Taken at Home…continues


Taken at Home…continuesPanting on top of me Charlie laid there as his dick shot copious amounts of his slimy male substance into my anus. I held on to Charlie as if I was a horny bitch that had just been slut fucked by her man. Remembering how I had seen the porn stars act out their scenes.Charlie was very pleased as his body convulsed and twitched he raised his head looking me in the face and said ‘…now kissed me just like you love me bitch…’ Revolting I had no choice. I gripped his head and pulled his face down till our lips met and started to kiss as his tongue slipped into my lips seeking my tongue as his dick continued to throbbed and twitch as it spurted it’s last few streams of cum.We both were covered in sweat and the sheets of my bed was drenched in the moisture. Charlie pulled his member from my aching bung and stood as he pulled my head saying ‘…lick and kiss your dick Bitch, this dick is yours when you want it. Matter of fact tomorrow you better bring that pussy over to me so I don’t have to come here again, understand…’ Before I could answer he continued ‘…just suck that dick into your mouth so I know you understand me…’ I glanced at the clock that now said five fifteen, so I parted my lips and sucked greedily at his dick till he pushed me away saying ‘..you greedy ass Bitch, see you in the morning at my place…’Charlie took my t-shirt wiping his body of sweat and his dick and mid section of the splodge and mucus that was there. I could barely stand as I followed Charlie into the hall way covered only by a sweat drenched sheet as I locked the door I was not mistaken this time. There was Mister Henry standing in his kitchen window, he waved as I closed the door.I barely had time to clean up and try to get the aroma of sex out of the house when I heard the car door and knew my folks were home. I scurried to the living room and plopped down on the sofa in a position so that I could see out the window.Mister Henry called to my Pops and they stood talking as my Mom entered, she smiled at me and we had some small talk before she went off to change and prepare dinner.y Pops came in and sat in his chair and spoke in a tired voice ‘…How was your day son, just had a word with Henry. He says he don’t get to see much of you and asked what you are doing with your time while here. He asked me if it would be alright for him to use you every now and then. That Henry always trying to say things to get you to thinking…’Without looking at my Pops I asked ‘…what do you mean by that?…’ Pop answered ‘…nothing, Henry just wants to know if he can put you to work some days. You know Henry is always doing something around the city so I guess some days he needs some help. I told him you would not mind as long as he gives you something for your time. The funny lot laughed illegal bahis and said he intended to do just that. Any way it was a tiring day for me so I’ll be turning in early…’ I quickly interrupted my Pops and said ‘…Oh Pops, tomorrow I’m going over to a friends house and hang out for a while. Hope it’ll be OK with you…’ Pops just got up and said ‘…sure go ahead, If Henry needs you I guess he would have said so, he usually ask a day ahead of time so go. Your Mother is gonna fix some Chicken Alfreda for dinner…’After dinner I showered and rubbed some Vaseline into mt sore, aching bung hole. It felt as if some one had poked a red hot poker up my anus. I got in bed and went off to sleep rather quick. I was woke out of a very deep sleep by some one getting in bed with me. Startled I jumped up only to hear the deep voice of Daniel telling me ‘…lay your punk ass back down. Who you think is getting in bed with you…’I had forgot to lock down the window and Daniel had climbed in and was now naked in my bed. My folks were still up, well maybe only my Moms for I could seethe dim of a light from under my door. Daniel adjusted his self and told me ‘…lay down here in my arm and start stroking my dick while we talk…’I had to turn my back to the door as I laid down in Daniel’s arm, he d****d his left arm around me as I slid my left hand down his taught stomach and found his hardening penis. It felt like a clammy snake throbbing in my grasp as I begin to slowly stroke his massive male member. Daniel let out a small moan as he nestled closer and whispered ‘…tomorrow Charlie is having some friends over. I want be there he wants you to be there to entertain the guys. It’s supposed to be just Him and three other guys we met while in Juvie so be smart and do as Charlie says and they want hurt you…’I thought maybe I could get Daniel to ask Charlie not to look for me so I tighten my grip just enough as I kissed Daniel chest and mumbled ‘…Daniel, Charlie was over here today and took me, I’m really sore and don’t wanna do any thing tonight. I don’t wanna go over there tomorrow…’ Daniel cut me off saying ‘…after I left Charlie came over here and fucked you again?…’ Trembling I answered timidly ‘…Yes Daniel, right after you got out of sight Charlie was at the back door. He took me twice I hurt so bad, please can we just lay here and sleep?…’ Daniel pushed me over to my back as he raised up, I could not make out his facial expression but his words were terrifying. ‘…After I left you this morning Charlie came in and fucked you, did you wash my cum out your ass or he fucked you while it was still in there?