One who understands 2

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One who understands 2Chapter 11Grace had Sundays off and what she liked to do most was absolutely nothing. With the weather outside turning decidedly chilly, there was nothing nicer than snuggling deep under her blankets and sleeping the day away.”Grace! Get up! I need you to drive me to the mall!” her mother bellowed through the closed and locked door. The lock had become necessary due to her mother’s drinking. More than once Grace had found her drunken mother wandering around in her room in the middle of the night. Freaked her out so the lock went on.”GO AWAY MOM! It’s my fucking day off!” Grace yelled from under her blankets.”Language Grace! I need you to drive. You know my license lapsed,” Shirley called through the door.Grace pushed the blankets down and looked at the clock. 10AM. Ugh.Then it hit her. Her Mom wanted to leave the house! She hadn’t done that for… well, not since she got back from the hospital. What the fuck was going on with her! It had to be more than Ed’s massaging her back.She dragged herself out of bed and plodded over to her door to open it. On the other side was a stranger. Long, beautiful brown hair freshly washed and styled. Face scrubbed clean and wearing make-up? Not overly done either. Just a subtle application of eye shadow, mascara, a hint of blush, and lipstick. Grace blinked and rubbed at her eyes. She looked closer. Her mom looked, just a little… younger. She was smiling?!?”Good morning love! Take your shower and get dressed. I need to get some new underthings. Mine are hideous!” Shirley chirped happily. She patted her daughter’s cheek then went down the stairs, her long hair bouncing and swaying. Her mom hadn’t moved that quickly down a staircase since before the accident.Grace went back into her room and got some clothes. She took her shower, dressed, and met her mom down in the kitchen. There was an amazing smell coming from the room and Grace froze when she saw her mom scooping an omelette onto a plate.”Here you go love. Eat quick then we have to go! Time’s wasting!” the woman smiled at her.”Who are you and what have you done with my mother! Never mind, I’ll keep you instead!” Grace mumbled as she sat at the table with the delicious smelling breakfast.Shirley laughed and patted her shoulder. “I just feel so much better now that my back hurts so much less. I know we can’t afford the new mattress for me right now so I’m going to do my part to reduce our expenses. I’m giving up the booze. That will be hard but it will also save us a lot of money. I’m also weaning myself off the Percocet. I’d like you to take me to the free clinic downtown to see what they suggest for helping me through the withdrawal. I might have to do it cold turkey and that terrifies me but I want my life back. I’m going to try to get a job, whatever I can get to help out around here.”Grace was looking at her mother, waiting for her to start laughing and tell her it was all a cruel joke. Then she realized it wasn’t. “Are you back mama?” she said with a trembling voice.”Yes, baby. I’m back. I’m so sorry you had to carry me for so long,” Shirley replied with trembling lips.Grace leapt to her feet and pulled her mother into a hug as her tears burst forth. She didn’t grip too hard as her mother’s back had been bad for so long. Shirley couldn’t hold back her own tears as she clung to her daughter.Once they got control of themselves again Shirley pulled away and said she had to touch up her make-up. Grace sat down and ate her breakfast. It was as good as it smelled. She put the dishes into the sink and saw Ed had set up the stove for one of his slow roasts. Her mouth was watering already.Sleeping in she’d missed Ed this morning. He was working the early shift again at the home center. It was his last shift of the season. That little extra income of his would be drying up. He was hoping they could find another use for him in another department but it was likely he would be without a job for the next little while.She’d tried finding out who had hurt Ed the other night but she wasn’t part of his social circle so she got nowhere. That just frustrated the hell out of her but she should have known better. They wouldn’t talk to the sister of the one they pranked.He’d been a little distant with her lately and that made her worry. Ed was such an important part of her life she didn’t want to lose him.Shirley returned looking refreshed. Grace pulled her thoughts back to the present and looked closer at her mother. “The skin on your face, it looks brighter, softer. What products have you been using?”Her mother blushed oddly. “A woman has to keep some secrets. When you begin to show your age I’ll tell you the secret.” A coy smile slipped onto on her lips. “Are you ready? We have much to do!”Grace looked at her mother and smiled. She’d have to thank Ed later for fixing her mother’s spine. It was good to have her on her way back from the drunk miserable mess she’d been. She only hoped she wouldn’t chicken out because of the withdrawal. She grabbed her keys.”Let’s go!”Chapter 12Ed finished up his last shift (a double!) and collected his pay. He was sad to leave as he’d enjoyed working there. As expected there was no work left but they promised they would be calling him again as soon as they could.He sat in his truck, not ready to go home just yet. The nightly visits from Shirley had continued last night and he was terribly confused about what she wanted from him. It was making him uncomfortable to be around her. He was terrified she’d say something in front of Grace and she’d discover his… issue.Shirley was following a pattern. She would wait until he was asleep, wake him up demanding a massage, he would do that, then she’d make him touch her until she had an orgasm (now he understood that was what was happening), then she’d masturbate him and spray his cum over her face and chest. Last night he actually saw her rubbing it over her skin as she walked from the room. She’d called him a ‘dirty boy’ but now it was like she was talking to herself.He was definitely beginning to feel used and that made him very uncomfortable. Grace would hate him for what he was doing to Shirley. He was certain of that so he desperately needed it to remain a secret but he was so bad at keeping those. Especially from her.He felt his stomach knot up.Ed started the truck and drove home. He was grateful to see Grace’s car wasn’t in the driveway. Aside from his current case of butterflies, he was glad the driveway was clear because he had to move his truck in and park it for the winter. With no job he’d be back to taking the bus… except for his drive out to Mrs. Dmitrov’s place on Saturday, he recalled. Then the truck would definitely have to be put away. He couldn’t afford the gas from then on.He walked into the house and smelled the delicious aroma of his roast cooking. He was grateful for Mrs. Thompson’s contribution as the larger roast would help with his enormous hunger tonight.He heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway so he hustled downstairs to have a shower. He was sweaty from moving all that stock. They’d wanted to get as much from him today as they could because that was it. Working a double shift was nice for the extra money but he was tuckered out.He stripped down in his room and wrapped his towel around himself. Peeking into the hallway he saw the coast was clear so he moved over to the small washroom and closed the door. The shower stall was very small but he was able to wash himself so it got the job done. Once he was clean he dried himself off and brushed his hair. Wrapping his towel around himself he stepped out into the hall.Suddenly he was captured in a big hug and he yelped in surprise.It was Grace!”Ed, you’re so wonderful!” she said against his chest.”Grace! Let go! I’m not dressed!” he yelled. His voice was a little sharp due to his fear that his towel would slip off.She released him and jumped back like he’d slapped her and the jostling was enough to loosen the towel so it began to slide down his hips. He spun his back to her and raced for his room and slammed the door shut behind him. He was shaking with dread. Had she seen it? Was she even now reeling in horror and revulsion? God dammit! Why did she have to do that?Her voice came through the door. “I’m sorry Ed! I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just so happy about mom I got carried away. I didn’t see anything. Don’t worry!”Relief pounded Ed to his knees as his body shook in reaction. His head spun a bit but once it cleared he looked at the door.”You can’t ever do that! Please! Tell me you’ll be more careful in the future!””O- Okay. Are you ok?””Yeah… let me get dressed and I’ll come upstairs in a minute. Dinner should be ready soon,” he said as his muscles trembled in reaction.”Your voice sounds a little funny, Ed. Are you sure you’re ok?” she pressed.”YES! Go upstairs! I’ll be right up!” he barked then immediately regretted the harsh tone he’d used.He heard footsteps climbing the stairs so he got up and pulled on his baggy track pants and his sleeveless t-shirt.Ed walked up to the kitchen his cheeks burning with embarrassment. Grace was setting the table and she glanced at him and noticed his discomfort.”I’m sorry Ed. I never meant to make you feel bad. I just had the best day with mom in… years. What you are doing for her has made such a difference in her!”Ed’s eyes snapped to her face and he went still.”She’s no longer in pain and she told me about the therapy you’ve been giving her for her back. It’s doing wonders.”Ed relaxed as she explained and he just smiled and nodded his head in his humble way of accepting praise. Grace felt comforted to see his normal behavior.”Now that you’re dressed can I get that hug?” she asked gently.Ed walked over and wrapped Grace in his arms and gave her a firm hug. She felt so safe when he hugged her against his large body. His warm, muscular, hard body. He felt so good and she was feeling really good! She pushed back as her face pinked up. Ed saw her reaction and turned away to glance down. He wasn’t showing so he relaxed a little.They both moved to get the table set and dinner on the plates. The delicious scent of roast beef, baked baby potatoes, and garlic green beans filled the room. The plates went on the table and Shirley arrived from upstairs.”Very nice mom!” Grace said with a smile.Shirley was wearing a new dress she’d bought on sale today. She’d touched up her make-up once more and was wearing her new sexy bra and panty set she’d bought which made her feel so good. The bra presented her girls very nicely which the low neckline of the dress accentuated.Ed froze when he saw Shirley. She looked like a different woman. Her long brown locks flowed over her shoulders and framed her abundance of womanly flesh rising out of the front of her dress. She was beautiful and Ed felt incredibly awkward to be feeling like this in front of Grace.”Yes, you look beaut- beautiful.” He cursed himself as he meant to tell her she looked very nice but his words got away from him.Shirley’s smile was brilliant and Grace echoed her as they took in Ed’s blush.”Dinner’s ready. Let’s sit and eat before it gets cold,” Ed said briskly.The ladies took their seats and when Ed sat Shirley reached out and took his right hand in her left. “I’d like to say a special thanks tonight if you both don’t mind.”Grace smiled and took Ed’s other hand.”Lord, I know we don’t talk very often and I’m sorry for that but I just wanted to say thank you finally for bringing Ed into our lives. I know I’ve been a terrible excuse for a caretaker for him but in spite of my shortcomings he has turned out to be an exceptional man. From how he looks after us and makes these wonderful meals to how hard he works to help out around the house and most of all how he’s helping me with my back. Thank you lord and thank you Ed for being so wonderful to us both. Amen.”Grace had tears running down her cheeks as she’d never expected her mother to acknowledge how important Ed was to them. “Here, here!” she said with a voice rough with emotion.Ed just ducked his head with an odd smile and let go of their hands. His face was burning with embarrassment as Shirley had been stroking his palm with a finger through the entire speech. The sensual touch had made him stiffen up in his track pants which were tenting badly. He tucked himself under the table and tried to will it away. They all turned to their meals and as expected the roast melted in their mouths it was so tender.”Oh Ed, this is so delicious!” Grace moaned. “You are such an incredible cook! You’re going to make some girl an excellent husband one day!” she finished with a grin. He smiled at her shyly.”I learned from Shirley,” he said quietly.Shirley froze. “What?”He looked at her. “I learned how to cook from watching you.””I didn’t know that!””Mom! You don’t remember him watching you make dinner almost every night back then?” Grace said with a surprised smile.”No! I don’t know why but I don’t recall that at all!” the mother blurted.Grace just shrugged as her temper flared momentarily. She knew how her mom felt about Ed back then so it actually wasn’t much of a surprise she didn’t remember. Grace forced the bitter memory down so they could enjoy the night.They ate quietly, enjoying the meal and each other’s company. Once they were done Ed surprised everyone when he pulled a small tub of ice cream from the freezer. It was chocolate as he knew Grace loved that flavor. He served up three small bowls and they sat eating ice cream with silly grins on their faces. It was the best family dinner they’d had in a very long time.Chapter 13The week passed quickly for Ed. Shirley continued to make nightly visits for the massage, the spinal adjustments, and always culminated the visit with her masturbating him to completion on her. The change was she no longer pretended to be upset about it.She discovered it was taking longer to get him to his orgasm as his endurance was increasing so she upped the ante by stroking his cock between her big soft tits.The first time she’d done this Ed hadn’t lasted more than three minutes and she’d received an enormous load on her face. From that night on she used her tits every