and using a seveal regular razor blades to shave me completely smooth and hairless. When make to bend over and hold my asschecks apart, I felt so embarassed until Auntie complimented me on how I had such a cute pink innocent looking puckered anus. When she added that sometime soon she was going to convert it into a hot beckoning back door pussy that I was simply going to love, I again felt my cock begin to almost instantly harden. Little did I know or suspect that Auntie was on a strict schedule that Friday afternoon. Yes after a late lunch together, it took her nearly a full hour of plucking my eyebrows, combing out my wig and then applying so many different items of makeup, before she seemed satisfied with her results. While my carefully painted face looked completely feminine in her dressing table mirror, my short boys haircut made me look sort of strange and half way between being a boy and a girl. Auntie told me with full confidence, that my wig would change all of that while leading me into my bedroom to dress up. It was here that she choose the matching lavender panites and bra. How strange it felt to me wearing a brassire for the very first time. Yet the feel of its tighness, the straps over both shoulders and the sudden roundness of my chest did indeed begin to give me pleasant new sexual thoughts. How full and big my chest suddenly became when those two C cup b**st forms were tightly suffed and properly fitted into my new girley bra. They even had fake stiff nipples that clearly showed under the soft lacey transparent fabric. How I admired myself while auntie left to shortly return holding a very sexy white lace ruffeled garter belt and a new package of black mesh hose. Yes I was becoming so increadeably excited with each new item of lingerie she was skillfully dressing me in. Even the four hanging straps brushing my upper legs make my exposed cock twitch in excitement. How I loved being hard with my cock completely exposed to my beautiful sexy aunt. When next auntie opened the package to that pair of lacey black fishnet stockings, I was told to sit on the end of my bed and to lift up a leg. How electric I found their smoothness and tightness as she carefully slid it over my foot and then carefully up my left leg. God they made my legs look so sexy and so completely feminine. And how wonderful their tighness felt as if they were giving off these incredable small great feeling sparks as well. Once tightly in place, Auntie had me stand up so that she could hook them up to my sexy garter belt. As she knelt before me, she eye balled my stiiff cock before bending forward without any warning to suddenly capture its head just inside of her wonderful lips. As her practiced and talened tongue began to lick it in dashing rapid circles, I felt myself almost ready to shoot off. Thank god she stopped in time before going back to complete her intended tasks. Now except for the sight of my erect cock and the hair on my head, I was completly a girl and loving my newly discovered role ever so dearly. While those sexy brief lavender bikini panties auntie placed on me did hide the sight of my cock, its long swollen outline clearly showed beneath them. Again auntie briefly left me to go fetch the wig from her bed top while from neck to feet, I admired the new image of Sissy Crissie in the full length mirror on the inside of my bedroom door. Not only did Auntie Maye bring back that lovely long blonde wig, but also a small bottle of womans perfume to completely finish my transformation. Now in front of that same erotic mirror was the complete lovely image of Sissy Crissie as my nostrils inhaled the lovey lylac frangrence of her carefully chosen purfume.I found it so thrilling and so completely stimulating and erotic admiring my new totally complete feminine self in that mirror. Auntie told me then that except for the bulge my clitty cock was creating inside of my lavender lacey panties, it was absolutely impossable for anyone to know that I was indeeed born a boy! Even my ass seemed so full and rounded as I turned sideways to admire my lovely new fem body from all possible sides and angles . I was then told by auntie, that only a pair of well chosen spiked pump heels were needed to fully complete my transformation. I was promised by her that if I did my assigned chores of housework to her satisfaction, the following week she would take me out in full womans dress to get a pair I would truly fall in love with. Next she expertly placed in the short red mini skirt I had been eyeballing since she placed it atop of me bed. Soon the well chosen thin silk button down blouse also adorned my wonderful new ladylike body. Next I was taken by the hand and lead downstairs where auntie had me sit cross legged on her couch. Soon I found myself being given lessons by her on how to talk in