Transforming Genevieve Ch. 5


Transforming Genevieve Ch. 5I woke up around midnight and realized that I’d drifted off to sleep while Bill was in the shower. He’d written me a note before he left. It read, “Genevieve, I didn’t wake you before I left. You looked so peaceful lying here sleeping after I showered. Thank you for an incredible evening. I’ll cherish the memory of tonight forever. Hoping we can share many more evenings just like tonight. Love Bill.” I folded the note and put it on my nightstand. Before he left Bill had blown out the candles around my bedroom. The only light was coming from a small electric window candle across my room. I snuggled under the covers and drifted off to sleep again with the thoughts of a truly incredible evening with my new lover. Wednesday is a short day for me. My first class isn’t until one in the afternoon so I slept in until almost ten. It was still cloudy outside making it easier to stay in bed all warm and snuggly under my covers. I lay there thinking about the last four days and the five men I’d been intimate with. Reviewing in my mind what special qualities I’d discovered with each one.Billy the waiter from the Manhattan deli was just an icebreaker. A quick fuck that satisfied a long burning desire to just have a cock inside me again. Kevin showed me that the transformed Genevieve could seduce a man and more importantly that I could deep throat even the biggest cock. Dick gave me a whole new understanding of what pleasures a man can bestow on his lover using his oral talents. The young one of the bunch, Steve proved that even at my age I could seduce a young stud, talk him into a totally aroused state and without even touching him have his cum shooting two feet above the tip of his cock. Then there is Bill, my married discreet lover. Perhaps the most incredible sex partner of the lot. His inexperience in giving head didn’t detract from the awesome orgasms we’d shared. His staying power matched only by the amount and taste of his sweet nectar. The anticipation of fucking Dick or Bill again excited me but the thought of Marsha and her lover Pete having me at the same time made me wish I’d gotten her number. I decided that if Marsha didn’t call me before Friday night I’d stop by her shop over the weekend to let her know how interested I really was. I finally got out of bed around half past ten. The clouds were beginning to break and slivers of sunshine were beaming down drying the wet streets. I stripped the bed and started a load of laundry while the water for my morning tea heated. After making my tea I returned to my bedroom and made up the bed with fresh bedding. I love the scent of fresh bedding. I thought it would be nice to be able to turn down my bed to reveal satin sheets sometime soon instead of the same old white cotton sheets I’m used to. I added satin bedding to my sensual shopping list. Once the washer had finished I retreated to my bathroom to shower and get ready for class. Part of the high maintenance of having waist length hair was regular treatments with massive amounts of conditioner. Entering the steamy shower with a bottle of my favorite hair treatment in one hand and my hairbrush in the other I let the hot water cascade over my body. On the days I treated my hair I would shampoo it first, apply the conditioner and let my long tresses soak while I bathed the rest of my body. I giggled when I realized that I’d have to add time every week or so to keep my trimmed landing strip of pussy hair under control. Being a sensually transformed woman did have its minor drawbacks. While my hair soaked with conditioner I applied strawberry shower gel over the rest of my body my delicate hands covering every inch of soft skin. Of course, my nipples reacted to the touch of my own hands becoming hard while I massaged the gel into my breasts. Before my transformation, I’d often masturbated during my showers using my middle finger to massage my pussy until I came. Today I was feeling even more sensual and began rubbing the handle of my brush across my sensitive clit. My free hand slid down to spread the fleshy sleeve of skin covering it allowing direct contact with the brush handle. I can only assume that because of the increased amount of sexual activity over the past few days my clit was becoming even more sensitive to any touch, but the tingling deep inside my loins began almost immediately. I leaned back against the tile wall and placed one foot on the edge of the tub. Hot water cascaded onto my breasts and ran down over my abdomen. I slipped the brush handle between my lips and inside sliding my free hand up to squeeze my tits and pinch the hard nipples. Closing my eyes I imagined one of my lovers being in the shower with me. The hard brush handle paled in comparison to the searing heat of a man’s pulsating cock. It lacked the girth of a completely erect cock. It wouldn’t fill my pussy with sweet sticky cum. Nonetheless, I plunged that handle deep inside my pussy and brought myself to a quick frenzied satisfying climax. I rinsed the conditioner from my hair and used the hairbrush as it was intended on my long tresses. I wrapped one towel around my hair and one around my body grabbed my teacup and headed to my bedroom to pick out what I’d wear today. Before my transformation, my normal routine was to put on white cotton panties and bra and then pick out what I’d cover them with. That process changed in that I now picked out what I’d wear and then decide what lingerie would best accentuate my body. I laughed to myself thinking even the smallest things change when you’ve been transformed. I chose a pair of slinky black slacks and a deep maroon long sleeved sweater. This sweater fit my body like a glove unlike my old collection of sweaters that fit more like a burlap sack. It has a plunging vee neckline that I drew attention to by wearing a gold heart-shaped pendant on a very thin gold chain. I selected a black satin thong, thigh highs, and three-inch heels along with a black plunge bra that held me firmly in place but didn’t squeeze my breasts together. I let my long dark hair cascade straight down my back. The sweater not only fit my body snuggly but also allowed easy viewing of the succulent open cleavage between my tits. Any normal red-blooded male would look at that view and instantly imaging his cock resting in the space between my creamy orbs. A light jacket for the walk across campus completed my outfit for the day. I grabbed my