time.Thankfully Grace remained blissfully unaware of the actual activities on her nocturnal visits.School wasn’t any better. He was teased unmercifully and did his best to ignore it. With football season over he no longer had to spend time with the team. He also no longer smiled at Melanie for now he saw her for the person she was. He kept his head down and concentrated as hard as he could on his classes. His grades weren’t very good. He was maybe pushing a C+ in his best classes but others he struggled to maintain a C-. He knew he had to improve the D in Chemistry and hoped Mrs Dmitrov had a miracle for him.He was relieved that her treatment of him in class had not changed the tiniest bit. She was as cold and impersonal to him as she was to everyone else. The only sign that anything had actually happened the previous weekend was the note she slipped to him on Friday reminding him to come to her place at 1PM the following day. He hadn’t forgotten.The next day found him driving up the driveway to her place at five minutes to one. He didn’t want her to be upset like she’d been the previous weekend. He walked up the steps and was about to knock when the inner door opened.Nina was looking at him with a hungry expression.”Tutor now or after,” Ed asked, stepping inside and kicking off his boots.”After,” she growled.He thought he’d surprise her this time so he quickly bent down and threw her over his shoulder and carried her into her bedroom. She wasn’t a light woman but he hid his grunt of effort with a growl. He threw her down on the bed and immediately began tugging her clothes off. She didn’t assist him in any way but instead made little moves to hamper his ability to undress her. He just flipped her over onto her stomach and flipped her skirt up to expose her ass. He yanked her panties down and spanked her until she was moaning and trembling. Her juices were flowing and he shoved two fingers deep into her pussy to see how wet she was becoming. Dripping. He pumped his fingers in her a few times to get her highly stimulated and she thrashed on the bed. He pulled his fingers out and sucked the juices off one finger then made her clean the other one in her mouth.He pulled off the rest of her clothes as she lay on the bed moaning from the heat of her spanking and the residual tingles from his fingers in her pussy. Once she was naked he spun her on the bed until her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. Her large tits were flattened across her chest. He placed his hands on them and squeezed the flesh firmly. She moaned in response so he pinched her nipples and pulled them upwards.”OOOoooooohhhhh! MMmmm!” Nina groaned.Ed released her nipples and quickly undressed himself as he stood next to the bed. Nina had her eyes closed as she ran her hands over her tits squeezing them roughly between her fingers. She gasped when his hot flesh rested across her face and her eyes shot open. He leaned forward and grabbed her tits in his hands and rolled her nipples between finger and thumb.”Ssssssssssyyyyeesss!” Nina sucked in a breath and moaned. She moved her hands to his cock, sliding them along his length as she pressed her lips to the soft underside. Her tongue slipped out to tease the tender area just under the head and Ed reacted by tugging on her nipples.”AAAaaahhhh! Fuck yesss!” she gushed.He pulled back slightly and pressed the head of his cock against her lips. “Get it very wet. It’s going in your ass.”She gasped and he slid the head of his cock into her mouth. He reached forward and gently spanked her pussy. She jolted and moaned as his cock slid deeper into her mouth. He slowly fucked her mouth with the first three inches of his cock.”MMMMMMMmmmmm!” Nina mumbled around his member and the vibrations caused him to slide a little further into her mouth. He could feel her running her tongue over his cock and he fucked her mouth a little faster. He slid two fingers into her pussy, curled his palm over her clit and rubbed her in tiny circles vigorously.”UUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!” Nina groaned and his cock slid deeper still until he felt the head rubbing against her throat. He pushed himself upright and saw he had more than half of his cock in the woman’s mouth. He slid himself out and felt her take a deep breath. He slid himself in deep again and slowly withdrew all the way.Nina was red faced and gasping as his cock bobbed wetly above her face. He walked around the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy lips glistened with her juices. He moved between her legs and slapped the thick head of his cock against her clit and she jumped. Before she could recover he pushed her legs back with his hands at the back of her knees. Her ass came off the bed and he pushed his cock deep into her pussy.”AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNN FUCK!” she howled.He pulled out and slammed it back in and set up a steady rhythm of pounding. She grunted with every impact and her eyes rolled with the intense sensations. The wet sounds of his cock driving into her pussy filled the bedroom.He pulled out and pushed her ass higher into the air. Ed dipped down and fucked her pussy with his tongue.”FUCK! FUCK! OH! OH! OH! OH GOD!” she chanted as he drove his tongue deep into her. Then he switched to driving his tongue into her ass and she shook, jolted, and squealed.Once her asshole was thoroughly soaked with his spit and her juices he stood and pushed the head of his cock inside. Ed held still as the heat and tightness almost overwhelmed him. She squealed again and he began making little strokes. He kept up the pressure and gradually the little strokes took him deeper. He kept his eyes on Nina’s face in case it became too much for her. She was gritting her teeth, hissing, and panting but she was also clinging to him to pull him deeper. He couldn’t get over how tight she felt around his cock.He started making longer strokes and Nina’s mouth dropped open as her eyes locked on his.”So gooooood! Your cock opens me so well, Edward!””You feel incredible, Nina!” he groaned and picked up his speed.”FFFFFUUUCK! FUCK MY ASS!” she screamed.Ed began to pound her ass as vigorously as he’d pounded her pussy and her eyes rolled back as her tongue hung out of her mouth. He wanted to take her tongue in his mouth but she’d said no kissing. Nina rubbed her clit in rapid circles as he fucked her.”I’m going to cum soon,” he gasped.”MMmmnnnnaaahhhhhHHH! AH! AH AAAAAAAHHHH!” she screamed as her orgasm exploded over her. He felt the rhythmic clenching against his cock and he couldn’t hold it any longer as jets of cum shot up deep inside her.She suddenly reached up and grabbed his head and pulled him down on top of her. Her mouth found his and she kissed him deeply. He was dazed and confused but it was super hot and his orgasm was intensified for it. THIS is what a kiss was supposed to feel like! She pushed back as suddenly as she’d started.Nina looked a little wild eyed and embarrassed. “Please get off.” Her accent was thick as her agitation was high. “The kiss was mistake. Please forget we did that,” she mumbled. He nodded.Ed slowly pulled himself from her ass and she shook with an aftershock.”Would you mind if I quickly rinsed myself in your shower?” he asked.”Please,” she said gesturing to the ensuite.Ed got off the bed and padded over to the bathroom. He stepped into the shower, washed and rinsed in a minute and dried himself off. He walked back into the bedroom and Nina was sitting on the edge. She looked troubled.”Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked.”No. I am good. I should not have kissed you. My apologies,” she said with a shaky voice.”I didn’t mind. It was amazing!” he gushed with a smile on his face.”But we must not do that again,” she said sternly.He just nodded.”I tutor you now.”Nina stood gingerly and put on her robe. That signalled to Ed that he should get dressed so he quickly did then followed her out to the dining room.For the next hour and a half Nina ran through the materials of the next two chapters of study and by the end Ed was amazed that he felt like he was actually retaining it. She gave him some practice sheets to keep the information in his mind fresh. When they finished Ed was smiling as he’d never expected to be able to get this.”You’re an amazing teacher!” he blurted.Nina smiled at him. “Is much easier one on one and with a student eager to learn,” she replied with a smile of her own.”Would you like to have sex again?” Ed asked awkwardly but hopefully.”No. I don’t think we should have sex… again,” Nina said with a frown.”Never? Did I do something wrong?” Ed asked.”No. I did.””The kiss? I promise I won’t kiss you again and I’ll stop you if you try to kiss me!” Ed gasped.”I am too weak. The sex is too good. It reminds me not so much what I had but what I should have had. I will become emotionally attached. This cannot be. Please. We must stop now. Please go.” She was looking into his eyes begging him to leave quickly. Her lips were trembling.Ed looked away. “OK. Thank you for everything you taught me. I promise I will get that seventy five on my next test! I’ll work my hardest on it! Thanks again!”He grabbed his books and left before he did something stupid like hug her. He was shaken by the experience but deeply grateful.Chapter 14The rest of the semester went as smooth as he could expect. He did get the passing grade in Mrs. Dmitrov’s class, a seventy eight to be exact, but it was the only class he managed to improve his grade in. The rest remained at the C- level no matter how hard he tried. Spring semester began and he no longer had a class with her. True to her word she never invited Ed over to her place again and word got out that she was transferring to another school in another city. He hoped she’d find happiness there.Shirley continued to visit him on a nightly basis and he endured her visits. He lived in fear of Grace discovering what her mother was doing and worse, what he was doing to her. The woman struggled through her withdrawal of alcohol and Percocet but with her family’s support she managed to get clean by spring. The house became an alcohol free zone and with the extra money going into the house account they ate a little better. Shirley managed to get her old job back, the manager was sweet on her, so there was even more money coming in. It only took a couple of months to be able to afford a new pillow top mattress for herself.The school year was coming to an end and Ed was ready to begin his full time job. He’d managed to get work off and on through the winter and spring but his real job, working for Drakos Heating and Cooling installing air conditioning and furnaces would start the moment he graduated. He had a great relationship with the owner as he’d done some unpaid apprentice work with the man the previous two summers. Mr. Drakos was a surly older Greek gentleman with a strict work ethic. Ed was a hard worker with a natural aptitude with anything mechanical so he’d learned quickly at the side of Mr. Drakos’ other workers.Grace and Shirley attended his high school graduation ceremony and they went out to dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant to celebrate. There was a lot of yummy food and a lot of laughter at the table. Ed couldn’t remember ever being happier.When Grace left the table to get some dessert Shirley leaned over to Ed and let him know that she wouldn’t be coming to visit him at night anymore. She had a boyfriend now who would be providing her with what she needed. Ed nodded and felt an enormous wave of relief wash over him. He smiled and nodded at Shirley as Grace returned with chocolate ice cream. He smiled at Grace’s look of delight then went to get his own dessert.Ed showed up for work early on his first day and was immediately taken out to a job site to help with an installation. He didn’t have his certification yet so he mostly did the heavy lifting and left the connections to the professionals as he’d done the previous summers but he watched the technicians closely and asked questions when they were doing something unfamiliar to him. He’d picked up a lot of knowledge during his apprentice periods. He got along really well with the other workers and none took offence when he asked for them to explain what they were doing as they did it.When they got back to the shop Mr. Drakos spoke with the installers then called Ed into his office. He smiled at Ed as the reports of his work had been favorable. He asked if Ed was satisfied that this was work he wanted to do as a career. Ed enthusiastically confirmed that it was. His boss smiled and told him he would enroll him in a six month night course for training in HVAC maintenance. He would pay for the certification exams as long as Ed would be willing to sign an employment contract to give the company time to earn back half of the course fees from salary deductions. Ed agreed and they signed the paperwork and shook hands.Ed took to the training unlike anything he’d experienced in school. The information stuck in his brain and he couldn’t get enough of the training manuals. He just got it.With full days working at the shop and attending night courses he was pretty tired by the end of the day. Luckily the work itself was strenuous enough to keep his muscles in shape though he tried to slip in a formal work out every now and then.He was joking with two of the more senior installers as they all ate their lunch by their truck under the shade of a tree by the sidewalk. It was a particularly hot day in late August. Both were older men who enjoyed their idle time and beer a little too much and teased Ed about his lack of a beer gut. They were both strong men but they had large round bellies. The two installers finished up and went back inside to finish the job. Ed’s part inside was done and his last task was to break down all the packaging from the new appliance and put it in the van.As he was alone he pulled his shirt off and set to work cutting and bundling the cardboard, lumber, and foam packing. He’d just loaded it all in the van and shut the door when he noticed a convertible had stopped next to the van. It was a beautiful silver sport coupe of some kind. Ed wasn’t good at recognizing brands of cars. It just looked