girls voice. For maybe a half an hour I practiced talking much higher and more slowly as well. Auntie seemed satisfied with my speech progress while she gave me many tips on how to sit and act so ladylike. Yes little things like bending my wrists every so slightly. To me they seemed so easy to do as I then felt so queer and queenly in my new role of a trying to act and feel like a bitch.It was shortly after aunties grandfather clock chimed three times that the sudden sounds of a loud pickup truck pulling into her side driveway caused me to instantly panic. I was almost half way to the staircase when Auntie Maye told me to come back and to sit down. Seeing the puzzled and fearful look in my painted eyes, she explained that it was only her boyfriend Butch and that he had been told I was Crissie her visiting neice!Yet somehow I still wanted to run to safety as I stood there quite confused. This time in a stern somewhat irritated and angry voice, Auntie Maye ordered me for a second time to sit back down and assume my ladylike position and posture. All I could think about then was the meeting in principal Stuart’s private office with him and mom present. So as nearing wooden porch footsteps approached aunties front screen door, I began to tremble in fear not knowing what awaited me?I had no idea then that I had been carefully dolled up as part of a carefully planned senerio involving auntie and her boyfriend.Yes Butch had arrived just a few minutes behind schedule as he had gotton off work early and had shaved and showered before slipping into some fresh clothes. Under his faded but clean blue jeans, he wore no underwear to impair or hinder his lightly talcum powdered freshly cleaned cock! Not bothering to knock but letting himself in the unlocked sceen door, Butch stopped almost dead in his tracks while very carefully studying my sitting image. Next his well tanned black bearded face broke into a soft smile while he asked Auntie Maye if this lovely sexy young lady was indeed her visiting neice Crissy? Instantly as part of their well laid out plan, Auntie Maye introduced us to each other as I found myself feeling so strange and out of place then as Butch walked over and took my right hand in his to plant a light kiss on the back of it. In his left he was carrying a unjacketed blank black vhs video tape. Next he started to excuse himself stating that it was very dirty adult movie that he was sure I would find quite offensive and not in good taste. As he turned to take it back out to his pickup truck, auntie Maye told him that I was very grown up and was indeed a very passionite young lady. Somehow right then, I truly belived that Butch thought I was young lady. I guess I was very nervious and not thinking clearly as he laid it down on the coffee table and then bent over to give my Auntie Maye a full long passiontie type kiss full on her lips. Yes those same lips that sucked off my cock twice the day before and had within the hour given it a short erotic tongue bath before hooking up my garter belt. Next Butch sat down right besides Auntie Maye while I slid down a bit to give him a bit more room. Almost immediately I watched Auntie Mays left hand come to rest on top of his right thigh and give it a seemidly innocent squeeze. I was surprised when Butch told her he had been quite horny since waking up that morning and didnt want to get a big erection right in front of me. To this Auntie Maye again told him that I was a very passiontie young lady while adding that more than one cock had already been in my mouth.! God how I turned red while blushing deeply not knowing how to act or react? It was then that Butch stated his dirty movie was all about hot blowjobs and he turned to face me again while asking me if I was grown up enough to watch it with them? Before I could even answer him, Auntie Maye got up and went over to her vcr. After drawing the front window d****s tight, she returned and picked up the remote. This while I sat trembling while fighting the urge to go up to the safetly my bedroom? Just scant seconds after her tv set came on showing some tv court show, the screen suddenly changed to show a large stiff twitching cock being held in tight fist. Almost instantly I squirmed a bit while low saxaphone music filled aunties living room. Next I watched a second hand with long red painted fingernails also encumbus that very same cock. Soon the camera was slowly moving back away to show a handsome naked guy standing beside a bed while a very attactive red headed woman in a short skimpy silky black and white French Maids outfit began to loveingly and teasingly fondle his large erect cock. I guess right about then, new found curiosity replaced my uncertain fears as I sat back slightly to watch my very first XXX hard core adult movie. Yes that big boner she was so intently