briefcase, slipped my cell inside and headed for the English Lit department. It was early and I’d have time to finish some papers before my one o’clock class. Just as I stepped off my porch my cell phone rang. The caller ID was a number I didn’t recognize. Perhaps it was Marsha calling to set up a meeting with me and her lover Pete, maybe it was Kevin calling from New York to invite me to come stay the weekend with him. I pressed the accept button and put it to my ear. “Hello, Genevieve speaking,” I answered. “Gen, how are you?” The caller asked. “I’m wonderful, who is calling please?” I asked not yet recognizing the voice on the other end. “It’s Dick I thought I’d give you a call since we haven’t talked in a couple days.” He responded. “Oh Hi Dick, how is it?” I asked comically.Dick didn’t get it and asked, “How’s what Gen?” I of course quickly answered, “Your dick, Dick?” Pausing briefly between the noun and the proper noun. He giggled and said, “You tell me.” Turning the comical tables on me. “As I recall it was wonderful, but that was a couple days ago I’m certain it’s in need of some attention by now,” I whispered suggestively. “That’s why I called you I was thinking you and I could get together tonight.” He said. “What did you have in mind?” I asked. “How about drinks at the East Street Café after work then we could maybe go to my place?” He asked tentatively. “I’d like that, how about six at the East Street?” I suggested. He replied, “Great if I don’t see you around the department this afternoon I’ll see you at the café then.” “I look forward to it goodbye for now,” I said ending the call. My phone conversation with him lasted the entire time I was walking to the English Lit department. I closed my office door filled with anticipation of what the evening at his place might hold. My two classes that day were rather uneventful both being freshman students who were only beginning to understand the finer parts of Olde English Lit. The second class ended at four forty-five. I normally would have been back to my flat by five but since the East Street is the opposite direction I stayed in my office and got some papers graded. Since I knew full well what Dick was planning once we got to his place I decided to have a little fun with him while we were at the East Street Cafe. Before I left to meet him I removed my sweater and took off the plunge bra I’d worn. Slipping the snug dark colored sweater back over my body I took a look at my appearance in the mirror. My nipples showed quite nicely they weren’t hard, but still, the tiny bumps would let me tease and tantalize him while we were sharing drinks and light conversation. I slipped on my jacket and slid my cell into one pocket. I could leave my briefcase at work since I had a class first thing Thursday, and doubted that I’d have any time to grade papers tonight. As I walked down East Street I let my jacket open allowing the cool late afternoon air take its effect on my nipples my long flowing hair trailing behind me. I could feel my nipples begin to harden and press seductively against the soft material of my sweater. I arrived at the café ten minutes early. More than one head turned in my direction as I strolled the length of the bar to take a seat around the corner two stools from the waitress station. I kept my jacket on but let it open naturally in the front. “Hi, I’m Jim.” The handsome young bartender said as he approached. “What can I get for you miss?” he asked. “Nice to meet you, Jim, I’m Gen,” I replied.Jim smiled widely at me when he noticed my vee neckline and let his eyes move down into the cleavage it revealed. “I’ll have a white zinfandel please,” I said breaking his concentration of my tits. “Very good.” He said confirming he could stare and listen at the same time. From my seat around the corner, I could look down the length of the bar to watch the other patrons. I was amazed at how many of the men had turned slightly toward me so they could look in my direction without being so obvious. I never drew that kind of attention before my transformation, hell I’d have never taken a seat at a bar by myself before my transformation. But since my change, I was enjoying the attention men gave to me and didn’t miss an opportunity to make eye contact with any man who looked my way. Jim returned with my wine placing the glass on a napkin in front of me. His hands came to rest on the inside edge of the bar. I leaned against the back of my stool and let my jacket fall open giving him ample opportunity to gaze at the tiny erect nipples piercing at the fabric of my sweater. He smiled in appreciation and asked, “Can I get you anything else?” “Not at the moment Jim,” I replied returning his warm smile. He turned and reluctantly directed his attention to the other patrons. A moment later I saw Dick come through the front door. He paused scanning the place to try and locate me. Once he spotted me I smiled widely as he walked the length of the bar. He was wearing a short brown leather jacket brown slacks and a white shirt and necktie. He looked rather handsome and I accepted his warm hug just before he slid onto the stool next to me. I wasn’t sure but I thought I heard a collective sigh of disappointment from the other single men along the bar. Jim approached us and Dick didn’t hesitate ordering a lager. Once Jim returned with his drink and I was sure I’d have his undivided attention I began flirting with my companion. “It’s kind of warm in here, would you help me with my jacket please,” I said as I tried to slip it off my shoulders. Dick helped me remove my jacket and carefully hung it over the seat back of my stool. His hand slid across my back confirming that I was braless and his eyes had not lied to him when they noticed the erect nubs of my nipples pressing into the soft fabric of my sweater. I turned slightly toward him and leaned forward allowing him a perfect view down the front of my sweater and between my soft tits. “See anything you like?” I whispered. He grinned knowing I wanted him to look before he said, “I sure do.” I crossed my legs and turned up the heat a little rubbing the top of my shoe along the back of his calf. From where we were seated none of the other patrons would be able to see my contact with him and I smiled as he took a healthy gulp from the frosted beer mug containing his lager. “Hmmmmmm, that hits the spot.” He said. I took a sip of my wine and let my hand slide below the bar to rest on my illegal bahis knee. “I really