HOW TO HOT LESBIANS TURNED ME TOTALLY GAYLittle did I know or suspect when arriving in LA for the very first time ever a year ago last May, that within a few short weeks I would be changed from a totally straight skirt chaser into a cock craving faggot with a brand new developed appetite for what most people consider totally bizarre!It all started late one Wednesday afternoon just a few hours after checking into some temporary run down hotel just off the Hollywood strip! Yes my Consultant job transfer from Boston to Tincel town had been so unexpected and sudden that within 24 short hours, I found myself 3100 miles away from home while already bored and swealtering as my rooms tiny ancient window air conditioning unit was dead as a doornail. When I called the who gives a shit desk clerk on the phone, I was told he would try go get someone out to fix it and suggested that I beat the 90 plus degree humid heat by hitting a cool air conditioned bar and lounge located just a block away. What he failed to tell me back then was the fact that club called the Pink Passion Palace, catered to an almost exclusive Gay crowd of queers, lesbians and bi-sexuals who fitted somewhere in between both factions. While I sat sipping my bottle of bud at a small side table, I watched with amusement as some chunky blonde over the hill stripper old enough to be my mother, make fake grinding pussy love to some silver fire house pole up on front stage. Three beers later I was about to get the fuck out of there when a very pretty and well dressed redhead showed up with a plump much older female companion. Perhaps it was her warm friendly smile to me along with a wink that held promise that had me change my mind then? Within an hour I found myself putting the make on her using my charming Boston accent to keep her quite interested.By this point in time as the nine to five workday had let out, many new partrons were arriving and things began to get much more lively. Yes most were fem acting and looking quite open gay men while now and then a butch dyke or hand holding female couple would also show up. By the time 8 pm had arrived, both myself and Vivian were both hot to trot as I accepted her invite for a fast food take out supper to be eaten back at their suburban condo! Yes a very feminine straight looking Viv had me quite turned on back then with the prospects of making not only wild torrid love with me, but also with her older lover Margo who appeared to me to be 100% Bull Dyke. With a life long fantasy of wishing to see two woman going at it hot and heavy with each other, I was sporting a real nice nearly 8 inch thick action boner as Viv emergered from her bedroon wearing only a very skimpy pair of orchid bikini panties along with a fully matching very sexy see through French style brassiere.I guess I wasn’t the only one lusting after her very attractive and well kept body, as soon Margo slipped behind her and began kissing the back of Vivs lovely smooth well tanned neck. I was told by Viv then to sit back and enjoy the show as by the minute, Margo became far more intimite and bold. In fairly short order, I found myself watching Margo deep into the heavy pangs of tit sucking while her right hand now was well inside those silky orchid panties with its fingers busy exploring what I strongly suspected to be a quite lovely wet turned on soft pussy! Having switched from beer to champagne at the condo, I had more than a good buzz working while intently watching them both while rubbing my engorged swollen cock with the palm of my open right hand. When Viv told me to take him out so that she could see him, I wasted little time as a very arroused Margo sank to her knees and began her very spirited and quite teasing panty crouch licking. Soon wanting to taste her lovely slender fem lover, those panties were quickly tugged down to reveal a pink glistening fully shaved vee of young pouting womanhood. Yes while my eyes were glued to Vivs beautiful snatch, hers were taking in the sight of my then fly exposed proud prick that was then sticking straight up toward the ceiling. I knew then as she teasingly licked her pink painted soft lips, that Viv just had to be one of those special woman that loved Sucking Dick! With just one look from her, I already had made up my mind that I wanted to shoot a big hot load right down her tight little teasing throat before throwing a wild fuck into her afterwards. So without thinking and acting on pure impulse, I stood up and began to walk over toward the two of them before Margo spotted me. Never in a million years did I expect Margo to suddenly turn on me! “Sit the fuck back down dipshit!” were her strong totally in charge words to me right then. Yes I was a guest and within the walls of her condo, Margo ruled as unseen and from above her, Viv nodded for me to obey her older Dyke lovers stern blunt commands.So I sat back down and simply watched as within 10 short quite erotic