playing with had almost instantly triggered such gay feelings deep within my mind. It was then that the first thoughts of perhaps watching my aunt and her boyfriend doing things together sparked such dirty erotic thoughts within my mind. Had I even suspected once for a brief second that Butch knew I was a boy and not a girl, I would have certainly left the room in rather rapid fashion. However feeling quite safe in the role of Crissie aunties visiting neice, I felt secure enough to remain seated while closely watching the tv screen action rapidly heating up. As I watched that pretty young French Maid slowly sinking down to her knees in front of him, I heard Butch tell auntie that she was a one in million cocksucker that gave incredable head. To this auntie jokeingly replied that she doubted that Frenchy could deep throat as well as she could! Soon in almost slow motion, a very practiced teasing pink tongue swung into action. Like it was a giant lolly pop, she began to lightly lick its swollen head all over before moving down to lap its underside. Perhaps after a few minutes of intently watching her, I turned my head slightly to discover that Auntie Maye’s left hand was very busy caressing the front of her boyfriend Butches faded blue jeans. Right then more than anything, I found myself wishing that my auntie would end up giving her Butch an exciting blow job while letting me completely watch the two of them doing it together. Now I could clearly feel my own thobbing cock hidden and tightly swelling against the inside of my tight silk lavender panties. Thank god my short red mini skirt was just long enough to safely cover and concealing my young rock hard manhood. Next when that hot French Maid went down over that impressive slick gleaming cock, my eyes quickly forgot all about my auntie and her lover. How hot, erotic and exciting I found it watching her working her egar mouth over such a lovely hunk of such manly meat. God I was then so hot in watching, that I could almost practically taste it! While still remaining passive and shy outwardly, inside my mind was then running wild with such craving thoughts. Thoughts that began to include having auntie submissively sucking off Butch her boyfriend. Again looking back over toward them, I was just in time to see Auntie Maye’s thumb and forefinger together tuggeing down the gold colored clasp of Butches fly. I blushed a bit but didnt move when Butch turned to face me while flashing me a big warm smile. Next in his deep voice without taking his eyes away from me, he told Auntie Maye that he was sure her naughtly little niece Crissie wanted to watch her sucking on his big beautiful boner Next I watched him quite hurridly undue his thick black leather belt while auntie reached in to free his imprissioned prick. It was then that Butch quickly got to his feet and began to tug his jeans down. This while auntie slipped off her couch to assume a fully submissive kneeling postion just in front of him. Almost instantly from perhaps no more than five feet away, I first saw a thick jungle of long jet black pubic hair just before the extremely thick base of butches cock came into my view. Next to my now fully interested delight, his entire cock suddenly sprang into full view as the top of his jeans were now being tugged down his upper legs by my very impatient auntie!Unlike Jerry, Roger and Blaines average sized teen age dicks, Butches cock seemed so much more manly and masculine to me. It seemed to be almost twice as thick as any of those three hardons I had fooled around with. Its long shaft seemed to be bulging with a series of dark colored pronounced bulging viens while its large oval head was cloaked by a large pocketed foreskin that came to a very thick point just past it. After carefully crawling over the side a bit to give me a completely unobstructed escort bayan view, Auntie Maye quickly wrapped both of her hands around it long thick shaft. Then as her top hand expertly tugged down Butches large foreskin, she briefly turned to face me while asking me if I wanted to watch her to suck it off?? In my new fem voice, I excitidly told her YES !!! This while Butch quickly stepped out of both of his moccasins. His jeans quickly followed before his white tee shirt also hit the living room rug in fairly short order. In comparisson to his full coat of long bear type body hair, the sight of his large bulbos shiney dark purple cockhead was in deep contrast. Almost immediately I found myself fully and completely captured by its masculine power and beauty! Its very sight was making me feel so queer and submissive. Within seconds of first viewing it, I found myself deeply wishing that I was then auntie Maye and was loveingly holding it in both of my hands. It was then that Butch told auntie that he had just carefully bathed and not to worry