like this place it’s got a warm atmosphere,” I said as I slid my hand across the few inches to his thigh.”I agree it is a little warm in here.” He said slipping his jacket off and hanging it over his bar stool. I leaned closer to him and let my hand slip between his thighs rubbing it against his cock for only a moment before I withdrew and raised my hand back above the bar. He grinned at me and said, “That hit the spot too.” Referring to my quick massage of his manhood. I turned my head and whispered softly in his ear, “What about my spot?” His whispered reply was, “Not to worry, I’ll be hitting that spot a little later.” “I’m counting on it,” I said. His eyes stared intently at me. It was as if he was studying ever pore individually, as if he could see behind my sparkling green eyes and look directly into my mind I wondered if he could see the passionate sensuality growing there. I wondered if the wanton lust I had for his cock showed if the craving for the taste of his warm cream was evident behind my green pools of passion. I was first to break eye contact turning to take another sip from my zinfandel. He turned and finished his lager. I was somewhat disappointed when he accepted Jim’s offer of another lager, wanting instead to get him alone where I could act upon my cravings for him and his beautiful cock. He asked, “Are you hungry Genevieve?” I replied softly, “Yes but not for anything on the menu here.” Dick smiled and leaned very close to my ear his voice nearly inaudible said, “Genevieve I can’t get over how forward you are, relax we have all evening.” I realized that I’d made him uncomfortable. My constant flirting, my constant sexual undertones had made him feel uneasy. I said, “I apologize Dick. I….” his finger touched my lips cutting me off in mid-sentence. “No need to apologize I guess we all deal with anticipation in our own way.” He offered. I touched his arm and asked, “Will you teach me your way please.” “I’d be happy to.” He replied. I turned back toward the bar and lifted my wine to my lips. Perhaps Dick would show me how to control my lust, how to let the anticipation of having sex with a man heighten the sexual pleasures of that ultimate act. He had shown me earlier in the week when we pleasured each other orally in my office that a slow steady approach to sexual intimacy was something I’d want to explore. “I’ll be your willing student,” I said. Dick took one final huge gulp from his mug and said, “Then let’s start the learning.” He slid from his stool and quickly slipped into his jacket. Removing mine from the back of my stool he helped me with it and even pulled my hair gently from under the collar. “Better button it up Gen, it may be cool outside.” He offered. Dick paid Jim for our drinks and I smiled widely at our handsome bartender hoping he’d remember that smile the next time I came in his establishment. Dick’s car was parked a block and a half up East Street. As we walked he slipped his arm around my waist I snuggled into his side letting him protect me from the cool evening breeze. It felt good being close to him I smiled to myself recalling that less than a week earlier I didn’t care if I saw him or not when he told me he would be looking forward to seeing me after my weekend in Manhattan. How wrong I’d been about him the anticipation of being alone with him now excited me I wanted to understand how to control my lust, my cravings for a man’s cock, and somehow I felt Dick would turn out to be the perfect professor. It took twenty-five minutes to drive from East Street across town to a suburban family development where he lived. As we turned into the driveway I noticed the Real Estate For Sale sign planted in the front yard. He pushed the remote button above his sun visor and one of the twin garage doors glided up and he slowly pulled into the garage alongside what looked like a rusting old heap of a car. “What’s that?” I asked pointing toward the heap.”That my dear is a 1963 Chevy Impala SS.” He said proudly. “I’m restoring it,” Dick added. As I stepped out of his everyday car I noticed a large poster mounted on the wall in front of his Chevy. It was the same car, beautifully painted in bright red with a red and white interior. “Is that what it’ll look like?” I asked. I hope so if I ever get it finished. I’ve been at it for almost six years.” He said. “Dick your car was made 8 years before I was born when it’s finished I want a ride,” I said smiling at him. He smiled and said, “We’ll cruise together.” Dick’s home lacked the furnishings its size suggested. The kitchen had a small dinette table and four chairs. The living room was completely empty as was the formal dining room. His family room looked fairly normal with the exception that the only thing decorating the walls were the small nails on which photos had hung before. He offered his apology for the spartan appearance saying, “She’s forced me to sell off everything the only thing left unsold is the house. “I imagine you can’t wait to get out of here,” I said. “For sure as soon as I get any decent offer on this place it’s sold,” Dick said. He leaned against the kitchen counter and said, “Too many bad memories in this house.” I slipped my jacket off and lay it over one of the kitchen chairs. I walked around the table and pressed myself against him. His hands came to rest on my hips. I looked deep into his eyes and said, “Let’s see if we can give you a few good memories to take with you from this house.” Dick slowly moved his lips toward mine his hands slid from my hips to circle my waist and pull me even tighter against him. Our lips touched his grasping my lower lip as he let his hands softly run up and down my back. I moaned as his tongue penetrated my lips searching for my tongue. “Hmmmmm. I love how you kiss me.” I whispered. His soft caresses along my back and up into my hair sent chills of excitement along my spine. Dick lowered his hands to my ass and pulled my loins tight against his trapping his growing erection between us I ground my hips into him massaging his cock between us. “You feel so good your body reacts so perfectly to my touch.” He whispered. I moved one delicate hand between us and ran my fingers along the length of his cock, letting my fingernails linger on the head. I wanted it exposed, I wanted his cock naked in my hand so I could pleasure him with my soft fingers. Our lips met again in a passionate embrace, tongues touching, circling one another. Without breaking our kiss, he reached