sleek and fast. Then he noticed the illegal bahis red hair of the driver.Rachel Thompson was watching him through her large dark sunglasses. He realized he’d left his shirt on the front seat in the van so she could see how sweaty he was.”Edward! So nice to see you again!” she called out.He walked closer. “Hello, Mrs. Thompson,” he replied.”Rachel, please. No need to be so formal with friends,” she said with a sultry smile.He felt the beginnings of trouble as he watched her lush lips curve into that knowing smile she did so well.”Is this your summer job?” she asked, her eyes roaming over his muscles.”This is my permanent job. I’m apprenticing and going to night school,” he replied.”Oh! Do you enjoy it?” She was surprised he wasn’t going on to college but did her best to keep it from her face.”Yes, very much!” he smiled and she returned it with a dazzling one of her own. God, she was pretty!”Then you are a very lucky man! Mark whines all the time about how dull his summer job at his father’s law firm is but he’s going to University in the fall to become a lawyer. I doubt he’ll ever be happy.””That’s too bad. A man should be happy at what he does.” Ed frowned in sympathy. Now that he was free of the stress of school and working at something he loved the thought of taking a job that made him miserable was difficult to contemplate.Rachel was surprised Ed showed any sympathy to her son considering the nasty trick he’d played on him. It raised Ed in her eyes.Two large men were exiting from the house carrying tools so she saw her private time with Ed was coming to a close. She made note of the name of the company then looked back to Ed.”It was really nice seeing you again, Edward!” she said, taking one more long look at his body. Fuel for her fantasies.”It was very nice seeing you again, Rachel. Enjoy the rest of your summer!” he said with a smile.”You too!” she replied as she drove off.Ed quickly put away the rest of their tools as the installers arrived. He took a little ribbing for flirting with ladies when he was supposed to be working and he blushed at that. They climbed into the truck and headed back to the office.Chapter 15Grace paced nervously in the living room. She was pissed at herself for accepting the invitation to go out on a date with a co-worker. Leon Gabrielli worked in the Accounting Department and had begun dropping by her cash desk to say good morning and greeting her in the lunch room. Heather did some digging and found out he was single and lived alone with a cat. Grace told her that it was doomed to fail as she was a dog person but Heather gave her the evil eye and told her he was the most eligible match Grace had encountered and not to screw it up.Leon wasn’t a bad looking man. Late twenties, relatively fit, had all his teeth and a good head of hair, and best of all he bathed and smelled good. When he asked her out to dinner and a movie she said yes because she couldn’t come up with a reason to say no.She was actually wearing a dress, a black one, as he’d told her he was taking her to a nice Italian restaurant downtown then they would see a movie.He pulled up to her house and she let herself out. When she turned she saw his car for the first time. A 1983 Chrysler LeBaron with the fake wood trim on its sides. She forced a smile on her face and walked to the passenger side and got in.”You look lovely tonight, Grace!” Leon said as she buckled in.”Thank you Leon. That’s a nice suit,” she replied. Leon was wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. A white carnation was in his lapel.The car made a terrible whining sound as he turned the steering wheel. “My uncle is going to fix that this weekend,” he mumbled apologetically and she smiled.It didn’t take too long to get downtown to the restaurant. She looked up at the elaborate signage projecting over the sidewalk. Cervara di Roma. Glancing in the front window she was pleasantly surprised. She’d never been to this particular restaurant and it looked really nice.”My uncle Ronnie owns the place so I get a discount.” Leon said with an awkward smile. He stopped before they got to the door and his face went serious. “A word of warning. My family is kinda loud and… rough around the edges.”Grace smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with that.””Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he said as he held the door open for her.They went inside and up to the hostess station. An older woman with really big hair was standing behind the podium. She was well padded and wore a dress that barely contained her abundance.”Leon!” she cried and came around the station to kiss the man on both cheeks. Leon suffered the treatment with his awkward smile and looked over at Grace. The woman turned her attention to Grace as well and gave her a good up and down examination.”Hi Auntie Gene! This is Grace. Grace this is my-“”Grace what? Are you Italian? You’ve got the coloring.” Leon’s aunt asked.”Grace Wilson. Not Italian. I think way back my family came from England but we’ve never checked.””Huh. Ancestry is very important! You should know your past!” the woman said and dismissed Grace to turn back to her nephew. “Are you just visiting or are you here for dinner?””I’m here on a date with Grace. We’re here for dinner,” he asserted.Auntie Gene’s eyes widened in shock and her attitude changed immediately towards Grace. “Oh! Oh my! Well, please! Please come in! There is a lovely table for two by the fireplace. Perfect for lovers!””First date Auntie Gene!” Leon blushed as Grace’s eyes went wide with surprise.”Magic can happen!” the woman said over her shoulder as she led them to their table. They sat and after fussing over her nephew for a bit the aunt smiled at Grace and hustled away to greet some new customers.”Sorry about that!” Leon said quietly, leaning towards Grace.”It’s fine. She obviously cares a lot about you and that’s nice.”A waiter came by and left some menus which they both spent a little time reviewing. Grace decided to keep it simple and when the waiter returned she just ordered a small portion of spaghetti with rich meat sauce with a side salad. Leon looked a little relieved and ordered the same.There was a commotion in the kitchen and a short man in an apron with a large belly pushed his way out of the kitchen. Leon’s face paled as the man headed in their direction. “Shit! He wasn’t supposed to be in tonight.”The man walked up to the table and stared down at Leon who was beginning to sweat.”What have we here? Little Leon on a date? With a girl?” the man sneered.Grace looked up at the man in surprise. What did he mean by that?”Yes, Uncle Ramone. I’m on a date so if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to it.” Leon blustered.”That’s cute. When do you plan on telling her?” Ramone grinned cruelly.Other customers were beginning to watch the floor show and Leon’s face was starting to turn red.Another man rushed out of the kitchen and headed straight over to them. He looked very similar to Ramone right down to the huge gut. He grabbed Ramone’s arm and pulled it. Ramone yanked his arm away and glared back at his twin.”Leave the boy alone. We need you back in the kitchen,” the second man said.”Leave HIM alone? He didn’t leave my Nate alone and now Nate’s dead. Because of this sick fu-“”RAMONE! In the kitchen now!” the man growled and glared at his brother.Ramone finally moved away but cast a look of disgust at Leon as he did.”Sorry Uncle Renzo. I thought he wasn’t working tonight.” Leon mumbled.”Maybe it’s not such a good idea you eating here tonight. Sorry Miss,” he nodded at Grace but his expression was stern.Grace got the message and stood up. Leon scrambled to follow as she made her way to the front door.Once outside Leon began to sputter. “I- I’m SO sorry about that. Uncle Ramone is…” he held his hands up helplessly. He looked like he was about to fall apart.Grace suddenly understood. A dozen clues she’d seen at work with Leon but didn’t catch suddenly aligned in her mind and she understood what this date had been.”Was I supposed to be your beard?” Grace asked quietly.Leon’s eyes locked on Grace and his face flushed with embarrassment. She looked at him questioningly and he couldn’t look her in the eye.”I’m sorry Leon. You should have been honest with me.” Grace said and walked away. The bus stop was around the corner.An hour later she walked in the front door of her house and went straight up to her room and put on her comfort clothes. She went back downstairs and plopped herself on the couch in the living room.Ed was there by himself as Shirley had gone to bed. He was watching something dumb but Grace didn’t want to be alone.”That was a really pretty dress you were wearing when you got home. You looked really nice in it!” Ed said in his deep rumble as he slumped on the couch with his legs out on the ottoman. She looked over at him and felt a pang in her heart. She needed some human contact. She tucked herself against his body and he wrapped his arm around her. She sighed happily as she cuddled into the big man. They watched TV together like that until they fell asleep.Grace woke up in the middle of the night with Shirley standing next to her.”Get up Grace and go to bed,” her mother grumbled at her. Ed jolted awake and looked over at the two of them with a panicked look.”You fell asleep watching the TV. I heard it on and came down to shut it off. Everyone go to bed.” Shirley scolded them and Ed looked relieved as he said his good nights and left quickly. Grace plodded up to her bedroom wondering why her Mom looked so disappointed.Chapter 16The rest of the summer was very busy with more installations and repairs. Ed learned a great deal on each job and was excelling in his night course. The year passed quickly and in January Ed graduated from the course at the top of his class. His boss was delighted and had him write the certification exams right away. He passed the State exam and got his Universal Certification which allowed him to work on any level of HVAC systems. Once more his boss was very pleased with his new employee’s performance.There was a sudden cold snap in February of that year and all hands were called in to deal with a surge of furnace repair calls.Mr. Drakos’ daughter Lydia worked the dispatch desk and received a service call requesting Ed specifically. She looked at her father and he noted the address. It was in Silverton Heights, a very posh neighborhood he’d been trying to drum up business in for years. He would have sent a more senior technician but that might upset the customer. He called Ed himself and asked him to be his absolute best on the call as this customer could lead to much more business.Ed drove the van up to the front door of a familiar mansion. He zipped up his parka and walked around to the back of the van to get his tools. He didn’t even have to ring the doorbell as the door opened as he approached it and he stepped inside. The door closed and he turned to see Rachel Thompson wearing a form fitting ski suit and big furry boots. It was very chilly in the house.”Edward! Thank goodness you’re here! The furnace won’t come on!” she gasped.He took off his boots. “Can you show me the thermostat?”She nodded and led him to a wall display. It was a touch tablet mounted on the wall. He made his way through the menu and turned the temperature up. There didn’t appear to be any issues at the thermostat. The furnace wasn’t responding to it.”Where is the furnace?”Rachel led him through the house to the stairs leading downstairs. He saw the room he’d been exposed in and caught Rachel looking at him with that knowing smile once more. They entered a room for the house’s utilities. Ed noted the furnace had no power. He looked at the electrical panel and noted the breaker was flipped for the furnace.”There shouldn’t be anything else on this circuit. Did you notice a power outage? Did a light turn off or some other appliance shut down unexpectedly?” he asked.Rachel thought for a bit. “The lights inside the garage won’t come on,” she replied.”Can I see that?”Rachel led him to the garage and he smelled ozone and burnt plastic when he entered the open space. He walked over to the far side of the garage and found a melted space heater plugged into a wall socket. He put on his insulated gloves and unplugged the dead heater. He then tested the receptacle and found it was dead.”Didn’t you notice the smell of burning plastic?” he asked the woman.”Yes, but it’s the garage. There are lots of smelly things in here,” she said defensively.Remembering his boss wanted him to be nice to the customer he just nodded. “Luckily the breaker popped so you didn’t have a fire.”She looked nervously at the space heater. The melted slag was close to a tarp which showed signs of bad scorching. Ed lifted the corner of the tarp and underneath were a number of plastic gasoline cans. He counted at least eight. He let the tarp drop again and looked over at Rachel.”Any idea why someone would want to point a space heater at gas cans?” he asked.Rachel’s expression showed fear as she looked at the evidence before her then it switched to a fierce anger.”That BASTARD!” she raged. She pulled out her phone and dialed 911.Once the police arrived they took Ed’s statement as to what he did and saw when he arrived. They questioned Rachel separately while Ed waited. While this was happening the fire department’s inspector was in the garage taking pictures. Once he’d documented the scene he had everything put in bags and taken out as evidence. He used the ladder in the garage to get to the access door to the attic space above the garage and discovered the firewall between the garage and the house had been compromised. He bagged a hatchet he found in the attic over the garage. That space butted up against the master bedroom.Finally, Ed was given permission to get the furnace back online which was just a matter of resetting the breaker. He tested it and confirmed it was working. The house would be warm again in a number of hours.He had to get back to the office as they had texted him to come back ASAP as they had more customers to deal with. Rachel paid him with her credit card and signed the work order. She gushed her thanks and he just nodded and smiled.When Ed arrived at the office his boss greeted him