minutes, both woman were then totally naked and engaged in a quite spirited side by side 69 on the plush light blue carpeting. While Margos quite butch heavy set body did little to turn me on any, seeing two excited turned on women egarly lapping each others sensitive snatches certainly did. So much so in fact, that I had to fight off the urges to start pulling my pud. Never before had I watched others having sex. The fact that it was two women only servered to greatly excite me to no end!Surprisingly it was Margo who suddenly broke off their tongue twat actions as she stood up and asked me if wanted to join them in her quite Kinky Downstairs Playroom? Right then I had no idea nor the slightest clue that Margo was a full time Professional Dominatrix to both men and woman alike. Yes many fully willing or completely unsuspecting males had been carefully chosen at the club to become Margo’s next Male Sex Slave. So I believed her entirely when she told me she was placing me into her side wall leather restraints as a safeguard to assure I wont again attempt to disrupt their heavy love making. This after being ordered to strip down completely naked except for leaving both of my black dress sox on.So with both of my wrists and ankles securely bound in leather and silver chains, I stood naked while sporting a big boner with my back leaning up against that side wall! Having never experienced kinky wild sex before, I must admit that I was somehow receiving many new to me exciting sexual thrills that had me incredably turned on for reasons I couldn’t even begin to understand? To make sure I wouldn’t even begin to stuggle or change my mind, Margo ordered her young lover to come over and to begin kissing, licking and sucking on both my Cock and my Tightened Balls. This while looking up with her light blue eyes to watch me watching her slowly teasing every sensitive inch of my male hardware!So busy was I then watching Vivian worshipping my entire Prick Package, that I missed Margo slipping into an a quite expensive looking black stap on harness that housed a toy 8 inch cock so likelike looking, that I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t real. Yes a cock so real looking that when Vivian spotted it, her mouth instantly moved away from my stiff prick to instead pay full homage to her Cock weilding Mistresses large Imitation Dildo Dick! As Viv exciteingly mouthed her Mistresses Imitation Meat, I began to helplessly squirm a bit to try to release some of the rapidly building Sexual energy I was then strongly feeling. Never before had I even come close to feeling such deep rooted desires toward passion. Christ I was wound up like a alarm clock then as I watched Vivian shamelessly swollowing all but the last few inches of it. When Margo next asked me if I would like to watch her throw a wild lesbo fuck into her submissive fem slaves tight little wet pussy? I waisted little time in answering yes to her. Yes between far too much alcohol and this brand new to me forbidden woman to woman thing, I was as hot as a forth of July firecracker and ready to explode!! It was then I received another fully unexpected surprise as Margo moved right in front of me and with a very gentle and practiced right hand, began to slowly fondle my genitals while with her left one, she began to lightly twink each on of my nipples in turn. I can only say here that both of her quite busy and skillful hands were giving me some of the most wonderful physical sensations my body had ever known!Being totally helpless only served to add even more excitement to my racing mind right then. So I closed my eyes to reap yet stronger pleasure before my next surprise took illegal bahis place. Yes stepping in close to me, Margo had somehow moved her toy cock right up against mine and now was holding both dicks tightly together. In opening my eyes and looking down, old long forgotten memories of my one and only gay sexual experience in life was quickly revisited in my mind. No I hadn’t ever gotten queer with another guy, but like a fair number of my freshman classmates, I had let Freddie Parker the school fag blow me in the woods behind the ball park. While I had found the mental part of it a bit hard to take or fully accept, I have to admit that Freddies talened mouth had given my then virgin cock a most wonderful feeling two minutes. Yes as I shot my young hot load into his more than receptive mouth, I wondered to myself how a boy could enjoy performing such an act on another boy? What possible pleasure could one get from sucking on anothers dick?While Margo’s sudden act was somehow stimulating me in a new kind of way, I tried to act disinterested and non concerned. However I guess when my cock which seemed to have suddenly developed a mind of its own throbbed a few times under her tight grip, Margo knew better than I did that in some part, I just had to be a bit Bi-Curious. It was right then that Margo asked me