The Stripper


The StripperIt had been about a month since our Ski Weekend. Work and other commitments had left both myself and my neighbor Lisa very busy. We normally would get together at least once a week for some “neighborly fun”, but we had not been together since the trip. We had discussed getting together, but it wasn’t working out. Finally a Saturday Night was coming up that we were both free and made an arrangement to meet at her house.Saturday had come and I was ready to as well. I was just hanging low for the afternoon, watching some TV and waiting for the big night when the phone rang. It was Lisa and she had some bad news. Her friend from college was in town for work and the hotel screwed up her reservation and she had no place to stay and would be shacking up with Lisa for the night, so, no fun again. This was a big disappointment.About 7pm the phone rang again, it was Lisa, and she needed a big favor. Her friend needed a ride to work, but Lisa’s car was broken down. She asked if I would give her a ride. Since I had nothing else to do, I agreed and headed out.”Oh Patrick, thanks so much for this I really owe you”, said Lisa. “This is my best friend from college Krissy.””Hi Pat, nice to meet you, thanks so much for the ride.” Krissy said.”Great to meet you and no problem, where are you headed?” I asked.Krissy gave me the address and away we went. Krissy and I made some small talk on the way over. She talked about going to college with Lisa and how long they had been friends. I had my GPS on and as we got closer to the address I was surprised to see where we were.”This can’t be right.” I said puzzled at what I saw.”What?” Krissy asked.”The GPS took us to Showdolls. This is a strip joint.” I said.”Why is that wrong?” Krissy asked.”Well it’s a strip joint. You’re not a stripper.” I said.”No, I’m not a stripper.” Krissy said. “I’m a professional dancer and choreographer. I just happen to do it with no clothes on.” Krissy said.”Oh, OK.” I replied, not knowing what else to say.”I’m only doing one show tonight, so I won’t be too long, come in with me and then you can drive me home.” she said grabbing her bag and walking out of the car.”Sure, I guess.” I said.We walked in the back door where a door man let us in. She checked in at the office and made her way to the dressing room. I looked at the wall next to the door to the dressing room and saw the poster “Saturday Night, One Show Only! The World Famous Bambi Love!”.”Wait a second, you’re Bambi Love?” I asked.”Sure am.” confirmed Krissy.I could not believe this, I had not only heard of her, I actually saw her years before at a bachelor party I attended. But I could not let her know that.”Well, what are you waiting for, come on in.” she said holding the dressing room door open.”Wait, he can’t go in there.” said the door man.”He’s my managing assistant, he goes where I go.” Krissy said.The door man nodded and I entered the room. There were six girls in there, some dressed, some in costume and a few completely nude. A few were looking in the mirror getting their make up on. Krissy introduced to herself to the girls and one of them showed her to the vanity she could use to prepare. Krissy opened up her bag and pulled out a box of make up. She proceeded to undress. I felt very out of place. I tried not to look at her, but if I looked away I was looking at the other girls. illegal bahis I pulled my phone out and started scrolling my messages. “Hey honey, can you spray this on my back, nice and even like you were spray painting?” asked Krissy handing me a can of what looked like spray paint.I took it and did as she asked, it was a transparent green color. Then she handed me gold glitter and asked me to even spread over her back, so I did. She continued to do the same to her front and legs and over her face, she was a sparkling from head to toe. Well, except for…”Hey hun, sorry, one more place..” said Krissy as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I sprayed the green body paint in between her ass cheeks. “Make sure you get everything!” she said as she spread her pussy mound apart. Just as before she handed me glitter and I spread it all over. She then placed on a green shear skirt, green fairy wings and a green shear chamois.”Two minutes Bambi” said the door man.”Are you going to watch?” Krissy asked.”Sure.” I said.Krissy walked out to the side stage entrance. She told me I could watch from there. Then the lights dimmed, The music started and the DJ took the mic.”Ladies and