with a huge smile.”Edward! You did well! I just got off the phone with your customer and she was very pleased! She said she wants you back in the spring to service the air conditioner and said that she will let her friends and neighbors know about our excellent service!”Ed smiled at the kind words. He nodded to his boss as he took the address for the next customer from Lydia.Mr. Drakos patted Ed’s shoulder as he walked back to his office with a huge grin on his face. He was very pleased with himself for investing in Ed. It looked like it was potentially going to pay off with new business in a lucrative neighborhood.Chapter 17It was early spring when Ed was woken in the middle of the night once more by Shirley. She was sitting on the edge of his bed facing him. He flashed back to her previous middle of the night visits and his stomach clenched in worry. He glanced at his door but it was closed.”What’s wrong?” he asked, fearing her answer.”I’m so sorry Ed. I stayed away as long as I could.” She looked at Ed hopefully.”What- uh, what do you need?” he croaked.Shirley looked down at his groin. “My skin needs a treatment,” she whispered and licked her lips with the pink tip of her tongue.Ed felt the tug of his cock waking up. He glanced at the door again. “I thought you said your boyfriend was taking care of you- that.””Jerry just doesn’t have the energy to provide me with what I need on a consistent basis,” she answered. “And his cum doesn’t work as well as yours does. You have so much!” Her voice turned breathy.Ed’s cock surged as he took in Shirley’s large breasts lifting under her shear negligee with her heavy breathing. She was biting her lip as she watched the swelling of his cock begin to tent his shorts.”Oh my, you are so much bigger than Jerry too!” she gushed as she reached out and ran her hand along his shaft through his shorts.Ed sucked his breath in sharply as her touch brought his cock to full size.She took a grip on the waistband on his shorts and looked up into Ed’s eyes anxiously. “May I?”Ed realized he could tell her no and she would leave. He really wanted to do that but he thought about how happy she’d been in those early days and how recently she wasn’t quite so happy. In fact, he realized that lately she’d been almost melancholy. He didn’t want her slipping back into her depression. It would break Grace’s heart. He looked her in the eye and nodded.Shirley’s eyes lit up. He could see her mood swinging back to the positive already as she slipped the shorts down and off. He glanced at the door again. “Did you lock the door?” he asked.She stopped and looked at him with an impish grin. She jumped to her feet and hustled over to his door to press the lock button. She turned and looked back at him lying on the bed with his thick cock stiff and throbbing on his belly. Her eyes flared with lust and she prowled back to his side and sat on the edge again.”Have you been with a woman yet, Ed? I mean aside from what we’ve done.”He looked up at her for a second then nodded.”Would you like to show me what you’ve learned?” she breathed, sliding the fingers of her right hand along his shaft.”She said most women wouldn’t like the things she did,” he said trembling.”What did she like?” Shirley’s curiosity was piqued.”Her husband, when he was alive, was big like me. He was rough with her. She liked that,” he said quietly.”A widow? I assumed the woman you’d been with was your own age!” Shirley exclaimed.He shook his head and closed his eyes as surprise tighten her grip on his cock.Shirley’s mind was racing and her nipples were stiffer than they’d ever been. God, she felt so alive!”So, she- she liked it rough? With pain?” Shirley had a difficult time imagining Ed inflicting pain on anyone.”So-sometimes,” Ed stuttered.”I’ve had a little too much pain to find it enjoyable. Did you do anything gentle with her?” she asked.He thought for a bit. “Yes.””Could you show me?”Ed looked at Shirley’s hopeful expression. “OK, but you have to promise to be quiet. She was very loud when I did it and I don’t want Grace to hear.” He stopped for a second then looked at Shirley. “If I do this can you teach me how to kiss?”Shirley gaped at him. “You’ve been with a woman and you don’t know how to kiss?””I’ve only kissed a girl at a party and she didn’t know how to do it and- the woman… who didn’t want to,” he admitted.”You forced a kiss on her?” she said surprised by his revelation.”NO! She kissed me but then she broke it off as she’d broken her rule about no kissing.” Ed felt stupid even saying it.Shirley saw how uncomfortable he was talking about this and saw her chances of experiencing something wonderful slipping away through her fingers… literally. He was shrinking fast.”I’m sorry, Ed. I didn’t mean to pry. Of course I’ll teach you how to kiss! I used to get compliments on my technique when I was younger.” She smiled at him and saw him relaxing. “Why don’t we start with the kissing? That’s the usual order of things anyway.”Ed grinned at that and nodded.”OK, first things first. Kissing begins with the lips. Leave your tongue in your mouth until it’s invited to come out to play.””That’s what the girl at the party did wrong. She was all tongue and sloppy too,” Ed explained and Shirley nodded.”Quite a turn off isn’t it! Subtlety is the name of the game. Sit up next to me and face me,” she said and moved back a little on the bed.Ed was soon facing her just a short distance away. She took in how wide his shoulders were and how strong his arms were. He was a beautiful specimen of a man!”I want you to mimic my actions and the level of pressure I’m applying. Alright?” she said. He nodded.She leaned forward and he moved in as well. Her lips brushed against his and she felt his mouth gently caress hers back. A thrill shot through her as she leaned back. His eyes were closed and he was gently smiling.”That was nice!” he breathed. His eyes opened with a look of wonder.Shirley caught her breath and blinked at him. “Ok, that was a great start. Next lesson. Again, do as I do.”She leaned in as did he and this time she pressed her full lips against his mouth with little more pressure and felt him gently sucking at her lower lip. A jolt shot from her lips straight to her pussy and she pulled back.”Hey, no jumping ahead in the lessons!” she panted.”It felt right,” was all he could say though his eyes hadn’t left her lips. She was getting so wet from his kisses and hungry looks.She leaned in again and this time they both sucked at each other’s lips and the pressure went up again. He was really good at this. His gentle nature worked in his favor. He had a very sensual touch and she found herself slipping her tongue up to caress his lips. He nibbled his way across her lips with his as the tip of his tongue danced with hers. She tried sucking on his tongue but it proved elusive and she pressed harder until she found herself lying across his body with him on his back.Shirley’s head was spinning. She was so charged up from his kisses! Her breath was coming out in gasps. His hands were in her hair and she felt his hard cock pressing against her. God, she wanted him.”OK… lessons over… You’ve learned… all I can teach,” she said between breaths.”Then it’s my turn,” he said and rolled her over onto her back with a loud squeak.”Shhh! You promised to be quiet!” he hushed her.”Sorry but you surprised me!” she hissed quietly.Before she could say anything else he dipped down and kissed her again. Her mouth was so soft and inviting. He stroked her plump lower lip with his tongue as he sucked on it gently and she moaned softly.When he cupped her breast in his palm through her nightie her back arched automatically to press the flesh more firmly in his hand. He slid his thumb up to stroke across her stiff nipple and a small whimper of desire slipped from her lips. Knowing she had no taste for pain he avoided pinching her but he did give the nipple a squeeze and slight tug.”Oh fuck!” Shirley gasped against his mouth and her tongue slipped forward to explore his mouth. Ed sucked on it as she’d tried to suck on his and her kiss became more insistent as he squeezed her tit.Shirley pulled back from the kiss. “Please! Let me take the nightie off.”Ed slid off the bed and Shirley sat up and pulled the satin sleepwear up and over her head. When she laid back down Ed leaned over her and pulled her panties down. She lifted her ass and he slipped them down her legs and dropped them on the desk next to the bed.He gazed upon the woman lying on his bed. Her thick brown hair was spread out behind her head like a huge mane. Her brown eyes looked up at him with a smile. She’d taken a beating from those years of chronic pain, alcohol and pills but she was still a lovely woman now that those burdens had been lifted. She’d lost a lot of the extra weight she’d put on in those years as she’d returned to her exercise program so her curves were returning. She still had extra padding in some places but it didn’t really diminish her beauty.”You’re so beautiful!” Ed said in wonder as his eyes took her all in. He noticed that she’d shaved herself completely down below.Shirley’s smile lit up her face and she reached up for him.He laid beside her and leaned over to kiss her again. Their lips met and soon she was panting with need.Ed moved his lips to her neck and kissed his way down to her large breasts. Her pink nipples weren’t large but they were stiff and sensitive when he stroked his tongue across them. She gasped and grabbed his head to hold his mouth over her tit. He sucked more into his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue in circles around the sensitive tip.”OH FUCK!” Shirley gasped and writhed under him. He moved to the other tit and gave it the same treatment and her gyrations increased. He continued down her chest and across her stomach which she was still a little embarrassed about. He shushed her and moved further down.”What! Where are you going? What are you-” she gasped as she lifted her head from the pillow. Her eyes were wide and worried.He looked up at her. “You’ve never had a man do this?” He ran the flat of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy in one stroke. He flicked her clit at the top.Shirley slapped a hand over her mouth and cried out as her hips lifted slightly off the bed. Which was impressive considering Ed was pinning her legs down with his body.She looked at him in shock once her senses returned. He looked up at her with a sly grin as she tried to catch her breath.”So that’s a no?” he said breathing on her sensitive clit.She trembled and shook as he stroked her again. Shirley grabbed a pillow and held it over her mouth so her cries were muffled.Ed slipped his tongue deeply into her pussy and she moaned. He slowly dragged his tongue upwards as he felt her body jolt and shake. He reached her clit so he gently sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue around it in circles as he slipped two fingers into her pussy.He had some trouble holding on as Shirley’s body writhed under him. He eased off on her clit and each time she relaxed he’d begin again. His fingers moved in and out in a steady pumping motion and he gradually increased his tempo.Shirley was making wonderful mewling sounds into the pillow and he felt her body begin to stiffen as she got close. He sucked her clit back between his lips and strummed it quickly with the tip of his tongue as he pumped his fingers rapidly.”MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFKKKKKKKKKK!” came through the pillow as Shirley’s body stiffened and shook through her orgasm.She pushed his head away when the sensations became too intense. He crawled back up the bed to lie next to her leaning up on his elbow to gaze down on her flushed face. She was gasping and panting and looked up at him.”That’s the gentle thing I learned to do,” he said with a smile.”That’s… a good… thing!” she managed to get out as her eyes struggled to focus on his face.She felt the heat from his hard cock pressed against her thigh.”Ed, straddle my chest and place your cock here,” she pointed between her tits.He carefully knelt on the bed and lifted his leg over her torso. Once she was below him he leaned forward to hold the top rail of his headboard with one hand while he pushed his thick cock down between her large tits.Shirley squeezed her flesh around his cock and felt its heat. Her face flushed with desire. He was so fucking big! The fat head of it was poking out from between her tits as he pushed forward. She watched it get closer to her face until it pressed against her lips. She opened her mouth automatically and ran her tongue over it. Ed gasped and closed his eyes. He pulled back and slid forward, the light dew of perspiration on her chest lubricating his way. Once more she kissed the head and stroked it with her tongue. Her nipples were stiff with lust and Ed lightly squeezed them and gave them a gentle tug as he stroked faster between her tits making her moan.He was feeling really good and felt his orgasm approaching. With each stroke she sucked on the head of his cock and the intense bursts of sensation were tipping him closer to his release.”Shirley, I’m gonna cum!” he growled as his strokes sped up.”Oh god! Cum on my face Ed! Please, I need it so much!” she moaned.That was it for Ed and he began to fire stream after stream over Shirley’s cheeks, chin and chest. It went on and on and Shirley was moaning loudly. Ed reached down and placed his fingers over her mouth to quiet her but she sucked them between her soft lips and continued to moan. A jolt ran through him and his body squeezed out a few more streams in reaction. He pulled back and lifted his leg back over her to slump back on his bed. He tried to catch his breath as he watched her spreading his cum evenly over her face, neck and chest.As the thrill dissipated and his body calmed after getting what it wanted the guilt surfaced as it always did.He immediately felt remorseful and nervous about Grace finding out. They’d been so loud! She was bound to hear them and come investigate. His worry became paranoia.”Shirley, we can’t do this. Grace is going to find out.”The woman looked illegal bahis siteleri at him in dismay. “She’s a deep sleeper. She’s not going to find out. Ed, this is too important to