if I’d like to be set free from my quite restricting bonds? However as I replied Yes, she placed a restriction and a condition on me being set free. Had I been my old normal self and not buzzed, I’m sure I would have instantly rejected her offer to me! However between the past hours of lusting for Vivian and the Lesbian side show I was allowed to watch, I felt more open and adventuresome than ever before. Yes some 3000 miles from home, who would ever know that I would allow Mago the have me kneel down beside lovely Vivian and join her in an act of submissive oral worship? Hell it wasn’t a real cock but instead, 8 inches of firm flesh colored rubber except for its slightly tinted purplish sculptured head.Yes for years I had every so often wondered about Freddie Parkers Cock cravings? Now as I submissively and willingly sank down to my knees beside lovely Vivian, I was going to get a slight taste of this age old act of Fellatio. Hell, no one but us would ever know and besides that, in few days I would be gone forever and far removed from this kinky downtown scene and setting. It was Margo then that broke a few moments of silence by instructing me to closey watch Viv making sweet slow mouth love to her Monster Clit. For I too would shortly be expected to kiss, lick and suck stiff dildo dick. I dont know why I began to experience some brand new sexual feelings as I watched from no more than a few feet away as lovely Vivians tongue, lips and mouth all remained quite busy. Shit in just watching her doing her butch dyke lover, a fair sized bead of pre-cum had filled up the entire valley of my piss slit!Why was this making me feel so naughty and different? Why had I enjoyed being helplessly bound by a bull dyke? Why had the long forgotten memories of Freddie Parkers totally gay woods blow job again surfaced after all these years? Then quite suddenly, Margo ordered Vivian to go fetch a blind fold as well as a pair of stainless steel handcuffs. While her femmie slave left to carry out her mission, Mistress Margo as she then referred to herself as, told me that to avoid any homosexual guilt on my part, I was to be placed into a positon of darkness and complete helplessness. That I wouldn’t be acting the slighterst bit Queer in allowing myself to be used by her!Less than two minutes later as I knelt in total darkness with both arms cuffed behind my back, I felt firmness being lightly brushed against my trembling lips as Mistress Margo’s huge firm Clitty Cock began my brand new journey into Sexual discovery! I guess right then it was the mental state of my brain that was delivering to me brand new longings and deep new urges. Yes at first the physical side of it did little to give me any pleasure that way. However as those first minutes of oral foreplay passed, I couldn’t help but enjoy licking that forbidden cock head as sternly instructed by Mistress Margo. Yes now sweet sexy Vivian was totally forgotten as I followed Margos suggestion to open wide so ” I could discover the brand exciting wonderful New World of SUBMISSIVENESS!”While at first I had been unsure and quite hesitent toward mouthing a strap-on cock, each new minute of discovery had quickly changed and converted my clinging Macho feelings. Dam it, this entire act was then feeding me with this new appetite of a sudden Need to Feed! Yes within five short minutes of my introduction into safe and harmless Dildo Dick, I not only found myself beginning to vastly enjoy those new mouth sensations, but also finding more and more pure contentment as each new inch was being inserted deeper and deeper into my by then fully complying mouth. Vivans close by words of understanding encouragement only served to increase my excitement and enjoyment as I suddenly found myself going from a unsure state of Passiveness into one of Craving Lust. Yes unable to contain these new sexual quite Submissvie desires, I suddenly began to quite cravingly suck that stiff rubber toy in the very same mannor Freddie had done mine some 16 years earlier. How wonderful it made me feel right then switching from my former roles of pure Male Dominance over the women in my past life, into Submissiveness by Mistress Margo the Dominatrix Dyke. Within a minute of my sudden Gay Willingness actions, Margo began a loud quite verbal narration of my queer actions to Vivian.”Look Viv at how much he is enjoying himself !” Look at him greedily mouthing my big rubber boner!” Look how much his cock is jumping up and down each time he takes more and more into his craving mouth!” “Yes Viv, just like I told you at the club, our Boston boy seems to have at long last Discovered his long hidden Submissive side!”” Thats it faggot, make hot mouth love to my big rubber rod and start thinging about how much more wonderful it would be for you in having a real mans cock selfishly stuffed deep into your now craving mouth!’At that moment I finally understood why Freddie Parker had loved