Gentlemen, The Showdolls’ presents the one, the only, the World Famous Bambi Love!”The crowd cheered and Krissy, oh, I meant Bambi, took the stage, green lights shaded the stage in emerald glory. Her body floated across the stage like a fairy, so graceful, so beautiful. She was obviously not just a stripper. Her show continued, slowly removing the few articles of clothing. She hugged and spun around the pole as if she was one in it. As she songs continued she brought her show closer to the stage edge. I could tell by the crowd reaction that she was showing her goods. The money was piling up on stage. After about ten more minutes the show was over. The lights dimmed and one of the other girls ran out and helped Krissy gather up her stuff and grab the money.We headed back to the dressing room. The other girls complimented her on the show. They talked business for a few minutes, Krissy handed out her business card. Krissy cleaned up her face and got dressed. “Ready to go? I’ll just showed back at Lisa’s, I don’t really care for the showers in these places.” she said.We left and I drove her back to Lisa’s place. We made light conversation on the ride. I wanted to ask her about the show, but I felt awkward. As we pulled up to Lisa’s house Krissy grabbed her bag.”Thanks so much for the ride and your help tonight.” she said.”No problem. I just wanted to say, your show was awesome.” I replied.”Oh, thank you. It means a lot. Such a gentleman!” she said leaning in and kissing me on the cheek.She got out and went into Lisa’s and I returned home. I turned on the TV and started watching a movie. A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and no one was there. I looked around and heard some noise and giggling coming from where my yard meets Lisa’s. I walked down my stairs and looked over. In the haze of the light near her front door I saw the silhouette of two ‘fairies’, wings and all. I walked out towards Lisa’s and I heard her front door shut. I walked up her front porch and glanced through a window. There again I saw the shadow of two faries. “Oh Patrick” I heard one soft voice whisper.I opened the door and slowly illegal bahis siteleri entered. As I did I heard foot steps heading up the last few stairs to the second floor. Slowly I crept up the stairs. As I made it to the stoop I glanced to the right, towards Lisa’s bedroom. The door was left open just a few inches. I could hear the sounds of kissing. I peeked in and saw Lisa and Krissy, on the bed french kissing. Both were naked, painted green with glitter and wearing fairy wings. I stood there and watched. Lisa was laying on her back, Krissy, well I guess at this point I will call her Bambi since she was in character, was on top. They continued to kiss each other deeply. Bambi caressed Lisa’s hair. Lisa peered over to the door and noticed me and quickly looked back at Bambi. Lisa whispered something to Bambi and the continued to kiss. Bambi then began to work her way down, kissing Lisa down her neck to her chest and then gently kissed Lisa’s nipples. Lisa sighed with pleasure. As Bambi sucked on Lisa’s nipples, she reached down and placed her hand between Lisa’s legs. Bambi’s hand glided across Lisa’s inner thighs. Then she stopped and began to caress Lisa’s pussy. Lisa body moved all over and she began to moan. Bambi’s hand rubbed Lisa’s clit in circles. Then she took a finger and entered Lisa’s pussy. Lisa’s body jumped. Bambi then pulled her finger out and held it up. It glistened in Lisa’s wetness. Bambi then sucked her finger clean. Bambi then turned her body around and the began to ’69’. Lisa buried her head in between Bambi’s cheeks and licked her pussy and ass. I could see Bambi lower her head between Lisa’s leg and begin to lick her pussy. Both were entranced in each other. Muffled moans and grunts filled the air. Lisa took a finger and stuck it deep into Bambi’s pussy. Slowly she finger fucked the tight hole. Bambi buried her self deep into Lisa’s muff. Lisa began to moan loudly. She said she was going to cum. Bambi worked extra hard now and Lisa came and came hard.Bambi lifted her head up turned and looked over her shoulder, straight out the door at me. She took her finger and motioned me to come in. I opened the door and slowly walked in. Lisa was busy licking Bambi’s pussy and didn’t see me. I took my clothes off. My cock was rock hard. Bambi motioned me to get on the bed. She spit on her hand and moistened my cock. The she pulled me forward and guided my cock to Lisa’s