me to stop. I need my skin treatments!”Ed looked at her with frustration. Didn’t she realize what was at stake?Shirley got nervous. She had to be careful or he’d dig his heels in and that would be the end. “Listen, I don’t need it every night. We can do it every few days and see how that goes. That will reduce the risk, right? I still have Jerry who can fill in occasionally on the off nights. Please Ed! I had a lot of years of pain that ate away my youth faster than it should have. I don’t want to shrivel up too soon.”Ed sighed when she started to get teary eyed. “OK. We can try the three day thing but we gotta be quiet! Grace can’t know about this!”Shirley was grateful and nodded at him with a small smile. Her skin was tingling and she felt incredible from his attentions. “Thank you Ed!”He nodded and made shooing motions. She grinned and jumped out of his bed. This did fascinating things to her tits and ass and he caught himself staring. Then he saw her watching him with a satisfied look on her face.”Good night, Ed,” she whispered through smiling lips.”Good night, Shirley.”Chapter 18For the next two weeks Ed had nocturnal visits from Shirley every three days. He restricted their activities to masturbating to give her the facial treatments she wanted. On one occasion she talked him into going down on her again.Grace remained unaware of these activities but the longer it went on the more Ed worried she’d catch them.Ed was also worried about Grace’s mood as she had been rather subdued lately. He wished he could find her someone but everyone he worked with was either married or too old. She deserved someone special.One Saturday night while Shirley was out on a date with Jerry he overheard Grace’s friend Heather trying to convince her to join her at a party she’d been invited to. Heather rarely came by the house so Ed knew she was also worried about Grace too.He stepped into the kitchen and saw the two women sitting at the kitchen table.Heather immediately looked up at Ed with a broad smile. “Hi Ed!””Hi Heather! What’s this I hear about a party? Grace, you should go!” he said with a grin, trying to encourage her.”You could come with us!” Heather suggested to him. She eyed his body like a tasty piece of chocolate.That caught him flat footed. He hadn’t expected to be invited. Grace looked up at him and saw his startled look. She smiled.”That’s an excellent suggestion Heather!” she said as she grinned at Ed’s discomfort. “You can finally wear those jeans I got you!””Ah, I’m beat from a long day. You should go out though. Have some fun!” Ed backtracked.”If you’re not going, I don’t feel like going either.” Grace said with finality. Heather looked at Ed beseechingly.He felt trapped. He knew Grace needed to get out of the house and get some kind of life started. She deserved to be happy. If he didn’t go she would stay home too and she might meet someone tonight. He thought he might be able to hide himself with that long shirt again.”Oh- okay. I’ll go. But you have to wear that nice black dress again!” he said to Grace. She blushed and nodded.”Give me a few minutes.” Grace said as she rose and went upstairs. Heather was looking at Ed with a huge grin.”Thank you Ed! She needs this so badly!” she gushed.Ed smiled and nodded shyly. She pushed him towards his room. “Go get dressed! Quick!”He rushed downstairs and went into his bedroom. He pulled off his work clothes and realized he was a little sweaty from work. He grabbed the clothes he’d worn to Mark Thompson’s party and put his robe on. He peaked out into the hall but the coast was clear. He rushed over to the washroom and took a quick shower. He dried himself and got dressed, making sure the shirt tails covered the bulge then made his way upstairs to the kitchen.Heather grinned at him as she checked out how good he looked in the tight jeans. She wished he’d tuck in the shirt.Grace came downstairs and they turned to look at her. Ed smiled broadly and Grace blushed.”Let’s go party!” Heather whooped.Chapter 19Ed drove as he didn’t plan on drinking and this allowed Heather and Grace to let loose. It didn’t take long to find the large house on the edge of Silverton Heights and soon they were walking in the front door. The host was a friend of Heather’s and she had no objection to Heather bringing a hunk like Ed to the party. The music was loud and the lighting was subdued so the three made their way out onto the dance floor. They danced to a few numbers then Heather and Grace went to get themselves some drinks. Ed moved to the edge of the dance floor and just enjoyed the music.”Mister Ed?”Ed turned his head and looked down at a petite blonde squeezed into a gold dress that struggled to contain her flesh. He looked closer trying to recognize the speaker. She was… Stacey… something. Reggie Halston’s ex-girlfriend. She’d been in the room with Reggie at Mark’s party when he was… exposed.He gave her a little nod and turned back to the dance floor. The multi-colored lights hid his furious blush.Her small hand landed on his arm and she tugged him back to face her. “How- how d’you know Ishabelle?” Stacey slurred. Isabelle was the host and Stacey was drunk.”Just a friend of a friend,” he said politely.”Are you gonna do your magic trick like last time?” she grinned wickedly, running her hands over his large bicep.He looked at the woman and shook his head. “No.”She pouted. “Oh p*o! I wanna see it again!””Sorry. No.”Heather and Grace arrived and Grace lifted Stacey’s hand from Ed’s arm. “Run along little girl,” she growled.Stacey looked at Grace with wide eyes then looked back at Ed and winked. “See you soon Mister Ed.” She melted into the crowd.”Why did she call you that?” Heather asked.”Just a stupid nickname from high school. Can we dance?” he said changing the subject.They rejoined the dancers and Ed tried to put the encounter out of his mind. Being tall he could see over most of the other dancers and he spotted Stacey a few times in conversation with several different women. Each time she’d point him out to the women and they’d look in his direction with wide eyes.Great. She was telling the story of his humiliation. He suddenly felt the need to get some air. He gestured to Heather and Grace that he would be back shortly. They moved off the dance floor to get another drink.Ed found his way out to a deck behind the house. He stood at the rail and looked out over the expansive back yard. The landscaping was beautiful and the grounds were large. There was a huge in-ground pool and a lovely cabana house beyond it. He walked down the stairs to the walkway and made his way around the pool. The doors were open and he noticed two women sitting on lounge chairs, drinking wine, and laughing. They noticed him and he apologized for intruding. He moved to go back to the house.”Edward?”He stopped and looked back to see Rachel Thompson.”Mrs. Thompson?””What did I tell you Edward?””Oh! Uh, hello Rachel.””That’s better! Come and meet my good friend, Angie Spencer,” she said.Ed stepped forward and shook the woman’s offered hand. It was soft and beautifully manicured like Rachel’s. These were hands that didn’t see a lot of rough work. Considering the house she lived in, he supposed that made sense.Rachel gestured for him to bring over one of the patio chairs. When he was seated before them he looked to Angie.”You have a lovely home.””Thank you! It was the last gift my late husband gave me,” she said. Ed was surprised by her voice which was very gravelly. He found it incredibly sexy! Her straight blond hair hung to her shoulders and her bangs were cut in a straight line just above her eyes which were a piercing grey. She had wide shoulders, narrow hips and was very slim which made him suspect that her generous breasts may have also been a gift. Considering the size of the pool Ed thought she was probably a swimmer and got the impression that she might have been a little older than Rachel.”Did I tell you that it was Edward here who found the firebomb Richard and Mark built to torch the house?” Rachel said to her friend.Ed’s mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide. “What?” he gasped.”Oh? Didn’t you see it on the news? My husband and his son tried to burn down the house with me in it to collect the insurance money. Richard was a good lawyer but an inept arsonist. He wanted to divorce me but he didn’t want to give up half of his money. So he and Mark hatched a scheme to burn the house, kill me, and collect the insurance money.””How could Mark kill his own mother?” Ed mumbled in shock.”Stepmother. Mark’s biological mother died when he was ten. I married his father when he was eleven.” Rachel said gently as she saw Ed was having trouble grasping the horrific act of someone he went to school with. Angie looked at her friend curiously.Ed’s expression turned to anger. He didn’t understand how Mark could be so evil. He just didn’t. Rachel seemed so nice and she was so beautiful! How could anyone want to hurt her?Rachel smiled seeing him look so fierce. A little thrill ran down her spine. She glanced over at Angie with a smile and saw she was experiencing a thrill of her own.”Where are they?” he growled, his voice gone cold.Rachel felt her nipples stiffen as she heard his suppressed rage.”They’re both in jail. It’s good! I got my divorce and the entire estate. I sold his law firm and I’m set for life. I’m free of both of them,” she said with a sexy smile and he nodded, calming himself slowly.”Well, I’m glad you’re safe,” he said and smiled at her. He saw her lick her lips and his eyes locked onto her mouth. He felt himself begin to stiffen in is pants.”I- I should get back to the party and see how my sister and her friend are doing. It was really nice meeting you Angie and seeing you again Rachel!” he said as he awkwardly stood. Angie’s eyes went wide as she caught the outline of his cock against his pant leg. As he walked away he heard them giggling and felt his face burning.He made his way back into the house and tried to find Heather and Grace. He caught a glimpse of long, wavy blond hair on the dance floor so he began to dance his way over in that direction. There were a lot more women dancing now and getting through was difficult.Then he felt the hands.He looked down and saw a pretty woman grinning up at him while she danced in front of him. Her hands were rubbing up and down his pant leg over his erection. He thought he recognized her as one of the people Stacey was speaking with. Then a third hand began stroking him and he glanced over to his left to see Stacey leering at him. Two more hands landed on his ass and squeezed roughly jolting him forward. He pushed past the hands and made his way over to the blond hair. It wasn’t Heather but the blond turned and smiled at him so he smiled back until her hands went straight for the front of his pants. He lurched back and bumped into a dark haired man who turned and cursed at him. He tried apologizing but the guy punched him in the jaw. Ed caught the second punch in his fist and squeezed until he felt a pop. The man screamed and the dancing stopped as people looked to the noise. Ed let go.”I said I was sorry,” he said to the man nursing his broken hand. Ed spotted Heather in the doorway to the kitchen and pushed his way over to her.”Time to go,” he said.Heather was quite drunk and grinned widely at him. She threw herself against his chest and tried kissing him but settled with grinding herself against his body.”Fffffuuuccckkk you feel good!” she moaned.”Hey bitch! That’s my brother you’re grinding on!” Grace’s slurred voice belted out behind her.Ed looked up in shock. Grace was drunk as well! She never drank past a light buzz. It was time to take her home.He took their hands and pulled them along behind him and made his way out of the house to his truck. He got the passenger door open and Heather crawled in first though he was trying to get Grace in. She climbed in after her friend and Ed carefully closed the door. He got in the driver’s side and made sure the two women had their seatbelts on though they giggled that he was tickling them. He got his own belt on and got them on their way.Heather was leaning on him and rested her head against his arm. That was fine until her hand landed on his bulge. She gave it a firm stroke feeling its length before he managed to tug her hand away.”HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE BIG!” Heather gushed.”You’re drunk,” he replied feebly.Heather whipped her head to look over at Grace who was trying to keep her head from spinning off.”Did you know your brother has a huge cock?” she gasped at her friend.”What?” Grace blinked in confusion.”Heather!” Ed growled loudly.”OKAY! Sorry! No need to scream… hey, was that a scream I heard back at the party?” Heather asked.”Yes,” Ed responded after a pause.”What happened? Who screamed?””Some guy. I accidentally bumped into him and he punched me so I broke his hand.” Ed admitted.”Fuck, that’s so hot!” Heather was back to leaning on him and rubbing his leg.Ed was going to remove her hand again but it felt really good and he had to concentrate on his driving. Her hand slid over to run across his bulge again and she moaned quietly which just made him harder.”Please stop that.” Ed said quietly.”I want you so bad.” Heather whispered loudly in his ear.”Hey!” Grace complained when she heard Heather coming on to Ed.”What? He’s your brother not your boyfriend!” Heather whined.”Not really.” Grace mumbled quietly to herself but Ed heard her.”How much did you guys drink?” Ed asked to change the subject.Heather held up her hand and counted on her fingers. “One when we got there. One when you left the dance floor… then a third one in the kitchen from the hunky guy. Too bad he took off when he heard the scream.””You shouldn’t be this drunk from just three drinks! Wait, some guy gave you a drink?” he asked.”He was hot but not built like you!” Heather purred and rubbed him again.”Shit, you’ve been d**gged,” Ed guessed.He pulled into the driveway and turned off the truck. He undid their seatbelts then hustled over to the front door which he propped open. He went back to the truck’s passenger door and opened it. Grace began to topple out and he caught her against his body. She came around and looked into his eyes. There was confusion