perfoming almost daily after school Blow Jobs on a fair number of his classmates. Yes sucking cock was indeed both an incredable mindset as well as quite physically addictive! Christ without even being touched, my cock felt like it was so close to exploding into a wonderful powerful ejaculation! Then without warning , my mouth was suddenly void of Margo’s big dick as she ordered me to get back up. Soon I felt both Margos and Vivians hands leading back to that shackle wall. This time those leather restraints found my upper wrists while both my ankles were again firmly secured. Left alone in darkness and silence, I stood helplessly bound wondering what was going to happen next? Yes for what seemed liked ages to me, my confused mind raced around in a never ending circle of wonderment?Finally I heard Vivians soft nearby voice informing me that her Mistress Margo had instructed her to also introduce my second orifice into it first discoveries of the Gay Lifestyle! I couldnt help but cringe in fear as Viv imformed me she had but no choice to invade my virgin anus with her middle finger. Then without hesitation, she told me she would be very gentle and I wouldn’t experience any pain at all but rather some quite incredable wonderful sensations of new nerve endings similar to what my cock had grown to love and to enjoy. So except for remaining cuffed behind my back, I was freed and blindly lead away into some other near by room that smelled like flowers and then was made to kneel over the end of some bed. I next heard some slight popping sounds as lovery Vivian squirted out some Ky jelly from her hand held tube. The end of her probing middle finger felt both cold and slippery as it skillfully began to massage my small circled tight virgin anus. Soon my state of total tenseness changed into one of being a lot more relaxed as my anal ring began to send new waves of pleasure up into my overtaken brain. God how dirty it was having a attractive woman playing with my asshole! So wick**ly naughty and suddenly exciteing to me as well. Right then Vivian began talking to my anus as she told it how lovely she found its tight virgin innocence.Next I held my breath in darkness while feeling its tip begin to push against my puckered back door package! Yes more than once in my life during doctors visits, it had been slighly penetrated with illegal bahis siteleri a coated gloved finger to check my prostrate gland! However this time it was 100% sexual in nature as I sucked in my breath as two knuckles worth of middle finger tightly slipped well past my rim. While in my past I had now and then enjoyed the feelings a good solid shit had given me, none ever had come even close to making my bowels feel so alive and wonderful. So much so that as Viv began her three inch finger fucking, I couldn’t help but to loudly let out moans of deep pleasure. Her voice was quite soft and firm then as she asked me if I wanted her to stop? Without waiting for my answer, she pushed that dirty diget of hers as far up my turned on shute as possible! Instantly as it rubbed the sensitive membrane of my Prostate, I felt my cock wildly pulsate as a big goblet of unavoidble sperm flowed out of my piss slit. Soon my dick was spooing more of my unpreventable jizz drippings as Vivian touch switched from on of gentleness, into one of suddenly hard finger fucking lust.. Yes many times I had fingerfucked women in my past as I was now getting fed a full dose of how wonderful something hard and round could feel when taken internally! Again Vivian was asking me how much I liked having my newly discovered back door pussy hole fucked? I could only reply how much I was truly loving it as I began to willingly push my ass back against her hand in attempts to receive yet more wonderful nerve ending feelings. Suddenly I heard Margos much deeper voice proclaiming in slight laughter from nearby, that it seemed their new little Boston faggot, was loving his introduction into the Gay Lifestyle. “Pehaps our Boston boy would prefer a narrow soft latex vibrator to further increase his gay jollies?” During that minute that Vivian left to fetch a carefully chosen anal specialty toy, Mistress Margo informed me that two of her regualar male sissy slaves were in route to turn our secret threesome into a fivesome. So as I knelt with my unprotected ass resting over the foot of that bed, my anus felt so empty and void as I waited for Vivian to make her return. God I was amazed at how effortlessly my hungry anus swollowed up Vivians hand held loudly buzzing vibrator. Yes just like my mouth had quickly learned to love toy stiffness, my new bitch pussy as Mistress referred to it, also welcomed with deep need more toy cock. Unknown to me then, Margo was wearing a seven inch long slender med hard anal dildo not much thicker than a hot dog. Yes I would later learn that in gay circles it was often referred to as the Virgins Anal Vibrating Cherry Plucker!So as