pussy. I slowly pushed forward and entered her tight hot oven. Lisa jumped nervously.”Shh, just relax.” Bambi said calming Lisa back down.Bambi reached around and grabbed my ass, one cheek in each hand. She controlled the rhythm of my fucking. It was a slow deliberate pace, deep with long stroke almost completely exiting. After a few minutes Bambi grabbed my cock and pulled me out of Lisa. My cock was soaked in Lisa’s creamy juice. Bambi then started licking Lisa’s cum off my cock and then sucked it clean. She placed my cock over Lisa’s pussy and I began to fuck her once again. Bambi started to french me deeply. I could taste Lisa’s sweetness on Bambi’s mouth. Lisa was still licking and fingering Bambi’s pussy. Bambi placed her arms over my shoulder and leaned her head against mine. She struggled to catch her breath. “I’m cumming” she gasped. Bambi’s body shook for a few seconds then she stopped, and her body canlı bahis siteleri became limp and relaxed. She climbed off of Lisa and laid on the bed next to Lisa. They began kissing each other, occasionally looking at me fucking Lisa. Bambi began to rub Lisa’s clit while I fucked her pussy. Lisa began to cum again. Her pussy started pulsating on my cock, gripping it tight and releasing, her cunt filling with her nectar.”Come lie down” Bambi said patting her hand on the bed.I laid between the two green nymphs. Their bodies glittering in the light. Both went straight to my cock and took turns sucking and stroking it. As one would suck and lick my cock, the other would lick and suck my balls. Their green body paint rubbing off on my cock and balls. “Bambi said that you were the most honorable gentleman tonight. You helped her get ready and never said anything or try to hit on her.” Lisa said. “How could you of watched her get ready and dance and not want to fuck her?””Oh trust me, I did wanted to, trust me. She bent over and had me spray the paint on her and you know that is my favorite, but I couldn’t try anything as she is your friend.” I said.”You like the view from behind?” Bambi asked.”My favorite.” I answered.Bambi then got on her knees and went face down and ass up. Her cheeks separated and her glorious pussy and ass was there staring right at me. I leaned in and kissed her ass hole and pussy. I licked both, getting her pussy nice and wet. I moved forward and took my bulging cock and forced my way into her wet cunt. I slowly worked my way in and out, stretching it, going deeper each time. Finally I had worked my way balls deep. I picked up the pace and started slamming her faster and harder. My ball slapping against her clit. “Oh fuck, just like that. Fuck me hard.. Oh fuck! Mmmmm fuck me harder!” Bambi yelled.I was fucking her as fast and hard as I could. My cock was soaked and gliding in and out with no friction. My legs began to numb and my cock was beginning to harden to the point I ready to cum.”Cum inside her!” Lisa said.”Yes, I wanna feel your hot fucking cum fill my cunt.” said Bambi.Who was I to say no. I was at the point I couldn’t hold back any more. I pushed my cock as deep as I could and released my load deep into Bambi’s pussy. I started stroke to stroke my cock in her pussy, dumping every last drop into her. I slowly pulled my cock out. It was coated in a mixture of Bambi’s and my cum. As I pulled away Lisa laid on her back and slid her head below Bambi’s pussy. She leaned her head up and began to lick Bambi’s pussy. Bambi was pushing, her pussy opening and closing. My cum reached the end of her hole and began to forcibly pour out. Lisa there catching every drop she could. I took two fingers and reached deep in and tried to pull all I could out for Lisa to lick clean. Bambi then crawled backward until her face was right over Lisa’s face. They then began to deep french kiss, swapping my cum. Both then got up and came over and sucked and licked my cock clean.”See, good boys get rewarded.” Lisa said.”That’s right. I never fucked anyone who attended one of my shows…. until now.” Bambi said.After we chatted a few moments, the girls got into the shower to wash the body paint off. I sat there and watched the show. They invited me into the shower to clean myself. It was an extremely tight fit, but it turned into a double handjob and a second pop.I headed back to my place and turned in for the night. It was quite the memorable night. Made me wonder, could I actually become Krissy, oops, I mean Bambi’s managing assistant permanently?

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