and desperation in her eyes then her lips were on his.It felt so good! Her lips were so plump and soft and he tasted her tongue! Her tits squeezed against his chest-Ed pulled back in shock. Grace’s eyes were closed and her face was flushed. He moved his right arm under her legs and carried her against his chest inside. She looked up at him the entire way, staring at his mouth as she licked her lips. He set her down gently on the couch and she pulled him down to her mouth again and he gave in to her deep kiss until he pulled back and rushed outside to get Heather.She was almost tumbling out the door when he got there. He scooped her up in his arms as he had for Grace and shut the truck’s door with his back. As he carried her up the stairs she reached up and ran her finger over his lips and watched his mouth with fascination. Once inside the front door he kicked it closed and flipped the lock. He looked over the back of the couch and saw Grace was still conscious. He carried Heather up to Grace’s room and gently put her on the bed. Her arms went around his neck and she pulled his face down to hers. Her lips tasted like cherry and her tongue was tangling with his as he tried to pry her arms off of him.Ed really wouldn’t have minded kissing Heather as he thought she was very pretty but right now she was very drunk and he didn’t know what d**g she’d been given. If she was in her right mind and tried to kiss him he would have gladly participated.He finally managed to extract himself from her clutches and she moaned in disappointment. He moved Grace’s garbage pail up next to her bed in case Heather needed to be sick. He turned her onto her side then went back downstairs to get Grace.Ed scooped her up in his arms. Her eyes fluttered open as he carried her upstairs.”Izzzz this a dream?” Grace mumbled.”Shhh. Go to sleep Grace. I’ll take care of you.” Ed whispered to her.”I love you Ed,” she whispered back to him.”I love you too Grace.”He gently laid her down on her bed and made sure she was on her side. He rushed over to the washroom and got the garbage pail to put on Grace’s side of her bed in case she needed it. He sat in her chair and watched the two women fall asleep.In the early hours of the morning Heather woke and made sounds like she was going to be sick. Ed was up and immediately by her side with the pail in his hand. She leaned over the edge of the bed and threw up into the pail as he held her long hair back and braced himself against the bed to keep her from rolling off. When she was done Ed got a facecloth and gently cleaned her face. She fell back asleep. Ed barely got to Grace’s side as she leaned over and let fly. She managed to hit his hand before he got the pail positioned. He kept her hair back as well and held her while her body rejected the poisons she’d ingested. When she was done he rushed into the washroom with the pails and flushed them out and washed his hands. Then he brought the pails back with a warm facecloth to clean Grace’s face. She smiled gently and fell asleep. He replaced the pails and went back to his chair. He dozed fitfully as every sound made him jump to check if they were going to be sick.Shirley got home Sunday morning at 9AM and went upstairs to find Ed asleep on the chair facing the bed where Heather and Grace were sleeping. She gently touched his shoulder and he jolted awake looking at the bed. He noticed Shirley and sagged with relief.”What happened?” Shirley asked.Ed got up and led her out of the room and closed the door.”We went to a party last night and someone slipped something into their drinks. They were sick in the middle of the night but only the once. Can you watch them now? I’m exhausted.” Ed explained.”Of course! You go get some sleep.” Shirley patted his arm. He leaned down and kissed her cheek then walked down to his bedroom to get some real sleep. Shirley watched him go with a look of surprise on her face.Chapter 20Grace grimaced in pain as she lifted her hand to her head. Everything hurt but her head was pounding. She heard a moan next to her and cracked her eyes open slightly. Heather was in her bed holding her own head.”Who killed me and left this corpse in place of my body?” Heather groaned.”Obviously the same person who killed me.” Grace commiserated.”What happened last night?” Heather asked.”Someone d**gged you both at the party you went to.” Shirley said from the chair. “You don’t have any memory of the party?”Grace pushed herself into a seated position and looked at her mother. She cast her mind back to the party. She remembered dancing and Ed looking happy. She recalled getting drinks and Ed going outside. She got another drink… then things got hazy. She had only brief flashes of memories from that point on.”Bits and pieces. How about you Heather.””Same.””Ed brought you home and stayed up all night to make sure you didn’t choke on your sick.” Shirley said reproachfully.”Hey! I didn’t intend to get d**gged!” Grace’s anger flared and she held her head as it began to pound harder.”I’m just saying you owe that man a debt of gratitude for how he took care of you both.” Shirley huffed as she got up from the chair and left the bedroom.Grace couldn’t argue with that. She looked at Heather who was wide eyed staring off into space and touching her lips.Suddenly she recalled tugging Ed’s face to hers and taking a kiss from his soft lips. The sensations flooded back and her body rushed with tingles. Her eyes went wide as she probed at the memory. It felt real. Ohmygod! She’d kissed him in her d**gged state! She felt so guilty, subjecting him to her lust like that! She had another flash from the previous night of being carried in his strong arms. More tingles coursed through her body. She looked at Heather and her friend was looking back at her.”Did we…with Ed?” Heather whispered.”NO! No, I don’t believe so,” Grace said cautiously then she shook her head. “No, Ed wouldn’t have taken advantage of us in that state.”Heather looked a little disappointed. She looked at the clock. “SHIT! My mom’s going to be home soon! I’ve gotta go!” She struggled to get out of bed and moaned as her head throbbed.”Are you sure you should be driving?” Grace asked.”I’ll be ok. I’ll take the side roads and that will only take me ten minutes to get home. I have fifteen,” she explained. With a final wave she left.Grace slowly let her head rest back on the pillow. The thumping was settling down as long as she took it slow. What she couldn’t stop was the memory of Ed’s lips on hers. It kept repeating over and over in her mind and the tingles were driving her crazy.She gingerly got out of bed and made her way over to her door. She listened and could just make out the sounds of the shower running and her Mom singing quietly. Grace closed and locked her door. Then she took her dress and bra off and slipped back under the covers of her bed. Closing her eyes she brought back the memory of Ed’s mouth on hers as she slipped her hand into her panties. Her other hand caressed her breast and she gently squeezed and rolled her nipple.Running her fingers lightly over her pussy she felt her juices beginning to flow. She slid her middle finger between the lips and dipped it inside just a little as she imagined Ed taking his first tentative licks. Fuck that was so hot! She pushed her finger deeper and began to pump it in and out as she rocked her palm over her clit. A second finger joined the first and her hand rocked faster until she added a third finger.Her breath was coming out in gasps and she was getting closer. Another memory fragment flashed into her mind. Heather saying something about Ed’s cock. It was too much for Grace and she grabbed a pillow over her face as she screamed out her release.”Grace? Are you ok, dear? Oh, why do you insist on locking your door?” Shirley’s frustrated voice said through the door.”I’m- I’m fine Mom! I’ll… be out in a minute.” Grace gasped, trying to keep her voice as normal as possible as she caught her breath.Fuck! She’d never cum that hard before! All it took was thinking wicked thoughts about the man she couldn’t have. The guilt washed over her again. God it would destroy their relationship if he saw what she’d just done! She was going to have a hard enough time facing him after her behavior last night.Chapter 21Shirley made Sunday dinner for them this time and the house smelled amazing. Ed had woken up at noon and when he went upstairs he discovered Grace had gone out. He was actually a little grateful for that as he was embarrassed by his behavior the night before. He shouldn’t have kissed Grace and Heather like he had. They had the excuse of being d**gged but he’d been cold sober so he should have resisted.As penance he went outside and mowed the lawn. It was a fairly hot day for spring so he tugged off his shirt after he finished his yard. He still had to do the neighbor’s lawn. Mrs. Wilkins was a retired school teacher in her seventies and appreciated him taking care of her yard work. She always brought him out a lemonade as he pushed the mower back and forth and they’d talk for a while. She was nice and she didn’t seem to mind that he was sweaty.She watched him with a smile on her lips as he finished up and gave him a wave as he headed back to his place.He cleaned up his back yard a little then brought the lounge chairs out from their place in the rafters of the garage. He dusted them off then inspected the fabric. They were still good so they’d get another summer out of them.He was still beat from his nurse duty so he stretched out on one of the lounge chairs to soak up the sun and rest his eyes. He fell asleep. Hours later Grace found him and woke him.”Ed! Jesus! You look like a lobster!””Damn,” he growled and looked down at the burn on his chest and arms.”Come inside and I’ll put some cold cream on that,” she said and tugged him up to his feet. She led him by the hand to the back door and into the house. They made a quick stop in the washroom to get the cream and went down to his bedroom.”Ok, lie down and I’ll put it on. I haven’t had to do this since that time you were ten.” Grace gently scolded him. Ed grinned at the memory.”I’ll start with your face which doesn’t look too bad,” she said as she gently applied the cream to his nose and cheeks. She didn’t press too hard and made sure he had a thin coating of the soothing lotion on his skin. He smiled as it already felt better.Grace scooped a larger amount and spread it across his chest. He hissed quietly through his teeth as the cold cream shocked his hot skin but as she spread it around he relaxed and smiled blissfully. She moved down his arms then went back to his chest and added more cream to his stomach.The tingles she’d felt this morning came back full force as she slid her fingers over his hard abs. She watched mesmerized as her hands touched his skin over his delicious muscles. She gave herself a little shake then moved to his upper thighs which felt like steel. The cream went on as she rubbed his legs all the way down over his knees and shins to just above his feet which had been covered by his shoes. She ran her hands back up his legs and felt his thighs trembling. She stopped and looked up at his face. Ed was biting his lip as if he was trying to keep himself from moaning.”Ok, I think that’s got it. Thanks so much for doing that,” Ed said quickly as he sat up and pulled his knees up to hide his groin.”Ed… I just wanted to apologize for my behavior last night,” she said with a blush. “And I want to thank you for taking care of Heather and me. I don’t remember everything that happened last night but what I do recall shows how out of control we were. I’m grateful you collected us when you did. Who knows what that guy would have gotten us involved in.””You know I’ll always be there for you!” Ed smiled and Grace returned it.She looked at his lips and had the sudden urge to kiss him again. Instead she stood quickly and walked to his door. “Dinner will be in a few minutes,” she said and quickly went up to the kitchen to set the table. Anything to divert her mind from the memory of his body under her hands.Chapter 22On Monday Ed’s coworkers teased him about his lobster tan and he took a few playful if painful slaps in good grace.Spring meant spring maintenance. The teams were sent out to ensure the cooling systems at the businesses they had contracts with would function when they were turned on. With his Universal Certification Ed was especially valuable to his boss as he could take on these larger jobs. His meticulous and methodical work habits ensured he took no short cuts and ensured the safety of him, his coworkers, and the customers. On the second job he found a cooling tower had been compromised by the installers of a new cell repeater tower on a low rise condo. There was a risk of a leak and potentially an explosion if the unit was turned on. The condo had no choice but to order a new cooling tower and sue the cell company for costs. Mr. Drakos was delighted for the money this job would bring in and gave Ed a little bonus in his cheque that week.Ed did several installations that month and a few maintenance jobs. Soon it was time to start making house calls to their residential customers on service contracts. Ed had the first contract in Silverton Heights and Mr. Drakos was counting on him to do his usual exemplary work and bring in additional contracts. Rachel Thompson was their toe hold in the neighborhood and had promised to spread the good word to her neighbors if she was satisfied with his service.The drive into the Silverton Heights neighborhood in spring was lovely as most properties there had flowering trees, maintained by expensive garden service plans. The Thompson mansion was no exception to this. The trees up the lane were filled with white flowers and he took in their beauty.Ed parked by the side door and walked up to the front door with his clip board. He rang the doorbell. He knew he had to wait extra-long canlı bahis siteleri before ringing again with these big homes. He found the idea of living in such a monstrously large place to be crazy. Who needed so much space? Then he thought, who lived in this house now? Just Mrs. Thompson?The door opened and all thoughts disappeared from his mind. Standing there was a vision in white silk.”Hello Edward!” slipped from smiling red lips. Red hair fell down over her shoulders and framed her deep cleavage.He jolted as he felt like he’d been standing there stunned for an embarrassingly long time. “Hello Mrs- hello Rachel.” he stumbled.”Please, come in.”He stepped in and she closed the door behind him.”How have you been?” she asked.”Good, really good. Very busty- busy!” he stuttered and she smiled at his slip.”And you?” he asked, hoping to sound a little more intelligent.”Bored. And lonely. This big house is so empty now,” she pouted sexily. He caught himself staring at her lower lip.”Ah, I’m sorry to hear that. I find it hard to believe you’d have trouble finding someone who’d want to spend time with you,” he said honestly.”Oh that’s not the hard part. It’s finding someone who isn’t after my money or just a quick fuck,” she sighed.He blushed when he heard her swear and her eyes twinkled in delight at his innocence.”I’m sorry Edward. