UberEats Delivery turns into me being a Stupid Slu


UberEats Delivery turns into me being a Stupid SluHi y’all,So I’ve started delivering for UberEats around lunch time during the week. I’ve made the mistake of accepting a rider within an hour before the k**s get out of school and then finding myself heading all the way up to places like Everett and then racing home to pick up the k**s. A bit too close for comfort. This past week to cure the race home problem I’ve instead started to do the UberEats delivery thing. For those not familiar with this you can order food using your Uber app and have an Uber driver pick it up and deliver it to you. The reason I like it is because it keeps you close to home and the delivery pickup/drop off is usually pretty close to each other. Plus it seems to be a great way to get tips, which I love.During lunch time I’m often delivering to businesses or busy folks who have no idea I’m the Uber driving slut. My only naughty adventure so far has been the one I’m about to describe. I got notified of a pickup/delivery from a Teriyaki place in Tacoma to a community south of Tacoma called Beachcrest. Everything went super smooth (the Teriyaki smelled great and it was making me hungry). I rolled up to this really nice home on the water. It took a bit for the owner to open the door as my stomach was growling from the tempting smells I was holding. The guy who opened the door was on one of those rolling knee walkers that people use when they break their leg or ankle. He apologized for the delay to get to the door as he had to roll out of his sofa and onto the cart thingy. I told him it was no trouble at all. Besides he was a hottie and wasn’t the typical type you’d see laid up.He explained that he had to have foot surgery and couldn’t put any weight on his foot for a couple weeks. That sounded awful and I truly had pity for him. He then asked if I’d be willing to do him a big favor and bring the food in to the kitchen. I thought sure as I had a desire to help him out. As I walked into his home I was overtaken by the view of the Puget Sound from his huge windows taking advantage of the endless views up the Sound. I told him how amazing the view was and he admitted he was lucky to have inherited the home from his parents who recently passed. Even his kitchen which was stocked with Viking appliances had a beautiful view of the Sound. He could tell I was really overwhelmed by his home and views. He asked me if I’d had lunch and I’d admitted no. He told me he’d ordered way more than he could eat and asked if I’d like to join him. I did the obligatory, oh I couldn’t but he insisted. Soon we were sitting on illegal bahis his couch looking out at the water and talking about UberEats, his surgery and me being a completely broke wife of a enlisted Air Force guy. I told him about the tips I liked to make and how I also drive for Uber out of SeaTac. It wasn’t long before he was asking me to tell him about any crazy rides and that soon turned into wild rides. I was soon telling him I’d actually had fun with some riders I found hot. He started grinning from ear to ear and asked what I thought of him as he found me very attractive. All of a sudden I could feel that my nipples were aching and my pussy was starting to get wet. My nipples stood out like beacons, but there was nothing I could do about it. I could see him looking at my thick, pointy nipples and large areolas through my sundress. “You have an exceptional body,” he added, “I cannot believe that you’ve given birth to two c***dren. Did you nurse them both?”He was getting bold now. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest. I felt myself blushing. He complimented my figure, and that made me proud.”Uh, thank you,” I said, trying to think of how to answer him. I smiled and said, “Yes, I breastfed both of my boys.” That made me think about having my titties sucked. I looked down nervously and saw both of my nipples were protruding at least an inch or more.”That’s amazing,” he continued, “I would have thought your breasts would sag much more, but they seem very firm and barely seem to have dropped much. I don’t mean to presume, but it would appear you are not wearing a bra right?”I was feeling hot and decided to play it cool, like it was a regular topic of conversation. To be honest, I was increasingly growing stimulated by his attention, his looks, and his interest. He was obviously a powerful, rich, handsome man with a commanding personality. I felt myself wanting to be attractive to him. “Thank you. I’m flattered you like them, I find it helps with tip during food deliveries and driving.” Oh shit! I can’t believe I said that. He must think I am crazy.”I find them to be exceptional. I would love to see them uncovered.”I felt very flush. My face was hot. I didn’t know what to say, so I just remained silent. I felt a sense of pride that he wanted to see my breasts, yet I also felt ashamed that I wanted to show him. I saw him leaning closer to me on the couch. I felt his breath on my neck as his lips brushed my ear. “Your nipples are screaming to be touched,” he whispered. I found it hard to breathe. I was so turned on by this man. Everything about him struck a nerve illegal bahis siteleri with me: his looks, his demeanor, his power, his sexiness, and his