I rock and rolled to every one of Vivians talented deep steady fucking motions, Mistress Margo was soaking her new strap on specialty toy with generous amounts of KY Jelly in preperation of my unavoidable and pending strap on sissy fuck! So as Dyke Margo replaced Vivian right at my back door entrance, she ordered Viv to get a fair sized rubber cock to help quell the loud disruptive moans to her that had been constantly escaping from my mouth. Soon Vivian had switched ends in feeding me rounded fake cock hardness. Now far beyond the point of any resistence, I gladly and egarly began to suck Vivs mouth fed toy while Dominatrix Margo expertly lined up her weapon of intended attack. Having Dommed a countless number of faggots over her many years of Professional Experience, she knew exactly what I deeply wanted and craved the most.. Yes hard deep fast cock penetration to show me how wonderful it was being on the receiving end of things rather than on the giving end. As I felt my asshole being pushed and stretched into a new state of expansion, I tightened my lips around Vivians toy dick for both courage and comfort. this while Mistress Margo slowly pushed her rubber cockhead clear out of sight and beyond my clinging no longer puckered anus. I just had to let out a groan of new found pleasure as that firm head went well beyond the point of Vivians previous finger invasion. Oh how wonderful my ravished rectum felt right then as Margo’s slippery cockhead rubbed thousands of sensivtive nerve wall linings into a state of pure bliss. How different it felt to me then being on the receiving end of such a primitvie and forbidden outlawed fuck!Next Dyke Margo had Viv remove her hand held mouth cock so that I could describe in detail to the both of them, how I was feeling and what I was thinking about? I could only weakly muster then “How while more than a bit drunk, that I might also be just a little bit Queer as well because I couldn’t help myself from enjoying what the two of them were doing to me!” “So your saying you like me fucking your new pussy with my strap-on shaft?” That your mouth enjoys working over stiff man dick?” That perhaps your not just a little bit Queer but rather want us to convert you into a full Blown Faggot?” “Answer me now BitchBoy as you have only two choices. Either we stop right now and I boot your sorry ass out of here, or confess you love being gay this way and we can continue?” “The choice is yours?” (also yours little one in new south nh.)It was with a sort of compulisive action rather than words that I gave Mistress Margo my answer. This by pushing my ass backwards to force yet another few inches of hardness deeper into my fully turned on bowels. Soon I found myself again being Cock fucked from both ends at once. Right then my rock hard 8″ dick felt in a new limbo state half way between feeling good and Ejaculating. How I wished then that my hands were free to stroke myself while I fucked my ass back into every single one of Mistress Margos now hard forward thrusts. Christ I was trying to fuck myself into a craved climax just by making my bowels feel so much more wonderful. It was about then I found myself shocked back into reality.Yes it was two Richard Simmons type of Queer voices that first announced the sudden arrival of Mistress Mago’s two Queer Sissy Slaves. How truly faggy both sounded to me as they both were telling Margo and Vivian how I had such a lovely adoreable body. It was then that Mistress stated that ” It was too bad neither of her fairies had enough masculineity left to take her place in pounding my craving ass!” Then she quickly added without even consulting me that rather than the hard lifeless rubber cock I was letting Vivain shove deep into my mouth, perhaps two real live tastey ones would better serve to turn me into the worlds newest complete Faggot! Next I was given the choice of being force fed real dick while still blindfolded and bound, or being freed so that I could willingly turn myself into a prideless Cocksucker?”Soon as I rubbed both of my slightly sore wrists while adjusting my eyes to the sudden brite bedroom lighting, I watched two naked tall slender limp cocked faggots make there way in front of me. From my knees, I was viewing two long hanging med thick flacid faggot cocks drawing yet closer to my face. Yes back in my high school shower room, I had always felt so uncomfortable around my classmates nudity. The sights of so many completely exposed hanging dicks had always made me feel so strange and out of place. While the cock on my right side belonged to a gray haired man who had to be in his fifties, his equally queer side kick was at most half of his age. I guess I became spellbound while carefully studying the up close sight of each nearby presened dick. How strange and different I felt then as both woman also moved in closer to get a better view of things. It was right then that I began to fight an inward battle