down and swooped me up into his arms. Turning he slowly walked from the kitchen into the family room. He sat down in the one overstuffed chair allowing me to settle into his lap. I circled his neck with my arms and pulled myself close to him so our kiss could intensify. His hands now free roamed my body gently caressing my tits through the fabric of my soft sweater. I reached down and pulled the sweater up over my head. My long tresses followed the neckline around in front of me and as it pulled out of the sweater my hair cascaded down across my tits. One erect nipple showing between long silky strands of hair the other completely exposed to his soft touch. “God, you’re so beautiful.” He exclaimed. I smiled and moved my ass seductively massaging his rock-hard cock beneath me. His hand slowly massaged my tits not concentrating on the erect nipples but softly massaging them along with the whole of my soft fleshy orbs. “Oh, that feels so good,” I whispered as his hands pleasured my chest completely. Dick lowered his mouth to suckle one erect nipple then the another, kissing and licking my tits everywhere, his tongue sliding between to moisten the succulent cleavage. I love the way he uses his lips and tongue to caress me I love the way his hands gently move over them I love the way he allows me to guide his mouth to the most sensitive parts of my tits. I wanted more of him, not satisfied with sitting on his lap and having him caress my tits and kiss my mouth passionately I had to have more. I moved to kneel over him straddling his thighs with my knees to face him. My fingers slowly undid his necktie and slid it from around his neck. I leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips as my fingers one by one unbuttoned his shirt exposing his chest to my kisses and touch. I kissed his neck, and down onto his chest. His hands running through long tresses of black hair down my naked back. “I want you.” I softly said. His eyes searched mine as I slowly slid off the chair to kneel between his spread thighs. My hands caressed his chest slowly working down to the waistband of his slacks. His belt came undone. I could feel his hard cock straining at the fabric that covered it the button that held his slacks to his waist popped open. Grasping his zipper pull with two fingers I slowly lowered it spreading his slacks open to expose his cotton briefs and the beautiful bulge of his swollen manhood. I lightly scratched at his cock through the fabric it twitched as my nails slid over the corona to its throbbing head. I wanted it exposed to my touch, to my gaze. I wanted it throbbing in my hands and between my soft lips. Hooking two fingers in the combined waistbands of his slacks and briefs I began to slip them off his hips. He lifted and allowed me to slide the material down around his ankles his throbbing member inches from my wet mouth as I did. I leaned back on my haunches and let my hands slowly ascend the length of his strong legs passing his knees I slid my fingers between his thighs gently caressing the naked flesh. His glorious scrotum and balls came under my intense stare, soon to be under my gentle touch and soft lips. “Oh, jesus that feels incredible.” He said as my nails lightly scratched at the naked flesh of his inner thighs. My delicate fingers reached their goal and I used the tip of one fingernail to trace along the centerline of his scrotum letting the other seven follow the first. Once all eight nails were in line I slowly pulled them apart dragging the tips out across two beautiful balls until they moved again onto the flesh of his thighs. I repeated the movement from the center line of his scrotum outward across his balls and onto his thighs several times each time pressing a little harder against his balls and each time eliciting a deeper moan from his throat. His eyes stared down at me intently as I studied every part of his cock. “Touch it Gen, please wrap your soft fingers around it.” He pleaded. I circled his shaft at the base with one hand and slowly drew him toward my face. My soft fingers slid up the throbbing length until they reached the swollen corona of his cock head. Slowly my hand moved down pulling his already tight skin even tighter along the shaft he moaned deeply as my fingers worked their magic on his swollen rock-hard cock. As my hand stroked upwards once again a tiny droplet of pre-cum oozed from him and I leaned forward to lick it from him with the tip of my wet tongue a sliver of saliva trailed from my tongue back to his cock as I leaned back from him again. His eyes stared at me, silently begging me to take him between my soft lips. I exhaled hot breath over the head as my warm oral cavity captured him. “Oh god!” Dick exclaimed as my lips closed around his pulsating dick and my tongue slid along the underside of his shaft. Slowly engulfing it completely the tip bumped against my throat. I groaned deeply the vibrations transferring from my mouth to his trembling manhood. “YES, suck it like that,” Dick said roughly. I started sucking him, bobbing my head up and down on his throbbing erection. Each time my nose pressed into his curly pubic hair the head of his cock bumped against the entrance to my throat. He moaned deeply feeling my wet mouth and luscious lips working over his throbbing erection. “That feels so fucking good!” He exclaimed. I let his salvia coated cock slip from my mouth holding it in one delicate hand I looked into his lustful eyes. “Fuck my tits!” I said, spitting between the hot fleshy orbs. I leaned forward and pressed his shaft between my tits. His hands pressed them together capturing his throbbing cock in the wet cleavage. He thrust up with his hips the bulbous head of his cock appeared from between my tits then disappeared again within the moist succulent cleavage. I began humping his rock-hard dick with my tits each time the head popped out I licked at it with the tip of my tongue. “Yeah, that’s it fuck my titties,” I said. Dick released my tits his rock-hard erection glistening with saliva. I reached for it and slowly stroked the length. “Stand up.” He said. I followed his directions standing before him staring down into his lustful eyes. His hands moved to the waistband of my slacks and slowly peeled them off my hips. I kicked off my heels and stepped out of the material surrounding my ankles. illegal bahis siteleri He slid his hands up my legs to the thin straps of my thong it followed my slacks to my ankles. Standing naked