The Hit Men Meet the Demon Queen


The Hit Men Meet the Demon QueenThe Hit Men Meet the Demon QueenBy Denuded Man-berriesIt is early evening and a man in his thirties is walking down a trail in the woods. He is wearing jeans and a denim jacket with a white t-shirt and combat boots. He is puffing a pipe full of cannibus and seems to be heading somewhere specific.He stops at a fork in the trail and sees a broken branch on a sapling, takes a breath, and looks around.Down the trail two men are coming from the other direction; one heavy set, the other thinner. They look angry and tough. “Do you think he came this way?” The other responds, “Had to..” They stop when they hear something down the trail and suddenly the man in denim is standing before them.The three stare at each other for a minute then one of the tough guys asks, “Have you seen a guy in his forties, maybe, with thin gray hair come through here? We’re looking for him; last we knew he came this way.”Denim responds, “I haven’t seen anyone on the trail until I saw you two.”The thinner tough guy sneers at the obvious smell of Mary Jane, draws a pistol, “Why don’t I believe you, hippy faggot?” Denim suddenly bolts into the foliage and tough guy starts shooting into the woods after him and hears a scream, “Where did that piece of shit go?”“I think you got him. Come on, let’s keep looking for our hit; I think he went this way on down the trail,” says the other.The hit men make their way through the brush until they come upon a clearing where there is a large old barn. They search around outside it and find it is locked shut. It is getting darker fast. There is a sound in the woods, “Did you hear that? Maybe you didn’t kill that piece of shit after all.” He waves his pistol around, “Come out and tell us what we want to know!”Then they hear a man’s voice cry out from inside the barn and both spin around; the second draws his gun. They look at each other and back at the barn. “Hey there’s another door over here,” he tries the latch and whispers, “It’s open..”He carefully opens the door as the other walks up quietly behind him. They are greeted by the aroma of old hay. Looking in they see a large space lit by several medium sized spotlights shining upward giving the impression of giant tottering columns set at random about the spacious interior. Bales of gray hay line the walls in multiple uneven stacks, metal folding chairs s**ttered about, open and closed, loose and in stacks, and in the middle on the floor are what looks like clothes strewn about.They cautiously enter and make their way to the middle of the space and inspect the clothes. “There’s a shoe over here,” one says. He’s a heavy set thug wearing a dark suit.The other adds, “there’s another one over here too…” He is wearing a raincoat and is thinner but both are very muscular. “These clothes are ripped up, Jimmy.” Then they hear another cry from above.“Jesus!”They look up and see a naked man hanging from a rack suspended some fifty feet above their heads. Jimmy recognizes it as the hit they are searching for but is so taken aback he doesn’t say anything to his partner. The guy sees them and starts screaming, “Help me, please, PLEASE!!”“What the fuck?!” Says heavy. They both see that the man has a tube running from his penis off into the darkness. Just then they hear a compressor crank on and the tube jostles about. The man on the rack let’s out another yell, “Oh shit, not again, please!” He buckles against the rack and screams loudly. He keeps trying to pull his pelvis back from the metal sheath which begins savagely chuffing his penis.“Aaaaahhhhhh, fuck! Oh oh oh oh, GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHDDDDD!!!“What the fuck!” Both the hit men are dumbfounded staring up at the guy suspended from the rafters as he thrashes against the rack. He starts panting and drooling.“Ungh! Unngh! Ahhg! Awgahd! Awgahd! Ahhh”His body tenses up into balled fists and pointing toes. His eyes alternately bulge and squeeze shut.“Ooooooooooooooo….ooooo….oooo….ooo……….ooo…….oo……..oo…………o……….!”His tense flesh releases and he hangs there limp as the compressor shuts down with a decreasing whine to silence…“…drained to oblivion.”As they were wondering who said that, a tall woman in a black business suit and a stylish bob haircut grabs the gun from Jimmy’s hand out of nowhere while simultaneously another woman in a leather one-piece, stockings, and stilettos grabs the other’s pistol.“What the…” Jimmy makes a move toward the woman but she quickly shocks him with a prod she has in her other hand. He screams and falls on his knees wailing while his partner raises his hands in the air. A whisk of smoke invisibly curls upward and there is a slight smell of burning hair thinly slicing the dank aroma of old hay.“What the fuck is this?” The other thug blurts in frustration.