about the head cheese! Something I didn’t understand about at all! Just like the French Maid in the movie, Auntie began to slowly lick her lovers cockhead like it was a tasty morsel of manliness. Her tongue swipes were long and seemed so skillfully practiced. Now and then she would look up at Butch or over to me while licking shiney dickhead! God how I wanted so badly to reach up under my mini skirt and to play with my secret clitty cock as Auntie Maye had referred to it just the day before. Instead I found myself moving my top crossed leg against my lower one while feeling the shearness of my nylon fishnets creating such a pleasant substitute friction feeling. As I exitedly viewed Aunties sliding probing tongue work yet lower over Butches devine prick shaft, my tongue somehow had begun to taste for the very first time, the sweetness of my pink glossy Cherry flavored lipstick. Somehow when Butch again looked over at me, I couldn’t resist the temptation to run my tongue tip in little circles over my now slightly parted fem feeling lips. Yes I guess it was my own special way of letting Butch know at that very moment, that I too had such powerful feelings for his large exposed manprick that was being slowly tongued all over. Butches voice was low key and gentle as he next asked me if ‘”I would like to crawl over to join my aunt? “” As my eyes then feasted on his lovely gigantic fuck pole, aunties voice invited me to come over and to join her. Yes already a full fledged faggot, I found myself completely helpless to turn down such an inviting offer. God how queer yet excited I felt then as I slowly sank down to my knees right beside her. It was then just before she went to work sucking on his huge hanging ball sack, that she ordered me ” To prick tease it using both of my hands!” I don’t know why just then, but I turned to take one last look at aunties tv screeen. It was then that I saw that French maid now almost competely naked except for her remaining webbed white silk stockings. She was now bent over the end of the bed holding her ass cheeks widley apart as the camera’s light focused on her pinkish textured tiny quivering anus. An anus that clearly showed a good sized hanging scrotum below and behind it where her pussy should have been? Somhow then realizing that she was really a he, sent shock waves of sexual excitement racing through my blood.Did butch know or suspect that I was really a boy? Why had he brought over a gay fag moive with a cross dresser featured in it? Would he get mad if he discovered I had a cock instead of a pussy? Somehow as I toyed and explored his massive cock with both of my hands, all that mattered to me was I wanted some of it inside of my gay mouth! If nothing else just to taste it and feel its thick hardness. Just like a little girl playing with her newl lovely barbie doll present on a Christmas morning, I was recieving such wonderful thrills of pleasure in just exploring it. At that exact moment, nothing on the face of this earth could have possibly had me more excited and content! Unable to contain my exciement or longings even a second longer, my tongue soon was extented to replace the sweet taste of my cherry lipstick with the strong masculine flavor of my first devine uncut cockhead! Instantly upon discovering it unique textured taste, I craved yet more and impulsively spread my lips widely before egarly sliding them down over a cocksuckers true heaven. As I closed my eyes to savor yet more intense flavor and feel, auntie moved almost directly behind me and suddenly pushed my head down into it. As that rock hard cockhead found the narrow virgin opening to my somewhat inexperienced cocksucking fem mouth, I began to gag and choke n it. Yet I was somehow truly loving every thick inch of it. As with hollowed cheeks and tightly clinging lips, I sucked it the best way I could, Butch excitidly began to speak to me from directly above! “THATS IT BITCH, WORK THAT BIG DICK WITH YOUR HOT LITTLE WHORE MOUTH!” “SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE SUCKING UNCLE BUTCHES BIG BAD BONER!” COME ON COCKSUCKER, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!” RELAX AND LET IT SLIDE RIGHT DOWN YOUR PUSSY THROAT!” ” TAKE MORE MY LITTLE WHORE!” “DONT STOP UNTIL MY SPERM FILLED BALLS ARE RESTING RIGHT AGAINST YOUR SWEET LITTLE GIRLY CHIN!” Now from behind me, auntie was shoving and forcing my face deeper and deeper right into Butches ever thicking lower shaft. As my lips were being forced yet wider apart, I felt my throat slowly being deeply invaded by the powerful penetration of Butche’s relentess selfish cockhead. Reaching down to tilt my chin slightly upwards, Butch then held it in place just before forcefully fucking his last three remaining inches into my overmatched mouth. Almost instantly the air supply I was gasping for