before him wearing only thigh high stockings I knew what he wanted. “Fuck me now,” I said. I stepped forward and mounted him. One hand sliding up to cup my tit, the other sliding between our bodies to guide his cock to my wet pussy. Dick moaned deeply as I rocked back and forth a couple times rubbing the tip of his cock against the moist lips of my pussy then lowered myself onto his throbbing manhood. “Oh god, it’s so wet.” He said as I engulfed him slowly. I leaned forward and pressed my tits into his chest. Our mouths met in an all-consuming kiss of passionate lust his hands rested on my hips pushing me down harder on his cock. I love the way he kisses me, sucking my lips and tongue between his extending his tongue into my mouth to allow me to suck it. I lifted off him only to slam my soaking wet pussy back down again. He began thrusting up to meet my plunges onto his cock. His cock lacked the length to reach my cervix. But each time I dropped down my clit rubbed against his pelvic bone I buried him inside me and rocked back and forth grinding my hard clit against him. “Yeah, hump that cock.” He hissed. My clit began to tingle as I ground it against him his hands pulling and pushing my hips against his pelvic bone as I rode his beautiful erection. My pussy swelled to tighten around his smaller size becoming tighter and tighter with each passing moment. I flexed my internal muscles to grasp his throbbing cock as tightly as possible. Dick tilted his head back against the chair and moaned deeply as my pussy worked its magic on him. “I can feel you tighten around my cock.” He said. “You fill me so well, fuck that tight wet cunt!” I hissed as I lifted off him. His cock slipped out of me and as he thrust upward it missed the opening to my pussy and slid between our bodies. The length rubbed against my clit causing me to moan deeply. “Oh god, Oh GOD that felt so good!” I exclaimed. Dick wrapped his arms around me and stood up, turned around and bend down dropped me to the chair. He knelt between my thighs his hands grasped my legs and spread them dr****g each one over the arms of the chair. My cunt spread wide open, my clit exposed to his touch he leaned down and licked my clit once. Straightening up and moving forward his hand grasped his hard cock I expected him to slide inside my tight wet cunt but Dick had picked up on how good it felt when his cock slid along my clit. Instead of fucking me, he began slowly massaging my clit with his cock head. “OH GOD YES!” I screamed as his cock head slid against my tingling clit. He used his hot cock like a dildo to massage my clit slowly pressing it against the hard nub. Sliding the length of his shaft over it. Circling it with the tip, pressing my clit into the tiny slit at the very tip. He watched my expression go from one of surprise to one of total satisfaction as his glorious cock slowly brought me to the brink of orgasm. “You’re gonna make me cum,” I said. “Yeah, I want to see you cum. I wanna watch your face as you climax Gen!” He said. He pressed his cock against my clit and slowly began sliding the shaft over it. The tingling turn to throbbing, the throbbing turned to spasm as my orgasm approached. “Oh god, keep fucking my clit,” I begged. His movements were slow and deliberate his massaging cock bringing me exquisite pleasure. “OH GOD DICK!” I screamed as the waves of orgasmic pleasure began breaking over me. My entire body tensed as this incredible climax peaked I could feel my pussy flood with juices. I reached for him clawing at his hips wanting him to continue his magnificent massage of my clit. He grabbed his cock and pressed my clit into the slit at the tip I could feel the heat as he used my clit to seal the opening. It was as if my clit had become a cock and the opening his urethra a tiny pussy to be fucked. He moaned with pleasure as my clit rubbed the inside of his opening. “What an incredible sensation,” I said looking at him wide-eyed. “I loved the way you came.” He said having watched my face during my intense orgasm. “Put it inside me, bury that beautiful cock in my hot wet cunt.” I pleaded knowing he wanted his throbbing cock inside me. He let the head drop to my lips. With one slow thrust inward he was buried inside me his balls against my ass his pelvic bone ground against my clit. My pussy had swollen almost shut and his cock felt massive as it soaked in the juices his clit massage had caused. “Oh yeah, now it’s even tighter.” He said. The heat of my pussy burned into his beautiful cock as he began fucking it. His strokes were long slow and incredibility deliberate each time he thrust into me my pussy spread to accept his now perfect size. I clamped my muscles down on it and began matching his slow-motion fucking with thrusts of my own. He leaned forward and brought his lips to one nipple, suck it licking it biting gently on it as his slow-motion invasion of my loins continued. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum again.” I squealed My orgasm built slowly, steadily becoming more and more intense with each deliberate stroke he made into me. “OH GOD DICK” I screamed as it peaked. Another flood of juices bathed his cock. He moaned as it ran from me coating his balls. His hands slid to my hips and pulled them even more off the edge of the chair and his fucking quickened as I felt his cock begin to swell to orgasmic size. “Yes, cum for me, shoot that sweet cum deep into me.” I pleaded. His hips pounded toward me, fucking me faster and faster as cum began boiling in his balls. He threw his head back as it boiled along the shaft. “OH FUCK!” Dick screamed as the first load shot from him. His thick sticky cum coated the walls of my pussy. His face contorted in orgasmic pleasure as he emptied his cum sack into me I reached out and clawed at his hips pulling him into me. His head came forward, eyes closed. His entire body concentrating on the climactic pleasures my body had provided. Dick leaned forward and buried his twitching cock inside me his body crushed over mine. Our sweat mingled between us as his mouth sought mine. He kissed me deeply, passionately, and I returned his sensual kiss. I squeezed my pussy trying to hold him inside as he began to soften wanting our love juices to mingle and soak into him. Dick broke our kiss and lifted his weight from me. His cock slipped from my moist grasp he stared into my eyes for a moment. “Incredible Gen.” He said. I smiled in agreement. His fingers touched my cheek gently running back toward my ear. “I could fall in love with you Genevieve.” He said. His words burned into my brain. I didn’t want to fall in love. I didn’t want to become his sole lover. I’d been transformed, and wanted to explore the whole world of erotic pleasures I knew were out there. “Don’t say that Dick,” I whispered. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I desire most. I added. He seemed somewhat taken back by my statement. He moved away almost as if I’d rejected him a deep almost bottomless feeling entered my body. I tried to think of something to soothe his obvious disappointment. “I didn’t say I WAS in love with you.” He said emphasizing the word was. “I know that I just can’t fall in love with anyone right now.” I offered. Dick moved away from me and sat on the edge of the sofa next to the chair I stood and followed him, sitting down next to him. He looked at me the disappointment clearly showing in his expression. “So, you just want a fuck buddy?” He asked. I’m not sure why, but I felt I needed to open myself to him. “I’m not sure what I want,” I said. “Last weekend while I was in New York my whole outlook on life changed,” I said. He looked at me waiting for me to continue. “I discovered my sexuality. I was transformed,” I added. “I understand,” he said. “If I were to let myself fall in love now I would forever wonder if I had missed out on something. Does that make sense?” I asked. “I think so,” Dick said still looking somewhat disappointed. “You’re an incredible lover the way you used your cock to massage my clit is something I’ve never experienced before,” I admitted. “But there’s a whole world of erotic adventures waiting out there for me I need to seek those adventures out and experience them all before I let myself fall in love with just one person,” I explained. “That makes sense to me Gen.” He said, adding. “I suppose I was a little premature making a statement like that.” “I hope some of your adventures will include me,” He said. “You can count on it,” I said smiling and giving his thigh a gentle squeeze. Dick looked relieved knowing that even though we weren’t going to fall madly in love, he’d still be able to share what we both expected to be some incredible sex in the future. I leaned over and kissed him tenderly on the cheek. “Do you want me to leave?” I asked. “Do you want to leave?” He answered with a question of his own. “No, I’d like to freshen up and meet you in the bedroom,” I said with a seductive grin on my lips. “I’d like that the bathroom is the second door on the right upstairs,” He said. “Give me fifteen minutes, then join me in the bathroom,” I said. I grabbed my purse, thong, and heels and headed up the stairs to find his bathroom. Turning on the hall light at the top of the stairs I noticed all the hall doors were closed with the exception of the one at the end of the hall. I walked to that open door and found his bedroom. His ex had cleaned him out here also a box spring and mattress lay flat on the floor. A small cloth covered milk crate held a single light and clock radio. Beside the closet door a single dresser stool almost lonely the two windows were covered with mini blinds but no curtains. I opened the closet door and thumbed through his clothes finding a long-sleeved white shirt I slipped it from the hanger and took it with me to the bathroom. Tying my hair up I quickly showered, paying close attention to cleanse my loins well. I dried off and let my hair down. Sliding my thong and thigh highs back on I stepped into my heels again. Looking in the mirror I applied a very red shade of lip gloss and a darker eyeshadow I applied a generous amount of perfume. Brushing my hair out I pulled it tightly back against my head and into a tight ponytail behind my head. Finally, I slipped his white shirt on and rolled the sleeves up to my elbows. I buttoned all but the top three buttons. His shirt was too big on me the tails extending down below the tops of my stockings with three buttons undone, the vee in front extended below my tits exposing all of my succulent cleavage. Surveying my appearance in the mirror I grinned knowing that I’d achieved the exact appearance I’d wanted for my second seduction of Dick that evening. I left the bathroom light on leaving the door an inch ajar and walked to his bedroom. Since there was no chair in the room I walked across to the window furthest from the door. I opened the mini blinds slightly letting some light shine in from outside silhouetting my form. The hall light dimly lit the room. I leaned against the windowsill and waited for Dick. Two maybe three minutes passed. The hall light clicked off, and his form appeared in the doorway. He had his slacks on again, but his chest was naked from his vantage point all he could see was my silhouette. “Sorry about the room Gen.” He offered. I spoke softly, “Everything we’ll need is here.” “Come in and close the door,” I said. He stepped inside and closed the door. I gave him a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the dim light before I began a slow seductive walk toward him. One foot carefully placed in front of the other his shirt swaying side to side with the suggestive movement of my hips. I looked into his eyes and said, “I want you to turn on your night light, remove your slacks and sit down on the bed with your back against the wall. Don’t say a word Dick just do as I ask.”He didn’t hesitate undoing his slacks as he walked to the small table. His slacks fell to the floor and he bent down to turn on the small lamp the single light bulb case uneven light throughout the room. I waited for him to settle down against the wall in the middle of his mattress his eyes fixed on me. I slid my hands to the front of his shirt and pulled the material apart showing him the luscious orbs of my tits. As my hands moved down I unbuttoned the shirt and let it fall open in front. I took two seductive steps toward him and then slowly dropped to all fours lifting my face toward him my shimmering lips and dark eyes became his focal point. Those shining lips spoke as I slowly crawled toward the edge of his bed. “Baby.” I hesitated “I’m going to crawl on my hands and knees to you. Once I reach your feet I want you to spread your legs.” Dick shook his head but didn’t canlı bahis siteleri say a word. I began crawling toward my lover. My hands and knees moving in unison like a cat slinking toward a frightened mouse. I lowered my head and let my long waist length ponytail fall