“No questions,” Business Suit illegal bahis answers, staring at Jimmy. “Remove your clothing!” Jimmy hesitates and business suit shocks him again with the prod while still pointing the gun, “I wanna see that big naked gut.”Jimmy struggles to maintain his composure and after catching his breath explains, “We were looking for a guy who we thought ran in here…my naked what?!” Her words only now sinking in.Then they all hear the compressor fire back up and the man on the rack above them begins hollering again from the aspirating vacuum seal on his still quite sensitive cock. They both look up. It looks like a cow milker the way it chugs on his shaft. Then a gunshot rings out!The tall, bobbed, black business suited woman holds the pistol high above her head–she didn’t come near shooting the guy on the rack though he jerked violently from the sudden noise. “Don’t look at him! Take your goddamned clothes off right now fatty!! I want to see that giant belly and what you have brought me hanging between your legs!”Jimmy suddenly moves with a quickness, faking confidence born of taboo titilation, “Ok, gorgeous, I guess I can let you play with my boys…” He tries to sound in control, fumbling with his buttons (one breaks off and falls to the wooden slats they stand on). He looks at the other thug who whispers back to him, “What happened to that guy we saw outside, Jimmy? Maybe he’s okay and he’ll hear the gunshot and come help us…”Jimmy looks incredulous, “Chuck, you just shot that piece of shit faggot; even if he didn’t bleed out in the woods, he would be too much of a pussy bitch-ass fag boy to do anything…”“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” Says Business Suit and shocks Jimmy again, ripping his shirt the rest of the way off while he convulses, more buttons flying. “Get those fucking pants off now pig! Your my pig now and pigs don’t wear clothes, understand?”The compressor runs through another loud, cum-producing spasm overhead,“Aaaahhhhhhhh..hh.. hh.. hh..” and whines down.The other woman in stilettos is still holding her gun on them. “Can I put my hands down now?” asks Chuck.”No!” barks Stilettos, “On your knees with your hands still in the air facing your buddy here.” She waves her ponytail and cocks her head at Chuck, “You just stay there like that and watch what we do to your friend,” He gapes at Jimmy unbuckling his belt and fumbling with his pants. He is shaking a little watching as Jimmy loses his balance and tumbles forward, his pants caught on his shoes since he forgot to take them off.The compressor fires back up again, “Noooo!” The man on the rack flails about against his restraints as his cock gets chuffed mercilessly.Business Suit gets angry, “You stupid fuck!” She walks over to Jimmy who has rolled askance all tangled up in his pants looking like a beached white whale with big, muscular legs and kicks him in the butt, pushing him over with her foot. She is wearing a set of black pumps. Jimmy continues to struggle while everyone just watches him pathetically attempt to un-snare himself from his own pants. The guy on the rack above is watching distantly and his eyes open wide suddenly as he screams out another cum blast:“OooOooOooooOOoohh gaaahhhdd!”The compressor winds down and Chuck lowers his sore arms and pulls the collar of his raincoat tight around his neck as he watches the man above shaking and whimpering. Business Suit walks over to him and looks down. “Don’t look at him; look at your friend!” She shocks his shoulder and pushes him over with her pump. He squeals. She walks around him while Stilettos addresses Jimmy.“Leave your shoes on, pig, I like how your naked fat ass looks wearing only your shoes, bahahahahaa!” Stilettos watches Jimmy stand up and sees he is well hung under the canopy of his stomach, which is huge.“You want a piece of this, baby, go ahead and have a suck…” Jimmy sneers in defiance.Business Suit glares at Jimmy, her eyes burning holes in the air while she slides the prod into a belt holster on her hip and hands the pistol to Stilettos. “Hold this for me and keep them covered. I need to denude this one myself.” She spins around to Chuck and produces a switch blade from her jacket pocket, she looks to make sure Jimmy is watching as she flicks the blade out with a snap and takes hold of Chuck’s raincoat.“No wait, I’ll do it,” Chuck says and stands to remove his coat himself, but Business Suit yanks at it, pulls it straight down his arms the rest of the way off. She walks around and faces him, grabs his belt, and pulls him forward nose to nose. Without a word she slides her blade up through and begins to saw deliberately. “Hey!” Chuck tries to stop her and he feels the barrel of his own gun against his temple as held by Stilettos while he trains the other on Jimmy. “Okay, okay,” Chuck raises his hands and Business illegal bahis siteleri Suit continues sawing his belt.She takes her time, looking deeply into Chuck’s eyes as she does it. He becomes more uncomfortable and nervous and can smell her slight perfume and feel her breath on his cheek. Her bobbed points of hair frame around and tickle his neck and he starts to feel woozy, like they are going to kiss maybe…She slices his belt, and jerks his pants down. Without stopping she stands back up and slices all his buttons with one strike and rips his shirt off.