with my mind. Part of the old normal me was saying that I should get up and run away to save my pride and masculinity before it was too late! Yet a new strange sexual other side was searching for the needed courage to just reach out and touch one of those nearby queer cocks!It was Mistress Margo’s deep confident nearby voice that soon would sway my confused mind in chosing one chosen direction. This in form a few questions and statements she posed to me. ” Are you afraid of becoming queer Boston boy?” ” You know your going to love sucking on two warm real ones rather than that one cold hard rubber one you seemed to have just enjoyed mouthing so much! “Show us all your deep rooted unavoidable true sexual feelings!” Dont be afraid, they aren’t going to bite you!” ” Just simply reach out and touch them both to see if it gives you wonderful new thrills of enjoyment!” “Let nature take its intended course, trust me when I say from vast experience with many other unsure formally straight guys, canlı bahis siteleri that your GOING TO LOVE SECRETLY SUCKING COCKS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” Then stepping forward without any warning, Mistress Margo took my right hand in hers and guided it straight to the younger faggots slowly rising penis. Instantly I felt both warmth under my wrapped around fingers as well as a new state of arrousal enter my mind. So as I slowly began to lightly fondle and finger expore it, I watched the gray haired fag begin to play with himself while both woman stood above me from each side and intently watched. Yes many hours before I had been totally straight when I had first met Vivian in the club. But now it was two cocks right in front of my face that had captured my total attention. One was now quite hard and throbbed every now and then as I was stroking it in the same manner I had played with my own a countless number of times over the years. Both owners were total queers who accepted these acts as quite normal and enjoyable. Maybe two to three minutes after first wrapping my curious fingers around the first one, my left hand reached out to the second now fully stiff one that was sticking out of a short cropped mixed black and gray colored bush. In looking up then, both Mistress Margo as well as lovely fem Vivian were smiling down at me with locked on eyes! Next as my gaze went from one hand held dick to the other, Vivian moved in closer and rubbed the head of her still hand held rubber dick against my lips. I guess every new cocksucker is at sometime faced with the decision to let a cock enter his or her mouth. My case was no different as with a made up mind, I parted my lips and slid them down over that cold hard rubber imitation Vivian was holding. Next as I contently began to suck it, the older fag moved in real close and began to brush his cockhead over the left side of my cheeks. As I began to stroke its long shaft in a tight grip, his younger gay friend also moved his uncut cock right in. Soon I found myself wildly sucking Viv’s toy while beating off both hard face brushing dicks in quite spirited fashion. Yes I was then well passed the point of no return as Mistress Mago told me after I had sucked both of them off properly, she would throw a great hot fuck into me doggy style while she would have Vivian suck the hot cum right out of me.As much as I respected and honored Mistress Margo’s insights and suggestions, it was the older gray haired fag that told me to take him in his mouth, that triggered me into my first real act of total queerness. Yes Vivian had instantly withdrawn her toy so that Bruce’s hard fag cock could take its place. God how thrilling I found the dry salty taste of a real dick compared to a man made one. Yes it was alive and so very warm as he pushed is taunt head a few inches past my then clinging wrapped around lips. How perfectly it seemed to contour inside of my awakened no longer virgin straight mouth. God I was sucking a fags long stiff cock and playing with a second one while four different sets of eyes were all looking down and watching me be so Fuckin Queer. Yes right in front of my face then, I had two real stiff warm mancocks while a Lesbian Dom Dyke wore a strap on one while her fem subbie held yet a second fake one also After a few minutes of quite greedy hot sucking and licking, I moved my mouth back away and turned my face so that a much younger and equally long slender uncut dick would find my craving mouth. As I began to suck that one equally as hard and passionitely, Mistress Margo grabbed the back of my head from behind and began to push my mouth deeper and deeper down over that blood engorged swollen cockshaft. How exciting and stimulating I found her words to be then.. “That’s it Faggot, mouth that nice stiff dick and suck away to your hearts content!” “Work that prick real good Boston boy!” “Dont forget the other one too!” “Oh Viv honey, I know hes going to simply love having