to one side. I stopped in mid-crawl lifting my face to allow him to look at my lips his jaw dropped open. I reared up on my knees violently swinging my ponytail behind me and letting his shirt slide off my shoulders his eyes widened. I resumed my cat-like approach to his bed with my forearms flat against the carpet and my ass sticking up behind me my ponytail forming a sexy black streak along my slithering spine my face lifted so he would watch my shining lips approach. Dick didn’t say a word. As I neared the bottom edge of his mattress I licked my lips seductively with the tip of my tongue. “I’m going to crawl up between your thighs now,” I said. His legs began to move apart as I’d asked. But he remained speechless. One forearm followed the other onto the mattress my hands stretching out toward him fingers spread like two feline paws about to pounce. One knee came to rest on his bed. The other followed in short order my fingertips now even with his feet. “I’m going to crawl to you when I reach you I’m going to take your cock in my mouth. I want you to watch my lips,” I softly said. He shook his head but didn’t speak. Inching my way between his thighs, his already erect cock stood proudly up from his loins I licked my lips again. His cock twitched uncontrollably as I approached. “I’m going to take all of you in my hot mouth,” I said as my fingertips touched his inner thigh. “I’m going to make your cock very wet with my mouth,” I told him. I had reached my goal. I rested my forearms on his thighs and stretched my legs flat out behind me my face now directly in line with his throbbing manhood. His eyes were glued to my mouth. Shimmering red slivers of oral pleasure parting slowly hot breath exhaling over his pulsating cock head I lowered my mouth over it. He moaned but didn’t speak. My dark passionate eyes widened as I looked up into his face. His eyes glued to my lips, and the image of his cock disappearing between those red slivers of passion. I engulfed him completely letting the head rub against the roof of my mouth as I took him. I pressed my tongue against the bottom of his shaft and let it drag along as I lifted my mouth off his throbbing cock. He groaned as my tongue circled the corona before it slipped from my hot oral cavity of pleasure. He didn’t speak. “After I make you beautiful cock completely wet, I’m going to turn around,” I said. “I want you to remove my thong,” I instructed him. “After you’ve stripped it from my body I want you to kneel behind me,” I hesitated again.My soft lips dropped over his cock again. Taking him entirely inside and coating his throbbing meat with my salvia. He moaned but didn’t say a word. I withdrew him from my pool of salvia and let a string of spit stretch from his cock to my lower lip it broke and ran down my chin. His eyes remained focused on my lips, watching me prepare his rock-hard cock for an all-out assault from behind. “I want you to take your soaking wet cock in your hand and fuck my tight little asshole,” I said. His jaw dropped open, his eyes widened even more. “OH MY GOD,” He finally spoke. I sucked him inside my mouth again. Coating him thoroughly with my hot salvia. “Fuck my ass, bury your beautiful cock deep in my tight little ass Dick,” I commanded. “When you’re ready to cum, I want you to pull out and shoot your sweet seed on my face. I want you to coat these red lips with every drop of your hot cum,” I demanded. “Fuckin A,” He hissed. Gathering every drop of saliva I could, I spat on his cock. It glistened with my oral lubricant. Throbbing, pulsating ready to invade my tight ass hole. I turned and crawled to place my forearms flat on the carpet below the bottom edge of his bed allowing my ass to point seductively at him. An instant later his hands were on the straps holding the one remaining barrier to my sphincter. Instead of sliding the silky thong from me he stretched it until the straps ripped and then pulled it from my ass. I heard him spit into his hand. The hot salvia was quickly smeared on my sphincter. His strong hands grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. “Yes, give it to me now,” I squealed. He pressed the head against my tight ass then pushed harder. My sphincter succumbed to his pressure and opened to accept his invading cock. The head slipped inside his wide corona providing only slight pain as it passed the portal to my hot tight asshole he pushed again forcing the head deeper into me. Yeah, give me more,” I begged. He pushed forward slowly invading me with the remainder of his glorious cock. I felt his balls come to rest against the small patch of flesh separating my pussy and ass. He was buried inside my sweet fucking asshole his throbbing cock filled me. “Oh yeah, it feels so fuckin good buried in my ass,” I squealed. He started to withdraw pulling back until the corona slipped back through the tight flesh of my sphincter. “Give it to me, fuck that sweet ass,” I begged. He thrust forward again impaling my anal tunnel on his rock-hard manhood. His balls slapped against my pussy as he reached maximum penetration his hands pulled my ass hard against his invading cock. “Oh god, YES fill me with your beautiful cock,” I pleaded. No sooner had his withdrawing cock slipped from my ass when he slammed it into me again, harder and swifter than before.I groaned and pushed back against his cock. Over and over he slammed it into my ass each time he’d withdraw completely before thrusting back into me. My sphincter relaxed becoming a gaping hole ready to accept his mighty thrusts into it. Each time he thrust into me his balls slapped against my now soaking wet pussy each time he drove his throbbing cock inside I groaned from the pleasure of his invasion.I spat into my hand and reached between my thighs extending my wet fingers along his cock shaft as it slid out of me. He thrust in again I kept my fingers there to begin massaging my clit. “OH YEAH AW OH HEE,” I squealed as his onslaught became more intense. “FUCK ME HARD!” I screamed. My fingers worked feverishly over my swollen clit adding to the absolute pleasure of his cock’s assault on my tight asshole. “Your fucking ass is so tight.” Dick hissed. His hands clawed at my hips pulling me back to meet every thrust he made into me. His searing hot cock stretching my flesh I loved the feeling of having him slam into me with every ounce of strength he had. I loved the sound of his balls slapping against my wet swollen pussy. His throaty moans of absolute pleasure