“Ungh!” Chuck grunts and seems ashamed standing in nothing but his socks, tidy whiteys and wife-beater with what remains of his clothes lying on the floor about him. He looks over at his friend, Jimmy, standing naked but for his shoes and socks, belly protruding and huge package hanging underneath it with Stilettos pointing a pistol at each one of them, laughing to herself. The guy above cums again loudly and the hose shakes about on the floor behind them as it trails off into the corner somewhere between stacks of folding chairs and hay bales.“Your friend has some big balls doesn’t he?” Business Suit catches Chuck looking at Jimmy, ignoring the sounds of the orgasm going on above. Chuck quickly looks down, suddenly embarrassed. “I wonder what you’ve got,” and she kneels forward on one knee, stretching his underwear out and slicing one leg so it hangs on the other before sliding to the floor. “Oh my, you’ve hardly got anything down there!” She leans in for a closer look,“Oh,My ,god!Look at this, he’s erect!”“He is? Wow you’re right! It’s so small I almost couldn’t tell.” Stilettos marvels at Chuck’s tiny penis and little balls. He stands there wearing only his t-shirt and socks with the smallest set of male genitals they have ever seen exposed below—a rigid little bullet pointing out from a bare scrotum the size of a walnut.Jimmy looks with an expression of disbelief, “I always figured you for some kind of fag, Chuck, and a pussy, but are you actually horny from this shit?”Visibly embarrassed Chuck blurts out at Business Suit, “Now look, bitch, don’t you know who we are?”Jimmy chimes in, “He’s right, cunt, If you had any idea who we work for you wouldn’t be doing this…” his hands making fists, then opening, then making fists again not sure now if the blow job would be worth it.“Is that so?” Business Suit responds. “Maybe it’s more like if you knew who we were you would be on your knees begging for mercy.” As she says this, she walks toward Jimmy and puts the point of her switch blade under his chin and pushes in slightly. He responds with a pitiful, open-mouthed sound and she moves him by the blade closer to her face.She holds him there, staring at him for a minute in silence. All that can be heard in this moment is the compressor kicking back on and the clanking of the rack above as another forced orgasm was gathering. The guy’s low utterance expands into another full blown outcry. An evil grin spreads across Business Suit’s pretty face as she stares directly into Jimmy’s eyes, “listen to that bitch up there on the rack! He’s coming hard for the millionth time and he’s going crazy because the machine has been systematically milking him for the last couple days.” She has to raise her voice a little at this point, “We found him out here, too.”She waits for the loud cumming to subside before continuing in a quiet voice, “I bet big man here is used to being treated with more respect, is that right?” She pulls the knife away leaving a tiny red button of fresh blood in its place, with her other hand flips and tugs his package.Jimmy huffs out loud, “Oof.”“These are big enough to play with; but yours,” She turns to Chuck, “yours are so tiny we may have to be creative.”With that she claps her hands and several men enter the barn from a door on the far wall. The men silently line up in formation directly under the man on the rack who shakes and moans again as they do it. The sounds of his forced orgasm provide a strange backdrop for these men as they form up, all wearing only black leather face masks with gags, leather cod pieces covering their genitals, and hiking sandals. There were eighteen of them in total.After the man above has quieted down again, Business Suit stops smiling and changes to a more serious demeanor, “My name is Queen Aggress Maulalot, and this is Sister No-Man. We are pleased to have you as our contributors this evening, quite unexpected and most welcome. I believe this will be an experience you never forget and that we will find very entertaining.”She pokes Jimmy in his sizable equipment with the prod but doesn’t engage the electricity. “I am sure also that you especially will produce a hefty volume of semen with those bulbous orbs, pig.” He jumps back thinking his sensitive region canlı bahis siteleri was going to get fried. She turns to address the eighteen men, “Drones! ATTENTION!” She shows the men her prod and pulls the switch as small sparks issue from the tip. She then swings it to