confidence. Suddenly, his question made its way through my mental fog.Why don’t you lean back into me honey and let me feel you against me. I simply did as he asked. I was in a haze or horniness and was doing anything he asked at this point. I was gentle not to disturb his raised leg on his ottoman. He placed his hands on my upper arms, level with my breasts as I move back into him on the couch.My already erect nipples were aching to have someone suck them. I could also feel a dampness between my legs. “Exquisite,” my host said as he wrapped me in his arms, pressing his body against mine. I didn’t speak. I wanted him in a strange way. My body was so aroused, that I couldn’t think straight. I wanted him to to tell me how to please him, to use me.I reached down between us and reached into his shorts to feel a big, thick, warm cock. I held his thick cock in my hand. His cock was a real man’s penis. It was beefy and heavy in my hand, so much so that my fingertips could not reach my thumb around it. Whereas, Erick my husband’s is much smaller, both in length and girth and never made me think of the word beefy. It was soft to the touch, yet firm. I stared at it, entranced. I stroked it slowly behind my back and feeling it begin to stick hard against my cock. I stroked it almost lovingly as it grew longer, thicker and harder in my hand. I instinctively knew what to do.I slowly turned around and smiled at my host. I knelt in front of him and gingerly slid his short down under his legs. I then began to kiss it, starting at the tip, then around the spongy, bulbous head, down and around the shaft to his fat, round balls. I kissed him all over, letting my lips drag against his skin. I looked up and met his gaze. He was smiling down at me and stroked my cheek tenderly, rubbing his thumb against my lips. I kissed it and sucked on it, then moved my mouth to the head of his cock and repeated what I had done to his thumb.He groaned as I expertly took his cock into my mouth and rolled my tongue around the end. I worked my mouth down, more and more until my lips pressed against the base while the head of his cock wedged deep into my throat. I rocked my head feeling him moving in and out of the tight ring behind my tonsils. I let out an uncontrolled moan and began to shake with my pent-up passion and need.I withdrew my mouth slowly, pulling off his cock, inch by inch, until it plopped out wetly. I raised the massive meat and licked canlı bahis siteleri along the base of the shaft and around his cum-filled balls. I was about to engulf his cock again when he put his hands in my armpits and lifted on top of him, taking care to throw my leg over his raised leg. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body, my bare pussy without panties was gliding wetly along his rigid shaft.I gasped when I felt the head of his cock slip between my engorged and slippery swollen, meaty labia, to press at that most sensitive of spots, the entrance to my cunt. He paused, making sure I felt it, knowing what was about to happen. I wanted it. I needed it. I craved it. I felt my juices flowing hotly out of me. He was not my husband. He was more than that. He owned me.”Please,” I pleaded breathlessly, “please take me!”He smiled and kissed me. I cried out as his thick member pushed inside me, a cry of pain and a cry of the deepest, purest, most unbridled pleasure I live for.I felt claimed, taken and owned. I clung tightly to him as he fucked me, driving his cock into me powerfully. His hands squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled my hips to meet his thrusts. I screamed and started cumming. He fucked me harder as I exploded all over his cock.He owned my pussy. He owned me.”Yes, oh God, yes!” I shouted, grinding my hips and milking his dick with my pussy, clenching and squeezing it as hard as I could.He kissed down my neck and pulled one of my nipples into his mouth. Oh God, I needed that. My poor nipples had been dying to be sucked, and his mouth was incredible. It was hot, wet and his tongue did magical things to my hard little buttons.He wasn’t done though. I began to force my body onto his cock harder. He reacted by slamming into me even more. His thrusts were brutal, his cock massive inside me. I felt myself letting go, giving in and I started cumming again. He grunted several times, and then the sounds merged into a long, groan. I felt him stiffen and felt him release inside me. A complete stranger was inseminating me, shooting his seed into me. As I felt his cock shooting his seed into me, I felt warm inside. I moaned and kissed him passionately. He thrust sporadically, each one losing force and depth. His cock jerked a few more times, depositing the last of his sperm inside me. Once done I slipped off of him on the couch kissing him the entire time. I held onto him and kissed him through as I felt his warm seed oozing out of my pussy and down my leg a little. “This UberEats thing is better than I had ever anticipated,” he said. We both broke up laughing. I told him if he’d like me to come back to help take care of his house and feed him again I’d be happy to. We have lunch planned all this next week. I can’t wait to return. Besides being a great fuck he’s an excellent tipper. I do love my Uber tips!Kisses, Jen

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