filled the air as he drove his cock home time after time. I squealed delightfully as my fingers brought on my own climax. I came hard and fast moaning and groaning as my pussy flooded with juices and my orgasm peaked. Dipping three fingers inside my soaking cunt I coated them with fluid. I withdrew them and slid my wet fingers along the shaft of his cock lubricating it again as he thrust inside my asshole. Sweat poured from him, his breathing came in short gasps as his own orgasm approached. “Oh god, I’m almost there,” He screamed. “Yes cum for me cum on my face baby!” I begged. His cock swelled inside me as his balls prepared to unload his sweet seed. He groaned deeply, “Fuck I’m gonna cum,” He exclaimed. “I want your cum, I want it in my mouth.” I pleaded. He made one final mighty stroke to the depth of my asshole groaning as his cock impaled me. “Now Gen, I’m ready to cum,” He squealed. He pulled out and leaned back on his haunches. I quickly turned sideways to him and positioned my head directly under his pulsating cock. He’d squeezed the shaft tight waiting for me to move to accept his cum shot. “Give it to me!” I begged. Dick stroked his cock once, twice then lowered the head to my lips. He groaned deeply as his cock exploded shooting its first thick stream of sweet cum across my shimmering red lips I opened my mouth wider as the second shot coated my tongue. I reached up and grabbed his throbbing spurting cock to guide it to my lips and stroke him with my soft hand as he oozed cum onto my face. I used the head to spread his cum across my mouth and then took him between my lips to lick at the head and suck the sweet tasting nectar from the tip of his incredible cock. “Suck it, Gen!” He pleaded. I sucked it, licked it and bit the head. “Hmmmm.. it tastes so good,” I said as I used him to collect the thick gobs of cum from my face and bring it into my wet mouth. I released his cock and licked my fingers clean of his incredible sweet cum. His eyes stared at my face as I finished drinking every drop. I lifted my head and kissed the tip of his softening erection his body glistened from the coating of sweat. “Lay back,” I said. As he reclined collapsing backward onto a pillow I crawled up the length of his body to lie on top of him. My mouth covered his, he pierced my lips with his tongue sharing the taste of my cum coated tongue. His hands came to my head and held it firmly against his mouth as he licked sucked and kissed the remaining moisture from my face. He held me tightly wrapping his arms around my back his lips moved to my ear. “Absolutely incredible,” He whispered. Our legs intertwined, our bodies meshed together as Dick and I basked in the glow of our incredible anal experience. I whispered to him, “Baby your cock is a perfect fit inside my ass. I can’t believe how good it felt when you were fucking me really hard.” “Gen, you’re the first woman I’ve ever had anal sex with I hope I didn’t go too fast for you,” He said. My instant reply was, “You were perfect.” He smiled and kissed me softly on the mouth. We held each other for the longest time not wanting to break the intimate bond we’d just formed. “I’ve fantasized about anal sex for so long those fantasies don’t even come close to the reality of what you’ve given me,” Dick said. I smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He had no idea that his was only the second cock that has ever invaded my ass. “What other fantasies do you have?” I asked. He thought for a moment before he said, “I’ve fantasized about a threesome Gen.” “Two women?” I suggested. “No two men and a woman babe.” He said. “Actually, my fantasy is to have a woman suck my cock while she’s being fucked from behind by a man with a massive cock.” He added. “Hmmmmmmmm… I could get into that fantasy,” I said. “Are you serious?” He asked. “Oh yeah, in fact, I’ve even fantasized about having all three of my holes filled with cock at the same time,” I admitted. That’s so fucking erotic I bet I could find two other guys who would be interested in making that fantasy a reality for you,” He said. I giggled at his offer, “Dick we work at a college, I’m sure you could find a half dozen men who’d jump at a chance to fuck me.”I glanced at his alarm clock. It was almost ten and I had an 8 AM class the next day. “I really should be getting ready to leave,” I said. “Oh, I’d hoped you’d stay the night Gen.” He answered. “Have an 8 AM class I really would like to stay but I think its better that you take me home,” I said. I lied about wanting to stay I didn’t want him getting the idea that we were going to become more than sensational fuck buddies. “Oh, okay let me get dressed and I’ll take you home. Dick sadly replied. He slipped off the bed and was gone from the room in a flash. I gathered up my things and headed to the bathroom. Quickly dressing I made my way downstairs. “Are you sure you can’t stay?” He asked almost pleadingly. “I really shouldn’t give me a call after lunch tomorrow okay?” I said. The drive across town to my flat was quite awkward. Dick didn’t say a word. I figured he was upset that I’d turned down his offer. I waited until we were almost at my place before I spoke. “Tonight was incredible. I hope you’re not too upset that I couldn’t stay the night,” I offered almost apologetically.”No problem, after all, we are just fuck buddies. I wouldn’t expect you to want to wake up with me next to you anyway,” He said. “That has nothing to do with it I have a class at 8 AM tomorrow,” I said. He pulled the car to a stop double parked in front of my flat. “Whatever.” He said sarcastically almost as if he was dismissing me. His statement kind of pissed me off, but rather than get into an argument I decided to let it slide for now. “Well thanks again for an incredible evening,” I said as I leaned toward him to kiss him goodnight. “Yeah sure,” He said not turning his head to accept my kiss. I got an ugly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t wait to be out of his company I got out and kind of slammed the door. Before I reached the curb he hit the gas and sped off. Christ I thought, he couldn’t even wait till I got inside the door. It’d be a long time before I offered to suck his cock again. Too bad too, he has such sweet tasting cum. I showered before I went to bed wanting his scent off me before I lay down on my fresh bedding. I fell asleep with that ugly feeling eating at me. To be continued.

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