hit Jimmy’s giant ball sac, shocking the Hell out of him when she does it.”AAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!”She address the drones once more, “Laugh at him!” And they all start laughing at Jimmy.”Shut up!” Jimmy says, and Queen Maulalot positions the end of the prod between his sac and his anus.She has to lift his nuts out of the way, “Wow these are pretty heavy.” He looks frightened but she strokes his thick shaft and it gets a massive erection quickly.”OOOOOHHHH that’s it, cunt,” he moans and grabs his own ass, “stroke my big dick, bitch.” Then her expression sours and she shocks him between the anus and sac and he shoots cum up in the air while screaming.At this Chuck’s petite nib throbbed solidly upward again, jostling his little berries in their teensy pea pod scrotum. He shudders as he watches Jimmy’s tree trunk stretching forward and out under the shadow of his massive pot belly, dripping with semen; the Queen grabbing his hair and pulling his head back. “Cum again,” she lights him up once more and a little more spurts out and runs down his big erect pole as he shrieks again.Sister No-Man jumps. “Wow, we have interested parties coming up! Look at those stiff little peckers..” Then she abruptly kicks Jimmy deep in his giant nutsack, burying the toe of her stiletto in the ample tender flesh as his massive hard penis flaps against his protruding belly, dripping cum around. Cum sticks to his belly and a strand forms to the massive head as his barrel waves back. She starts giving a series of quick, firm but gentle, toe-pointing kicks from below, smacking his heavy balls with her instep. He yells out several surprised and repeated, short calls as she starts kicking harder. He bends forward, frantically gathering up his belly trying to reach and comfort his parts. She pauses then kicks him again harder and he jumps up off the floor slightly, shrieks, and falls over trying to cup his hands on his junk.My god you can hardly even reach your genitals you’re so fat!” Queen Maulalot exclaims. Jimmy writhes about, rolling on his back on the floor and crying to himself from the pain. He reminds Chuck of a giant tot getting a diaper change with his legs waving about in the air and the whining and crying.Sister No-Man laughs out loud, “What a big red target! How can one resist punching it,” and she bends over and punches his scrotum repeatedly with her fist, shoving his legs away with her other gloved hand.Chuck is ashamedly hard as Hell at this point, though his penis resembles the tip of a babe’s finger more than a man’s penis to the Queen. She decides to see if it works. “I’m thirsty,” she says and bends over and slurps the little finger into her mouth, clasping her hand onto his right butt cheek, and siphons him raw in under a minute while he matches Jimmy’s loud utterances.As if on cue the man above cums again as well and Sister No-Man declares, “We’re making music!” And kneels down to punch Jimmy’s big penis and balls some more.“Ouch, ow, OWW!”“Oh my god, I came already!”And from above, “Not again, PLEEEAASSSEEE!”Chuck makes the mistake of touching the Queen’s cute black bobbed hair when his little piece began shooting in her mouth and she pulls back snapping the tiny thing out with a pop and a splash from between her angry pursed lips.“Don’t ever touch me!” She put the prod directly on his peas and engaged the electricity. He shot more with a scream. It wasn’t an actual cattle prod but she had it on the highest setting none-the-less and Chuck shook drooling with his hands open and fingers spread like he was casting a spell.Sister No-Man, who had been watching the Queen suck off that minuscule bullet in fascination, was still kneeling by Jimmy’s large fetal nude form and turned to punch him again in the balls which were sticking out from the back of his thighs. He rolls on his back and legs go up in the air again with a shout and he piteously tries again to grab his own equipment but can’t easily get around his big, protruding belly long enough to hang on to them. They keep flopping away out of his grip, only succeeding in stretching at a bit of skin here and there.After that the two hold their arms and order the slaves to line up and take turns kicking each of the hit men in the cock and balls until all eighteen of them did it twice. Then Queen Maulalot orders the slaves to seize Jimmy and Chuck. They each take an arm or a leg and amid cursing and some resistance, carry Jimmy and Chuck’s squirming naked bodies (ten on Jimmy, eight on Chuck) off the way they came in through a trap door and stairs leading below the barn. On the way Sister No-man yanks off one of Chuck’s socks and laughs. “I love our new toys! Let’s go play some more!”Queen Maulalot replies, “We got the biggest I’ve seen and the smallest, what a basket of man fruit!”??

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