through my nose was somehow cut completely off. Yet the tight feel of his prickhead somewhere down near my adams apple gave me an instant thrill of gay accomplishiment.This while his long hanging nut sack came to rest against my chin! Thank God that just before I was going to try to push away to keep from sufficating, Butch withdrew nearly half of his rock hard dick for seveal seconds, After allowing me enough time for several panting needed breathes of air, he again shoved it home all the way to complete pay dirt! However this time it was completely different for me. Yes instead of fearing and fighting it, I found myself suddenly wanting and welcoming it! How erotic and excited I was finding myself being totally used in this most selfish primitive way! Magically and wonderously I had completely stopped choking and gagging on it. Instead I just passively knelt there allowing Butch to repeatidly mouth fuck my oral cunt and throat to the very hilt!Next from behind me, Auntie Mayes excited voice also began a barage of verbal abuse. I froze for few seconds as she told her boyfriend to selfishly pound HER NEPHEWS Sissy Faggot’s Cockloving mouth senseless! Next my auntie reached right under my mini skirt from behind to roughly squeeze both my hardened cock and tight sack of balls together. She even told Butch then, that I was loving every second and every inch of his manhood as MY OWN SISSY COCK was also rock hard. Now Knowing that Butch Knew and Understood all to well that he was was mouthfucking a cross dressing Sissyboy, only servered to excite me yet more if that were possible? It was then that Butch asked Auntie ” Where she wanted him to shoot his Big Load Off?” ” Right down her Crissieboys bitch throat?” ” Into his Cockloving Mouth?” ” Or perhaps to Queer Brand Her for life with a Fantastic Fuck Juice Facial?” To his questions Auntie Maye told Butch to ” Give me the Facial as she could always force finger feed her fag fairly and then make him swollow down every single spermy drop of it!”As Butche’s selfish lunges into my accepting mouth increased with even more rapidness and force behind them, the sounds of that she male French Maid on televsion were crying out for her hung stud to fuck her pussy ass harder and deeper!. To punish her with his big prick to make her even more queer! Had I been able to speak right then, I know I would have been asking Butch to use my craving excited mouth in the same exact way! It was right about then that Auntie Maye somehow switched from applying deliberite pain to my cock and balls, to giving me pleasure instead. She did this inside the tight confines of my lacey lavender panties by gripping my ridid rod with four fingers while slowly using her thumb in circles over my super sensitive cockhead instead. Almost instantly I felt myself be taken to verge of an unavoidable climatic ejaculation!As I fought to try to keep myself from coming, Butch had reached the point of no return. As he quickly removed his giant cock completely from my overmatched mouth, he ordered auntie to fondle and play with his balls while he shot off!! Next I found myself looking down at his siliva coated cockhead as he aimed it right at my young gay lips! Maybe tfive seconds and five strong hard jacks later, a thick torrent of hot jizz powerfully shot out of his piss slit hitting me square on my right cheek. Shifting its position just in time, the second equally large and violent blast, hit and covered almost all of my partly open lips! A small part of that second burst also found the front part of my gay mouth! Instantly my taste buds were stung with its strong ripe rancid partly salty flavor! How warm it felt resting a top of my flattened tongue as every few seconds, new pulsations of pent up jettising jizz sprayed my slutty fem fag face. Next after his fifth or sixth big ball blasts was shot off, Butch moved closer to rest his still expolding cockhead in the center of on my lower lip. While each new arriving pusation of his cascading cum was now smaller in volume and the force behind them, they still were thick and creamy as they were sprayed dircectly into my yearing craving young gay mouth. Between this and Auntie Maye’s tickling thumb, my climax began just as Butches 40 seconds of sperm shooting came to an end! I guess more than anything Auntie Maye wanted to take my young load. One second I was kneeling savoring the taste of Butches hot thick spunk, and the next I saw stars as auntie pushed me backwards and I hit the back of my head on the floor. Next I felt my mini skirt being lifted up and my panties cast aside so that my cock was fully exposed. While I had begun to wildly pulsate in pleasure, Auntie had held her thumb tighly over my piss slit to prevent any of my sperm from shooting out. As I felt a building pressure throughout the inside tube of my