THE SPRINGMy wife; Jen and I recently bought a travel trailer and I must say I am really enjoying it. We decided to take it out to a local state park that has natural spring. Everything is amazing there tons of trails, wildlife and the spring is gorgeous the ground slopes down to stonework that surrounds the crystal clear body of water that feeds a river. We arrived late and of course setting up camp is somewhat of a daunting task especially for new campers. Backing the trailer into the spot was proving particularly difficult and Jen was becoming impatient with my difficulty. All of the sudden a man approached the truck and asked if I need help, I was initially intimidated he was a muscular black man although I could only see his forearms I could tell from the veins and bulk he was well built his chiseled jaw and bald head reminded me of a fighter of some kind. I initially was hesitant but my Wife came up and thanked him and opened the truck door he hopped in and backed the trailer in on the first go. He got out and I worked on the rest of the hook up while he and my wife talked and “supervised” as Jen likes to say.By the time it was all said and done I walked back up to the truck and my wife said we will see you in a bit. As we went in to the camper Jen would not stop talking about how nice Rick was. I could tell she thought he was cute but would not say that to me. She had found out he was a cop and enjoyed camping to get away from the city, he was here alone and she had invited him over for dinner. As we sat around the campfire and talked I found him pleasant and enjoyed his stories about work. Jen had always had a thing for policemen so I could tell she was enjoying it. We bid him good night and enjoyed our first night in the trailer. It was much more luxurious than any camping we had done before. After a great night’s sleep we completed our necessaries and thought we would enjoy the spring the walk over was a bit chilly but the spring was a constant 72 degrees year round. When we got there I was in for a surprise Rick was already swimming laps. As we made our way down to the stonework he noticed us and swam over. He was illegal bahis friendly and invited me to swim with him. I wanted Jen to join us but she did not want to get in, in a single motion Rick was out of the water and standing next to us. Without a shirt on he was impressive every bit as built as I had figured and abs like you could not believe with the sheen of water on him I could see Jens nipples become erect he beckoned her to get in I did as well as well. Rick and I stood in front of her of her and I noticed she would glance down every once and a while when I looked to see what she was looking at I saw Rick was well equipped the water had clung his shorts to his muscular thighs revealing a extremely large cock he may as well not have been wearing anything. Jen had noticed as well and was blushing, it was obvious to rick as well but he kept the conversation pretending not to notice. Jen held to her guns set up her folding chair and read a book.Rick and I had a great time swimming he had goggles and we were taking turns exploring the spring. Soon after to my surprise Jen had decided to get in. However she stayed close to the stone work in shallower water she had snuck some wine down with her in a coffee thermos and was feeling the effects the three of us stayed in the shallows and laughed and just had a great time. I decided to swim over to a bridge that marked the end of the spring head and beginning of the river. It was amazing to see the fish and turtles and I grabbed on the bridge support and relaxed for a moment as I looked across the way I saw Jen and Rick they talked or so it seemed until I looked a bit closer they were a bit close and I could see Ricks for arm pulsing and Jens face tense as I sat there with little more than my head out of the water watching my wife getting fingered in a spring full of people. I was in disbelief my wife was so proper there is no way. She was doing her best to make it non conspicuous I did not believe it. Maybe I was seeing things. I swam over to them and when I got there it was like nothing had happened they were holding a conversation about how long the park had been a state park. illegal bahis siteleri I figured I was being overly jealous. After a few minutes Jen asked me to wash out her thermos in the bathroom and I obliged when I got back Rick had gone I asked her and she said he went back to the campsite and was tired. I swam for a bit more and began to feel like I wanted to sit in the sun for a while. Jen told me she was getting burnt and wanted to go back and get lunch started but I could stay with the chair. I was more than happy to the chair was in a good spot to view the spring and by now there was more than just wildlife to see in the spring. But the thought of what I had seen earlier was still at the forefront of my mind. I decided to pack it up soon after Jen had left. I made my way back to the trailer and was confronted a sight that would change our lives forever. I noticed that the trailer was swaying as I come up to it and by the time I had made it close enough I knew what was happening. I could hear Jen moaning in the trailer. I was frozen in my tracks and I felt dizzy I peered into the campers window and was greeted with the sight of my wife’s legs resting on Ricks masculine shoulders and that enormous cock slowly being pushed in my wife’s sopping pussy. She was being stretched by that monster and loving every moment of it she was creamy already and his cock glistened as he thrust it slowly into her until he could not push it in any more I was awe stuck that Jen was able to take him. He was bottoming out and his balls where resting on her ass she screamed OHHHH GOD, FUCK ME and as if on cue his pace quickened. He was pounding her hard now and she was moaning like I have never heard she was screaming I’M CUUUUUMMMMING over and over again and he leaned in and suckled one of her tits while the on slot of thrusts continued as I saw this he locked eyes with me and it did not faze him a bit. If anything he started fucking my wife harder the camper rocked back and forth and there was no doubt what was happening in side. I heard Rick say get up I think your husband wants to see me fuck your brains out and grabbed her arm and canlı bahis siteleri yanked her up, All at once my wife was facing me doggy style with a large black man lining up his monster cock to her waiting pussy with little more than a camper window separating us, her eyes where almost hazy but that all changed with the first thrust at first her eyes got wide and then they rolled into the back of her head Rick Plowed her without mercy he told her to tell me what she wanted and she yelled out FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK he told her to tell me that she wanted him in her married white pussy she said I can’t please don’t make me. And he stopped thrusting she cried out DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP he grabbed a fist full of hair and wisped into her ear I watched as her tits swayed moist with sweat her mouth agape and neck extended in and uncomfortable position. Yet at that moment she began cuming again. And she screamed out PLEASE RICK FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND. As I looked around I could see the group of college girls that I had been checking out in the spring had walked by and stopped to behold the sight of what was happening and there was no mistaking it once Jen and voiced her proclamation they giggled a bit and I felt two inches big and then I was snapped back to the scene in the camper Rick thunderously proclaimed he was going to cum and without a prompt Jen replied PLEASE PLEASE CUM IN MY PUSSY, I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY WHITE MARRIED PUSSY she then looked me in the eye through the window and screeched HE IS CUMING IN YOUR WIFE HONEY as Rick let out a grown. He pulled out Jen flopped over and he kissed her passionately on the lips she laid there as if she was paralyzed the door to the camper opened and Rick came out wearing only his swim shorts and walked past me he stopped put his hand on my shoulder and said that is one fine woman you have there and then walked down by the group of college girls who ogled him and giggled and the laughed as they continued down the walkway. I made my way into the camper to the image that I had seen from the outside Jen way laying on the bed with a pool of cum oozing out of her I was more horney than angry and rock hard I mounted her double fast and within moments I had added my semen to the fey I immediately felt drained both physically and emotionally and held her until we both drifted off to sleep.

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