two big hot soupy pungent loads of shooting sperm flooding his brand new totally queer mouth!” Come on cocksucker, work for the big faggot load of creamy sissy cum!” ” Viv honey, why don’t you kneel down behind him and see if you can work his former suckie cock up into his empty and frustrated bitch loving back door pussy!” “Lube it good dear so you can work almost all of it deep into his new excited little gay fuck cave!” ” I want our new found faggot to be well loosened when I stap on my thick nine incher and ram it home to deep paydirt!” Right then I couldn’t possible decide which of their cocks I loved sucking the best. While Bruce’s cut cock had a small head on it, it didnt make me gag as much as Ryans larger uncut mushroom headed queer cock! Being younger and maybe more physically capable, Ryan suddenly removed all but the big knobby head from my active mouth before the floodgates suddenly opened without warning. Hearing his deep moans of pleasure, even as the first pulsations throbbed against my tightly clinging lips, Mistress Margo firmly held my head in place so that there was no possible escape! As Ryans thick pasty goblets of hot jizz cream began to shoot in well timed spurts over the top of my flattened tongue, its strong pungent taste immediately reminded me of raw slimey seafood oysters. Yes its taste was quite strong and started making me gag, but menally the sexual realizaton that I was quite willingly taking a hot soupy sperm load had my mind in Seventh Sexual Heaven. Yes while I couldnt help myself from choking and gagging as I tried my best to swollow it all down, my lips tightened yet more over his pulsating glans as Mistress Margo encouraged her newest cocksucker to reap his gay reward! When Ryan finally withdrew his spent fag dick from my flooded mouth, Brucie moved in to quickly take his place. Having just jacked his queer cock close to the point of shooting off while watching me, it took perhaps no longer than a few dozen impatient deep shoves into my tight slippery half sperm filled mouth before his much needed climax arrived. While far less intense in both volume and force, his shot off burstss felt like exploding small goblets of hard jello. Also they were much stronger in rancid taste and landed far deeper in the back of my mouth. It was right then just before Brucie finished his intense cum, that I felt the sudden invasion of Vivians big lubed ruber unannounced cockhead ram past my unsuspecting asshole. Yes while I needed air badly and felt a burning anal pain, I had no choice to endure as Mistress Margo held my head while allowing Brucie the time he needed to finish his Ejaculation. After a good ten minutes of deep anal forplay penetration by lovely Vivian, I tried my best to please Mistress Margo and her super thick 9 inch butt buster but to no avail. It was just too dam big and thick to possibly take that day. So it was a well trained Ryan who knelt beside me delightfully taking every fucking inch of it while Vivian slipped into a second strap on and screwed me doggy style. With Brucie playing with my nuts and nipples, it didnt take me long to finally release and reach my long overdue climax. Yes it felt wonderful switching roles with Brucie as he greedily sucked for every single drop of my hot pent up load. While both fags quickly departed per Mistress Margo’s stern orders, I was make to stay and watch her throw a wild Lesbian fuck into her pretty fem subbie. I was amazed to watch Vivian taken into a long lasting series of multi orgasams as Margo fucked her selfishly and wildly. Yes I left Margo’s condo Late that Wednesday night in a deep state of guilt and concern. I tried to put the entire blame on my being a bit drunk, but to no avail. I tried to forget the enjoyment and stimulation of trying both a mixture of Queer and Submissive Roleplay. Yet deep inside I knew things were now different and had changed forever. Yes I knew deep down that having had a taste of stiff Cock, I would never be cured! In fact the very next afternoon when I first met my new West Coast Boss, our eyes met while I shook his loose wristed hand, Yes West Coast VP Mr. Alvin Adams was a full blown unclosted fag who in fairly short order, had me regularly sucking his gigantic oversized prick like most of his carefully chosen all male staff! As for Mistress Margo, I lasted almost a full month before calling the private number she had given me on a the back of bank businees card. Yes twice monthly I pay her most of new promotion salary increase for her Specialized talents behind closed doors. Yes not only did I switch from living on the east coast to the west coast, but also switched from Females to Males. Of course the only exception being my Dominatrix Mistress and her never ending collection of toy cocks and kinky perverted to most sex acts she had me perform for our equal enjoyment and her amusement as well !

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