dick, I craved relief and begged auntie to let go of my pee slit! She did but not before moving her craving mouth in to take her thumbs place! How wonderful and relieving it was for me to feel her tight hot mouth began to suck and coax all of that Cum right out of me! I couldn’t help but loadly moan as Butch encouraged her to suck for my entire young load. Just like the afternoon before, auntie continued to suck my cock long after I had stopped coming. This while reaching under her dress to play with her very needy pussy.Soon she began to moan as I reached out to feel the yeilding softness of her right breast under the fabric of her dress and underlying bra. It was then that Butch loudly proclaimed that perhaps I wasn’t a complete faggot but instead might just have some bi-sexual blood running through my viens after all? Two hours later while Butch looked on from the side of Auntie Mayes bed, I layed on my back naked and completely void of any feminine make up. Auntie had just given me five wonderful minutes of mouth foreplay on my cock before strattling me from above and lowering her wet pussy down until it began to swollow up my young cock. Soon Auntie Maye was riding me like my stiff cock was a pogo stick! looking down beyond my lower belly, I was watching my cock dissapear and reappear as it went in and out of her bouncing tight pussy. This while her huge breasts were bouncing up and down in perfect tempo to her busy ass cheeks. Just when I thought that things couldn’t possibly get any better, Butch freed his stiff cock from his pants and hopped up on the bed to join us. Strattleing my chest with his burly bulk, he quickly propped two pillow behind my head before rappidly inserting his cock head deep into my upturned mouth. Grabbing on the headboard for needed support and balance, he soon began to again fuck his gigantic cock deep into my mouth. In fairly short order, I found myself excieidly taking a good honest seven inches of his wonderful uncut cock deep into my gay craving mouth. Now with auntie Maye completely out of my sight, I could only feel the warm friction of her beckoning bouncing pussy riding my cock to paradise. Soon with each new long firm bounce, I felt building pressure until suddenly I found myself gleefully shooting off right inside of her. I guess she either felt the warmth or pressure of my shot off sperm or the throbbing shaft of my puslsating dick. In any event my come quickly triggered her own sought after climax as she began to moan like a wounded coyotee! Now butch had removed his huge stiff cock from my mouth and moved forward to rest his hanging scrotum right over my lips. As he began to wildly beat himself off, he ordered me to faggot suck his musky nuts real good to make him Cum quickly. Quite surprising to me, only a few short minutes went by before he moved his hairly wrinkled sack away from my lips and ordered me to open wide. Then tilting his cockhead downward to face my cum craving open mouth, he handpumped a good half a dozen quite large in volume strong blasts of his hot thick sperm into the deep reaches of my inviting mouth. Then after making my suck his piss slit for any possible remaining sperm, he quickly got off the bed and went back downstairs. But not before informing me that he wanted to take my virgin ass in the worse way. Yes big burly Butch wore quite a lewd grin as he told me he wanted me to be dressed real pretty and sexy so that my second Bitch hole would deeply fall in love with cock just like my first one had! His very last words before leaving the house late that afternoon was to instruct my Aunt Maye to use some different sizes of her latex ass toys on me so that I would be stretched and broken in enough come Saturday when Butch was to officially make me his Hot Summer Bitch! Butch also told Auntie to set up a tripod and cam record every step of my back door virginal deflowering as all three of us were going to make a collection of hot little edited videos we would always have forever and forever! Little did I know or suspect that parts of this fully captured anal deflowering of me would become just part of a 68 minute long CD Rom XXX video tape labeled Teen Queen Dresser that would sell tens of thousands of copies at only $29.95 each. Yes in all the best and hottest scenes from 7 of Chris/Crissie Hot summer hookup were edited, spliced together to form one of the undergrounds hottest Teen SheMale Porn movies ever captured on film anywhere! Some six years later, I would make many three more XXX Hard Core shemale movies under the BM label ( standing for Butch&Mayre) under my stage name Sweet Candi Bar. Bi Far, THE FRAT HOUSE SHEBITCH PARTY LIVE was the best one. Look for it doing an online Shemale Video Search as I cant do anything commercial on this site.

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