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable with such a dirty word. I don’t normally let such words touch my lips,” she said drawing his eyes to her mouth once more which was her intent. She ran the tip of her pink tongue across her lower lip and his eyes widened. He u*********sly shifted his hips to loosen the fabric on his pant leg as his cock began to swell. She caught that motion as well and her smile grew.Ed cleared his throat and looked at the clip board to straighten out his thoughts. “Uh, today I have a work order to take a look at your home’s cooling system.””How long do you think that will take?” she said with a little pout. Eyes back to her mouth then back to the clipboard.”No more than 30 to 45 minutes.””You don’t have to run away directly afterwards do you? You can spend a few minutes to cheer up a lonely lady, can’t you?” she looked in his eyes with her beautiful blue eyes and he found himself getting lost in them.”Of- of course I can… stay for a… time,” he managed to get out.Her face lit up with a brilliant smile and he felt his mind blank again. “Well get started and when you are done please come back to the sunroom at the back of the house!” she gushed and he found himself nodding. She turned and walked away and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sexy sway of her hips and ass in the white silk robe.He gave himself a shake and went back outside to get his tools. He let himself into the side gate and inspected the exterior equipment. It was in decent condition but perhaps just a little undersized for a building of this size. He went inside and did his inspection and ran his tests.As promised he was done in 40 minutes and put his tools away. He filled out the paperwork as he walked through the house to find the sunroom. He just needed her signature on the papers and he was done. He would ask her about the performance of the existing cooling to see if she thought it was suffic-He froze. He stood in the doorway of the sunroom unable to move. On a cushioned lounge chair reclined the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and she was wearing perhaps the smallest bikini ever made. It struggled to contain the bounty of her large round tits and her stiff nipples were poking up against the silky material.Sunlight poured in through the glass and glistened on her oiled skin and caused her red hair to gleam and flair like fire. She was wearing sunglasses and turned her head in his direction languidly and smiled. She lifted a hand towards him and he found himself moving forward as if drawn magnetically. He only stopped when he was standing next to her chair with her hand in his. She tugged him down and he knelt next to her. She smiled broadly at her control over him. He was drawn to the feel of her fingers in his big hand. Her skin was so soft and her perfectly manicured nails were painted a deep, shiny red. She pulled his hand towards her stomach and placed it palm down on her stomach. He felt her trembling and something in him awoke. She bit her lip as his hand began to move on its own. He looked down in shock as he stroked her taught muscles and moved downwards towards her tiny bikini bottom. He willed his hand to stop but it continued to sensually knead her flesh and move from side to side. She reached out and took his other hand and placed it on her upper chest and that hand began moving as well. She parted her legs as his right hand reached the top of the bikini bottom and he was relieved when his hand stopped at the fabric and simply traced its outer edges.While he was paying attention to his right hand his left betrayed him by slipping under Rachel’s bikini top to grip her entire left breast in his palm. He could feel her nipple pressing against his palm as he squeezed her soft flesh.He glanced at Rachel’s face expecting to see her outrage but her mouth was open not to yell but to gasp. She was writhing in ecstasy and her eyes were closed.He felt his middle finger on his right hand dip into wetness and looked to see his hand was under her bikini.”Fuck, yes!” Rachel moaned.He began to pump his finger slowly and sensually in and out of her silky wetness and the slick wet noises told him she was ready for a second finger. Her moans grew louder as two thick fingers drove deep inside the woman’s channel while he gently tugged and rolled her nipple between the fingers of his left hand. He moved to the other tit and her back arched to press more firmly against his fingers as she panted.”Kiss me!” Rachel demanded so he dipped his face to hers and her incredible lips were crushed against his. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as she writhed under his hands. He tasted her tongue and nibbled on her plump lips causing her to moan and kiss him more aggressively.When he pulled back her face was flushed with desire.”You’re a great kisser!” Rachel said as her body shook from a gentle orgasm.”It’s your lips,” he replied.”What about them?””They’re so amazingly soft and sexy I just want to kiss them forever!” he growled, eyes fixed on her sexy smile.”Let me see your body!” she gasped as her body rippled through another small release.Ed slipped his fingers free of her pussy and looked at them. They glistened with her juices in the bright sun of the sunroom. She watched him slowly slide the fingers into his mouth and suck them clean causing her to moan quietly.He stood up, towering above her and undid his coveralls. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves, dropped the shoulders and pushed it all the way down to his feet and stepped free. He was left with his white undershirt, socks, and boxers which were seriously tenting. Rachel bit her lower lip as she reached out to touch the straining fabric.”Oh fuck you’re big!” Rachel whispered and Ed looked away in shame.”Big is good, Edward! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Yours may be a little frightening to some but it’s a good fear!” she purred and Ed looked back at her in surprise. “Keep going but do it slowly,” she smiled.Ed nodded and pulled his shirt up and over his head exposing his hard abs, his pecs, and finally tugging it free. He looked to Rachel and her smile told him he was doing it right. She seemed to like to be teased so he turned around and slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and slowly pushed them down, alternating sides until his muscular butt cheeks were exposed. He heard an appreciative growl behind him so he let them drop and stepped clear.By this time his thick cock was hard as iron and he held it trapped against his body. He looked over his shoulder and saw Rachel was licking her lips as she waited for him to turn around. He did and hid his cock behind his arm. Rachel’s smile dropped as she saw nothing. Then he rolled his arm away and the heavy appendage bounced down.”OH!” Rachel jumped slightly and her smile came back full force as she giggled nervously.”My goodness Edward! It’s glorious! It seems impossible that it would fit inside a woman!” she gushed.He smiled, finally relaxing as she seemed to genuinely appreciate his size where others had mocked him and called him a freak.”Have you ever been with a woman?” she asked him, eyes locked on this gently bobbing flesh.”Yes.””She was able to accommodate your… size?” she asked nervously.”Yes, well, some but… she enjoyed pain with her sex,” he admitted with a frown.Rachel’s eyes shot to his face to see if he was serious then licked her lips. Ed got the impression that she might be reconsidering her earlier words. Then she sat on the edge of her lounge chair, reached out and wrapped the soft delicate fingers of both hands around his cock.”Oh god, you’re so hard! My husband could never achieve this kind of strength. Limp cocked bastard! This is wonderful!” she moaned and he jumped when her tongue stroked the fat head of his cock. She smiled up at him at his reaction. She stroked his shaft with her tongue and Ed moaned in pleasure.She took him into her mouth and slowly stroked the shaft with her hands. She tried to take him deep but she could only take the first four inches before she’d gag.”Oh fuck, you feel so good in my mouth!” she gasped as she pulled his wet cock from her mouth.”May- may I return the favour?” he asked.Rachel smiled broadly and reoriented herself on the lounge chair. He leaned over her and kissed her mouth, sucking on her lower lip. Her tongue thrust into his mouth and he sucked on it. He moved his mouth down her neck drawing gasps from the woman. He tugged the tie loose on her bikini top and moved the small triangles of fabric from her tits. He took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked on it as his tongue caressed the stiff flesh until she squirmed. He repeated this on her right nipple and felt her hips begin to gyrate.His lips continued down over her trembling stomach and he felt her fingers sliding into his hair as he got closer to her tender flesh. He looked up as he slowly moved his kisses lower and saw she was panting with excitement. She was trying to guide his head down but he took his time and chose the places to press his lips which he could tell both frustrated and excited her. He ran his fingers down the inside of her thighs and her eyes closed as her head fell back against the cushion. She purred deep in her throat as he kissed the top of her mound which he noticed was clean shaven. Just smooth, soft skin for his lips to caress.”Ahhh, you’re such a tease! I want to feel yo- FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!” she finished with a yell as he finally ran the flat of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her wet opening.”GEEZUS! OH Fuck that’s goo-AAAAHHHHH!” she cried as his tongue dipped deeply into her on the second stroke.”Oh Edward, so good!” Rachel’s voice wobbled as he sucked her flesh into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. She gasped her breaths as he slid a finger deep into her pussy as he moved his lips upwards. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue over it.”Mmmm! That feels wonderful!” she purred. Ed looked up when he noticed her reaction was less than Nina’s had been. He wondered if she was less sensitive than the other women had been. Shirley reacted more intensely as well. He applied more pressure with his tongue and her hips began to rock and her eyes opened and focused on him. She had an intense look of concentration on her face and her mouth dropped open.”OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK! EDWARD! DO THAT! YES!” she cried out.He increased the pressure once more as he thrashed her clit under his tongue. He kept this up for a minute until he felt her body began to stiffen. He took a chance and bit down gently on her clit.”OMIGOD FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!” Rachel screamed and pressed her pussy against his mouth. Her fingers were locked in his hair as she held his mouth tight against her while she convulsed. He released her clit and pressed his tongue firmly against the stiff bud of flesh.She moaned loudly and shook as her body crashed through a second series of spikes. Finally she pushed at Ed’s head to get him to release her from his mouth. She let go of his hair and flopped back on the chair’s cushion, panting heavily.Ed gently blew on her reddened flesh and she gasped loudly as her body crested through a small aftershock.”Edward! No more! I- I can’t take anymore!” she whimpered.He sat at the end of the chair and rubbed her feet while she came down.”Oh god Edward! That was delicious and so intense! I’ve never felt it that strongly before!” she gushed while gazing at him in wonder.Ed thought that was sad as her husband hadn’t taken the time to find out what made her feel good. He kept that observation to himself though. He glanced at the time.”I should probably be getting back-“”Don’t you dare leave until I’ve had that b**st inside me!” Rachel growled. She sat up and swung her legs to the floor. Ed needed to help her stand as her limbs were still trembling. She clung to him with a sexy smile. “Let’s go upstairs. Get your clothes.”She walked away and Ed was struck once more by how beautiful she was. He stood there stunned until she looked back and saw his admiring stare. “Are you going to stand there and stare or are you going to come upstairs and fuck me?” she asked with a coy smile.Ed jolted out of his daze and picked up his clothes. He scrambled after her and watched her climb the staircase, her ass sensually rocking as they ascended. He was mesmerized once more.Rachel looked back and saw his enraptured state and allowed herself a satisfied smile. He was doing wonders for her self-esteem which had taken a hit when her rat bastard husband had tried to kill her. Truthfully she’d felt neglected for years. But Edward made her feel attractive, desirable, and so naughty! She’d felt more pleasure from him than… she realized he’d brought her higher than anyone! She gave him another smile and giggled when he glanced up at her embarrassed at being caught staring at her ass.She led him down the hall into the master bedroom and stood at the foot of the enormous bed. He approached and dropped his clothes in a pile on the floor. She enjoyed the view of his heavy cock swaying slowly and reached out to once more hold it in her hands. She smiled as Ed sucked in