…’Now I was fearful if Daniel would attack me so I started to try and slip my leg under his body as Daniel crawl on top of me. I raised my knees and gripped his sides with illegal bahis siteleri them as I placed one arm round his waist and massage his chest with my other. With trembling voice I answered ‘…my next door neighbor was peeking out his window I could not let Charlie make a scene and once he was in here he did not wanna leave before we did anything he said if we didn’t he would be here when my folks got home…’I was trembling so bad that Daniel lowered his lips and kissed my lightly on the forehead saying ‘…just like a Bitch, you did not even try and fight did you?…’ I answered ‘..no, I did…’ again Daniel cut me off as he slipped his right had between us gripping his massive fuck tool. Daniel raised up on his knees slightly as he lifted my right thigh.His enormous dick head pressed against my very tender bung hole as I tried to plead and protest. Daniel whispered ‘…shhhh…you did the right thing. Now you still gonna do the right thing and make me feel twice as good as you did Charlie. You think the two of us don’t talk to each other. I know Charlie fucked you in the hall like the slut you are and then bitched fucked you here in our bed. So now we gonna fuck, only I want be so rough with you…I know you done bath and you are all ready lubed up for me I can tell so get your legs round me and we gonna fuck like to people really in love with each other…’Daniel pressed his enormously huge dick head into my tender aching bung hole the Vaseline and moisture there offered little resistance. Daniels blood engorged dick head slipped into my anal channel so easily that all I could do was tighten up grit my teeth and grip Daniel in my grasp as his enormous male appendage entered my neither region with little or no effort.Daniel lowered his lips to my ear whispering ‘….shyyyt see how easy my dick goes in when you really wanna be fucked like a bitch?…’ My thighs were trembling in pain as His elongated massive anaconda like penis slipped balls deep. My mouth was opened wide in a silent scream, gasping for breath as my body quickly acclimated to his size. I dared not make a noise or groan loudly if my Moms were up she would hurriedly enter my room and find her baby boy underneath a guy with a dick the size of a forearm.Daniel had the advantage as always and he slowly started to grind and work his midsection slowly enough not to make the bed creak but cause his male member to enter deeper and deeper into my rectum. Daniel whispered in my ear ‘..hold me bitch, hold me tight make me believe that you are enjoying my dick…’ Daniel did two or three powerful hunches to let me know he was in charge causing me to wench in agony as his massive male member rammed against my rectum wall.I was gasping in agony for breath as Daniel worked his monstrously huge penis round my aching canlı bahis siteleri butt hole. Daniel’s ample balls were against my bung felt like two baseballs, his peach size dick head was widening my innards and his protracted dick shaft was pushing it farther and farther into my insides. It felt as if his member was in my stomach.Daniel whispered ‘…hold your ankles open for me Baby, I wanna get my dick all the way into your boi/pussy…’ as I took hold of my ankles Daniel slid his hands under my back and gripped me by the shoulders as he hunched and grind his dick deep in to my rectum. I was in so much agony I could only mumble incoherently to alleviate the torment.Daniel whispered ‘…that’s my baby take this dick take it…ohhh shyt I’m cumming, I’m cumming…’ I was so relieved to hear that phrase. Daniel rammed his dick deep and I could feel his dick as it exploded his sperm erupting from the tip of his dick head pressed tightly against my rectum wall.Daniel was emptying his balls as he adjusted and placed his hands on the back of my thighs pushing my knees back to my shoulders. As Daniel continued to grind his midsection his dick continued to erupt till something that has never happen before took place. While Daniel was thrusting his gargantuan male member something slipped and Daniels prodigious dick went into places it had never been. Instinctively I slung my arms round daniel’s shoulders and neck as I tried to get my legs over his back but couldn’t by the way his hands held my thighs.I must have cried out I heard My Moms call ‘… David, David are you alright?…’ I could hear her coming and quickly answered as her foot steps got closer ‘…Yeah Mom, must to have had a bad dream…’ The door knob jiggled as she let it go saying ‘…Okay, let me get you some honey tea…’ Daniel and I both were drenched in sweat and panting heavily as I gasped for breath trying to push him up.Daniel whispered ‘…when she opens that door she gonna get the shock of her life…’ I pleaded ‘…Daniel, you gotta get up and get out, please!…’ Daniel only answered ‘…shyt Bitch, I an’y near finish fucking your nasty ass. You better stop her from coming in…’ ‘..Daniel..” I said in a panic ‘.. you are too deep please take it out please..’ Daniel answered ‘…If I do I want be leaving so you better figure out something before that tea is ready…’I told him ‘…OK, OK, get in the closet, get in the closet and be quiet, I’ll try and calm her down…’ Daniel raised up, my legs and hip joints were in excruciating agony as I lowered them and got into my Pajama’s. I managed to open the window and wipe the sweat off my face and get into the toilet just as my Moms called ‘..David, you up, the tea is just bout ready…’ ‘…yes Mom, be there in a minute, had to use the toilet…’I washed my face and place some paper towels in my butt crack to absorb the cum that was now beginning to leak from my anus. I went into the kitchen and sat at the table as my Mom gave me the cup of tea and cautioned me to drink it carefully cause it was still hot.

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