his breath at the feel of her fingers sliding over his cock. She felt powerful making the big man react like that. His erection throbbed in her grip and reached maximum rigidity. A thrill went through her body.She reached up and gently turned his shoulders until his back was to the bed and pushed him. He sat on the edge and she gestured for him to move up the bed. Once he was fully on the bed she crawled up after him, holding his eyes with hers as she tracked her prey.Rachel reached his cock and looked down at the size of him. She felt a shiver run up her spine. His last lover had taken him but she’d enjoyed the pain. She wasn’t into pain at all but she had to feel him inside her. She hadn’t been able to get the idea out of her head since the night of the party when she’d first got a good look at the b**st.She took a grip at the base and thrilled to the fact that her fingers didn’t wrap all the way around. She held his cock straight up and looked into his eyes as she pressed her full lips to the fat head. It was so hot against her skin!Ed’s eyes glazed over at the feel of her soft lips on his cock. His body shook and a moan escaped his lips causing her to smile. When she suddenly took him into her mouth he twitched again and gasped loudly. It felt so good! She maybe had five inches of him and was struggling to get more. He could feel her tongue stroking him and her throat closing in on the head as she managed another inch. She pulled off with a gasp and he saw her eyes were glassy with tears. He felt concern she was hurting herself and frowned but she just smiled at him and pulled his cock deep into her mouth again. Ed gasped once more and his hips automatically thrust upwards. He heard Rachel squeal as the head of his cock pushed deeply into her throat. She frantically pulled him out and gasped for breath.”Fuck! Are you trying to choke me with this?” she croaked.”I’m so sorry, I had no control over that!” he exclaimed.Rachel ran her fingers up and down his shaft and felt he was slick enough to begin. She continued climbing up the bed until her pussy was lined up with the head of his cock. She rubbed the slick head against her wet pussy and moaned with need. She lined him up and pushed back against it feeling the head begin to spread her pussy open. Wide. Her jaw dropped open and her eyes squeezed shut as she forced herself down against him.He thought she was going to give up when the head suddenly surged inside.”FUCK! Ooohhhhh… Okay, okay… shit that’s big! Mmm fuck! Relax! Just relax.” Rachel said to herself to psych herself into continuing. She already felt a tremendous sensation of fullness and she only had maybe two inches of his cock inside her.Ed watched Rachel’s face to ensure he wasn’t hurting her. As she was controlling the pace she should stop if it became too much but if she was pushing herself too far he would make sure she stopped. He reached down and gripped her ass cheeks in his big hands. Now he could pull her off of him if he needed to.”GOD! Edward! YES!” Rachel yelped as she felt him squeezing her ass. Her body relaxed a little and she slipped more of him inside her. Just another two inches but it was a start.He waited for her to get used to his girth before he squeezed her ass again, lifting her three inches up then taking her four inches down.”Ohhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuuuhhhh-” Rachel moaned then her lips were on his and her tongue was deep in his mouth. She kissed him fiercely and rocked her hips to stir her insides with his thick cock.Ed pulled back again and slipped in another inch but she was getting tighter. He didn’t think he’d be able to get much deeper. He had maybe six inches buried in her wet channel. She wasn’t going to be able to take the remaining four. He marvelled at the differences between Rachel and Nina. Rachel was so much tighter but he was able to go a little deeper with her.”So good! Fuck you’re so big, filling me up!” Rachel pulled her face back from his and moaned as tremors rocked through her body.Ed began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her tight pussy and watched Rachel’s eyes roll up in her head as the sensations overwhelmed her. He was holding her tightly against his body as he thrust so her clit was being dragged across his pelvis. Her stiff nipples were also receiving a good rubbing against his chest. As he stroked into her she began to whimper and dropped her face to his shoulder. He could feel her breath gusting out of her each time he drove his cock deep into her. He realized he was deeper than before. It felt like he only had two more inches to go but he thought he’d reached bottom and knew from Nina that he should be careful not to push further.He increased the speed of his thrusts and felt his orgasm getting closer. Rachel was making unintelligible sounds and chewing gently on the muscle of his shoulder.Soon Ed felt like he was going to explode. “Rachel! I’m going to cum! Should I pull out?””NO! Inside!” was all she managed as he felt her body suddenly convulse. The pressure on his cock began to pulse and he only managed five more aggressive thrusts before he was firing streams of hot cum deep inside her body. He moaned deeply from his chest.”Oh Edward! That’s so good!” Rachel gasped feeling the heat pouring into her.He held her tightly as his orgasm gradually diminished in intensity. He felt her relaxing as well.Ed slowly lifted her up his body to slip his slowly shrinking cock from her depths. She made the cutest mewling noises as he slipped out.Her body was trembling as she rested on his chest. “Edward, that was so much better than I imagined! I really enjoyed that! We have to do that again… once I’ve recovered from this time.””I’d like that too!” he replied.She smiled at him. “We have to be discreet. Can I rely on you to keep what we’re doing to yourself?””Yes,” he said solemnly. He saw the clock next to the bed and realized he was going to be questioned about the length of his visit. “I’d better get back or my boss will be cross with me.””You leave your boss to me. I’ll make some calls and set you up with a few more appointments in the neighborhood. Good friends of mine. You’ll like them. A lot!” She grinned at him as she slid off his body and he wondered what she meant.”Oh my! I’m a little sore.” Ed began to apologize but she placed a finger against his lips. “Not to worry. I expected this and wouldn’t have changed anything,” she finished with a smile. “Why don’t you take a quick shower? Wouldn’t do to have you returning to the office smelling of a woman’s perfume… or sex, would it.””That’s a good idea,” he nodded and hustled off to the washroom. Ed stepped into the big shower stall and quickly washed his body. Once he was done he stepped out and saw Rachel in her robe drinking in the sight of his wet muscles. She handed him a towel after she’d had her fill.”Do you know anything about servicing swimming pools?” she asked as she imagined him skimming her pool while wearing only a swim suit. Her pool boy fantasy come true.”Yes. I had a summer job at the community pool a few years back. I was in charge of maintaining that so they trained me. Are you having trouble with your pool? I could come back to take a look at it later.” he replied.”Are you busy this Sunday? I understand it’s going to be a beautiful day,” she asked.Ed had Sundays off and did his home errands then. He could probably start early and free up some time for Rachel’s pool servicing. “Yeah, I could come by around 1PM or so.”She gave him one of her brilliant smiles and he was dazzled once more. Her eyes twinkled when she saw the effect she had on him. He was SO good for her ego!”1PM would be good. Bring your swimsuit,” she said.”Depending on what the issue is with the pool we may not be able to swim on Sunday,” he said.”Who said anything about swimming?” she grinned sexily at him and he blushed. So good for her ego!They went back downstairs and Ed found his clipboard and she signed his work order and the service contract.”Do you find the air conditioner properly cools the house on the really hot days in summer?” he asked.”No, we had to close a number of registers to keep the bedrooms cool at night. Have you fixed that?” she asked.”No. The condenser unit you have is undersized for a house this big. I don’t know why the original installer didn’t sell you the proper sized unit,” he said with a puzzled look on his face.Rachel’s expression turned bitter. “It must have been that cheap bastard husband of mine.””Ex-husband.” Ed said softly and her smile returned.She pressed herself against his chest and tilted her face up to him. He dipped his down and gently caressed her lips with his. She trembled in his arms.”God, you’re a great kisser!” she gasped when he pulled back.He smiled. “See you on Sunday?””Yes!” she smiled.Ed went back to his truck and started it up. He glanced at the clock and realized he’d spent way too long on that one service call. His boss was going to chew his ass off for that.He drove back to the office dreading the confrontation so he was completely stunned when Mr. Drakos pulled him into a bear hug the moment he got into the door.”Edward! You were the smartest investment I’ve ever made!” the man boomed as he squeezed Ed tight.”Thanks?” Ed said in confusion.”One service contract signed and potentially five more in Silverton Heights! All because of you!” the man crowed.Ed looked shocked. He hadn’t expect Rachel to act so quickly.”She was so satisfied with your work she called her neighbors and they called in to make appointments. Mrs. Thompson is also ordering a new, larger condenser unit for her air conditioning and has asked for you to install it as you apparently know which one she needs! Such a good boy! I’m so proud of you!” Mr. Drakos grinned and pinched Ed’s cheek. He danced away back to his office leaving Ed wide eyed and holding his reddened cheek.Lydia sat at her desk watching Ed with a huge grin. “You keep this up and he’s gonna adopt you! I’ve always wanted a big brother,” she teased and looked especially pleased when he blushed.”Do- do I have any other homes I have to visit today?” he stuttered.She smiled and looked at the dispatch log. “Nope. You can sit out the last hour in the lunch room. I won’t tell,” she grinned.”I think I’d better place the order for the new condenser for Rach- for Mrs. Thompson.” His blush deepened with his gaff.”First name basis with the customers, I see,” Lydia baited him. He was so easy to tease and she thought he was cute. Cuter than any of the others at least. She was holding out for a doctor or maybe a lawyer but she was open for a little fun while she hunted.”Mrs. Thompson is the mother of the quarterback of the high school football team I played on. She doesn’t like being called Mrs. Thompson as she hates her ex-husband because he tried to kill her.” Ed explained.Lydia was hoping for something a little juicier to continue to tease him with but he just ducked his head and walked into the back to start the order. She glanced at his ass as he left and grumbled at the baggy uniforms her dad made his installers wear. He said he played football so maybe he had a nice body under that blue coverall.She shook her head. As appealing as the idea was, if her dad caught wind of her sniffing around Ed he’d insist they get married so he could keep Ed in the family business. She wanted out so no thank you! She went back to her crossword. She had bigger fish to catch.Chapter 23Grace dragged herself into the house after a late shift and saw Ed’s happy smile over the back of the couch. She couldn’t help but smile in return. He just had that effect on her.”Did you eat?” he asked.”Yeah.””Did you eat food?” he growled.She smirked. He was concerned for her health. “Are toaster pastries food?””Augh! Sit here and I’ll make you a sandwich!” Ed jumped from the couch and rushed into the kitchen.She plopped herself onto his spot on the sofa and soaked in the warmth he’d left behind. She heard him bustling around in the kitchen and smiled. He was so good to her.Ed returned with a ham, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and mayo on white sandwich and a glass of milk. He placed the plate on the coffee table and she saw he’d cut the crusts off for her just like she liked. He cuddled in next to her and held the plate in front of her.”This is food. Eat it,” he teased.She fake glared at him and picked up half of the sandwich and took a bite. Her taste buds immediately cheered as the flavors of the fresh tomato blended perfectly with the saltiness of the ham, the creaminess of the mayo, and the crisp crunch of the lettuce. Most importantly the bread was soft and fresh! Ed had been generous with the black pepper like she preferred as well. Her eyes closed in bliss as she chewed. Four more bites and she was ready for the second half. She looked at the plate and it was gone. She glanced at Ed and he was about to bite down on it as he grinned at her.”Hey! That’s mine!” she barked and launched herself over him on the couch to grab the sandwich back. She caught him off guard and landed on his sprawled out body. She snatched the sandwich from his frozen fingers and wolfed it down in victory. Once she’d swallowed the last bite and licked her fingers clean she looked down at Ed who wasn’t moving. She suddenly realized she was stretched out over his body with her heavy boobs pressing against his face. His eyes were a little glassy and his face was red. She pushed herself down his body and felt a large, hard lump in his pants pressing against her mound. As she slid down she suddenly realized the scale of the object she was feeling. She looked at Ed’s eyes in shock and he suddenly looked petrified. He sat up and lifted her onto the couch cushion so he could move.”I’m going to head off to bed now. Good night Grace!” he mumbled and rushed away. She looked after his retreating form, her head spinning. Was that his cock? Did she make it that hard? She thought back to his expression when her tits were squeezed against his face. Embarrassment or had he been excited? She looked after him again and was about to follow when she realized she was probably projecting her own desire for him onto his actions. Fuck, he felt so big!

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